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By the Power of Five Be Exotic This New Year In Thailand

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The Titan Arm TCM


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TOFCO the leading international provider of fabrication, construction and offshore services for the oil and gas industry, with headquarters in the Caribbean. +1 868 651 0006

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EDITORIAL Heads of Departments Editor in Chief Daemon Sands Director General Don Campbell


ddly enough, January 2014

Government get swept into the corner

has arrived with the cool

as other countries in Africa step up to

indifference of time, known

become the leading southern African

as the hangover month worldwide it

nation? In Britain will David Cameron

always starts with a mild sprint. The

realize broad strokes don’t work when

Sales Director James Martin

number of gym memberships have sky

dealing with people’s livelihoods? And

rocketed as the conscientious burn

will Obama realize that taking selfies

Sales Manager Tyler Harrison

off the Christmas festivities and the

at a beloved peacemaker’s wake is

unconscientous consider whether the

not the best way to keep a reputation

Corporate Director Anthony Letchumaman

GiftCard Gym Membership had some


hidden meaning.


Editorial Research Manager Alex Smith

Lead Designer Alina Sandu Publisher Stephen Warman








upcoming year is the revolutionizing

continues well into January with the

of engineering through the use of

well-practised but relatively unknown

new technologies and materials such

festive tradition of exchanging the

as graphene, aerogel and carbon

gifts from what was happily given to

nanotubes which are proving to be

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what was actually wanted and this

miracle substances that are playing

extension, combined with the January

an important role in the creation of

sales, is good news for the retail

electric automobiles and motorcycles


and long life computer cells.

If you are an investor, and thanks

With such robust possibilities and

to sites like eToro you really should

opportunities presenting themselves

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be, then investing in the retail

in the forthcoming year it’s difficult to

market could provide interesting

not become excited about 2014 in a

opportunities for good equity with

way that 2013 just couldn’t match.

regular holidays conveniently falling

In the January issue, we’ve had the

in equal spaces across the year. What

chance to catch up with a couple of

a happy coincidence for shareholders,

businesses that are repeatedly making

employers, staff and customers alike!

waves of change in their industries and

2014 is going to be an interesting

defining themselves as the innovators

year as the retail sector faces some

to look out for. We’ve had the pleasure

serious considerations regarding the

of asking the right questions to some

continuing shift from staffed stores

of the most impressive business

to unmanned, electronic retail stores

personalities and enjoyed the more

with the obvious question of is there

light hearted side of life while driving

an acceptable limit to the number

the most incredible vehicles.

of staff being replaced by electronic

Ultimately a good way to start what is

personnel and should someone take

set to be a great year.

a stand?


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Politically, 2014 holds a lot of important questions, will Jacob Zuma resign from his presidency before the shambles of the South African

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Tullow Oil Africa’s Leading Independent Oil Company Cairo Airport Sand And Skies Kenyan Airport Authority Still High Above Their Competition TOFCO All Go Onshore And Offshore Amarna Consult Ltd Clarity In The Labyrinthine World Of Engineering APM Terminals Bahrain Gateway To A Nation Maputo Corridor Logistics Clearing The Way For Trade Demir Export Actively Investing In The Future Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre The Welcoming Face Of The Future TCM Because You’re Too Busy And Life’s Too Short National Energy Corporation Great News For Trinidad And Tobago Caribbean Safety Safety First


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South Africa



o our South African audiences, 5FM requires little or no introduction. Known as the very voice of entertainment in the country nothing was popular or current until this station

confirmed it on air. Having firmly established themselves both on the air as the source for entertainment, the latest news, views and music they also established themselves through television with some of the most enjoyably funning and engaging television commercials in the world. Ahead of their time they were one of the pioneering drives for the New South Africa entering into an age of entertainment. It would surprise many to know that, 5FM was formerly known as “Radio 5”and developed from a commercial station, LM Radio, operating from Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) in the neighbouring country Mozambique. “Radio 5 first went on the air on October 13, 1975 after Mozambique gained its independence,” Station Manager Aisha Mohammed explains, “The station was established with eight medium wave transmitters, catering for the pop music audience and the name indicated the SABC’s fifth radio channel at that time.”

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Re-branded “5FM” in 1992, which included a change to its



opportunity to be part of the

current logo: a red “5” and superscripted “FM” within a circle and



energy and dynamism of the

the words “The Power of” inscribed along the upper periphery of

Aisha tell us, “Headquartered in

fast changing youthful global

the circle.

Auckland Park, Johannesburg,


“Music is the heart of 5FM’s format,” Aisha points out,






Indeed, it is 5FM’s inclusive

“Supported by news, sports and traffic catering to a wide range of

to a youth audience with the


tastes for a youthful market.”




with its passionate innovative

This explains the massive impact that 5FM has on the youth and

payoff line “The Power of 5” our

attitude that allows the station

culture of the nation, becoming the very choice on what becomes

vision is to inspire and Entertain


popular in the nation’s music scene. In a country so in love with

Youthful South Africans.”

where the diverse youth of

music 5fm is perfectly positioned as a proudly South African radio station with a national footprint, and a strong, loyal following.






powerhouse for South African




South Africa meet and amplify their experiences.

“5FM is a South African FM radio station that follows a Top

youth 5FM offers the most

“5FM is also the only national

40 music format and is owned by the South African Broadcasting

popular contemporary music

platform that offers advertisers

and entertainment and spends

access to the upwardly mobile

all of its time plugged into

and trendsetting youth of South


Africa.” She points out.





and content trends, thereby

While we only hear what

offering audiences access and

goes on during the show, a

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5fm is personality based radio and key to our success is that we allow our presenters a lot more freedom on the air than most of our commercial competitors. The combination of a winning formula of good music, on-air personalities as well as great content works best for 5fm.” Aisha Mohammed, Station Manager

radio station is a multi-layered business with every level supported by another and a strong emphasis on team work. With approximately fifty people working at 5FM to bring out the daily show which South Africans have come to rely upon the demands on every person within the organization to constantly be on form increases tenfold. “On air personalities have to adhere to the SABC Editorial policy and the Broadcasting Commissions Code of Conduct,” Aisha explains, “The Operational team members have to follow the SABC’s policies and procedures which include Governance and each operational staff member is provided with a Personal Development Plan which outlines training requirements. This is then supplemented by Training, and Performance is tracked with a KPA.” She adds, “A very important metric for optimum delivery and a performance based culture as well as individualised job satisfaction is individual development of each and every staff member.” Another topic that has to be considered is the enjoyment of the listeners. One must always remember that South Africa is an incredibly complex society made up of different cultures, beliefs, religions, races and tastes. It surely must be a mammoth undertaking for one station to satisfy all of the listeners and to attract more? Aisha explains, “The station focuses on delivering a quality on air product through a cutting edge CHR Top 40 Format, coupled with content that is relevant to a cutting edge, cool, trendy, youthful audience.” “5fm is Personality based radio and key to our success is that we allow our presenters a lot more freedom on the air than most of our commercial competitors. The combination of a winning formula of good music, on-air personalities as well as great content works best for 5fm. We also utilise social media for maximum interaction with an interactive audience. The station is also at the forefront of eventing and live music experiences for a youthful audience in South Africa.” Aisha goes on to explain that the On Air personalities require a reputation of being experienced, reputable, credible and full of personality. They are all required to utilise their profiles and personalities for maximum gain

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and the station has a legacy of

the station has to remain ahead

employing big personalities who

of the curve and be ahead of

are brands over and above their

cutting edge global and music

time slots on air.









as a CHR Top 40, Personality


based Radio station in South

flexibility in its decisions and

Africa coupled with the strong


On Air offering provides for

personalities on the air which

the right mix of entertainment.

has always been the case and

Constantly delivering the next

has made us the station we are

level of cool is a full time job and






of big


Music is the h

of 5FM’s format

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Secret Society BY DONNIE RUST


uring my lazy morning coffee



societies, what used to be enjoyed in private is now

occurred to me. I have

enjoyed in public view, what used to be quiet, polite

no doubt that at some point in

shame has become abhorrent pride. A secret society

the history of the Free Masons

must have members or else it’s just one person’s dark

the members asked themselves

secret and when you have a group, you have members

why people on the internet

and members require organizing and coordination, this

seemed to know more about

requires communication. So we have texts, emails and

their super-secret society than

phone calls unless a secret society relies purely on post

they did. And when the wealthy

and pigeons with notes, or ninjas….

young aristocrat was standing in

Seeing as, today, every text, every email, every

a chamber surrounded by men

message connected to the internet is stored somewhere

in robes and masks with one of

as data and information in servers and those servers

his trouser legs rolled up past

require a building to be kept. So the employees at that

his knee, his shirt open while

server builder and those computer techs who have

someone chanted some mumbo-

access to that data are respectively, aware and able to

jumbo about the great Architect

see the content of said message. So when you send out

I’m sure he asked himself why

a message to your secret society’s members, the phone

he hadn’t just joined www.

company is as much a member as that guy with the if he was so

handle bar moustache and the monk’s habit.

keen to be a douche.

10 | Endeavour Magazine

What have replaced secret societies are public







Secret societies have existed

communication, because if there isn’t communication

and were secret purely because

everyone will be guessing the whole time and nothing

nobody wanted to brag about

will ever get done. And the best part about a secret

belonging to something that

society is that you know at least one secret about every

everyone knew about. In the

member that’s in the secret society.

good old days secret societies

This was cool. This meant you were in there.

guaranteed a significant nod

Today, we have Facebook, we have Tumblr, we have

across a crowded room and the

Plenty Of Fish and Pinterest, we’ve turned the whole

occasional free scone at the

thing inside out like a sock to reveal what lies within.

local chicken bleeding but today

Today the only way to stay anonymous is to actually

secrets are a no-no. The only

stay public. Although a lot of what we reveal online is

way to make sure that everyone

merely the tip of the iceberg this is usually enough for

knows something is to try and

most people who are only interested in putting you into

keep it a secret.

a category. For example: If they can file the freaks into

the mental filing cabinet under

way to protect the secrets by being

don’t believe the holocaust even

depicting them as fictional. While

section F, they’re satisfied with

known by everyone is to make

happened because they’ve been

the power we wield is impressive,

this, they don’t need to know

them public along with a shroud of

brought up to categorize it as

I need to exaggerate it to

the details about how much of a

misdirecting red herrings.


ludicrous proportions and as the

Freak you really are. We’ve always loved finding out



As an example, vampires are

You see it all the time. Of the

story behind it is inspirational, I

very popular at the moment.

millions of videos on Youtube

need to simplify into a digestible


Tediously so. However, if I had a

that depict monsters, aliens,

plotline that non-members can

creatures, we thrive on new

secret society that knew about



believe while still showing them

discoveries and this sort of

the existence of actual vampires,

ghosts, some of which have even

exactly what we do and what

curiosity combined with our



made it to the news, that cause a

we are capable of and jade their



coffin sleeping traditionalistic

great fervour right until someone

opinions of group copulative

in us becoming the second

nosferatu and we wanted to make

dismisses it as a hoax. Suddenly

fornication and back bending




dominant species on the planet.

ninja fighting.

