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“G4S is a truly unique company – we are bigger, more diverse and involved in more fascinating, cutting-edge projects than many people would imagine,” Sacha opens up with. G4S was first incorporated in Zambia in 1968; making them one of the oldest security companies in Zambia and setting a testament for security.



When the company was first incorporated they were primarily a Manned Security service provider. However due to an ever changing security environment and the vast range of client needs they had embrace and make use of new innovations in the security world and employ cutting edge technology to provide their clients with robust and effective electronic security solutions. “We have also enhanced our Manned Security product and offer the market Cash solutions services,” Sacha Makulu.


4S Zambia has a vast product and service portfolio and

exposure to threat and risk.

provides the Zambian market with an array of security

“We also provide Commercial, Residential, Corporate, and

solutions under their core product lines which are Manned

Retail sector based Rapid Response Services. This includes Panic,

Security, Security Systems and Cash Solutions. “Our expertise and in Cash services enables us to meet a wide

range of customer needs. Amongst them being fitness sorting of notes

Volumetric and Intruder Alarms,” Sacha says, “We have strong capacity and expertise in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Access and Egress Control systems.”

for use in ATM machines; counterfeit detection and removal; and

With Manned Security, the core product of this division is fully

redistribution of cash to bank branches, ATMs, and retail customers,”

trained and equipped Security Officers to commercial, corporate,

he tells us.

diplomatic and residential clients. Under G4S’ Manned Security

They also provide cash consulting services on cash management strategy, secure document facilities with high security, and various

division they also conduct Threat and Risk Assessments, Site Security Surveys and Contract Security management.

aspects of cash cycle efficiencies such as ATM management services,

“Based on requirement we provide experienced personnel with

including cash forecasting, cash transportation and reconciliation,

global experience. Our capacity extends to products and services

first-line ATM maintenance, retail cash management services and

as diverse as Journey Management, Investigation services, Event

insurance of currency, gems, precious metals, and other valuables.

Security management, and the supply of trained officers to provide

“We serve various financial institutions in the country,” he adds. G4S have a strong capacity in the supply and installation of cutting edge security systems aimed at protecting their clients, their assets

stock management and even receptionist duties,” he says.


and safeguarding their commercial concerns. Whatever the case may

“One of our values at G4S is ‘’Best People,”’ Sacha tells us,

be they provide a safe operational environment and mitigate their

explaining the focuses that make the company what it is, “As a

“Based on requirement we provide experienced personnel with global experience. Our capacity extends to products and services as diverse as Journey Management, Investigation services, Event Security management, and the supply of trained officers to provide stock management and even receptionist duties.”

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business we believe that our

their function.

biggest asset is our people and

given opportunities to attend

we continually invest in our staff.


We offer career opportunities


and personal development that

in their fields for professional

allows our people to unlock


their full potential, to express


themselves and to reap the rewards of their success.”


Employees are conventions, and

and Zambia

workshops knowledge invests

significantly in our employees,”

G4S endeavour to ensure

Sacha stipulates, “Both inside and

that all operational employees are

outside the work environment

given appropriate pre-placement

and this includes sport such as

training that suits their function

social soccer on weekends.”

and follow up with refreshers to enhance their competence


and ensure that they remain

G4S Zambia’s strategy is

current in terms of their skill set.

based on quality throughout

They also recognize the fact that

their operation. They do not

knowledge is dynamic and there

adopt a one size fits all approach,

is a need to keep employees up-

instead their security solutions

to-date with current trends in

are custom made to meet each

WWW.CHITA.CO.ZM Cell:+260 0979 562176 Phone: +260 211 293779 Fax: +260 211 290814

of their individual client’s unique and specific security requirements. “Our contracts are governed by Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators are measured on a routine basis,” Sacha explains, “And this enables us to continually measure our performance against our clients expected output. When gaps are identified they are quickly resolved. “ G4S regards their customers as their partners and their role in this partnership is to provide them with a safe operational environment and minimise exposure to risk thus allowing the valued customers to focus on their core business. “We have put in place the necessary support infrastructure to ensure that clients have clearly defined communication channels and all areas of concern that may arise are resolved,” Sacha says, “ Where there are lapses management is always focused and efforts are made to fix all problems as quickly as possible.”

Looking To The Future “We have a number of exciting products being introduced into the Zambian market,” Sacha tells us enthusiastically, “Under our Cash business unit we have a product called Deposita which we believe will revolutionise the way retailers do their banking. The product is based on an Automated Banking Machine (ABM).” The Deposita machine is quick and accurate and recognises bank notes regardless of their direction on insertion. It reliably identifies denomination and detects the authenticity of the notes, providing secure onsite storage of cash because of its inbuilt locking system and alarms which ensure protection against theft and vandalism; deposits are identifiable by cashier and shift. “On the Security systems front we also provide our clients with electronic Remote Site Security solutions based on a Video Alarm system which has the capability of acting in place of the traditional Manned Security Officer,” Unlike traditional alarms, the Remote Site Security solution makes use of Motion Sensors linked to cameras that take a 10 second video clips every time the built in Sensor detects movement. The unit then transmits the video clips to G4S’ National Control Centre for verification and priority response. This solution does this in real time, thus allowing for a reaction while a potential crime is still in progress. Interventions include either the dispatch of a response unit to the scene or the release of pepper gas remotely depending on the level of threat. “We believe this will mark an improvement for Zambia as a whole,” he says, “As G4S we believe that these innovative products consolidate our position as market leaders in Zambia. As a business we continually look for solutions that add value to our clients and provide them with latest technology, products that not only secure their environment and assets but also improve their bottom line,” Sacha concludes.

G4S ZAMBIA 260 211 244832 WWW.ZM.G4S.COM

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