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Mining has been a part of our lives for as

Endeavour Mining & Exploration follows

long as civilisation itself, predating even

influential companies in mining, oil and

Lead Designer Alina Sandu

agriculture - the industry that is said to

gas and exploration, keeping abreast with

have started it all. In fact, long before we

the peaks and troughs of this sector that,

Publisher Stephen Warman

had cities or what we would now consider

after all this time, still pulls the political

a ‘civilised society’, we were industrious


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enough to dig deep in the pursuit of

Through the challenges and successes,

natural treasures. The practise of mining

there is innovation and daring investment

goes back as far as Neolithic humanity, at

happening across this sector; in our

4000–3000 BC, who worked together to

quarterly issue, we will examine not only

create flint shafts that still stand in some

the operations and research taking place

countries today.

in these stories, but the employees and

Like Neolithic miners and their quest for

company leaders behind them.

Littlegate Publishing Ltd does not accept

flint, or the ancient empires and their

the core of our industry. Through the ages, we have experimented and learnt how to and more uses for what the earth yields.

living or dead is purely coincidental. Whilst

Even in recent years, whilst mining has faced

the information contained within this magazine, no legal responsibility will be accepted by the

one of its decennial dips and increasing investment has been paid into alternative

publishers for loss arising from use of information

technologies for energy and manufacturing,

published. All rights reserved. No part of this

our thoughts and pockets still return to the

publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrievable system or transmitted in any form or


manipulate what we find, discovering more

the publisher. Any resemblance to real persons, every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of

of our world.

reliance on what lies inside our planet is at

of view expressed in articles by attributing magazine do not necessarily represent those of


hunger for metals and precious stones, our

responsibility for omissions or errors. The points writers and/or in advertisements included in this


rock. This industry has been with us since

by any means without the prior written consent of

the beginning, and from the rising optimism

the publisher.

and investment taking off within the sector,

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it is not on its way out in a hurry.

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GUYANA GOLDFIELDS 4 | Endeavour Magazine

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Baitali Group Building Together Guyana Goldfields Setting The Gold Standard P W Group Nigeria Always Digging Deeper Korite Ammolite A Gem Of An Idea


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Alderon Iron Ore Corp The Next Big Thing In Canadian Mining Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy Dedication To The Core Botswana Chamber of Mines Mining Their Own Business Swakop Uranium Husab Mine – The Next Big Thing

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BUILDING TOGETHER Construction and agriculture – these industries evoke opposing images of urban and country development, hard to imagine working in harmony, and yet these are the two pillars of Suriname’s Baitali Group. In reality, both industries are cornerstones of civilisation, and one cannot exist without the other. For the Baitali Group, this is especially true: we spoke with Farsi Khudabux, company CEO, to talk about the two faces of the company, and what it is that pulls the Baitali Group together. WRITTEN BY ALICE INSTONE-BREWER


The Baitali Group run a regional operation, working in

Suriname and its neighbouring Guyana as well as throughout the Caribbean. Like any group, it is the umbrella for a range of companies, some of which were founded almost 40 years ago whilst others have only stood for four. This range of experience and services is the product of a long and evolving tale, including venture in construction, manufacture, agriculture and even mining. With these many strings to their bow, Baitali Group are a jack of many trades – but that hasn’t stopped them mastering some, too.


reaking the Group down, the umbrella covers the following companies: General contractors Aannemingsmaatschappij Baitali (AMB), manufacturers Baitali Pavement Products (BPP),

testing company Baitali Pavement Testing & Technologies (BPTT), Batali Mining and the agricultural Machinale Landbouw Nanni (MLN). Their customers range from rice exporters to government bodies, their contracting work covering everyone from local groups to multi nationals. Their collection of services first began to take form in 1960, with the construction company Surinaamse Constructie Maatschappij N.V. (SCM). SCM stood as the sole

Proud to support Baitali Group

company in the Baitali Group for 20 years, until AMB succeeded it in 1980. The second company would serve as a replacement to the first, rebranding the efforts and experience of the last two decades into a new and smoother machine. AMB’s core operations revolved, and still revolve, around infrastructure, performing engineering, construction and project management on major projects within road construction, dewatering, dike construction and irrigation works. It is a field

IMRAAN SHAFFEEULLAH PRESIDENT � Lot 53 Grant 1806, Crabwood Creek Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana

� � � Tel: +592-339-2356 Fax: Mobile:

+592-335-0300 +592-610-9171

8 | Endeavour Magazine

that comes laden with wide-spread implications for Suriname, and that’s a responsibility that AMB take seriously. In their own words; “Purposeful, smart and sustainably designed infrastructure is key to well-being, economic growth and prosperity.” AMB have delivered some of the largest and most complex civil infrastructure projects in Suriname, ranging from major irrigation projects to work on heavy duty pavements for the country’s ports and harbours. Not stopping at construction, AMB are also involved

in the design and operation of the infrastructure they help to create, including services in traffic planning, utility relocation and sustainable infrastructure design: “AMB combines smart planning, resilient design, technical know-how and an integrated approach to make visions become a reality. We have helped customers bring ambitious concepts to life, like large-scale urban development projects.” AMB’s extensive works represented the entirety of Baitali’s activities for six years, but as is often the pattern after six years of success, it became time diversify. Mr Baitali did so in a drastic direction, not complimenting his contractors with a manufacturer or expanded construction services, but instead branching into agriculture. To forgive the pun, the founder didn’t want to put all of his eggs in one basket – however, the agricultural company’s main output was in fact rice. MLN took on rice production head-on, launching into this new field by tackling every aspect of the industry, all the way from sowing through to processing and sale. Today, the company’s annual production is approximately 5000 tons, most of which is exported to Europe, whilst the remainder is sold on the local market. This two-pronged company continued in its approach, growing

Chisu Investment and Development N.V.

We would like to congratulate Baitali Group on their continued success.

Neumanpad No. 46 Paramaribo Suriname

Tel. (597) 478272/ (597) 8868834 Fax: (597) 478273 Endeavour Magazine | 9

BAITALI GROUP in expertise and experience, until 2012, when the diversification

able to support, monitor and cover its own operations essentially

bug struck again. This time, three new companies were founded

head to toe – a position that results in consistency, reliability, and

in the space of two years, more than doubling the number of

significant savings along the way.

companies under the umbrella in a sudden burst of activity:

At the cusp of this game-changing expansion for the Group,

Baitali Pavement Testing & Technologies, Baitali Mining and Baitali

Farsi Khudabux took over the role of CEO. He has held the position

Pavement Products were all founded consecutively. These three

for the past five years, part of a total 12 with the Group. As an

companies worked in co-operation to streamline a new range of

overseer of this change, we asked Farsi what he felt Baitali’s key

operations that all built upon AMB’s origins: road laying, asphalt

to success has been. For him, it is always the people. “I started in

and concrete.