However, we have become so

As my secret society is a layer

adept at discovering secrets

cake of complexity containing

that we take it for granted that we can uncover just about everything about anyone given enough time. In fact our ability to uncover secrets far outweighs our ability to keep them. So we keep uncovering secrets and forgetting about them, meaning every time you think you’ve discovered



that nobody knew about, it’s probably been discovered by someone else.

What have replaced secret societies are public societies, what used to be enjoyed in private is now enjoyed in public view, what used to be quiet, polite shame has become abhorrent pride.

Also let us not forget that

thousands of members around the world who dance to my every command, I would be guaranteed an audience for my film. And a platform from which my members can exponentially promote the film online through their own followers and fans like blossoms bursting during spring to sweep the valley of the world with lovely, pollenated misdirection. With



promoting this film that is so easily believed to be fantasy it

secret societies in the past

will go viral. The thousands of

existed for the purpose of having

sure that people did not believe


members will promote it to their

more power as members than

that they exist the simplest and

shoots up with people arguing

thousands of members and soon

without. There had to be an

easiest way would be to make

so intently on both sides that

millions of people will see the film

advantage to be had outside of



they’re right they simply erode

and accept it as a fantasy. The

the group that was gained by

public. Put them in film, put them

away any credibility on the video.

world categorizes it as a fantasy

being inside of it. Mostly this

in Youtube videos, television and

Yes, some of them are hoaxes

and the secrets of the society will

was information, data, nepotism

in books. Get everyone you can

and there is an underlying

be kept secret by putting them

and secrets- all the things we see

talking about them.

competition to create the most

out into the open.

now online. So, wanting to start a secret


Why this would work? We

impressive hoax but some of

Once the film is made, a

tend to categorize things very

them must be true… statistically.

television series can be put

society as I am, I am left with only



People wanting to be clever

together at a lower budget to

one other option to keep the

REALITY and it is near impossible

used to say that Fact Was

keep the fantasy alive. This is

shroud of mystery and coolness

to bridge this fence. For example

Stranger Than Fiction, but I’ll be

a system used thoroughly by

that I so desperately want.

there are some people, today,

damned if I’m smart enough to

the governments of USA who

Missdirection. This is one of the

who still argue that the world is

tell the difference between the

have convinced the whole world

tools that is incredibly potent on

ten thousand years old and was

two when I’m online.

that Marvel Agents of Shield is,

the internet and relies on gossip,

made in seven days because

So, to protect the anonymity

rumours and stories. If you have a

they have categorized the fact

of the members to my secret

well-known secret society the only

as REALITY and some kids who

society I need to make a film


indeed, not fact. Simple really. Where’s my coffee? Endeavour Magazine | 11


smooth AS A YACHT fierce AS A TANK



olvo has always paved their own roads, driving upon

be hardy and the same goes with their car designs that are shaped

highways of their innovative ideas and designs. In 1997

layer by layer around the driver and passengers. The real beauty of

the V70 Cross Country was launched, sixteen years later

Volvo is that it is intrinsically deep.

the V40 retains the same rugged look and practicality that made the name of the original.

The standard settings of the V40 Cross Country include Volvo’s low-speed collision avoidance system, City Safety and the world’s first

Designed for those wanting a sense of adventure in their everyday

pedestrian airbag. These, amongst the many other safety features

life, the V40 Cross Country is the evolution of the V40, expressive and

fitted, ensure Volvo’s reputation for safety leadership. Some of these

rugged it brings to the table a range of developments and uniquely

features earn additional brownie points, as an example the City Safety

impressive strides: increased ride height, practical versatility and an

resulted in this car having lower insurance ratings after being tested

option of all-wheel-drive. With this increase of ride height, special

by Thatcham on behalf of the Association of British Insurers.

attention has been taken by the chassis team at Volvo to ensure

If owners choose to take a policy out with Volvo Car Insurance,

that the dynamic driving, optimum handling and comfort that has

they will receive a 10% discount because of the standard fitment of

epitomised Volvo for decades is not lost. And they have succeeded in

City Safety, and owners who specify the Driver Support Pack will also

an exemplary fashion.

receive a further 5% discount on their premium.


Carbon Footprint, The Environment

Getting through the preliminaries, the safety of Volvo cars has

Lowering their impact on the environment has made Volvo one of

always been assumed. The same way you can assume that tanks will

the pioneering heroes in this agenda and they have continued their

12 | Endeavour Magazine

effort to reduce the damage

Volvo’s specialist infotainment system, designed to give outstanding

rear bumper has a lower black

caused by exhaust emissions.

connectivity, security and personalisation.

insert, in turn fitted with a silver-

The V40 D2 Cross Country

With that, Volvo have started fitting Bluetooth connectivity for

coloured plastic skid plate with

emits only 99g/km per CO2. The

their hands free and music streaming as standard in their vehicles

‘Cross Country’ moulded into it.

sweetener to this package, not

which I am old enough to appreciate as something we didn’t used to

Volvo’s classic V-shaped bonnet

only is it green but both retail and

have. One of the others things we didn’t always have was comfort as

is ingratiated with bold edging

business users benefit from the

standard, something that Volvo has made a point of ensuring that

and wider shoulders, another

low BIK, road tax and residential

their vehicles possess. If you are a regular driver you’ll attest to the


parking savings. Win, win.

importance of comfort to a driver’s experience.

from just behind the headlamps

Keeping People Happy And Comfortable

Looks And Appeal



and at the end of the rear door it sweeps into an integrated “hook”,

Not that this is a nanny car. These extra layers of comfort and

I recognized as the a design

safety have not come at the cost of Volvo’s reputation for being

legacy from the P1800 coupé. A

hard-core and a number of the aesthetics have been designed to

wedged shaped roof silhouette

Having used this with a

give the V40 a tougher look. The front bumper has been re-designed

contributes to the lean-forward

carful of people I was delighted

to incorporate lower black bumper inserts which also houses new

stance and rear tail lamps are

to find that the V40 Cross

vertical day-running lights and a fitted front skid plate.

positioned high, for maximum

Country is fitted with SENSUS,

A unique honeycomb grille turns the front into a muzzle and the

visibility. Endeavour Magazine | 13

Driving Intelligence Volvo’s “Designed Around You” can clearly be seen in the design and functionality of the interior cabin of the Volvo V40 Cross Country. Simple in design and visually pleasing it’s designed to be the most intuitive driver interface ever The cabin is full of easy-to-use technology, all part of Volvo’s high-tech but user friendly Human Machine Interface HMI). The infotainment system mentioned earlier is presented on a five or seveninch colour screen in the upper part of the centre console set high to make it easier for the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road and everything can be controlled from the steering wheel.

between driver and the road. The Electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS) systems have improved. Early electric steering systems were sometimes criticised for lack of feel but Volvo has conquered that failing, and claims that feedback is now as “as good as a good hydraulic steering system”. This is important in their quest to become more economic and efficient as electric steering means no hydraulic assistance which means fuel savings.

A World First Safety has always identified Volvo as a pioneer with such

The V40 Cross Country had very big shoes to fill with its

inventions as the three-point seat belt, the safety cage, rear seat

predecessor the V40 and huge efforts have gone into making

belts and side impact airbags. Continuing this trend, the V40 is fitted

the Volvo V40 Cross Country as good a drive. They’ve created

as standard with City Safety and the world’s first Pedestrian Airbag

a balance of ride, handling, steering and braking with special

helping toward Volvo’s 2020 vision that no-one should be seriously

emphasis going into the steering to ensure an intuitive, linear feel

injured or killed in a new Volvo.

14 | Endeavour Magazine

14 per cent of all traffic fatalities pedestrians.


Europe Accordingly,

below 41mph and usually in

the lanes and the safety of maneuverers including


residential areas this has been

overtaking and stopping. As a simple example, if


an important step in keeping

you’re on a busy highway and you want to change

accidents down.

lanes but there is a car or motorcycle in your blind

Pedestrian Airbag means that, if collision with a pedestrian is

This falls within a list of

unavoidable, the new technology

important developments that

spot the car will warn you ahead of time and not

will try and mitigate any injury. A

the V40 Cross Country has been

Although the driver now has more access

specially located air bag on the

equipped with, all pertaining to

to information such as SATNAV displays that

exterior of the car that covers the

periphery sensory and giving

offer even more information, additional CD, Wifi,

bonnet and windshield combines

the driver a full 360 awareness

BlueTooth and even DVD displays, it also provides

with a softer metal bonnet that

of the vehicle. Making use of the

more and more opportunities for drivers to be

absorbs much of the impact

very latest in technologies the

distracted. With this in mind it is reassuring that

between vehicle and pedestrian.

car is always a few steps ahead

manufacturers like Volvo are raising the bar on

Working best between the 12

of you, mapping out in real time

safety and car/driver support.

and 31 mph range, due to 90%

the locations of other vehicles

of pedestrian accidents happen

on the road, your alignment in

allow the action until it is safe to do so.

The only problem is, I may never want to drive anything else. Endeavour Magazine | 15



16 | Endeavour Magazine



enturi Automobiles announced a joint venture with

current holders of the world land speed record for an electric vehicle

award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo

with 495kph (307mph). The team also plans to become a constructor

DiCaprio to enter a team in the new FIA Formula E

from the second season, building its own Formula E car using a

Championship – the world’s first fully-electric race series beginning

powertrain based on the one used in its 3,000hp electric streamliner

in September 2014.

