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In an ever-changing world, palm oil producer Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad continues to pursue sustainable initiatives and environmentally friendly practices with a continuous commitment to staff well being.


Tracing its roots back to 1933, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad began operating a 190-hectare rubber plantation in Johor, Malaysia in 1947 under the name Kulim Rubber Plantations Limited. However, in 1970, the company changed its name to Kulim Group Limited (KGL) and listed shares on the London Stock Exchange.


hree years later, the business expanded from just oil palm and rubber plantations to include property development in the UK and hotels in the Caribbean.

In 1975, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad was incorporated and made

public, with KGL becoming a subsidiary. Since then, the group has consolidated assets, diversified operations and continually expanded. Today Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad is one of the palm oil industry’s leading organisations in terms of performance, with average five-year yield per hectare of around 23.50 tonnes.

Maintaining palm product and plantation standards In order to improve palm product extraction and maintain high yield levels, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad’s main objectives moving forward include the development of superior planting materials, sharing best practices among all operation units and adhering to the company’s sustainable development philosophy. To fulfil these aims, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad is committed to total quality management, which is reflected in the various certifications, including ISO accreditation, obtained by its own and contracted operating units. Ultimately,







organisational processes is designed to achieve customer and stakeholder satisfaction at continually lower costs. As a result of this relentless commitment towards quality, corporate excellence and sustainability, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad has received numerous prestigious awards from industry bodies and international institutions.

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Sustainable development From planting and harvesting to sterilisation and pressing, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad is passionate about making the whole palm oil production process sustainable. “The road to sustainability is not always easy, and setbacks can occur,” says chairman Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim. “But like our crops, we continue to grow and increase yields for people and the planet. We are poised for big changes ahead and we look forward to the new challenges.” Over the past four years, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad has taken various measures and made several changes in relation to its sustainability strategy. “We have divested our oleochemicals business and are in the process of divesting our foods and restaurants business,” notes Kamaruzzaman. “We have also acquired additional oil palm estates, allowing us to strengthen and develop our sustainable agri-business model. Our commitments to sustainable agriculture are now central to our business strategy.” Thanks to this devoted stance, the company was one of the first palm oil producers to be certified to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil standard in 2009. As such, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad is

dedicated to its 30:30 initiative,


which aims to raise fruit yields to

opportunities for women at all

30 tonnes per hectare and palm

levels. We are also supportive of

product extraction rates to 30

the recommendations adopted

per cent.

by the Government and Bursa

“A the

voluntary RSPO’s



Malaysia that 30 per cent of


decision-makers in PLCs should

credibility and commitment to stakeholder



be female.


“Perhaps such targets will

the certification credible and

one day be obsolete, but our

robust, though there are always

experiences show that support

opportunities for improvements,”

and encouragement of women is





Berhad’s Sustainability Report




2010/2011. “We believe that it

industries in Indonesia and Africa

represents the most responsible

are increasingly recruiting oil

way to grow oil palm. All our

plant workers, Kamaruzzaman is

planted areas meet the stringent

confident of retaining a valued

RSPO Principles and Criteria for


sustainable palm oil production.”

“We know from surveys and focus groups that our employees

Supporting a valuable workforce Along




issues, Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad also strives to be an employer of choice at a local level. In 2009, the company pledged to do more for members of staff at the lower

are generally happy to work for us,” he cites. “We have focused on strengthening our decision making and management to allow for a better working climate.”

Recent developments

end of the pay scale.

Thanks to impressive results

“Since then, most of these

in terms of yields and palm

employees have been given the


opportunity to earn additional

(Malaysia) Berhad is expected

income, and housing and facilities

to raise its stake in associate

provided to our employees have

company New Britain Palm Oil

also been upgraded,” reveals

Limited (NBPOL) to a controlling


level within the next few months.