2005 as a Junior Engineer and worked my way through different

Founding three new companies hot on each other’s tails is a

positions and departments to the position that I have now. I think

costly and ambitious move, but in doing so, Baitali set themselves up

this is a good example of how the company facilitates personal

with a smooth, well-integrated series of operations. BPP specialise


in asphalt, soil cement and subbase production, whilst Baitali

An inevitable part of any expansion, and particularly the

Mining produce aggregates perfect for this process. Their mines,

founding of new companies, is a growing body of staff. Farsi sees

currently operational in Apoera and Upper Corentyne (Kabalebo),

the protection of these assets as top priority, and what enables

also produce different sizes of dike stones that are essential for

Baitali to achieve the range of quality services they offer: “We

the Baitali Group’s infrastructure works, with enough left over

employ 400 people and we consider each one of them as the most

for profitable trade with the Apoera and Wakay port. Meanwhile,

important asset of our company. Our vision is to give employees all

BPTT is a certified research laboratory, providing geotechnical

the possibilities and opportunities (especially training) to develop

engineering and testing on all types of materials needed for road

themselves in a professional way. Ultimately, they shape the

construction. Between these triplets and AMB, the Baitali Group is


LEE’S TRADING � � +597 402-115 home Van t Hogerhuysstraat 138 - 142 Paramaribo, Suriname  Lee’s Trading  +597 8754783

Safely building your needs. Your accessorized Construction Shop for various hardware, safety supplies and construction materials.

Electrical Supplies (Cables, Breakers, Switches, Lamps, Etc) • Paint Supplies • Tools (Drills, Polishers, Multi-function Tools, Sanding Machines, Grinders etc) • Hoses (Water hoses, Air Hoses, Gas Hoses etc) • Gas Supplies (Couplings, Valves etc) • Galvanized Couplings • Bolts and Nuts • Safety Supplies • Pipes (Construction, Galvanized, Carbon Steel etc) • Plywood • PVC Accessories • Ladders 10 | Endeavour Magazine

Despite this dedicated workforce and a wide and well-

goal, with so many of its branches supporting each other, whilst still

connected series of operations, Baitali’s market has thrown the

operating in their own rights. However, they aren’t stopping there

company several challenges. Farsi explained:

– with local funds an issue, the Group’s companies are starting to

“The industry Baitali Group operates in is currently experiencing

look abroad: “Baitali Group is attempting to spread its wings beyond

difficulties due to the economic recession in Suriname. Due to price

Suriname. We are aware that at some point, the small society and

drops of the country’s leading commodities (gold and oil), there has

scale of Suriname might become an obstacle in the expansion that

been a drastic cut in government earnings. Since the Government

we aspire towards.”

and government related institutions have been the prime market

Yet despite local strains, Baitali’s success in Suriname is far

of Baitali Group, this development also had its influence on our

from over. Quite the contrary – they have a slate of plans at home


as well as for abroad, including designing, building & financing a

When keeping afloat in difficult waters, attention can end up

project for reconstructing the East-West connection road into

turned on the competition. However, Farsi is more concerned in

Suriname, launching their own rice brand, and investing in ocean-

seeing Baitali being the very best that it can be, rather than focusing

going vessels for the export of their aggregates. Most notably, they

on undercutting its rivals. “As a large-scale company, we certainly

have recently won a contract for rehabilitating one of Suriname’s

face competition in Suriname, but our approach to competition is

busiest shopping streets. Suriname has been the home of Baitali’s

positive. In our industry, and certainly in an economy as small as

success since the 1960s, and the Group are far from flying the

Suriname’s, we don’t consider competitors as rivals. We believe

nest – more, their home is a country they will continue to benefit

that competition is a positive impulse to raise your bar. We just try

and improve through their infrastructural expertise, and from that

to do everything with an extra touch of our core values and always

foundation, can reach out to the wider world and see just how far

try to be one step ahead.”

their ambition takes them.

The Group has already positioned itself well to achieve this

BAITALI GROUP OF COMPANIES Duisburglaan 29 Paramaribo, Suriname

Tel: +597 530-654 Email: Website:


SETTING THE GOLD STANDARD The Republic of Guyana, a South American nation based on the northern coast of the continent, is not, for want of a better term, a household name. But then again, nor are many of the world’s best kept secrets. WRITTEN BY DJAMIL BENMEHIDI


A former British colony for a little over two centuries

until it achieved independence in 1966, Guyana’s landscape and spectacular bio-diversity – its otherworldly beaches and sweeping savannahs, and the peaks and plateaus of the Guiana Shield that thrust out into the sky above the canopy of the lush rainforest that blankets the land around it – showcase the beauty of nature at its finest and most unspoiled.


uyana’s natural gifts have provided the foundations upon

of 150,000 ounces of gold per year on average. However, these

which a thriving eco-tourism sector is emerging, but as the

figures, impressive as they might be, don’t tell the full story for one

miners who have entered the country in recent years have

simple reason: they are conservative in nature, and don’t take into

found to their delight, Guyana’s natural gifts are as bountiful below-

consideration vast, as of yet untapped ore reserves onsite, nor an

ground as they are above.

expansion of Aurora’s processing facilities that upon completion

Guyana Goldfields, one of Canada’s most promising up-

will greatly increase production capacity.

and-coming junior miners, has discovered first-hand just how

“We have ore reserves of 3.2 million ounces of gold, all very

extraordinarily mineral-rich the Guiana Shield region is – an area

high-grade at approx. 3 grams. Then there’s additional resources

stretching across tracts of territory in Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela,

that could potentially ramp up reserves to around 8 million ounces

and Brazil. It is here that the company’s flagship project, the Aurora

– we have a further 5 million ounces where we need to do more

Gold Mine, is based, and make no mistake about it – in finding, and

drilling and technical work to expand accessible ore reserves.

then developing the site over the years since, Guyana Goldfields

But right now we have a 15-year mine life, although in reality, its

have struck gold.

lifetime could last a lot longer than that. We’re expanding the plant

“We announced commercial production Jan 2016, and last year

at a phenomenal rate from around 150-160,000 ounces to about

(2016) represented our first full year of production with just over

220,000+ ounces per year – we’ve just started that expansion,

151koz of gold. It’s been a great accomplishment and we’re pleased

which will be a $42 million project and completed by early 2018.

with the progress we’ve made thus far,” said Scott Caldwell, Guyana

Constructed on-time and on-budget at a cost of US$250

Goldfield’s President & CEO. He continued: “We also started 2017

million, Aurora Gold Mine’s credentials place it firmly in the world-

off strong by producing just over 40koz in Q1’17 while maintaining

class category, and signals Guyana’s return to the top table of big-

an excellent health, safety and environmental track record with

ticket gold producers. However, as Caldwell mentioned, what’s

over 3,000,000 hours accumulated without a lost time incident.”

most exciting to Guyana Goldfields along with its investors is that

Such considerable output from what is a truly world-class gold

this already top-tier asset hasn’t yet come close to realising its

asset signals Guyana’s return to the top table of global gold mining.

potential. Indeed, realising this potential is the company’s foremost

With estimated reserves in excess of 3.2 million ounces to be mined

goal, and Guyana Goldfields is set to commit to a $6-8 million per

over an initial 15-year lifespan, Aurora presently yields in the region

annum spend on exploration and drill work which will not only

14 | Endeavour Magazine

Exploring growth, extracting value At PwC, we’re focused on helping mining companies navigate and overcome the challenges the industry is facing over the next 10 to 20 years. Whether you’re a junior, mid-tier or senior mining company, our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge to ensure your mine continues to grow and operate at peak performance.