– VenturiVBB-3 – unveiled earlier this year in Wendover, Utah, by

Based in Monaco, the new Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

has been co-founded by DiCaprio and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, founder

“Venturi has been a pioneer in electric high performance

of pioneering EV manufacturer Venturi Automobiles, together with

vehicles for more than a decade and Formula E gives us the fantastic

Bert Hedaya and Francesco Costa.

opportunity to further improve our advanced technologies through

Formula E is a new FIA Championship using electric single-seater

motorsport, as well as compete all over the world,” said Gildo. “It also

race cars capable of speeds in

gives us the chance to be part

excess of 225km/h. The series

of a new racing programme

will compete in the heart of 10 of the world’s leading cities including Beijing, Los Angeles and London. Ten teams, each with two drivers, will go headto-head to create a unique and




designed to appeal to a new generation of motorsport fan whilst accelerating the electric vehicle market and promoting sustainability. “The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, cleanenergy



said. “Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort.”

with a project that really shares

The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles. Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort.”


Leonardo DiCaprio


Venturi Grand Prix will now be put forward to the FIA for approval as the tenth and final




mobility, innovation in the field of electric propulsion and energy efficiency optimisation.” “It’s an honour and a pleasure




Venturi Grand Prix team as the tenth and final team of the FIA Formula E Championship,” said Alejandro Agag, CEO of series promoters Formula E Holdings. “Gildo is a true pioneer in electric racing. From the desert of Salt Lake to Antarctica, his passion forward

and the




barriers of what can be done with an electric car. But Gildo is not alone in this venture. Global Francesco

Costa and Bert Hedaya bring great experience and energy to the team. “And of course, I want

team to enter the new zero emission series. They join international

to give a very special welcome to our Championship to Leonardo

names from around the globe with IndyCar outfits Andretti Autosport

DiCaprio. Very few environmental leaders have helped more than

and Dragon Racing, Asia’s China Racing, Super Aguri and Mahindra

him to spread the message of sustainability around the world. Having

Racing, and European squads Drayson Racing, e.dams, Audi Sport

people like him and Richard Branson – global ambassadors for the

ABT and Virgin Racing.

environment – is a privilege for our Championship and will greatly

The team is centred around the award-winning Venturi

help us to spread the use of electric cars in cities around the planet.”

Automobiles, a leader in high performance electric vehicles developing a range of sports, urban and utilitarian cars, as well as being the Endeavour Magazine | 17

GADGETS Take a picture of this because it will be in your office within the next five years. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 makes

Solar Powered Keyboard

battery hassles a thing of the past, even indoors. The keyboard

Logitech K750

connects automatically via a 2.4GHz wireless unifying receiver, and $79.99

Nevertheless, this is one of those small innovations that has some

the solar battery will stay charged for up to 3 months, even in total darkness although if you’re using it in total darkness you may have some deeper problems than just having a keyboard that works. massively positive effects.

Hanspresso ÂŁ95.00

At first I thought this was a syringe injected coffee gun for my arm. Until they make that this is the very next best thing. Stylish, sleek and very corporate this is the ideal tool for that caffeine lover who wants to add a touch of class and efficiency to their addiction. I see this being as pivotal to office success as laptops and lumbar supported chairs. Designed and sold by Wild Hybrid this exactly what the corporate executive should keep in their trouser pocket if they really want to impress people when they walk into meetings. Handpresso Wild Hybrid uses either E.S.E. pods or ground espresso coffee. Find your inner barista with ground espresso coffee, or insert the E.S.E. adapter and enjoy the ease of use that coffee pods bring. Handpresso Wild Hybrid brings versatility and quality together in one neat package.

18 | Endeavour Magazine

As it is equipped with motion

titans charge at each other with

sensing technology, the sturdy,

the augmented strength of the

ergonomic device could

gods. A brave new era of sporting






aggression and entertainment


where tackles result in airborne


movement of patients

flights for players, sailing over the

in hospital undergoing

heads of the cheering spectators.

physical therapy and you

A world where table tennis

can clearly see how in future

is played while wearing bullet

developments it will influence

proof vests and blast resistant,



graphene laced face guards,

on both sides of the medical


where high jump tournaments

industry. For example, patients

are measured in stories rather



than meters and low orbit

and medical professionals, such


satellites have to be given extra

as surgeons could use it when

shielding whenever the Highland

requiring an additional touch of

Games are played!

stability, strength or control. And,

The Titan Arm

Many things excite me about the Titan Arm. A robotic arm, the start of an exo-skeleton that is able to augment the wearer’s strength







finally given the strength to lift

advocate the importance of the

his grandson above his head or

Titan Arm and the additions

super hero powered emergency

that will no doubt result from

services personnel, fire fighters,

its creation to the above areas, I

police and paramedics where,

feel that there is a hidden agenda

with the Titan Arm, their physical

behind its creation that will

strength can finally match the

reveal the team to be comic book

courage in their hearts. I’m sure

superheroes or the originators

with the spate of recent natural

of the best full contact ball sport

disasters and terrorist attacks

in the history of the world!

that many people working there

This is where I get VERY excited!

wished they were just that little bit stronger.

by ten times as seen in the Youtube video (below) that is spinning

Thanks to Titan Arm, I

Yet another group of young,

around the internet in a frenzy since the team behind it appeared

envisage a future where the

innovative minds working to

on CNN and in the Dailymail. It’s the type of science fiction turned

only injury sustained is on the

shape the future.

science fact that opens up opportunities and imagination.

rugby field where armoured

On their website the Team behind Titan Arm, specifically Elizabeth Beattie, Nick McGill, Nick Parrotta and Niko Vladimirov, have revealed the most responsible inspiration and motivations behind their invention of the epically named Titan Arm to create an untethered, powered, upper body exoskeleton to use in the rehabilitation and therapeutic application for people with disabilities or crippling injuries. They have acknowledged that there is also a scope of use in certain industries requiring lifting and moving where such a strength enhancing, body supporting machinery could serve to protect people from work related injuries.

Endeavour Magazine | 19




irst Human Trial of Novel

dementia,” said Malcolm Weir, CEO of



Heptares. “In addition, the initiation of

Derived From Heptares


this clinical trial with HTL9936 marks an

GPCR-Focused Structure-Based

important milestone for Heptares, as we

Drug Design Platform

evolve into a clinical-stage business with

Heptares Therapeutics, the

a rich portfolio of novel GPCR-targeted

leading GPCR structure-guided

agents advancing through Phase 1 and 2a

drug discovery and development

clinical trials in the near-term.”


company, announces that it

M1 receptor agonism is a well-

has initiated a Phase 1 clinical

validated mechanism of action for

study of HTL9936, the first

treating cognitive impairment and a

fully selective muscarinic M1

valuable pharmacological profile that the

Conversion technology today announces that they are

receptor agonist to enter clinical

pharmaceutical industry has endeavored

strategic partnering with Beijing BOE Vision Electron

development. HTL9936 is an

to create for decades. The principal

Technology Co., Ltd. (owned by BOE Technology Group)

orally available, small molecule

challenge has been to engineer selective

to introduce the next generation of their 55 inch 4K



compounds that activate the M1 receptor

Ultra-D 2160p 3D No Glasses Display solutions.




subtype without also activating the M2

Stream TV Networks has successfully ported


or M3 receptors, which are associated

their 3D Glasses Free Ultra-D 4K 2160p real time


with undesirable side effects. All previous

conversion technology to the new Qualcomm 8074

plans to develop HTL9936 as a

compounds have been discontinued due

processor. The 8074 chip with the Ultra-D algorithms

novel treatment for improving

to inadequate selectivity. Using a new

convert all input content – 2D or 3D Stereo content

cognitive function (memory and


– to Ultra-D 2160p (4K glasses free 3D content). The

thinking abilities) in patients

scientists determined the x-ray crystal

Ultra-D™ technology allows users to connect their

with Alzheimer’s disease and

structure of the M1 receptor for the first

satellite or cable service, VOD, Blu-ray player, XBOX



time and leveraged unique insights into

or PlayStation directly into the TV using Ultra-D™

with dementia and cognitive

the receptor to identify new chemistries

4K 2160p technology. Using complex algorithms the


with fully selective M1 agonist profiles.

Ultra-D™ technology converts the content of 1080p


structure-based (SBDD)

discovered drug



“We are excited to initiate



tream TV Networks, Inc., a Philadelphia based tech Company and developer of Ultra-D2160p 3D Glasses Free Display and

The Phase 1 study will evaluate the

2 million pixels into 4K 8 million pixels without scaling


safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics

using disparity between images. Content from Netflix,

HTL9936, a first-in-class agent

of HTL9936. In addition, the clinical

Hulu, YouTube, Baidu TV, PPStv, iQYi tv, Totou TV and

with the potential to become

pharmacodynamics of the drug will be

other video sites get converted directly into glasses

an important new medicine

investigated in a series of studies over the

free 3D. Photographs can now be seen in 3D.


next year. This study aims to recruit more

Qualcomm’s latest 8074 processor features


than 100 healthy volunteers including

the New Krait 400 CPU in quad configuration, with

Alzheimer’s disease and other

elderly people at a single clinical centre

speeds of up to 2.3 GHz per core offers best-in-class

potential indications including

in the UK. Initial results are expected in

schizophrenia and Lewy body









20 | Endeavour Magazine

January book reviews



survey of more than a


productivity to the workplace.


“This generation has the

year olds points to a

potential to deliver a digital

performance per watt, so

future workforce that is ‘digital

dividend; an economic return

processor performance

first’ in everything it does and

on their ICT skills. But it won’t

can hold up to the more

whose digital talents could bring

happen by itself. The challenge

demanding processing.

significant economic value to the

for Government, the education

The new Adreno 330 GPU

Western World. The findings

system and employers is to

delivers more than 2x

are published today in a report

sustain this generation’s interest

performance for compute

by Logicalis UK, entitled ‘The

in the professions and industries

applications over the current

Realtime Generation: Rise of the

that give Britain its competitive

Adreno 320 GPU, capture

Digital First Era’.


