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well, offers loads of grip and very

has 330 litres of space. When the

little body roll. It drives along

Q7 is in five-seat mode, you get

quietly at motorway speeds and

775 litres of boot space, which

above and the V6 diesel engine

expands to a frankly mammoth

offers impressive performance.

2,035 litres when the back seats

It is easy to forget that you are in

are folded down flat. So, no

a big 4 x 4 with this performance

matter what you need to carry,

and handling.

you can pretty much fit anything

You won’t have to be a brain

inside your Q7, with not even

surgeon to realise that the

the Land Rover Discovery 4

Audi Q7 isn’t cheap to buy, and

matching its huge boot.

EI have been smitten by the Q7 and am negotiating a finance deal to buy one myself.”

neither is it cheap to run. Frugal

I am not going to go into much

isn’t really the right word on our

detail on its off road capabilities

test vehicle, the 3.0-litre TDI

for a couple of reasons. Firstly,

diesel which delivered slightly

other than me turning it around

below 40mpg fuel economy. You

in a wet field I didn’t do anything

could argue that that isn’t bad for

off road with it. Secondly we did

where they have said that the downside of that is that it’s undeniably

such a large car, but that doesn’t

have some floods which I didn’t

difficult to park and to maneuver down narrow city streets or into

change the fact that road tax is

drive through. The good news

driveways with tight entrances. I found this to be untrue as it has

hefty too. However this is true

is it was fine on the field and

front and rear parking sensors and huge mirrors. All windows offer

for my A6 and the Q7 has two

handled the puddle well which

great visibility and no blind spots. Or I guess I am just a really good

extra seats and must weigh the

is probably about as much mud


same as a train!

action as most of these cars will

Have no illusions though that you are never going to get a car this

love Audi’s, I drive a 3.0 Quattro and smile every time I get into it.

road ahead that reflects its exterior looks. Plus, there’s no denying

Not the most objective start to an Audi review I’ll admit,

that the seven-seat interior is massive, even though the legroom in

I like a good light cabin in a

however I am a seasoned professional and I like to think I can

the last row of seats is a little tight. That said the Q7 happily housed

car and the optional extras of a

The Audi Q7 is well built

But the entry-level 3.0-litre V6 TDI Quattro does represent good

take a car and review it on its own merits. What I didn’t expect was to

6 adults in style as we made our way to the local Indian for a business

full-length glass roof was perfect.

with a durable interior and Audi

value for money as a starting point in this upmarket class of cars,

hide the keys when a colleague wanted to take a look. Nor did I think


There are three glass panels and

prides itself on producing tough

where £40,000-plus is a drop in the water. And you do get a decent

big on a small budget. The Q7 is not a cheap car, in anybody’s book.

ever see.

that I would lie blatantly to anyone wanting to drive it saying that the

When I first drove this car I hated the bouncy suspension and I

two of these open. If it becomes

and dependable cars, so the Q7

level of standard equipment for that money, too. Plus, when it comes

insurance wouldn’t cover them, obviously not the case with a press

couldn’t wait to get back into my A6. I was convinced that the Q7

too bright there is a full length

is a safe bet.

to sell on the used car market, the Q7’s resale values are strong and

car but they had the good grace to go along with my impassable lies.

must have controllable suspension but as I couldn’t see an obvious

screen that covers the glass at

I love this car!

big button or lever to pull I figured I was wrong. It was my young son

the flick of a switch.

So yes the Q7 may now be getting a bit long in the tooth now as it made its debut in 2006 however it is still a very imposing car. Inside, it offers a high driving position that gives a commanding view of the

who was fiddling with the central computer when he came across the



It’s a big car and its bulk is always obvious.


It weighs in

you should find a better deal than someone selling a rival such as the BMW X5 or Land Rover Discovery 4.

at more than two tonnes and

I have been smitten by the Q7 and am negotiating a finance deal

suspension setting and transformed this bouncy tractor into a luxury

versatility and a massive boot.

somewhat dominates any road

to buy one myself and I don’t say that after all car reviews! My Q7 will

limousine. When you get the right setting you have a car that corners

With all seats in place, the boot

it’s driving on. I have read reviews

soon be on order and I can’t wait.

Audi Q7  

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