GUYANA GOLDFIELDS incorporate brownfield work on the Aurora site but true grassroots

Guyana Goldfields team have the means and resources to achieve

greenfield exploration amongst other targets within their vast

this. However, what is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and

portfolio of assets in Guyana. Such a considerable outlay, along

reassuring attributes of the company is that there is a commitment

with the $42 million that has been set aside for the mill expansion,

to getting to the top the right way, and to becoming one of the

is a statement of intent on the part of Guyana Goldfields.

sector’s premiere mining companies without compromising the

Technically speaking, Guyana Goldfields is, for all its strengths,

environmental integrity of Guyana in any way. Once upon a time, the

a junior miner, but Scott and the rest of the team have far greater

gold mining sector had a poor reputation that, due to incompetence

aspirations. And critically, the means are there to achieve organic

and malpractice, was well-deserved in many instances. Times have

growth through the drill-bit, mill expansion, and exploration, which

changed, however, and such negligence on the part of the mining

will in-turn deliver a sufficient enough production increase to see

sector is for the most part now an unpleasant chapter in history,

Guyana Goldfields rise to the next level.

but understandably a distrust of the sector lingers, especially in the

On this, Scott told us: “We believe, or at least hope that we’re

minds of the Guyanese who remember the Omai disaster in 1995.

going to find another deposit that will require us to build a new,

With this in mind, Guyana Goldfields has set-out to make itself a

second mill, and the goal is to organically grow from 220,000

valuable and conscientious component of the Guyanese economy

ounces to maybe 300-400,000 ounces. But we’ve got to get drilling,

that not only contributes wealth to the country’s national coffers,

then we’ll know if we’re going to be truly successful. There’s a lot of

but also invests in sustainable objectives that increase the quality

targets, we know there’s a lot of gold in the region, the question is

of living for the Guyanese people as a whole.

can we find it and put it into production? If we do and we continue

In every fibre and sinew of the company can be found an

achieving organic growth, we can go to the next level and become

overarching commitment to going about mining operations in a

the next mid-tier producer.”

socially and environmentally responsible manner, as Scott was

In terms of capability and expertise, there is little doubt that the

16 | Endeavour Magazine

keen to iterate: “Our focus and efforts on CSR and sustainability is

Endeavour Magazine | 17

GUYANA GOLDFIELDS engrained. The company’s CSR Strategy, Community and National

got a great working relationship with the government and the

Initiatives target areas locally within our communities, and also on

local communities there. It’s a very friendly and supportive country

a national level that promote sustainable development in Guyana.

to do business. On the operations side - the mine is performing

We do a lot of work with children, in terms of investing in and

well, as is the mill and the processing plant. Our next focus is on

supporting educational efforts, and we also work with a number

the mill expansion which will bring our overall annual production

of indigenous communities on various initiatives. We invest in and

from 150koz of gold to over 200koz. Alongside that, we’re also

support schools and offer transportation to help kids get to school,

focused on organic growth through the drill bit and ramping up our

which can involve helping them travel by bus or by boat. Offering

exploration efforts to hopefully find that second mine”.

opportunity to children with a view to building a better future has been a central focus of ours.”

We also have a strategic investment in a company called Solgold PLC, a team that is based out in Brisbane, Australia. It

Through building relationships with local communities and

looks like they’ve found a huge porphyry copper-gold system in

taking great stride in operating in a conscientious manner to

Ecuador that looks very promising. Following our investment, we

eliminate any negative social or environmental impacts, Guyana

at Guyana Goldfields own about 7.2% of the company – clearly

Goldfields is winning hearts and minds. As they have shown,

as far as strategic investments go, it’s done quite well. All in all

it is possible to marry commercial success with a socially and

everything’s looking pretty good. Things are going great at Aurora

environmentally responsible approach to doing business. Business

and our strategic investments are looking pretty good for us.”

is booming, and with gold prices continuing to rise it would be safe

Having worked with Guyana Goldfields over the years and

to say that over the short to medium-term, at least, the marketplace

having observed the company’s growth and development, it is hard

looks buoyant.

for us not to share Scott’s optimism.

When asked about what’s next for the company, Scott concluded: “We’re very happy working in the country, and we’ve





Get ahead of risk ClearView allows you to stay informed by providing a secure and anonymous ethics reporting/whistleblowing platform for your employees and stakeholders.

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ALWAYS DIGGING DEEPER One of the premier engineering partners in Africa, PW Nigeria Ltd came from humble beginnings and rose to a prominent mining industry position through good old-fashioned grit, determination and inspired market analysis. Endeavour Magazine spoke with Martin O’Boyle, Plant Manager, to find out more about the company’s meteoric rise to fame. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


We wanted to start at the very beginning with PW

Nigeria Ltd (PWN), by taking a look at exactly what the company seeks to do on a day-to-day basis. However, having dug deep into the activities carried out by this expansive and forward-thinking operation, it might be easier to talk about what it doesn’t do, as the specialisms proudly offered by the PWN team are as seemingly endless as the client base that requires them.


dequately positioned to offer a wealth of services, including mining, earthmoving, significant road, bridge and airport infrastructure, construction, design and logistics, PWN

doesn’t so much have many strings to its bow as an arsenal of archers; “PW Nigeria Ltd is at the forefront in developing Africa’s roads, bridges and other civil infrastructure. In partnership with government and multi-national companies, we are active in construction, but also in making available the continent’s rich natural resources. We are a responsible company, as well as a dynamic one. We apply sound environmental standards to all our projects. “PW Nigeria Ltd provides jobs for more than 5,000 people on the continent and brings a new dimension to civil engineering in this land of endless opportunity and potential. Since 2000 we have moved more than 50 million tonnes of earth and rock during mining and road works operations, built more than 2,000 kilometres of highway and installed almost 100 kilometres of underwater cable in swamps and at sea.” Martin O’Boyle went on to say that, “PW Nigeria is one of the largest civil engineering, construction and mining contractors in West Africa, with over 40 years’ experience in several countries. As part of the PW Group, it was involved in major gold projects including the Obuasi, Teberebie, 22 | Endeavour Magazine

Obotan, and Wassa mines in Ghana, Syama mine in Mali, the Youga mine in Burkina Faso and the North Mara mine in Tanzania.” Impressive credentials, we think you’ll agree, but how and why was the company started? Now that is an interesting tale. You might not necessarily think that Africa and Ireland are naturally connected, particularly in terms of engineering developments, but all it took was one ambitious and talented mind to join a few dots and suddenly, the landscape of civil engineering was altered forever. Founded in 1948 as H&D Flinn Ltd by the late Mr. Huge Flinn, the company was rebranded as Public Works Ltd in 1963. The company became one of the largest and most respected civil engineering operations in Ireland during the 1970s, which offered great scope for growth and development if Flinn seized the potential in front of him. He not only dared to dream, he strived to turn potential into promise, which resulted in PW Nigeria Ltd being formally set up in 1974, thanks to the backing of a melting pot of investors from both Nigeria and Ireland. Today, PW Nigeria Ltd is one of the largest contracting operations in the country and has a reputation to match, thanks to being known for both the quality of workmanship provided and the levels of professionalism maintained throughout every contract. This is one of many reasons why PWN’s client base is exceptionally diverse and sizeable.

