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Kaizen International INC of Calgary, is the parent company of Kaizen Environmental Services Trinidad Limited, which is registered in Trinidad and Tobago and has been operating in the area since 1995 and has been instrumental in several major environmental projects across the country. They completed the largest environmental reclamation project in the region, the Brighton Oilfield remediation programme which is now the La Brea Industrial Estate. We spoke to Anjani Pardassie regarding this.


“Kaizen operates the only commercial full service Waste Treatment Facility for oilfield and industrial waste on the island,” Anjani tells us, “We do through a contract with LABIDCO, which is the subsidiary company of the National Energy Corporation.”



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Within the body of Kaizen there are four main operating divisions

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for the Trinidad operations that include, Analytical Services Division,

of Kaizen. Trinidad and Tobago is a luscious and fertile island land currently

Projects Division, Waste Services Division and Product Sales and Rental.

is the midst of a business boom, where every industry from mining,

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have a look at these four pillars, what they all have in common is the

With such strong international attention there is a real concern to

level of excellence, professionalism and experience which creates a

protect the natural heritage of the islands, which is what made them

the highest possible standard for the industry. Which is one of the reasons why Kaizen are the word on environmental activities in the region. “Kaizen’s Analytical Division is committed to providing its customers with services of the highest quality. The laboratory operates a rigorous quality assurance and quality control programme. It also upholds the environmental responsible as all effluent is monitored and all used samples such as chemical reagents and waste Is carefully segregated and disposed of at the Kaizen Waste Treatment Facility at La Brea, Trinidad,” Anjani explains. Heavy chemicals like Boron can seep into the earth and enter the water table, by first establishing the significance of the toxicity they can move onto the next pillar and take applicable action to avoid poisoning and contamination. Their





consulting and contracting services in the form of project works. The kaizen team of environmental professionals provides a diverse range of air quality, environmental assessment, site remediation and reclamation, environmental sampling, testing and monitoring and everything else. Maintaining a 24/7 call out, Hazwoper trained, emergency response team every situation can be responded as fast as possible to any chemical or petroleum spill to lessen the impact to the environment. The WASTEservices division of Kaizen provides comprehensive waste management services to the industrial, petrochemical and energy sectors and the remaining community at large of Trinidad and Tobago. Specifically working within waste disposal, management and

order to prevent pollution by

appropriate measures to protect

The Labidco/kaizen waste treatment facility provides the most

the use of processes, practices,

and promote the health and

comprehensive industrial and oilfield waste disposal services in

materials or products that avoid,

safety of its employees and

Trinidad and Tobago and is one of the keystone measures that

reduce or control pollution.

to ensure operations carry on

spill response services.

Kaizen have that identifies them as a leader in this field. Labidco

“All our services are designed

offers remediation services, including land farming and stabilization;

to meet local, regional and

destruction services such as incineration, destruction and disposal,



educated and trained to perform

fluorescent bulb disposal, lab and medical waste disposal, chemical

says, “Kaizen has in place a

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and safely.

transportation and containment.


Standards,” Quality to


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Reliability and accountability

“Having identified a need for specific equipment in the industry

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and to ensure that we never find themselves without what we need,”

our corporate objectives to

has entered into a programme

Anjani reveals, “Kaizen’s EnviroProductions Division provides three

produce the highest quality

of self and third party audits

distinct levels of environmental equipment and service. Sensing

services possible.”

of its operations and systems

and monitoring equipment for rental or purchase and a complete selection of portable and fixed gas detection systems and leading brand of monitors to be used in the household to detect everything from noise to gas and dust.” Kaizen, are committed to conducting its operations in a manner that

to ensure that its commitment

Staff And Customers

to continuous improvement is realized. This goes in hand with

Protecting their employees,

eliminates or reduces the risk of negative impact to the environment,



meeting or exceeding existing environmental laws, regulations, rules


and all other requirements applicable to the organization. As far as

accidents resulting from any

is practicable, the company monitors and improves its operations in

of its operations, Kaizen take






their commitment to people. Be them customers or employees. “Kaizen, means continuous improvement.


that,” Anjani concludes.



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