“We are also focusing on end-







of-career training, contributing

business opportunities and the

to fulfilling, active and decent

timing is right, you should not

retirement for our employees.”

miss them or let them go,” says

As well as improving working


conditions and tackling complex

Recently, Kulim increased

health and safety issues, gender

its stake in the subsidiary by 20

equality is another significant

per cent to 68.97 per cent. “The

issue for the company.

offer to increase our investment

Kamaruzzaman “Our


explains: OnWards’

initiative goes from strength

in NBPOL represents a vote of




cites Kamaruzzaman. “It also


Innovative • Technology Driven Dedicated Team • Reliable • Experienced

Products & Services Design, Build and Commissioning Complete turnkey projects in construction of palm oil mills both locally and overseas. Undertakes mill modification or mill upgrading.

Pressure Vessel Licensed manufacturer of unfired pressure vessels like Vertical Sterilizer, horizontal sterilizer, back pressure receiver, pressure sand filter, softener, oil vacuum dryer, de-aerator & air receiver.

Clutch Door Licensed manufacturer of sterilizer clutch door & dish end.

Boiler Licensed manufacturer and repairer of steam vessel, fired and unfired pressure vessels.

Manufacturing & Supply We have fully equipped fabrication shop for both light & heavy fabrication works.

Environmental Work Professional consultation for integrated waste management system and modular troubleshooting design that can assist in reducing environmental issues. Our system includes Value+ Bio-Composting System and dust particulate trapping system for boiler stack.

Equipments & Spares Our sales offices at variuos strategic locations in Malaysia and Indonesia carry wide array of industrial products, parts, spares and equipment to serve the customers’ need. In addition, we are the authorized distribution agent for Sumitomo Gearbox, Hanson Gearbox, TRP Chain and Renold Chain.

Engineering Consultation Offer professional consultation for turnkey projects in plam oil mill, engineering design & technology development that customized to customers’ requirements and also retrofit existing machinery /system for better performance.

Maintenance Services After sales services and schedule field maintenance work for palm oil mills.

Training & Advisory Services Offer training for palm oil mill engineers and provide advisory services for palm oil mill by our experienced engineers.


represents a vote of confidence in the growth prospects of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the other markets that NBPOL serves.” After the company’s AGM, Kamaruzzaman said the oil palm


in Pengerang, Johor, as a good

Even so, the company is





still planning to capitalise on

services to the oil and gas players


there,” noted Kamaruzzaman.



division would remain Kulim’s main business activity, but was actively

particularly in the oil and gas

looking at ways to develop, strengthen and grow operations.

industry as well as selective

or expansion plans, you can be

property development.

sure that the group’s sustainable

“We are continuously exploring new land opportunities from time to time for our oil palm business both locally and abroad,”









he added. Although Kulim divested its Indonesian investment in

Nasional Bhd’s Refinery and

commitment to employees and

2007, Kamaruzzaman did not dismiss the possibility of returning,


high yield levels will continue to

as Malaysian landowner prices were “too exorbitant” for oil palm

Development or Rapid project


deliver successful results.


Innovative • Technology Driven Dedicated Team • Reliable • Experienced

ATG is a leading palm oil mill construction specialist with vast experience in design and construct, fabrication works and also an authorized supplier of crucial machines & spares necessary for driving the oil palm industry. ATG was founded in 1992 and based her operation in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. It has the expertise and capacity to undertake turnkey palm oil mill projects, manufacture mill machinery/ equipment and establishing strategic alliance with suppliers. Since then ATG has successfully constructed and commissioned many turnkey projects at competitive cost including our ProAuto™ Vertical sterilization system. The Company welcomes enquiries from potential customers & business partners. Site visits to view the ProAuto™ Vertical Sterilization System either in Malaysia or Indonesia can be arranged.

Our Vision “To become a leading technology and service provider for palm oil mill.”

Our Mission “To become a fully integrated palm oil mill product and service provider that creates competitive advantage to our clients through technical know-how, sustainable technology development and care for the environment.”

No. 22, Jalan Kg. Baru, Taman Perkasa 86000 Kluang Johor, Malaysia Tel: +60-7-7738464 +60-7-7720172 / 7720777 Fax: +60-7-7733464 +60-7-7737566 Email: Website:

Contact Persons Aland Chow +60-12-7729020 Mohd Zair +60-19-6609020

KULIM 0060 7 861 1611 WWW.KULIM.COM.MY 46 | Endeavour Magazine


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