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Cocktail Audio bf11 Bluetooth technology is a really exciting proposition for music lovers. I remember 20 odd years ago when I bought my first house, I wired my hi-fi and TV into some mighty wall mounted speakers. They were big boxy monsters that looked like they would rip the plaster from the wall at any given moment. I chiselled out the walls so I could run the hidden wires to them. It was state of the art and took me a week to cover up and repaint my work. However I did make the school boy error of not testing thoroughly and one wire didn’t work so out came the chisel and I started again. All for the love of music!! Thank God for Bluetooth as I don’t

have the strength inside me to do such a thing again. Turn on your speaker and place a speaker anywhere you want it, wow! I am a real fan of the Cocktail speaker; as it looks great, feels really well made and most importantly sounds brilliant. I love the bass tones and have enjoyed playing older tracks that I had forgotten about as it seems to bring a new depth to them. I was really surprised at how long the battery life lasts. I usually have it in my study but it comes with me to the patio and even my garage. Perfect piece of hardy technology that once you own you will wonder why you didn’t earlier. www.cocktailaudio.co.uk

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