The survey, conducted by


research company Youngbods,


Beijing BOE Vision

reveals the digital life of the

infrastructure for their future,

Electron Technology plans

average UK teen includes six

with High Speed Broadband

to produce the Ultra-D™

digital devices and access to


4K 2160p line of TVs with

192GB of storage, while two-

High Speed Railway (HS2). The

its 55-inch panels. The TVs

thirds are creating and actively

report provides a unique insight

are accompanied with the

sharing videos online.







playback and display in 2160p video.

external conversion box, or

This connected generation










seeCube™ that will allow

consider Maths, English, Science

this generation will influence

for all kinds of content to

and ICT the four most essential

our economy and change the

be converted to 2160p in

subjects to study; and IT and

workplace. Carroll adds:

glasses free 3D. Towards the



“The Realtime Generation is

end of 2013, this conversion

The findings also demonstrate

expecting to use the technologies

technology will be built into

a demand for change in the

and devices to which they’re

a chip and be placed inside

workplace of the future.

accustomed, throughout their



Gerry Carroll, author of

education and into their careers.

reduce the costs. It will make

the report at Logicalis UK,

The nation will only benefit from

our products enjoy a great

comments, “The statistics show

this opportunity, however, if

cost advantage compared

a highly connected, commercially

the infrastructure and working

with similar ones in market.

aware generation that is pursuing


careers in STEM industries, and

accommodate this generation’s

whose instinctive ICT skills could


the TV. This will significantly





bring innovation and greater Endeavour Magazine | 21

Be Exotic This New Year



he feeling of freedom is one that is

excitement when you are enjoying yourself in the

commonly mistaken, or misunderstood.

islands festivities. It depends on what break you

Focusing your life on the debts you

need, but I can promise you will find it here. It’s not

owe, the living expenses you have to survive,

a surprise that Hollywood loves to use Thailand for

and the future you desire can weigh you

their location to shoot movies such as The Beach,

down, and make you feel as if you never get

The Hangover Part II, Rambo and many more as

a break. Imagine yourself lying on the beach, enjoying a few drinks in the sun whilst being

Thai food is adored as it is, but if you haven’t

surrounded by beautiful mountains. You

had Thai food in Thailand, you haven’t even come

may be thinking that you have to wait for

close to that realm of scrumptious. The variety that

summer time to enjoy this kind of leisure,

you get, the different flavours, and the spice is to

but in fact you don’t! Give yourself a treat

die to for. You can smell, taste and breathe all the

this New Year, and take a life changing trip to

different flavours, as it dances in your mouth with


every bite. While, if you have a low tolerance for

Although Thailand may look completely different

22 | Endeavour Magazine

you can see how paradisiacal the views are.






spicy food, I do suggest that you order “mai pet”, this means “not spicy”.

remarkable how much you feel at home in

We all need a break from this English gloomy

this exotic location. It gives you that sense of

weather and enjoy some warmth and sunny skies.

freedom you may have never felt before,

Thailand is known for its heavenly weather and

a peaceful assurance while you sit on

it’s all year long! You can skip out on England’s

the beach and even that butterfly

depressing months of winter wearing layers of

clothes, and feel the never ending

live by being compassionate to

summer in Thailand.

one another, and respecting the

The best part of Thailand is the scenery, such as the beautiful




friends jealous.


world around them. The spiritual

islands and beaches you can find, such as Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin

weather all the time, it’s no

beliefs of Thailand do influence

Island, and Ko Adang. You can enjoy a calming swim in clear blue water,

wonder that the locals are so

the people to be as graceful

whilst feeling the sun against your skin and the warm breeze flowing

friendly here but it’s definitely

as they are, as their attitude

around you. You can also take a hike through Thailand’s picturesque

a plus when vacationing here!

towards life is to be kind always,

jungles such as Khao Yai National Park, and visit a few elephants while

It’s not just about where you

and to always choose happiness.

you are there. Speaking of wild animals, the Tiger Temple or Wat Pha

go, it’s about the people who

The costs of trips are usually

Luang Ta Bua, which can be founded in Sai Yok District has tigers that

surround you. Thailand locals

a burden; Thailand on the other

you can not only see up close but you can actually interact with them.

make you feel welcome, and

hand isn’t just welcoming in spirit

Thailand does have incredible attributes; it also has its

more importantly safe. They are

but also financially. For example,

imperfections and dangers like anywhere else. In July 2013, a severe

the nicest people you would ever

you are looking at spending less

bus accident occurred which had killed 19 tourists. This wasn’t

meet; happy, smiling and always

than three quid on food for an

new to the people who live in Thailand, as they have severe bus and

willing to help you if needed.

entire day, and even between

minivan accidents every week. Also, drink spiking is very popular in

Thais also rarely steal; therefore

ten to fifteen quid for a night in

Thailand, especially known at The Full Moon Party. There have been

you don’t have to worry about

a bungalow on the ocean. You

many stories of tourists who have been affected during this event,

checking on all your belongings

can also take your trip further

as they have buckets of alcohol being passed around; you can expect

every five minutes. They make

by getting flights to other parts

a few to be spiked. In Bangkok, you have to be more careful of your

the experience of Thailand that

from Thailand such as Hong

belongings as it is more populated. A few helpful tips for you would

much better, and encourage

Kong or Singapore for less than a

be to always order your own drinks, and keep your belongings in your

you to come back, which brings

hundred quid. The convenience is

front pockets.

me to my next point, they will

additionally impeccable, as they

When visiting another country, you will always have to take the

remember you! If you decide to

keep their shops and markets

natural precautions to keep you and your belongings safe. Thailand

take a trip back, go to the same

open twenty four hours, you can

gives you an experience of freedom that you will never forget, and the

restaurant or pop in the same

get food or go shopping at any

break that you may need in your life (especially after the Christmas

shop, expect a smile and a big

time of the day or night. You can

bills come in). Do yourself a favour, and enjoy yourself in Thailand this

hug as if you are being greeted

catch all the bargains, and bring

New Year.

by a close friend. Thais generally

a few gifts home to make your Endeavour Magazine | 23


24 | Endeavour Magazine

Tullow has had a presence in Uganda for almost a decade after obtaining their first exploration license in the country in 2004 through the acquisition of Energy Africa and since, in 2006, when they made four significant oil discoveries at the Lake Albert Rift Basin. After a number of positive leaps, including the commercial threshold for development in 2009 being exceeded and an investment of $2.8 billion in capital expenditure being put forward for exploring for oil in Uganda and acquiring Heritage Oil’s Uganda interests we spoke with Communications Executive David Onyango, regarding the extensive and varied developments that are taking place.


Endeavour Magazine | 25


“Our history as Africa’s leading independent oil company started almost 30 years ago in 1986, with the Group’s first license in Senegal,” David tells us, “Today, we have more than 150 licenses across 25 countries, including 17 countries in Africa and while we are headquartered in London we have a total global workforce of over 2,000 people with over a thousand people working in our African operations, over 80% of whom are nationals.”


o date almost 80 wells have been drilled, underpinning gross

expertise. As an example, the personnel required for exploration,

resources of around 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil

development and production require 10 to 15 years of industry

and Tullow and its partners are now working closely with

experience. Uganda is still developing its expertise and capacity in oil

the Government of Uganda to achieve First Oil, whilst respecting

and gas and so there are relatively few local oil and gas engineers.

Uganda’s rich social and environmental heritage. As mentioned

“Having said this, the development phase of the Lake Albert

over 88% of their 177 employees in Uganda are nationals, reflecting

Basin will create more direct employment as well as jobs in industries

Tullow Oil’s commitment to building capacity in their host countries

required to support the industry, such as construction, logistics and

through both creating local employment opportunities and investing

catering, amongst others,” he says, “We are addressing the challenge

in developing the skills required by the oil industry.

of working in a nascent oil industry, by training our own staff, investing

Looking Locally Ensuring that the Ugandan people directly participate in their

in educational social projects which provide industry knowledge and expertise, and through capacity building initiatives within our supply chain.”

country’s oil and gas industry is one of the key ways in which Tullow

Adding to this, “As we move towards the next phase in the oil life

Oil work to create shared prosperity. Aiming to run each of their

cycle, our employee training programs have been focused on providing

country-operated assets with a majority of local leaders, managers

our people with the skills and expertise needed for development and

and staff, Jimmy Mugerwa is their first national General Manager for

production. The focus is therefore mainly on well, petroleum and civil

the Ugandan Business and was recruited from the diaspora after an

engineering skills as well as hydrocarbon operating skills. Our people

extensive international career in the oil and gas industry. Over half of

learn through formal training, as well as knowledge transfer via our

their Country Leadership Team is also Ugandan.

expatriate employees.”

“While we are proud of the achievements we have made in the

Over the last few years, five employees have successfully

localization of our Ugandan team,” Conrad adds, “An ongoing challenge

completed Tullow Oil’s graduate training scheme and have now

we face is managing expectations around the number of employment

gone onto work in the geosciences, petroleum engineering and

opportunities that are created as a result of our activities.”

well engineering parts of our business. Graduates also have the

Oil and gas activities result in less direct employment compared to other extractive industries, such as mining. Jobs in the oil industry also tend to be highly specialized and require significant training and 26 | Endeavour Magazine

opportunity to work on secondment in their UK, Ireland and South Africa based offices as part of the scheme. “For more experienced staff members, we also provide

Q-Sourcing limited is a management solutions firm operating in the East African region. Services include: Recruitment Temporary staff placement and payroll management Industrial maintenance and support services, including provision of technical and administrative manpower for: logistic and back office management • facilities maintenance • factory floor management and operations • warehouse and stock management, • machinery installation, operation and maintenance • factory commissioning and decommissioning.

• • • • Uganda: +256 414 532 060/76 Rwanda: +250 78 3025030 Tanzania: + 25578 483 3844, +255719115091 Kenya: +254 203673 234, + 254 735579937 Southern Sudan: +211955876494

Our Services include Civil and Building, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Provision of Technical Services Supply of Construction Chemicals 20Years since 1994

Pearl Engineering Company Limited

Happy to be associated with Tullow Oil as we build long lasting foot prints in Uganda

QUALITY POLICY STATEMENT Produce Quality Exceed Customer Expectations Act with Integrity

Respect & Team Work Lifelong Improvement

Head Office Plot 816, Nsambya Road, P.O. Box 7553, Kampala-(-Uganda)

Pearl Engineering HP.indd 1

Tel: 256-414-266043, Fax: 256-414-266144 Email:, website: 14:20 Endeavour15/01/2014 Magazine | 27


international career development opportunities by including our

“We regularly engage informally, but also hold organized open

Ugandan employees in succession plans for both international and

forum sessions where we encourage people to raise their concerns

local job opportunities.”

and issues,” he stipulates, “And have also established a Social Performance function in Uganda to provide leadership and support


our business in managing our social impacts.”

