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With turnover and profits increasing, it is easy to lose focus on what matters most. However, Crown Paints Kenya remains committed to quality, environmental protection and the local community.

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Established in 1958, Crown Paints Kenya is the country’s biggest manufacturer of paint. With the capacity of producing up to 1.5 million litres per month and an annual turnover of over Kshs 4 billion, the company has managed to expand its reach beyond Kenya’s borders to several East African countries.

remains well educated and trained about the issues surrounding environmental performance is another pivotal concern.

Reaching out to the local and wider community Although Corporate Social Responsibility is at the top of the agenda for several major organisations, Crown Paints Kenya makes sure it puts words into action. One of the most recent projects for the manufacturer was donating 500 blankets to the victims of the Sinai pipeline fire in 2011.


Rakesh Rao, CEO, Crown Paints, visited victims of the tragedy at

ased in Nairobi, Crown Paints Kenya has a broad network

quality is hugely important for Crown Paints Kenya. As part of the

the Kenyatta National Hospital and was quick to express his deepest

of nationwide dealers, with depots in Mombasa and Kisumu

company’s ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation, Crown has developed a

sympathy. “This is a very unfortunate scenario in the country, we

able to provide support to an increasing consumer base.

Quality Management System with the aim of delivering continuous

should always ensure safety first when in contact with any hazardous


situations,” he said.

As well as being the nation’s decorative brand leader, Crown also produces paint for the automotive industry and manufactures industrial products, which are fast becoming vital revenue streams.

Commitment to quality Ensuring the customer receives products of the highest

Objectives in relation to exacting high standards include

On receiving the company’s generation donation, Corporate

delivering products and services that “conform or exceed to customer

Affairs Manager at the hospital Simon Ithai noted: “We made an

requirements within a specified time,” and training employees “to

appeal to the public to donate blood, blankets and other medical

make them quality conscious and to educate them about their role in

supplies that would help us take better care of the patients. We are

the quality system.”

humbled and appreciate the overwhelming support.”

As a result, Crown Paints Kenya has won numerous awards

In addition to assisting the local community, Crown Paints Kenya

throughout the last decade. These include being named the Most

also encourages its clientele to recycle old products with the Rudisha

Improved Brand by the Marketing Society of Kenya in 2006, first place

Kopo - Ulinde Mazingira program.

in the third Kisumu Homes Export Aga Khan Hall Kisumu of 2010,

“With this program, we are rewarding users of our products as

Home Design Interiors winner at the fifth Mombasa Homes Expo in

well as the general public with instant cash for every empty four-

2011, and recipient of the 2012 COYA Financial Management Award.

litre Crown tin they return to our designated drop centres,” says the

Even though Crown Paints Kenya is relentless in its pursuit of

company. “Consequently we are able to sustain the environment for

delivering high quality products, the company strives to create a

future generations as well as fight counterfeiters and counterfeit

safe and healthy working environment for all employees. With 450


loyal members of staff, many of which have been at the organisation for several years, Crown Paints Kenya is able to pass on in-depth knowledge and industry expertise to every customer.

Sustainable development Crown Paints Kenya prides itself on being a responsible corporate

In May 2013, Crown Paints was proud to announce a 15% increase in turnover for the year ended 31 December 2012 thanks to a rise in domestic demand, sustained expansion in regional markets and enhanced operational efficiency.

citizen and truly recognises the significance of environmental

“We managed to grow our sales by about 10% last year despite the

protection even when the organisation achieves its business and

high interest rate environment,” revealed Rao. “In addition, year-on-

quality objectives.

year growth has ranged between 40-50% hence the rise in turnover.”

“We recognise environmental protection as one of the guiding

Despite being part of an aggressive and combative market, Rao

principles and a key component of sound business performance,”

was proud the company still managed to differentiate itself from major

notes Crown. “We are committed to providing quality products and

rivals. “The industry is very competitive from a price perspective,” he

services as we promote and embrace the principle of responsible

noted. “However, our focus on introducing new, innovative products

stewardship of the natural environment.”

into the market is paying off. We are optimistic about the future.”

Environmental objectives, targets and programmes in relation

Looking forward, Rao also signalled plans for continued expansion

to sustainable development are frequently reviewed, with the

in foreign markets, particularly Tanzania. Rao said: “We have

production of paint and resin continually scrutinised to prevent

aggressive plans to entrench our regional presence. We are putting

pollution and eliminate waste.

up satellite factories in Arusha, Mwanza and Dar es Salaam at an

Empowering employees and ensuring the entire workforce 110 | Endeavour Magazine

Recent developments

estimated cost of USD3 million.” Endeavour Magazine | 111

Crown Paints Kenya  

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