CEMENT INDUSTRY Extraction of Limestone as major raw material in Cement Manufacturing

CEMENT INDUSTRY Extraction of Limestone as major raw material in Cement Manufacturing

MINING Iron Ore, Coal, Barytes, Gem Stone.

OIL EXPLORATION Our products are used in energy generation for seismic data acquisition.

Manufacturers of the SUPERPOWER Emulsion-Type Explosive Incorporated in 1987, NIGACHEM NIGERIA LIMITED manufactures emulsiontype explosives under the brand SUPERPOWER. This genre of explosives is very safe because, unlike other types, it only detonates upon introduction of a suitable initiation stimulus. Head Office: 20, Sule Abuka Crescent, Off Opebi Road, P.O. Box 10749 Ikeja, Lagos.

Email: Web: Mobile: 08033222215, 08036303122, 08033504316

NNL has an Established Cartridge Emulsion Manufacturing Factory with an extension for Bulk Explosives in Abeokuta and supports schools, builds boreholes, maintains the road linking communities to their factory and maintains a clinic for the community as well as a football team: Kwande-Nigachem FC.

MINING Iron Ore, Coal, Barytes, Gem Stone.

OIL EXPLORATION Our products are used in energy generation for seismic data acquisition.

Manufacturers of the SUPERPOWER Emulsion-Type Explosive

Head Office: 20, Sule Abuka Crescent, Off Opebi Road, P.O. Box 10749 Ikeja, Lagos.

Email: Web: Mobile: 08033222215, 08036303122, 08033504316 Endeavour Magazine | 23

P W GROUP NIGERIA “PW Nigeria Ltd has a wide range of valuable clients. On the

It’s becoming increasing rare to find longstanding family-owned

governmental side these include the Federal Ministry of Works

companies that have remained true to the ethoses of the founding

and Housing, the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria, FERMA,

fathers, but PW Nigeria Ltd has. Perhaps that’s why there is an

the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, the Federal Capital

undercurrent of social responsibility and employee consideration

Development Authority and the Nigerian Ports Authority. At the

running through everything that that company does:

State level, we have worked extensively with the Ministries of

“The company has always had a very strong policy of substantial

Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba, Adamawa, Enugu, Benue, Ogun

re-investment in Nigeria. It has an extensive and modern fleet of

and Lagos. We have also worked with a long and distinguished

construction equipment and a highly trained and dedicated staff. It

list of private clients such as Chevron and Shell in the oil industry

is highly committed to the continued development of Nigeria and

and practically every major bank in Nigeria, for private property

its aim of being one of the foremost and leading countries not just

infrastructure development.”

in Africa, but the world.”

With a heritage dating back almost 70 years, a reputation

O’Boyle expended staff stewardship and talked briefly about the

for being the best and a diverse portfolio of service available

alliances that made the move from Ireland to Nigeria so successful:

to prestigious clients, how could PW Nigeria Ltd get any more

“PW Nigeria Ltd have an internal company agreement with its

impressive? Well, there are a few more facets to this operation that

entire staff which enables the most capable staff to be promoted

make it stand out from the competition, the most notable of which

from a junior level through Intermediate to Senior Staff level. In

is the fact that it is still a family-run company, with Donal Flinn at

terms of forging beneficial relationships, when the company first

the helm:

moved to Nigeria it was greatly helped by the Irish Missionaries

“Donal is a civil engineer with over 35 years’ experience in

who had first come to the country over a century before. Their local

Ireland, the United Kingdom and Africa. Donal has extensive

knowledge, fluency in the 300+ dialects and moral support was

experience in strategic management and is CEO of P.W. Ltd, and a

invaluable when moving to the more remote parts of the country.”

Director of P.W. Nigeria.”

Adding to the impressive credentials of PW Nigeria Ltd is the

SCHWARTZ KRISTOFFEL: SOLUTION TO THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT A name synonymous with providing solution to the built environment with environmental friendly materials Schwartz Geosynthentics for ground stabilization, erosion control and environmental Protection work, road construction, airport, railway shore protection works and slope stabilization as well as landfill application Schwartz Heavy duty mats for use as working platform, ground protection, portable roadway and as Rig Mats for Exploration and mining operations Schwartz HDPE pipes and SCHWARTZSTORM for storm water management, sub-surface drainage for road, leachete and gas collection for landfill applications.

24 | Endeavour Magazine

HDPE Lining HDPE Lining

Megadeck Megadeck

Abuja: TUG Place Plot 1221, Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II Tel: +234 810 077 7773 Abuja: TUG Place Plot 1221, Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse II Tel: +234 810Yard 077 7773 LAGOS: TUG Place Port Harcourt: Schwartz 8b, Violet Close, VI Eleme Junction, 400, PortHarcourt LAGOS: TUG Place Port Harcourt: Schwartz Yard Tel: 0803 324 2821 Aba Expressway, Tel: +234 802 806 8478 8b, Violet Close, VI Eleme Junction, 400, PortHarcourt Tel: 0803 324 2821 +234 803 Aba324 Expressway, Tel: +234 802 806 8478 Technical Support: 2821 solution to the built environment solution to the built environment

Customer Service: +234 802 806 8478 Technical Support: +234 803 324 2821 Email: Customer Service: +234 802 806 8478 Website: Email: Website:

A TUG A TUG Company Company

Schwartz Storm Schwartz Storm

P W GROUP NIGERIA fact that the construction industry has been suffering in recent

Mining market and the largely untapped reserves and associated

years, but the company has not faltered;

development opportunities. We have acquired exploration licenses

“The Nigerian market has recently suffered a recession and

for two potential gold projects in the north of the county, and have

caused a decline in construction projects across the nation. With

also tried to help develop the mining sector through innovative

falling oil prices, Nigeria - an oil dependant nation - has realised that

schemes with the state government. Having operated in Nigeria for

as a country it needs to diversify to generate revenue internally,

over 40 years, PW Nigeria Ltd has extensive knowledge of the local

and recently moved its focus from oil to the mining sector. There

market and conditions, operating over 20 quarries to support their

are challenges ahead as this largely untapped mining sector

civil engineering operation during that time. Recently, PW Nigeria

requires investment in terms of exploration and development.

Ltd has been seen as the go-to company for logistical, technical and

During colonial times some exploration work had been carried out

engineering support and solutions across a wide range of mining

and provides an area of focus in the beginning. The market has the


potential to grow at a fast rate.”