Communication is very important to Tullow Oil and with this in

Tullow Oil has invested over $12 million since 2004 in local

mind David explains how they engage directly with the Government

projects. Also undertaking considerable stakeholder engagement to

of Uganda holding regular formal meetings with local and national

consult with local communities and keep them informed about their

ministers and regulators and hosting visits to their areas of operation.

operational activities. Tullow Uganda operations Pty Ltd is involved in

“We also participate in the Lake Albert Basin Development

a number of Social Investment projects within its areas of operation

Committee, which is represented by numerous ministries,” he says,

which are Buliisa and Hoima districts.

“Through this committee and other engagement fora, we share plans,

Extending this is the use of local businesses to build their capacity,

discuss and agree on each of the development steps as well as Basin-

so that they can provide competitive local goods, services and skills to

wide challenges. Also, there is ongoing engagement with specific

international standards.

agencies, such as the environment regulator NEMA and the Uganda

“We call this local content, also known as ‘national content’ in

Wildlife Authority (UWA), which ensures our activities meet Uganda’s

Uganda,” David explains, “To date, we have done more than $200

environmental laws.”

million worth of business with around 550 local companies and

As part of this Tullow Oil also engages with the local communities,

continue to rely on international suppliers to deliver services

appointing Field Stakeholder Engagement officers (FSEO’s) who are

which require deep technical and industry knowledge, such as well

dedicated to providing information about their projects in the local

engineering. “However, we stipulate in our contracts with international

languages and dialects of the communities.


Environmental & Hazardous Waste Management EPSILON LINES OF BUSINESS INCLUDE * Waste Management * Engineering Contractors * Human Resource Management * Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installations * Repair and Maintenance

28 | Endeavour Magazine

SERVICES * Transportation of waste * Weathering Services * Storage facilities * Incineration services * Spillage cleanups

Kibuli Plot 1413 Mbogo Road, P.O Box 12647, Kampala, Uganda Phone: +256 414 252076, +256 312514790, Fax: +256 414 269302 Email:

suppliers that they must also contract with local suppliers wherever

activity over the last 12 to 18 months has decreased as a result. We

possible and also make discretionary investments in programs which

anticipate spend with local suppliers will increase again during the

build capacity among local businesses.”

development and production phases of the project.”

The technical capabilities required by the oil and gas industry take time to build and are not readily available in countries where the oil

The upcoming year, looks like it’s going to be a busy one for Tullow Oil since the exploration and

industry is still developing. In the short term, Tullow Oil is working to

Appraisal phase of this project has been successfully completed

ensure that local suppliers provide their security, catering and logistics

and a great opportunity lies ahead. While East Africa as a region is fast

services. Over the medium term, they will seek joint ventures and

becoming a prominent potential player in the world’s energy market,

additional investment to train local suppliers to provide construction

Uganda’s stage of industry development is more mature than that of

support, such as civil engineering, building, welding and fabrication.

Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania.

“Whilst our local content expenditure decreased by 34% between

“Uganda’s time has come,” David declares, “And it currently has a

2011 and 2012, this reflects the fact that we have now successfully

first mover advantage to compete for the investment and technical

concluded the exploration and appraisal phase of the project and

expertise that will be required to develop the region. However, it will need to act decisively and efficiently in order to maintain that advantage. This implies timely completion and approvals of the

To date, we have done more than $200 million worth of business with around 550 local companies. We stipulate in our contracts with international suppliers that they must also contract with local suppliers wherever possible and also make discretionary investments in programs which build capacity among local businesses.”

Field Development Plans (FDP) which will lead to getting the Final Investment Decision by the various company boards within the next 24 months. “The potential for the Ugandan people is huge and Tullow with our partners are committed to ensuring this potential is delivered” he concludes.

Epsilon Uganda Limited build long-term, sustainable relationships with their customers through delivering world-class waste management services. Their clients include Tullow Oil, Total E&P, and CNOOC among others. Epsilon Uganda spend over 100,000 USD annually to train staff to meet the unique requirements of the Oil and Gas business and have already invested over 3,000,000 in the right equipment for the job.

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Providing one of the most important gateways to Africa and The Middle East, Cairo International Airport plays a vital role in the global transport of peoples and cargo. Located at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Persian Gulf, it plays a role as a regional hub for millions of visitors to Egypt. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER



Endeavour Magazine | 31


The Ministry of Civil Aviation along with the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation and the Cairo Airport Company have embarked on a long-term development plan to upgrade and modernize its facilities, increase its capacities and set a new standard of service in the region.


airo Airport’s mission is to become a passenger and cargo hub for the Middle East North Africa region (MENA).

To this end, they have recently finished the projects upon Runway 05R/23L and the new Control Tower to accommodate the increase

The plan is to achieve the top levels of service by rising

of future traffic development. Additional projects include enterting

to global competitive levels and gradually applying air transport

the final stage of completion of the Seasonal Terminal aimed at

liberalization policies. Part of the airport’s strategy includes working

accommodating 3.5 million passengers per year, a three thousand

closely with Egypt Air, which joined the Star Alliance group, as well

capacity Multi Story Carpark with the Automated people Mover for

as its partner airlines. The openings of the 211,000 m2 Terminal

transporting two thousand passengers/hour from T1 to T3. Further

3 doubled the capacity of the current facilities to 22 million annual

ongoing developments include a five star Hotel and an Extended


Metro Line linking Cairo Airport with Giza.

2002 saw the beginning of the ambitious plan to upgrade Egypt’s

Cairo International is the second busiest airport in Africa after

civil aviation facilities which continues with the renovation of Terminal

OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over

One’s VIP Lounges and Terminal Two was recomissioned. The aim is

forty five passenger airlines use Cairo airport (including charter

to make them ready to host 8.5 million international passengers per

airlines) and nine cargo airlines. EgyptAir is the largest operator at


the airport. It is administered together with other airport facilities by EHCAAN (Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation). Management is through contractual arrangements, currently held by Fraport AG. Started as a naval base, it was after the Second World War that Cairo Airport started to take shape. After the American Forces commanding the base had left after the end of the war, it was taken over by the Civil Aviation Authority for global civil aviation purposes but it wasn’t until 1963 that Cairo International Airport earned its title after replacing Heliopolis, the old airport, located along the Hike-Step region in the eastern part of Cairo. By 2009 Cairo Airport was able to serve about 14.4 million passengers, a sizeable percentage increase from the previous year. It also handled about 143,000 movements of aircrafts in the same year, also a strategic increase from the previous year. The tonnage of airfreight passing through the airport was about 275,000. Amidst this statistics, Cairo Airport still comes second in Africa in terms of busy airport activity. There are more than 65 airlines using the airport, as well as nine cargo and charter airline. EgyptAir has the largest chunk of operations in the airport taking up to 61 percent of all departure slots. After EgyptAir was assimilated into the lucrative Star Alliance carrier, Cairo Airport has been poised to become the chief hub of major destinations from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, since it has A380 facilities among other major utilities.

32 | Endeavour Magazine


“Such a hotel will help promote the airport as a transit alternative”

A number of projects are underway to enable Cairo to compete with Dubai as a transit destination, according to the Minister of Civil Aviation Abdel Aziz Fadhel. Speaking at the Euromoney Conference 2013, Fadhel said a 350room hotel attached to the Cairo International Airport is currently under construction and is part of the ministry’s EGP 6bn backlog.

In addition to offering more choice and flexibility ARINC’s unrivalled technical expertise and customer-first policy has led to numerous Airport Systems integration contracts in the Middle East where one of its biggest projects was Terminal

to Dubai and boost the number of transit travelers amounting to currently 30% of total arrivals”, he said. Fadhel added that expansions to the airport with the goal of increasing its capacity from the current annual 21 million passengers are in the pipeline, as well as an unspecified “mega-project” to be set up over a 10 million square metre area that he said would create 100,000 new jobs.

New Attractions And The 50 Year Anniversary – Golden Jubilee To celebrate its half centinneriary the Ministry of Civil Aviation &

3 at Cairo International Airport. The company delivered,

Cairo Airport company celebrated with The Golden Jubilee for Cairo

installed and integrated a suite of 14 specialist information-

Airport Company. This was on the occasion of the 5th anniversary for

handling systems, many of which were later extended to

Cairo Airport Company that was established in 1963.

the new Seasonal Flights Terminal and Automated People

Another attraction for both leisure and business travelers is the

Mover (APM) Stations.

new ‘5 Star Hotel’ which has been built in front the new terminal

In partnership with AVIT, ARINC expanded its customer base

and linked with an air-conditioned, 230m long skyway that is also

in 2013 with the award of an Egyptian Airports Company

equipped with moving walkway/travelators. The Hotel will offer, on a

contract covering five Regional Airports including Sharm El

total of 10,000 sqm of land assigned for the facility, opportunities for

Sheikh, Luxor, Borg El Arab, Aswan and Abu Simbel.

Conferences, Business Meetings and simply the highest comfort. The Hotel will include 350 Rooms and will be managed by “Le Meridien.

ARINC_Littlegate-Endeavour_halfpage ad.pdf




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34 | Endeavour Magazine

Established in 1991 through a parliamentary act and tasked with responsibly managing all the airports and airstrips in the country, The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) started life with a mission to become the number one airport system in Kenya. Seamless connectivity and the highest level of efficient facilities and services place their average well above stakeholder expectations and like this they have grown in leaps and bounds to become a major contender and a model for all their neighbours. I spoke with engineer Philemon Chandwana about it all. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER




Endeavour Magazine | 35


In the interests of kaizen (change for the better) Kenya Airports Authority continuously invest heavily into its facilities, workforce processes and the local community. Ultimately, the Authority is looking to turn Kenya into a ‘hub’ for Africa and have in many ways succeeded in doing that with Kenya receiving more international attention from global companies and decision makers looking to the region as an important destination for business and tourism.


ased at the largest airport in East and Central Africa, KAA’s offices are found at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi. The airport originally had a passenger

handling capacity of 2.5 million, however, it now easily handles 6.5 million passengers a year which is a substantial increase which has created a ripple effect through their organization and affiliated

Ogle Construction Co. Ltd is proud to be associated with the success of Kenya Airport Authority having constructed Wajir and Lodwar Airports along other Airstrips.


Ogle Construction has been nominated to receive CQE Award of 2014 in Geneva and was previously awarded Arch of Europe 2013 Award in recognition as a driver for quality & excellence.

