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Clearwater Mall is the prime shopping destination in the western suburbs of Johannesburg situate in a rapidly expanding residential corridor. Malls have been around for a long time and taps directly into the human predication to community and collaboration. Combining retail outlets, entertainment venues and restaurants together malls have the responsibility to their tenants to draw in as many people as possible. To become the gleaming place-to-be for shoppers and youngsters around their location. Clearwaters Mall has for a long time stood out as one of the emblems of South African shopping culture and has undergone tremendous rennovations and developments since its opening in 2004 to keep with and ahead of the times and we spoke with Regional Executive Yvette Van Der Merwe from owner company Hyprop Investments regarding the story of this much loved and much visited shopping hub.


First a quick look at the business behind Clearwater Mall, Hyprop Investments is a R23 billion listed REIT with 11 prime shopping centres across South Africa with over 700,000m2 of lettable area available. Clearwater Mall opened phase 1 in November 2004 and phase 2 in October 2010 with a GLA (gross lettable area) of 86,031m2.





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What Goes On Behind The Scenes “The core activity of the mall is to let retail space to retailers to ensure we satisfy the needs of our shoppers in terms of tenant mix,” Yvette specifies, “International retailers entering the South African market as well as new and upcoming

electricians, contractors

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maintenance. A lot of work happens behind the scenes that people visiting the mall have no idea about and should not ever be required to see.

The Staff Of The Mall

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policies and procedures on their training and conduct. An ethics hotline is in place and is managed by Hyprops appointed auditors. Some of the staff training that has been conducted includes training on HIV/Aids awareness, sexual harassment in the workplace and wellness training from a social responsibility point of view. “From a skills development point of view our handymen have been sent on basic maintenance training, our admin staff have done training on minute taking, Microsoft Office, and business writing.” Yvette explains. Nobody is exempt from the ongoing training, for example Vicky Vlock, The General Manager of Clearwaters Mall, is currently doing an advanced course in property leadership to further develop her already impressive catalogue of skills. Additional training has also been given to their marketing team on social media platforms to further the SEO footprint of the mall. “Training is important for Hyprop and every year staff members are encouraged to enhance their skills,” Yvette says, “Individual staff development is very important and it is the company’s priority to grow skills and knowledge internally before going out to market for expertise.”

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Tenants And Visitors When it comes to the experience of the mall neither Hyprop nor the management of Clearwater Malls will accept anything but the best. A good reputation alone may not grow the value of a mall but a bad reputation can certainly damage it. With this in mind everything is carefully evaluated when it comes to the activities of the tenants who are the mall’s primary face-to-the-shopper. “We are very selective with the type of tenants we place in the mall, ensuring that only retailers with quality products are secured,” Yvette details, “Should we receive complaints regarding the service

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“Very importantly we focus

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on customer loyalty programs

variety is always a notch above

and competitions that reward

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customers for purchasing at our

current and exciting international

shopping centre,” Yvette adds.

brands are constantly being sourced and our tenants are

or quality of products of our stores from customers, we deal with it immediately ensuring that the complaint reaches the owner of the business and we do follow ups with the Tenants and the aggrieved

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that their mall is a clean, safe and secure environment. Providing

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experiences and entertainments,

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should we wish to extend the size

as possible. To assist shoppers, answering queries and dealing with

strategic approach to keep ahead

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shoppers to ensure that their complaints are resolved and that they are satisfied with the outcome.”

What’s Next?

All plumbing and drainage emergencies, burst pipes of all sizes and maintenance repairs

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Should a job require more than one type of contractor (paving, painting, etc.) we will provide contacts and make any necessary arrangements.

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International retailers Mango

substantial amount of money in

will be opening before the end

upgrading our parking equipment

of the year and Tom Taylor has


just opened on the upper level

equipment and our bathrooms

of Clearwater Mall. Fossil will

have just been revamped,” Yvette

be opening before the end of the


year and they have just opened the first Coco Bubble Tea and Yankee Candle in the country. All of these developments are bound to have exponential influence on the future of the



“We are very selective with the type of tenants we place in the mall, ensuring that only retailers with quality products are secured.”


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