PWN clearly have their work cut out ahead of them, and we can

So what does the future hold for PW Nigeria Ltd?

already tell that they will be digging ever deeper into their reserves

One look at the team’s ongoing projects tells us that the

of professionalism and expertise to offer increasingly more intuitive

future is set to be busy, but that won’t stop more contracts being

and innovative engineering solutions - and that’s something we

competitively tendered for. With a relatively new head office fully

look forward to witnessing.

up and running, PW Nigeria Ltd has everything in place to ensure that operations can continue seamlessly and to the standards for which the company is well-known. It’s a good job too, as the industry is showing signs of improvement in Nigeria. O’Boyle was pleased to talk about some of the upcoming endeavours; “Currently, PW Nigeria Ltd is concentrating on the Nigerian

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When it comes to the glamorous world of gemstone discovery and jewellery creation, there is one company that seems to be leagues ahead of competitors in terms of innovative designs and beautiful materials, which is why Endeavour Magazine wanted to take a closer look at KORITE. Endeavour Magazine | 29


Founded in 1979, KORITE has risen through the ranks to become Canada’s premier and most respected coloured gemstone discovery operation, thanks to its single-minded approach to harvesting and displaying ammolite.


n fact, the company vision says so much more than we ever could, in terms of how focused it is, “To colour the world with KORITE ammolite, Canada’s

gemstone, recognised for its unique provenance, high quality, rare vibrancy and talisman-like energy.” With a targeted vision such as this, it makes sense that the mission statement of the operation talks exclusively about celebrating the incredible gemstone, through amazing jewellery designs and high-end collectibles, but what exactly is ammolite? Derived from ammonite, a fossilised material that is notable for its unusually vibrant colours and stunning composition, finished ammolite has all the aesthetic superiority of its parent material, but in a more polished and presentable way. “Ammolite is an official gem, certified by the World Gemstone Federation, one of three in the past 300 years. Rare because of its limited discovery in Southern Alberta’s Bearpaw Formation, KORITE is a truly unique and authentic ammolite gem that has bold vibrancy, positive energy and a natural history.” With control over more than 90% of the ammolite resources in the world, it comes as no surprise that KORITE is so successful, knowledgeable and respected in the industry, after all, if you

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surround yourself with one specialist product, you’re going to

forward designs for its signature KORITE jewellery. Distinctly

quickly become an expert in it! Don’t think that a single-minded

colourful and deeply emotive, the new direction will help grow the

approach to harvesting means an unethical approach though, as

business to secure its leadership in the industry.”

that couldn’t be further from the truth as KORITE stands by,

So, KORITE is a market leader, has monopoly over the lion-share

“Environmental and ethical mining practices, eco-responsible

of the natural resources in the world, thanks to ownership of the

leadership, manufacture, design and community support to the

largest commercial mine and now, has an incredibly experienced

highest standards of sustainability, design, craft and citizenship.

and industry-expert management team in place, but that’s not all.

The company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales

With a smooth finish and gorgeous aesthetics that are said to rival

professionals stand by quality and professional confidence at every

black opals for their colour and fire, ammolite is entwined in legend,

stage of its intimate Canadian operations.”

folklore and even spirituality,

With a fantastic heritage in the industry already, a new

“Recognised as the most influential stone of the millennium,

management team came as a welcomed refresh and brought new

ammolite is celebrated internationally, by Feng Shui masters for its

knowledge into the fold that would prove to be fantastically useful

significant properties. Only KORITE Canadian ammonites combine

for future projects. Martin Bunting, a respected retail executive,

the excellent properties of the ammolite gemstone and the good

has been brought in as CEO, alongside Jay Maull, a mining and

fortune of the shell together in one beautiful and very special fossil.

jewellery professional, who was appointed as company President.

The gem symbolises good luck and prosperity, enhances clarity,

The introduction of these two top-level executives in 2015

promotes cooperation and encourages wisdom.”

heralded a new dawn for KORITE and to say that the future looks set to be dazzling, would be a trite understatement,

Filled with vibrant colours that correspond to key Feng Shui principles, it’s no surprise that ammolite is treated with respect and

“New management introduces new and exciting opportunities

reverence, or that KORITE has made such an effort to protect its

to evolve the brand by exploring refined, on trend and fashion-

interests, primarily by announcing that it owns and runs the only

32 | Endeavour Magazine

legal ammonite-producing mine, the reach of which is now being

marketplace through hard work and innovation, there is a sense of

extended by a huge five acres.

having stumbled upon an unusually progressive organisation,

With demand from 28 countries for this amazing and diverse

“From responsible harvest at its award winning excavation to

gem, there’s no mistaking that the extra acres are needed, but

finished jewellery and decor statement pieces sold around the

Canada itself is also seeing a huge increase in demand, thanks to

world, the company stands by quality and professional confidence

the 150th birthday celebrations being held in 2017,

at every stage of its International operations. We have now

“Canadians can bring out their true colours with ammolite in preparation for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in 2017 and

become one of the most loved and respected coloured gemstone companies, with a far-reaching signature jewellery brand.”

KORITE is proud to be the official jewellery supplier licensee for

Just as ammolite can be traced back 71-million years and has

Canada 150. The ammolite gemstone is set in beautifully designed,

a long and traceable history, we get the feeling that KORITE has

Canadian symbolic keepsakes and jewellery as a new collection of

many more years of successful mining and design ahead of it. The

everyday wearable accessories. Promoting Canadian patriotism,

Canada 150 celebrations and increased mining facilities are just

there will be 21 keepsakes to collect, set in silver plate or sterling

two amazing developments to happen to KORITE in 2017 and it’s

925 silver.

only just begun, so we can only imagine the stratospheric levels of

KORITE encourages Canadians to share the ammolite keepsakes

success that await the team as the year progresses.

with friends and family locally and abroad to spread the message of unity, independence and cultural diversity in Canada.” It’s not a rarity to find a forward-thinking company that produces inspiring, gorgeous products, but when you couple that with a genuine commitment to environmental stewardship and a desire to make a global impression on a highly competitive

Gemstones & Jewellery Online »

Dragon Sculptures wall hand made with Canadian Ammolite and other world gems

Providing Rare Gems and Art since 1964

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THE NEXT BIG THING IN CANADIAN MINING Iron ore undoubtedly is an indispensable metal in today’s modern world, much as it has been for over 3,500 years. Just look around you: iron and steel can be found everywhere, from the hulls of great ships to the frames of towering skyscrapers and bridges; it is used to manufacture the chassis of cars and lorries and to build heavy machinery. WRITTEN BY DJAMIL BENMEHIDI


Wherever you look, iron or steel won’t be far from

eyeshot. In fact, it is likely to be found in every street in every city, and likely in the kitchen, or any other room for that matter, of every home. Strong, inexpensive, and resistant to rust, our entire world is built using it, meaning that demand is, and always will remain high.


aturally, the rewards for mining operators with the ability to find and develop the few genuinely world-class iron ore deposits out there are great indeed. And make no mistake

about it, Alderon Iron Ore Corp., a Canadian mining junior focused on the development of one of the most promising iron ore deposits to be found in Canada in recent years, is set to reap them in the near-future. There are a great many mining juniors out there, particularly in Canada – arguably the global hub of international mining - but few

BANKABLE EXPERTISE Our industry leading bankable expertise provides mining companies with a full understanding of their deposit and ore variability, while optimizing flowsheet design best suited for processing.

catch the attention of industry experts and investors in the way that Alderon Iron Ore has. In a manner of speaking, Alderon Iron Ore has hit the jackpot, following its 2010 acquisition of rights to the Kamistiatusset property, known as the Kami Project – a site of astonishing promise that has set the tongues of investors wagging. The Labrador Trough geological belt, a resource-rich stretch of land on the Quebec border of southwest Labrador, is widely regarded to be Canada’s premier iron ore mining territory. To-date, Labrador Trough is the one of the only regions in the past half-century


that has yielded iron ore reserves in Canada, but the discoveries that have been made here are easily the equal of deposits from the world’s traditional iron ore-producing superpowers, China, Australia, and Brazil. The Kami Project is a chip off the old block in


this respect - Alderon is sitting on a veritable gold mine.