Airport. There are a number of smaller local and domestic airports

Two other airports that the KAA is also responsible for include Moi international airport in Mombassa and Eldoret International that the KAA is in charge of such as Wilson, Malindi, Kisumu, Wajir and Lokichoggo and in addition to the airports, Kenya Airports Authority also looks after close to 200 airstrips in the country. Professionalism and teamwork are two of the Kenya Airport Authority’s core values and the organisation invests significantly in developing its 1,700-strong workforce. “Every employee, at least

Our services: Project Management, Maintenance and Construction of Roadworks and Airports, Builders Works, Water and Surge Rehabilitation.

once a year, gets some serious training with numerous refresher courses,” says Philemon, “Our training programme is comprehensive locally and overseas with particular focus on safety, security and customer service,” Everybody is is given safety awareness training and on the security force is regularly refreshed and retrained so that they can keep themselves at the top of their games, especially with those responsible for the security of passengers boarding and disembarking.

Physical address: Garissa Kenya Postal address: PO Box 327 - 70100, Garissa, Kenya Telephone: +254 722 516 840 Mobile: +254 722 516 840 Email: 36 | Endeavour Magazine

The KAA is also going to train up ‘ERP Champions’ to coincide with the launch of its new management tool. Champions will be selected from each operational area; for example, finance, customer service,

human resources, and are then trained in South Africa on using the new software. Training is not enough, treatment is also of concern and the employees at KAA receive both to a very high degree. Above average pay, medical schemes, a bus service to take staff members to and from work and a car and housing allowance for senior employees are some of the incentives given. “Those are some of the things that we are doing to ensure that we are top notch, in terms of having a motivated workforce, but also in terms of improving our facilities and our processes,” Philemon specifies. A great deal of capital is being invested into The KAA airports, being put into terminal refurbishment, expansion and construction of new runways. One of the biggest projects the Authority is presently involved with is the major refurbishment of the JKIA, and its overall cost has been estimated at half a billion US dollars. At the moment, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport consists of three terminals and one runway. A fourth terminal is currently being put together and Philemon hopes this will be completed by the end of the year. He elaborates, “A second runway will be build because having only one runway is dangerous,” something that Endeavour Magazine has seen in the past working with Norwich International Airport, “The building of a second strip will also give us the chance to refurbish some of the neighbouring facilities.” Meanwhile,





completed full refurbishments of both

The aim is to be able to handle excess of 20 million passengers a year at JKIA, in the next five years. We are also working towards attaining a category one status, which would mean that anybody, including people from the US, can fly to Nairobi directly which will be a significant boost to the economy.”

Kisumu Airport and Malindi Airport. With such huge investments taking place in the KAA’s processes, airport facilities and workforce, it seems fair to predict that it will be successful in achieving both its mission and vision. Specifically looking at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kobuthi hopes the addition of a fourth terminal and second runway will help it to more than double its passenger capacity. “The aim is to be able to handle excess of 20 million passengers a year at JKIA, in the next five years,” he says. “We are also working towards attaining a category one status, which would mean that anybody, including people from the US, can fly to Nairobi directly which will be a significant boost to the economy.” He concludes by saying: “I see Jomo Kenyatta as being the top airport in the whole of Africa within five years.”

Endeavour Magazine | 37

TOFCO WWW.TOFCOTT.COM 001 868 651 0006

38 | Endeavour Magazine


After three years of limited activity at TOFCO Unlimited Yard at la Brea, four hundred jobs have recently been created. WRITTEN BY JACK SLATER

Endeavour Magazine | 39


Early in 2013, we introduced TOFCO to our readers, a joint venture between Chet Morrison Contractors, a subsidiary of Morrison Energy Group, and Weldfab Limited from Trinidad, TOFCO’S relationship with Morrison Energy Group maximized its ability to provide integrated solutions for its valued clientele. Now, powered by a dynamic and goal orientated team, TOFCO has positioned itself to become a major competitor in the international market and once again we spoke with Acting CEO Javed Mohammed.

L&S Surveying Services Limited Intelligent Surveying & Mapping Solutions


stablished specifically to serve the offshore industry off the coast of the island nation of Trinidad, TOFCO (Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited) is expanding internationally.

After nine years of business, they’ve gained enough experience and knowledge to best capitalize on their positive situation and more onto the next phase. To aid with this, TOFCO have hosted a number of government officials from the nations mentioned above to have a look at the business model utilized because they want to find a way to adopt it. If imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery then this is good news for this nine-year-old industry leader. “The current level of activity in construction industry can be described as a bit buoyant,” Javed reveals, “As it relates to the Global downturn in the sector. Again, while the competition may be a bit aggressive for the limited available work, TOFCO still maintains its

Land and Engineering Surveying • Draughting and Mapping Services • Photogrammetric Mapping and 3D Laser Scanning • GIS Design and Implementation • Hydrographic Surveying • Dimension Control and Pipeline Surveying • Sub-Surface Surveying (Underground Utility Protection Services) • Surveying and Draughting Supplies

29 Harris Street, San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I Tel: 868 652 1314 Fax 868 652 3911 40 | Endeavour Magazine

competitive edge due to its experience, safety record and high quality products.” Focussed on fabrication and construction projects on offshore platforms and other facilities serving the oil and gas industries TOFCO has taken aim and is heading towards a target of being the best in the region with a worldwide reputation for the highest safety standards and quality of work. Founded on the 17th April 2004, over the last nine years TOFCO have successfully completed major oil and gas fabrication projects for

Endeavour Magazine | 41


various operators in Trinidad and Tobago as a joint venture of Chet

Since 2004, TOFCO has completed five major offshore platform

Morrison Contractors LLC., a Houma, LA based and Weldfab Ltd. of

jacket and deck fabrication projects for BP Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad. The company stems from BP’s drive to do more projects

(Cannonball, Mango, Cashima, Savonette and Serrette) one for BG

locally. At the time local firms lacked the expertise to perform the

Trinidad and Tobago (Poinsettia Deck-The largest built to date in

sort of projects they wanted and so invited international contractors

Trinidad) and two for EOG Resources Inc (Oilbird Deck and Jacket,

with the skills in offshore platform work to team up and share their

Toucan Deck). Benefiting greatly from the company’s two Facilities totalling

knowledge. Importantly, while TOFCO

37-acres, TOFCO has its main

maintains ownership ties to its

Yard 1 a 21-acre waterfront

parent companies it functions

facility and Yard 2 with another

as an independent company and


performs its own projects and procurement having developed solid,



with suppliers. As a company, still new in comparison to their competitors, feeding


the the

suppliers projects

form the foundation on which TOFCO operates and develops,

42 | Endeavour Magazine

While the competition may be a bit aggressive for the limited available work, TOFCO still maintains its competitive edge due to its experience, safety record and high quality products.”

in La Brea, Trinidad,

with the ability to easily ship completed decks and other pieces




assemble offshore. The facility includes a dock with a 30foot water depth; a 600-foot bulkhead, 2000 p.s.f. ground capacity and is complimented by its fleet of six crawler heavy lift

cranes, five mobile groove cranes and other pieces of equipment. This

response they took on young

that is proving to be highly

is subsidized with a twenty four hour delivery schedule.

employees, under the age of 25

efficient in growing not only the

TOFCO’s recent work includes a number of smaller maintenance

and groomed them to work with

businesses through the influx

and fabrication projects in support of oil and gas customers including

them. This sort of investment has

of loyal employees and staff but

procurement, fabricating, blasting, painting, storage, equipment

resulted in a strong loyalty from

also from the levels of education

rentals and consulting work to clients.

their staff.

and training available to these

Engaged in a programme of diversification, TOFCO originally

Outside of its fabrication

employees prior to joining the

focussed totally on the offshore business, but over the years have


branched out into working on refineries and petrochemical plants.

Assist residents of La Brea

“2014 will be bringing some

An applicable agility allows them to fabricate and process whatever is

with community development

opportunities for TOFCO and all

applicable to their model which has opened up a number of industries.

programs to organizations but

its main vendors and contractors.

An interesting aspect of TOFCO comes from its initiative and

not limited to schools, a local

We are anticipating work on deck

approach to treating and training employees. Typical of the region it

orphanage and home for the

and jacket fabrication as well as

nurtures its community ties encouraging an approach of “Being your


some modularized work. There

brother’s Keeper”.



This theme of corporate

The company employs a youthful but skilled workforce of welders,


will be some additional facility

altruism is common in this region


fabricators, riggers and others whom it cross-trains across several



disciplines. This youthful presence was a result of their start up story,

grown up in the community and

as in 2004 when they first started they were the “new arrivals” to

have never lost their roots, it

the area and so the existing workforce was hesitant to join them. In

is a refreshing business model





to at





quarter 2013.” Javed concludes.


Advanced Industrial & Marine Services, Inc



A full service company providing engineering design, fabrication and installation of fiberglass structural systems and platform fendering systems. AIMS provides fiberglass grating and handrail systems for both wavezone and nonwavezone applications. All wavezone applications are offered with a “wash out” warranty (labor & materials).

AIMS Partner in Trinidad: HJ Stauble Ltd Endeavour Magazine | 43


44 | Endeavour Magazine

You’ve got a major, competitor-flooring project nestling in your mind. Well, it was nestling at first; it was the size of a small orb, sitting there quietly, ever so elegantly giving you hints and tips. It’s now bustling, busily trying to unmerge itself from your pulsating brain cells. WRITTEN BY LEONIE GARLICK



You’re in St Lucia. It’s intensely hot and intensely beautiful. You’ve finally raised your company funding and you have high hopes for your short and perhaps long term investments. The orb you have been harbouring for so long is ready to combust with its uttermost potential as you knew it would.


ou know a great wealth about your company- its physical and theoretical foundations, its essential targets and luxury finish lines, its ultimate expectations. However, you’ve reached a

small gap in that wealth of knowledge. The thought of navigating your way around the world of engineering gives you the impression you’ve hit a steel wall- which is understandable really, considering there are approximately 200 variations of the trade bumbling around the net as we speak. Civil, Construction, Industrial… if you are not familiar with the field, you may be asking yourself, “Well what exactly is the difference?” To an engineering expert, there is a considerable amount of difference. So you open your browser, tap a few words on your keyboard and realise that many engineering experts have an area of expertise. “How am I going to find an engineer to work on my project? They have specialist areas and I’m not sure which of those areas I am looking for?” You may be saying to yourself. That’s when you realise you need an engineering consultant; a reliable someone who can pinpoint exactly which bits you need and where (that someone is not afraid to use “bits” as business jargon). Fear not, business buddies. Allow me to introduce you to Amarna Consult Ltd- a diverse engineering consultancy based in the luscious realms of St. Lucia and Trinidad. The main objective? To integrate the construction process as easily as possible in St. Lucia and beyond. This means that Civil, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Designers and other Professional Contractors will all be huddled in one place. That’s rightyou no longer have to stalk the web endlessly for consultancy (more coffee breaks, less headaches-works for us!) Amarna is clarity in the great big labyrinthine world of engineering. Technical Director Mr Akhnaton St Rose is one of the key movers and shakers behind the St. Lucia branch, along with his business

46 | Endeavour Magazine

Trinidad & Tobago

#101 Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. T: 1-868-222-9112 F: 1-868-222-9896


1st Floor, 23 Barbados Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I. T: 1-876-578-7545 F: 1-876-754-7276

partner and Managing Director Mr Dennis Cudjoe. A swift look at each of their readily available online resumes will tell you exactly why your project is in the safest of hands.

