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THE Roaring SUCCESS Lions Group Quarries, based in Lusaka West in Zambia, was founded in 2007 and is a supplier of crushed stones and quarry dust. The Company has recently invested $3.5 million in a new crushing plant and continues to expand the business.


We spoke to General Manager Piet Jordaan who gave us a bit of background on Lions Group Quarries. “The Company was started and owned by a Lusaka businessman, who began operations of an open pit limestone quarry in June 2008. In March 2013 a transaction was concluded, which saw it sold onto new Shareholders who have the proven ability to help the business realise its true potential”


hen the business

April to 90,000 tons in October 2013. In F2014 is planned to increase


this to between 100,000 and 120,000 tons per month.



being, the key lines

The Company has three crushers with a combined crushing

of business were the supply of

capacity of 450 tons per hour. These supply the quarry dust as well

crushed aggregates of various

as 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregates, to the construction

sizes for construction purposes,


as well as the manufacture of

With a Dispatch and Logistics Department, Lions Group Quarries

concrete blocks. Things have

also delivers its products to customers in and around Lusaka. The



Mechanised Workshop Facilities on Site also enables the Company to

years and the business has

maintain and repair its fleet of vehicles as well as the stationary plant

subsequently discontinued block




manufacturing to focus on the supply of aggregates. Into the future, Lions Group

Strict standards Lions Group Quarries employ approximately 140 semi-skilled

Quarries is in the process of

and skilled members of staff excluding Management. We asked

doing various feasibility studies,

Piet Jordaan exactly what standards and procedures these staff

which are aimed at looking for

(members) have adhere to. He said: “The Company is constantly

growth opportunities for the

upgrading the standard operating procedures in search of safer and

business, both in terms of the

more efficient work practices’’.

length and breadth of its service offering to the Zambian market.

“Various types of training take place, from formal classroom sessions to practical on-the-job training. Staff are also assessed inhouse as well as by third parties.

What are Lions Group Quarries’ core activities? Lions


“It is important for the Company to ensure compliance with the legislation that regulates the Industry, as well as the safety guidelines and direction prescribed by the regulatory institutions and senior staff.”


Because of the standards imposed on this sort of Industry, it’s

specialises in open pit mining.

important that staff are trained properly and treated well. Lions

The investment in the new

Group Quarries prides itself on its policy of internal development and

crushing plant has taken the


monthly aggregate production

Jordaan said: “Despite the limited promotion opportunities

from 42,000 tons per month in

afforded to this nature of business, it is the vision of Lions Group

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Quarries to offer development

and happy. We asked Jordaan

Our operation is one of seven similar in the area. Customers are free

and opportunities within the

what else kept the Lions Group

to choose from any of those should another neglect to pay attention

ranks, before seeking outside of

Quarries customer base loyal,

to their needs. We’ve very keen to keep our customers loyal and our

the employment base.”

he said: “A steady supply and

passion for keeping customers happy assists tremendously in doing



Quality that keeps customers coming back


of material is an important to

With so much competition in the local area, it’s important that

our customers. This is why we

Lions Group Quarries stay one step ahead of their competitors. They

have our own delivery fleet. The

do so by ensuring the following: A constant supply of product with

investment in an additional 3rd

quick delivery turn-around times; offering a steady price which allows


Crusher has allowed us to over

customers to plan well ahead in terms of their own cost requirements;


produce and to build stockpiles,

providing a quality product that is of the correct specification and size.

limestone that’s pure in colour.


This is a result of well-maintained equipment and constant monitoring

This is a sought after product

supply, to our customers.”

Lions supplies

Group ‘almost




in terms of quality checks.

that’s pleasing to the eye when it

“Also, a consistent price helps

comes to constructing buildings.

customers to plan their costs



without any nasty surprises. This

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s been the investment in the

removing gangue materials from

guarantees a happy customer

new crushing plant as well as studies into the feasibility of various

the pit to ensure the product


new developments.



stays as white as possible.

2014 and beyond

“There would be no Lions

We asked Jordaan how these developments would change things

This quality is something

Group Quarries without the

for Lions Group Quarries, he said: “Implementation of one or more of

that keeps customers satisfied

satisfaction of the customers.

these new business opportunities will allow the Company to diversify,

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spread the risk of the current ‘one product supply line’. It will also introduce additional opportunities which come with diversification and alternative revenue streams.” A lot of investment has gone into the expansion of the business, some of these investments include: During 2012, the Group’s holding company invested a significant tranche of working capital to “steady the ship”. In 2013, the Group’s holding company has invested approximately US$3,5 Million into upgrading and expanding of the infrastructure at the operations as well as the feasibility studies. In addition, there have been investments in three new senior staff members that have been employed with experience in various key areas within the business. This will help ready the existing staff when one or more of the expansion opportunities come to fruition. Lions Group Quarries is also part of a bigger Group, from which experience and knowledge can be drawn whenever and wherever it may be required. The continuing investment in the business furthers Lions Group Quarries ambition to become an even more effective and efficient company in Zambia and, in the medium to long term, the rest of Southern Africa.

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