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2017-06-28 2:30:53 PM

ALDERON IRON ORE CORP Presently, Alderon is a development stage company, but after seven long years, work is set to begin on building the mine and

provide accommodation and amenities for the workers who will one day be needed to operate the Kami mine.

the adjoining facilities needed to breathe life into the project.

Once operational, the economic impact of what will be a truly

Upon completion of site development, the project will be ranked

world-class iron ore mine are going to be great for the region

amongst the top iron ore-producing mines in the world, in terms of

indeed, and will provide a much-needed shot in the arm for nearby

the size of its iron deposit and quality of the ore beneath its land.

Labrador City and Wabush. The towns are mining settlements

The numbers speak for themselves: mineral resource estimates

through-and-through, which have relied almost entirely on the

have revealed that the site is home to in excess of 1.2 billion tonnes

mineral riches from Labrador Trough since the days of the early

of ore inferred at 29.8% iron, and a further 522.6 million tonnes

1950’s, when prospectors and workers first came to the area

inferred at 29.5% iron.

seeking their fortune.

The underground riches of this resource-filled region have long

This industry truly is the lifeblood of these towns, which given

been known, and yet for all its promise, a lack of infrastructure in

the cyclical nature of mining, has meant its roaring booms and

the area prevented the discovery and development of the iron ore

terrible busts have left Labrador City and Wabush exposed to the

that lay beneath its earth for many years - but no longer. Less than

ebbs and flows of global economic headwinds. And yet, for all the

2.5km from the Kami Project, paved highway is in place to shuttle

busts, downturns, crashes and falls in fortunes this region has

workers, resources and equipment to site, as is a common carrier

endured over the years, even grizzled veterans with mining in their

railway with a 50-million-ton capacity only 14.5km away, granting

blood were shocked by the severity of the industry downturn just

access to a multi-user deep-water port with all-year-round access

gone: an event of grinding brutality that brought even the world’s

to the open ocean. Low-cost powerlines lie only 15.5km from site,

largest, most powerful mining operators to their knees.

and the neighbouring twin towns of Labrador City and Wabush

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The impact of what many in the mining sector consider to be

the industry’s great recession crushed numerous mining juniors and

billion in total incomes expected over the life of the project.

mid-tier operators, and saw countless mines mothballed as once-

“In Newfoundland and Labrador alone, we expect that Kami will

booming commodities prices crashed heavily following slowing

create approximately 32,000 direct and spinoff jobs, generate more

Chinese demand and a resource supply glut. Indeed, Alderon itself

than $2.2 billion in total incomes to workers and businesses and

barely survived this difficult period. Low iron ore prices meant that

contribute more than $1.8 billion in much needed revenue for the

development of the Kami Project during this troubling time was an

provincial treasury.”

impossibility, but despite a recent fall in value, iron ore prices have

It has been a difficult journey for the company but it would

risen to the point where development of the site is once more on

seem that Alderon Iron Ore is finally on the cusp of realising its vast

the agenda.

potential. These are exciting times for the company and the wider

Following the recent release of its Economic Impact Assessment (EIA), the financial boost that Alderon’s Kami Project will have on

industry, for that matter, with the Kami Project emerging as the site to watch.

the region once it enters operation is difficult to overestimate. In a statement, Alderon Iron Ore’s CEO Mark Morabito said: “The release of an independent economic impact assessment represents another significant milestone in our efforts to effectively re-boot the Kami Project and capitalise on improving iron ore market fundamentals. The EIA results provide clear validation that Kami will have a positive economic impact in Labrador and beyond, as demonstrated by the more than 100,000 per person years of employment that it is estimated to produce and an estimated $7.6

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DEDICATION TO THE CORE The mining industry in Tanzania is critical, in terms of supporting the local economy, so it makes perfect sense that an overseeing body would be put in place to protect the interests of everyone, at every level. Endeavour Magazine spoke with Gerald Mturi, Executive Head of the Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy, to find out if there are any innovations or challenges on the horizon. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


The Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy may have only been brought into being in 1994, but don’t let their relatively short operating span fool you into believing that developments haven’t been made. Originally founded in order to ensure that its members’ interests were represented within the Tanzanian mineral sector, the Chamber essentially gives a voice to everybody, from stakeholders through to investors and even mediates between governmental bodies and mining operations as well.


aturally, with communication playing a major role in the day-to-day business of the Chamber, highly experienced, dedicated and responsible professionals were needed to

get on board, and Gerald Mturi proved to be the exact calibre of management material required; “I have been an executive of the Chamber since September 2016, taking over from Eng. Emmanuel Jengo who worked for the TCME for 17 years. Before joining the TCME I worked for Resolute (Tanzania) Limited, a subsidiary of Resolute Mining Limited of Australia for 16 years in various capacities, and my background is firmly in accounting.” It’s no mystery why Gerald was considered to be the man for the job. With a wealth of experience within the mining industry already and qualifications relating to high-level accounting, he was perfectly positioned to inject new life into the Chamber; “Currently we have about 42 members and are looking to expand when new projects come online. There is the potential to have more than 60 members in the next few years.” We can well believe that expansion is on the cards, especially when you understand exactly who the Chamber seeks to represent and bring together; “The Chamber represents a broad spectrum of relevant players in the mining industry, including small-scale miners, individuals, service providers and international mining companies of all sizes who have identified Tanzania as a worthwhile place to invest their money. These companies are carrying out a range of activities within the mining sector from exploration to production.”

42 | Endeavour Magazine

Mining is a complex industry to navigate, what with a number of different operational and investment tiers to take into account and then there’s the fact that Tanzania is a very attractive prospect for international investors as well. Being able to draw up a comprehensive communications strategy is vital; one that will reach local businesses as well as foreign parties, which is why promoting the current ongoing mining projects in the country is a top priority for Gerald, “As of now, we have five large scale gold mines and one large scale diamond mine. We have one world-class uranium project and one world class nickel project. These two are currently under care and maintenance, due to low commodity prices, but it’s expected that as soon as prices improve, mines will be constructed in the two project areas. There are also two advanced graphite projects and three others. There is one iron and one coal (advanced) project, and our plan is to develop them together. The coal project will feed a coal-fired power plant whose electricity will run a steel smelter to process the iron ore. There are also many other small and medium gold, rare earth and gemstone projects.“ Far from being a one-trick pony, Tanzania’s mining industry is offering a wide range of potential finds and savvy investors are


Endeavour Magazine | 43

TANZANIA CHAMBER OF MINERALS AND ENERGY frequently seeing the sense in offering their knowledge and financial backing to mining operations within the country. As Gerald says,

“Encouraging all members to achieve best practice, in accordance with the Chambers commitments and in all aspects of

“Tanzania is a country where mining investors can come and

their business, with special emphasis on Occupational Health and

invest. The country has a rich geology with a lot of potential for

Safety (OH&S), environmental conservation and land management,

hosting world-class mines and it currently has a firm and strong

sustainable social development, commercial practices, building

Government, which is anti-corruption. We have just revived our

capacity in the workforce and working in partnership with

mining legislation and there are some piquant changes that people

educators and students.”

will definitely want to know about.”