“We are always looking for new markets” Naton says that creating practical solutions is one of the company’s core values: “We listen to the needs of our customers so we can take their projects on as our own. This enables us to think openly and to consider as many possibilities as we can, through interacting with our team members and associates. We are unrestricted”


Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services • Programme and Project Management • Construction Management and Site Supervision Services • Renewable Energy Systems Development, Auditing and Implementation © UWI

Amarna was founded just ten years ago in 2003, but already the company has a wealth of supervisory experience under its metaphorical belt. From overseeing construction roads to building up educational institutions and adding the primmest of touches to boutique resorts, Amarna as a unit took it upon themselves to make every one of those ten years count. In a nut shell, they’ve covered everything from Malibu Barbie style beach houses to endearing local schools. The engineering pros have something that most companies wouldn’t consider portraying in their core values- fearlessness. Naton

E: W:

says they are always looking for shiny new markets, which is a risk that

The Bauer Ductile Pile System Simple, Economical and Safe

In Saint Lucia BAUER had participated in three (3) Projects:

The Harbour at Rodney Bay Saint Lucia by BAUER

• • •

The Harbour at Rodney Bay, Power House Extension Cul de Sac Lucelec Power Station Phase C For Bridge Abutments Roads Development Programme.

• •

BAUER Fundaciones Panamá, S.A. Building T-319, Corozal Oeste, Ancón, Panama, Republic of Panama Phone: (507) 317-6078 Fax: (507) 317-6079 Bauer HP.indd 1

15/01/2014 14:08

Endeavour Magazine | 47


has drastically improved their product over the years. Naton is a man

healthy, happy, and comfortable

including mentorships, which

that knows how to stay true to his customers: “Sometimes if stressful

at work and home. We show

are contributed to financially

situations arise and our actions fall out of line, we have to apologise

each team member that we are

by the company or paid in full.

and make things good so that we can move forward. We don’t let



They provide a free exchange

issues linger”

their well-being. We encourage

of ideas and information, as

them to move on if better

well as the opportunity to mesh

opportunities exist outside of our

your skills with those of other

company but to keep in touch, so

professionals. “We each benefit

we may collaborate in the future.”

from the training that another

Looking at the directors, it is

team member has gained.” Naton

Naton and his fellow engineers certainly have a grand approach to business- jump now, and roll with that curve ball later. We like it.

“We thank our staff for the success of the company”


evident to us that every worker

says politely.

under the Amarna family roof

There is one thing more stunning than Amarna’s new working

has an equal mind set. Naton

locations- the way the directors treat their staff. They’ve completely

says: “We’ve invested a lot of

by-passed the colleague stage, and instead appear to function as a

time into this company- years

group of siblings; keeping an eye out for each other should anything

of focus. Working for a private

This approach has taken

not go according to plan.

Engineering Consultancy which

Amarna to great heights this

we own has been a goal for all of

year. They’ve joined forces with

us since leaving university”

a bunch of gifted architects from

Naton, who describes his team of 11 as “Ambitious, hardworking, intelligent and with great potential” says his staff are the ultimate lock

Great heights for Amarna 2013

and key to Amarna’s success. He says: “Our staff is more important

There is a wealth of training

Thailand, which has enabled

than anything else really for the success of our company. They must be

available for Amarna’s engineers;

them to shoot forward with

Piling Systems for

Deep Foundations COMPLETE MARINE SERVICES LIMITED Marigot Bay St. Lucia W.I.

Ongoing Traditions and Quality Setting modern standards

48 | Endeavour Magazine

TRM_AnzeigePfahl_EN_188x138_121213_2.indd 1

12.12.13 17:16

two of their most beautiful projects in 2013- Kittitian Hill and KOI Resort. After discovering the company is receiving a large percent of their income from these projects, the team at Amarna are currently considering a new office in St. Kitts, which is where they are spending most of their working hours. This is a very exciting step for the company indeed. Naton tells us that his team is working with several other big markets as of late, too: “Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Dominica; St. Vincent and The Grenadines. We also have a very close Electrical & Mechanical Engineering outfit in Canada with whom we collaborated on The Windjammer Landing in St. Lucia and with whom we intend to develop a close relationship with in the future.” If you are a newbie to St. Lucian travelling, The Windjammer Landing is a luxury resort which specialises in meditation, therapeutic boat tours and wedding services. Its St. Lucia wrapped up in a box with a bow- it’s very classic and nicely stereotypical of the popular Caribbean island.

Our staff is more important than anything else really for the success of our company. They must be healthy, happy, and comfortable at work and home. We show each team member that we are genuinely concerned about their well-being.”

“We strive to work with bigger markets, to have a greater presence throughout the Caribbean and elsewhere, and most of all - we wish to be less dependent on resources outside the expertise of our company and our valued specialist associates”

Offshore & Onshore Pile Driving and Marine Construction

Complete Marine Services Ltd Marigot Bay, PO Box CP5437, Castries, St Lucia, W.I. T: 1 758 458 3188 F: 1 758 451 4872 M: 1 758 485 1141 E: W:

Specialists in driving Ductile Iron Piles (DIP) for foundations, bridge construction and road and slope stabilisation – the fast and economic piling solution for the Caribbean


CMS HP.indd 1

Endeavour15/01/2014 Magazine | 49 14:37


50 | Endeavour Magazine


Drawing upon a rich maritime trading heritage dating back hundreds of years, the Gulf nation of Bahrain is tapping into the vast wealth flowing through the small island nation. The Khalifa Bin Salman Port is taking the lead to ensure the most is gained from this capital and after securing steady financial and reputational growth for the port over the last two years, steward APM Terminals Bahrain speaks to Endeavour magazine about its on-going success story.

Endeavour Magazine | 51


“It is not the size, it is not the oil, it is the trading mindset,” CEO Marco Neelsen stresses. “Our competitive edge definitely is geographic location and the trade-friendliness of the country; Bahrain has a history of trading that goes back centuries. We are focused on the upper-Gulf region, encompassing Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait and therefore, we do not see the likes of Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi as direct competition.”


ahrain has indeed secured its status as one of the leading financial centres in the Arab world. As well as holding considerable stock in natural gas and oil, the island nation

wields considerable power in regards to its economy, population and modest size. Its maritime trade is its battleaxe – an important resource for in-house trade and communication - also acting as an international gateway for island-nation Bahrain to the rest of the world. The Khalifa Bin Salman Port (KBSP), constructed on the reclaimed land in the northern province of Hidd, is the keeper to this financial access and has played a highly important role in the resurgence of the Gulf after the global economic crash, also restoring a degree of political stability in the wake of the Arab Spring. Open for business since April 2009, the port terminal is strategically located in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, complete with deep-water berths and an approach channel. KBSP positions itself ideally as a major regional distribution centre and has played an important role in the safeguarding of Bahrain’s economic future, cementing its status not only as a modern operation and able to handle container vessels, but effectively matching global industry leaders as a state-of-the-art facility. It has also been able to capitalise more efficiently on merchandise trade in the northern Gulf, particularly in comparison to the nation’s previous port Mina Salman. In June, KBSP welcomed the largest container vessel yet to enter Bahrain’s waters. The arrival of APL Antwerp, an 8100 TEU (twentyfoot equivalent unit) marked a landmark achievement for the port, and marked its success as meeting the growing requirements in the Gulf markets. As global shipping lines continue to look for efficient terminals to cater for international trade and distribution, KBSP is certainly carving out a reputation for itself as an efficient and modern port.

52 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 53


Strong Guardianship APM Terminals is the steward under whose wing KBSP resides. The Hague-based company provides port management and terminal operations to more than 60 liner shipping and port customers, and holds a central role in global trade and logistics as a result of its widereaching transportation and cargo services. This year, a total of ten of APM Terminals operated or associated container facilities were cited as among the world’s 30 most productive, more than any other terminal operating group. Also, with interests in 71 port and terminal facilities, APM Terminals is certainly ideally placed to guide KBSP to a position as the undisputed leading transhipment hub in the northern Gulf. This business partnership, coupled with Bahrain’s natural geography, which places itself at close proximity to trading partners Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and a strong transport infrastructure

We are committed to this country so by employing, training and providing internships for local talent we are investing in its future.”

54 | Endeavour Magazine






APM Terminals also manages the

Causeway and the US$4.5bn

entire supply chain, taking care

Qatar-Bahrain causeway project,

of the whole process from the

only strengthens the economic

moment a ship comes into port,

potential of the relationship.

until it loads cargo into lorries at

As the only port terminal

the gates.

in Bahrain, Neelsen insists that

“We provide all manner of

KBSP is much more than a

land-based services within the

simple container port, rather a

warehouses on our terminal

veritable ‘candy-box’ of different

facility so that we can strip and

activity. “Containerised traffic

stuff containers, provide storage

accounts for the major part of

and arrange delivery services; all

our business, but the handling

in all we are a one stop shop,” says

of general and dry cargoes is


another important segment,” he says. “KBSP also operates as a

Smooth Sailing

passenger terminal for Cruise

Efficiency is very important

Liners as well as a home base for

to APM Terminals, and a clear

the US Navy’s 5th fleet.”