This small part of the Chamber’s mission statement is a

You might be thinking that it’s a little strange that the Chamber

worthwhile endnote, as it succinctly demonstrates that Tanzania

would be so happy for external investors to come in, but regardless

is doing things that little bit differently. Safety, the future and

of where the funding comes from for new exploration projects, the

education are central concerns, and if that isn’t a good enough

benefits to local communities will always be felt, while also keeping

reason for outside investors to take some serious interest, then we

the industry as buoyant as possible. Gerald explained a little further,

don’t know what is.

“Mining provides employment, generates foreign exchange and

In terms of securing a profitable, informed and progressive

generates taxes for the country. Profits always eventually trickle

industry within Tanzania, Gerald and his team at the Chamber are

down to support social economic projects and give back to the

ready for whatever the future will bring, and will be consistently

communities close to successful projects.”

striving to improve the mining sector from the inside, out. We look

With a comprehensive mission in place to represent, educate,

forward to revisiting the chamber to see the results, especially

mediate and protect every facet of the mining industry in Tanzania,

when commodity prices improve and resting mines are opened

the Chamber of Minerals and Energy has been focussing on the

back up for new exploration projects.

elements that will best serve the interests of its members. Critically, this includes,

LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION SINCE 1997 SGS Tanzania Superintendence Co. Ltd is an affiliate of SGS group with headquarters in Dar es Salaam. It has been offering services to Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Agents, Traders and Government Institutions for more than 55 years. In 1997, SGS started an ISO/IEC 10725 accredited geochemical laboratory in Mwanza, which is part of the SGS global laboratory network using the same global testing methods, analytical codes, and sampling preparation techniques to ensure uniform excellence for its customers. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 90 000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2 000 offices and laboratories around the world.

CONTACT MINERALS SERVICES Plot No. 127,Laboratory MafingaServices Street, Kingsway Kinondoni Rd • Geochemical (ISO 17025) Phone: +255 22 234 58 00 E-mail: Situated in Mwanza, the geochemical laboratory aims to assist clients to select analytical methodology that most appropriately fit their needs. The laboratory

44 | Endeavour Magazine operations provide sample preparation, Fire assay Au, Acid digests Au, Base metals by ICP and AAS.

SGS TIME MINING SERVICES Integrated services from concept to commissioning. Our experts provide accurate resource estimation and classification, complete ore body modeling and mine planning based

East Africa-focused gold producer, developer and explorer focused on its flagship asset, the New Luika Gold Mine, located in southwest Tanzania. Endeavour Magazine | 45


MINING THEIR OWN BUSINESS Protecting the interests of a profitable industry is vital for the continued success and livelihood of any region, and the Botswana Chamber of Mines takes this responsibility exceptionally seriously. Endeavour Magazine interviewed Charles Siwawa, Chief Executive Officer, to understand exactly how the organisation seeks to support local mining interests. WRITTEN BY AMY BUXTON


You might think that the mining industry can regulate

itself, but you would be overlooking a few key factors. The competitive nature of the industry itself needs to be taken into account, but even more important is the constant education of those employed within the sector, as well as a stringent adherence to any and all legislation, both old and new.


t would have been a difficult task for individual operations

Naturally, we all know that periods of extended financial

to make sure they were at the forefront of any and all new

turbulence in recent years have had far and wide repercussions for

developments, which is why a number of minerals exploration

almost every industry, and mining is no different. Charles expanded;

and mining companies collaborated to form the Botswana Chamber

“The current state of the industry is rather subdued, as a result

of Mines. CEO, Charles Siwawa, explained further;

of the depressed commodities market that affected worldwide

“The Botswana Chamber of Mines is an organisation set up

prices. However, there are indications that the market is improving,

by the minerals exploration and mining companies with the sole

and this will eventually lead to a growth in the industry. The

mandate to represent the interests and needs of those companies.

challenges that we currently face are infrastructure development,

It also has the mandate to influence policy decisions and strategic

skills development and sustainability of the current cycle of the

intents within the government, non-governmental organisations

commodities market.”

and related bodies.” He went on to elaborate as to the day-to-day business of the Chamber;

This succinct overview of the current troubles being faced by the mining industry shows just why the Chamber is so vital. By installing one organisation to oversee everything, potential

“The organisation carries out its mandate locally through

shortfalls such as skills gaps and outdated infrastructure can be

engagement with entities within Botswana. We also participate

identified quickly and accounted for. Thanks to a cordial, respectful

in regional matters through Southern African Development

and mutually beneficial relationship with the government, the

Community (SADC) by way of engagement through the Mining

Botswana Chamber of Mines is able to make bold strides forward in

Industry Association of Southern Africa (MIASA). The BCM

its mandate to remain at the cutting edge of industry developments.

participates through the International Council on Mining and

It doesn’t overlook key Chamber staff in the process though:

Metals (ICMM) to assist in formulating policies and strategies for mining related issues at an international level.”

“The Botswana Chamber of Mines has a staffing body of about 30, inclusive of the training unit. It is our belief that the

Mineral exploration and mining is far from just being a regional

staff should be motivated sufficiently to perform their duties. In

interest area, as international policies have a role to play at a more

this light, we commit a certain percentage of our budget to staff

grass-roots level, and the Chamber of Mines is on hand to ensure a

development. We do not necessarily sit in the upper quarter of

seamless understanding and acceptance of them all.

the emolument curve within the country, but believe our staff to

48 | Endeavour Magazine

KHOEMACAU COPPER PROJECT CREATING SHARED VALUE Our vision is to design, build and operate a safe, reliable and highly mechanised mine that provides appropriate returns to our shareholders and creates value for all stakeholders. By implementing our strategy and managing the project timeline, we intend to achieve better long-term outcomes through:

Optimising the starter project

Strengthening project execution

Enabling the project strategy

The improved, fit-for-purpose and sustainable execution plan will: Provide a safe and healthy work environment with the lowest possible technical and financial risk

Efficiently resource the project and operations based on mechanised mining principles

Nurture the right culture, capabilities and systems, developing a world class team in Botswana

All of which will benefit our stakeholders and contribute to developing a world class, modern underground mining operation in Botswana.

Unlocking the full potential of the Kalahari Copper Belt

BOTSWANA CHAMBER OF MINES be motivated sufficiently to undertake their functions effectively.

approach that makes Charles’ business philosophy of “Sticking to

In our endeavour, career progression will be encouraged from

the basic principles” so understandable and applaudable.

within the organisation and we only import skills we cannot attain from within.” Refreshing, no? Despite being in place for the benefit of a definitive industry, the staffing body of the Chamber is not

So, what does the future hold for the Botswana Chamber of Mines? With green initiatives and eco-concerns being something of a pandemic in the business world, Charles and his team are already making efforts to get on board with new ideas, as he divulged;

overlooked, with incentives firmly in place to reward those that

“Botswana, through its international engagements, was the

strive for better. This is a direct reflection of Charles’ management

third country in the world, outside Canada, to adopt the Towards

style, which he developed whilst employed by one of the Chamber’s

Sustainable Mining (TSM) principle in 2016, which looks at the

member companies;

Safety and Health of its employees and the environment in which

“I built up my leadership credentials in one of the member

it operates.”

companies, Debswana Diamond Company, where I spent over

A fantastic start, no doubt, but Charles didn’t stop there. Along

a quarter of a century developing my skills. One has to lead by

with TSM principles and reduced commodity prices necessitating

example and ensure that you drive the right principles within the

a look at how to maintain the sustainability of the industry, the

organisation. It has to be what is right, irrespective of going against

Botswana Chamber of Mines has some fantastic innovations

the tide at the time of implementation, provided the long-term

on the horizon;

strategy is achieved.”

“In collaboration with the Government of Botswana, the

Having been in position since the Chamber’s inception in

Chamber is looking at base metals beneficiation within the

2010, Charles was ready for the role, yet consistently attributes

country. Some progress has been made in terms of drawing up

the success of the operation to the members that formed and

plausible strategies for achieving this. In addition, the Chamber is

continued to support it. It’s this open, inclusive and modest

looking at Foreign Direct Investment as a vehicle to diversify the

Driven by your success

+267 392 8343 50 | Endeavour Magazine

economy through utilising the combined purchasing power of the mining industry. In essence, the industry would like to encourage manufacturing processes within the country to support the mining industry achieve its sustainability efforts.” Plus, there’s that skills gap to fill as well, which has led to “a tripartite arrangement between the Government of Botswana, GIZ and Botswana Chamber of mines/ Vocational skills are being developed that will be deployed in the industry to ensure the right quality skills are available for mining.” It’s all very well celebrating current successes, but the truly business-savvy organisations are always looking to the future. The Botswana Chamber of Mines has a purpose and we know that Charles and his team won’t deviate from it, which is why we look forward to reporting on the inevitable serious upturn in mining profitability in the region in the near future.

Endeavour Magazine | 51

54 | Endeavour Magazine



Namibia, with its rich uranium heritage stretching back to the 1920’s, and as the home to the Rossing, Langer Heinrich, and Trekkkopje uranium mines, is one of the world’s few uranium producing nations that can legitimately claim world-class status. Only Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia boast a greater production capacity. Endeavour Magazine | 55


Uranium is big business in these parts; the numbers speak for

themselves. In total, the sector accounts for close to 10% of GDP alone, and employs tens of thousands; at maximum capacity, its mines produce 12% of the world’s total uranium supply, 10% of which is mined from the below the earth at the Rossing and Langer Heinrich sites, alone. In this context, it is understandable that all eyes have closely followed construction work at the site of what will be the world’s largest uranium mines in recent years.


onstruction of Swakop Uranium’s Husab project, a US$2.5 billion facility located near the Swakupmund region, has been ongoing since work began in the sweltering Namib Desert

4-years ago. Make no mistake about it, development of the Husab Mine has been a truly colossal undertaking, which is to be expected for a build of this scale. Upon its completion later in 2016, the Husab facility will be the world’s second-largest uranium producing facility, behind only Saskatchewan’s McArthur River site in Canada. It is undoubtedly the most significant uranium discovery in recent years, if not decades, and in terms of the impact it will have when it enters production, Husab will be a game-changer. “It will elevate Namibia past Niger, Australia and Canada to the second rung on the world ladder of uranium producers,” said Swakop Uranium CEO, Zheng Keping. “The 8-kilometre uranium mineralisation has been confirmed as the highest grade, granite-hosted uranium deposit in Namibia.” The remarkably high-quality of Husab’s yellowcake which, alongside its vast 280 million tonnes of resource, is unparalleled by existing mines in the region. Such will the impact of Husab on the Namibian economy over the course of its 20-year lifespan that, on its own, the mine will single-handedly account for 5% of Namibia’s US$13.1 billion GDP. The mine has been developed as a conventional, large-scale load-and-haul opencast mine, feeding directly into a conventional agitated acid lead process plant, incorporating ion exchange and solvent extraction circuits – processes which are necessary in order

56 | Endeavour Magazine

to obtain the optimum amount of uranium from the ore, and then

Association, it is expected that uranium demand will have increased

concentrate it.

by close to 50% by 2023, making investment in a facility of Husab’s

With final completion only a matter of months away, virtually

stature the only available logical business decision. “Each gigawatt

all facets of the facility are already operational. Construction of the

of increased new capacity will require about 150 tpa of extra

permanent road and bridge to the mine site has been completed,

uranium mine production routinely, and about 300 to 450 tonnes

which includes 50km of access and service road linking the mine to

of uranium for the first fuel load,” Marais said.

the main B2 transport route leading to Swakupmund, and a 160m

He continued: “About 435 reactors with a combined capacity

bridge over the Khan River; the longest bridge built in Namibia since

of over 370 GWe, require some 78,000 tonnes of uranium oxide

its independence in 1990. All required energy infrastructure is in

concentrate, containing 66,000 tonnes of uranium from mines, or

place for Namibia’s state energy supplier, Nampower, to provide

the equivalent from stockpiles or secondary sources, each year.

the 50 MW needed to operate the mine. Water for the Husab

This includes initial cores for new reactors coming on line.” Uranium

project will be delivered to the site, courtesy of a water supply

mines worldwide currently supply some 68,800 tonnes of uranium

system which transfers water via ductile iron pipe from a newly

oxide, containing 58,344 tonnes of uranium. That’s about 86

built desalination plant that has been built near Swakupmund.

percent of utilities’ annual requirements and it leaves a significant

The assembly of the giant Komatsu haul trucks that will be used


as the primary means of moving ore and waste on is now on the

It’s boom-time for Namibia, in other words, and especially

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capacity of 15 million pounds of uranium oxide per annum. Actually getting them to Husab from Johannesburg in the first place, however, was no mean feat. The bodies are 14.6 metres long, 10.7 metres wide and 5.4 metres high, which meant every step of the journey had to be planned meticulously. “Every step of the journey had to be carefully measured and investigated before the 50-tonne load could be granted permission to travel. Even then, strict conditions were applied and the vehicles needed to be accompanied by at least two escorts from the transportation company Transcor, as well as two South African road authorities,” said Komatsu’s Gerhard Klopper. The huge dump bodies are the last part of the truck to be fitted: it takes two cranes to lift them. Taking into account the retreat of Germany from nuclear energy, the well-documented Fukushima crisis, the booming growth of the wider renewables sector, and the persistent commodities price slump that has devastated miners, there might perhaps be one big question in mind over this entire endeavour: why now, and why so big? A fair and legitimate question, and one that is easily explained. Nuclear, for all its flaws, remains the leading, most developed source of green power, and continues to be enthusiastically pursued by rising powers, China and India, and even the UK. In the view of Swakop Uranium’s Director of Communications & Stakeholder Involvement, Grant Marais, whilst the price of uranium remains low, and will continue to remain low in the short-term, the current slump is transient. Prices will increase markedly over the medium to long-term; what goes down, must go up. According to a report published by the World Nuclear Endeavour Magazine | 57

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