Rather than have several

logistic strategy has encouraged

parties perform different tasks,

an increase in the productivity

at KBSP, not surprising with five decades of experience in port and

On the back of a positive

achieve its goal of becoming the

terminal operations behind them. “The number of crane lifts per hour

2012, this year has all been about

transhipment hub for Bahrain.

at the KBSP has increased from under 20 per hour to more than 30

lifting trade between Bahrain


since we took charge of port operations in Bahrain,” says Neelsen. “It

and the Eastern Province of

around half of our TEU capacity,

is simple; a quicker GMPH (gross moves per hour) means more ships

Saudi Arabia, which has become

however, we can expand quickly

and cargo can be handled and increases our theoretical capacity. Our


if needed and it would simply be

current GMPH is 33 per hour which well above the industry standard.



a case of bringing in equipment

Consistency and productivity is crucial.”

increasingly in

important the





Neelsen hopes that by instilling

when it is needed as no civil work

Regards to safety and corporate responsibility, AMP Terminals

yet more efficiency into the

is required,” he says. “Khalifa

makes it a priority to provide a sustainable and safe working

supply chain, increase in trade

Bin Salman Port is therefore a

environment for all port-users and works hard with the authorities

will only continue: “As people

“plug and play” solution and can

to ensure this objective. There is also a strong emphasis on the

start to take notice of Bahrain,

expand its terminal capacity

development of the local economy, and to this end a priority is placed

the KBSP and the potential that

within a very short notice.”

on the employment of Bahrain’s workforce to act as a catalyst for

exists here, trade will continue to

the economic development of the nation. Roughly 80% of the near

rise,” he stresses.

Under the steady guidance of APM Terminals, it seems

800-strong employees are local, and APM Terminals is the first to

There are no extravagant

KBSP will only cement its status

express the importance of this investment. “At the end of the day it’s

expansion plans in place for

further as an iconic catalyst

a Bahrain terminal so it’s important to employ and train Bahrainis,”

KBSP over the coming years, but

in Bahrain’s maritime growth

says Neelsen. “We are committed to this country so by employing,

Neelsen insists the company will

and development. This is one

training and providing internships for local talent we are investing in

continue its policy of ‘consistent

heritage set to last.

its future.”

and steady organic growth’ to

Supporting Khalifa Bin Salman Port Royal HaskoningDHV, a leading independent maritime, civil and structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy is proud to have provided planning, design, construction supervision and contract management services to the new port and industrial area at Hidd from 1997 through to the completion ahead of schedule. Royal HaskoningDHV is also pleased to have continued providing supporting services including the navigation and dredging of the main channel from international waters to the port and continues with planning of the next phase of the expansion of the Bahrain Logistics Zone which serves the port. For more information please contact: Syd Bell E:

Endeavour Magazine | 55


56 | Endeavour Magazine


Having heard so much about the astonishing changes that the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI) has made in recent years, Endeavour Magazine spoke with company CEO Barbara Monmen to get to the heart of their success story.



Endeavour Magazine | 57


“Our task could be really simple,” Monmen says. “We provide a platform for inward investment on the Corridor; removing barriers along it, coordinating and liaising and facilitating the necessary changes to ensure investment and to unlock barriers to trade.”


he Port of Maputo is in an ideal location for exports to India and the Far East and for transit into the eastern SADC (Southern African Development Community)

region,” she continues. “However, there have had to be a number of developments. For example, when MCLI first started, we had no container lines calling the port, which meant that cargo owners could not ship containers out of the port although they wanted to, so there was the typical chicken and egg scenario.” Until just under a decade ago, infrastructure and economic development had been a serious cause of concern for the governments of Mozambique and South Africa. A major hurdle in any real trade progress was the crumbling rail and road links to the southern city of Johannesburg. With desires to create new investment connections to establish their fluctuating economies, the leaders of both countries decided it was economically and socially important to sustain key elements of the transport corridor that links the city of Johannesburg and the industrial heartland of Southern Africa with the Port of Maputo, the parastatal authority in Mozambique in the southwest Indian Ocean. Thus, the Maputo Development Corridor was launched in 1996, and developed as a Spatial Development Initiative (SDI), an integrated planning tool aimed at promoting investment in regions of the country that were underdeveloped but had great potential for growth. An additional awarding of the port concession in 2003 and an investment of $60m in the port’s rehabilitation, alongside a 20year master plan also aims to see a $1.7bn investment in equipment, training and infrastructure.

58 | Endeavour Magazine

Establishing Its Place The aim of MCLI as a non-profit organisation is to act as a viable network to sustain an economically-sound future for all industries which rely on it. Service providers, stakeholders, and infrastructure investors from Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique have all pooled their resources together in order to secure its promotion and further development as the region’s primary logistics transportation route, and are now able to strive for developmental targets rather than the profit margin. However, it wasn’t smooth sailing to begin with. “During the early part of the first decade, there were huge border delays and terrible congestion which compromised the efficiency of the logistics chain into the port itself,” says Monmen. “Our original remit was to promote the benefits of the port on the basis of distance versus the costs of the logistics chain for products in transit from the north-eastern area of South Africa. The port also forms a key departure point for the emerging markets of India and the Far East.” There were also problems with employee resources; with just a small workforce it was rather difficult to get things done. “You can’t manage if people don’t believe in the validity and importance of what they’re doing and while it is a challenge, the changes are substantial

Endeavour Magazine | 59


and you can’t argue with the

citrus, vegetable oils and larger exports like cars and Ferro slabs

results,” says Monmen.

are also benefiting. The depth of the channel in the port itself has

You certainly can’t argue

been increased to 11 metres in order to provide smoother access

with the results being generated

to containers, and beyond the port, transport links on the Maputo

by the MCLI. More than $64m

Corridor have been significantly improved, with train journeys

has been invested into the

dropping from a whopping 200 hours to 90 hours. All in all, just under

Port of Maputo since 2003,

$300m has been invested in the Port of Maputo since 2003.





infrastructural development are

60 | Endeavour Magazine

Competent Leadership

vast. New warehouses, tugs,

As CEO, Monmen is perfectly placed to oversee a smooth

equipment, operations and quay

transition and worthy initiative. Her background lies in education; she

rehabilitation related to road

worked in the KaNgwane Administration and the Premier’s Office in

and rail improvements in the

the Mpumalanga Government, a province of South Africa, where she

region have all been successful,

worked on a number of project developments. “Prior to that I obtained

as well as updates to the Matola

a Certificate in Development Management from the University of

coal terminal. A further $61m

Manchester in the UK, followed by a short spin at the Cabinet Office

has been invested into the

in London,” she says.

container terminal to increase

“My interest in the Maputo Corridor developed while I lived in

the capacity for cargo depots

Mpumalanga where I worked in the Chamber of Business. I had,

and cranes. Other terminals

during my tenure, begun to explore business relationships between

dealing in produce like sugar,

Nelspruit in South Africa and Maputo. I joined in 2006 as the chief

operations officer and was appointed as CEO in July 2011.” Monmen believes having a clear idea of what needs to happen in order to plan appropriately is the key to the success of a project like the MCLI, and she feels very strongly about economic development and the growth of the private sector in the region. “Until there is a mutual cooperation between the public and private sectors, we’ll always have an issue,” she says. “MCLI has achieved this cooperation to a considerable extent.”

Looking Forward “We want to raise the profile of the Corridor in the SADC (the Southern African Development Community) region generally, and we are particularly keen to deepen our collaboration with the government of Swaziland,” Monmen says. “For the moment we face the challenge that the majority of trade along the Corridor tends to be one way, moving from South Africa to Mozambique. To fully capitalise on what the Corridor is capable of we need to have more growth in bi-directional movement and an increase in the usage of the Corridor as a key transit route into the SADC region.” The on-going success of MCLI and the determined work of Monmen and her team have culminated in a highly productive level of investment into the region, as well as making it easier for the necessary requirements to be handled by stakeholders and

The Port of Maputo is in an ideal location for exports to India and the Far East and for transit into the eastern SADC (Southern African Development Community) region.”

governmental departments. The efforts from all parties has enabled a positive and productive direction for the company and Monmen is quick to recognise the achievements: “Thanks to the significant investment over the last decade, the Maputo Corridor has seen incredible opportunities for growth and this will have a consequential knock on effect when the region moves towards a free trade area,” she says. “The drive towards borderless trade on our corridor is a passion that we share with COMESA (the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), EAC (the East African Community), SADC, the AU (African Union), and NEPAD (the New Partnership for Africa’s Development). “It is only through the continued partnership of users and service providers, including public sector agencies, that this corridor will reach its full potential as an efficient, predictable, and reliable logistics route servicing the region,” she concludes. As a result of efficient management and timely investment, notable growth in the project has already delivered impressive results in the trade facilitation system. Coupled with effective collaboration and partnerships, MCLI’s projected figures include a cargo volume increase to more than 48.6m tonnes by 2030 and an extension for the Maputo Port Development Company to 2043. All in all, MCLI continues to hold its claim as a very efficient and powerful working machine.

Endeavour Magazine | 61


62 | Endeavour Magazine


The Future


Demir Export was founded in 1957 and has always been a very active player in the Turkish mining sector. With a number of glowing projects underway we spoke with General Manager Savas Sahin regarding the ongoing projects.

Endeavour Magazine | 63


“Demir Export produces 25% of the iron ore production in Turkey, representing 1.5 million tonnes per year,” Mr. Sahin tells us, “Core business is iron ore, but the future will be iron, gold and coal in three main business units including ferrous iron, energy - coal and base metals - gold, copper and zinc. Construction for production for gold mine is under way.” “We are active in three iron ore zones; Sivas, Kayseri, and Balıkesir. In total, we have seven iron ore mines, from where we are producing almost 1.5 million tonnes every year.” Mr. Sahin reveals.


he main activities of Demir Export revolve around iron ore production for domestic integrated steel mills. As a group they are constantly investing in exploration and development

of new greenfield iron ore mines, as well as improvement of their processing facilities at their existing operations. Another business unit is coal. Currently they are providing 6.5 Mtpa coal at Kangal TPP operated by another Turkish private company. At Turkish Coal Enterprises’ Soma coal fields they are developing Eynez East UG Coal Mine, which will start commercial production in 2015. This project is now at an advanced development stage. The mining method at Eynez East will be sublevel LTCC (longwall top coal caving) which is a very unique coal mining method and the operation will be fully mechanized from top down. The





concentrate) is being mined at their Lahanos mine in northeast Turkey, this is a small scale UG mine and alongside that Demir Export are exploring the possibility of base metals in northwest Turkey. One of their targets is Ulutas (Erzurum province), where they are exploring for porphyry Cu-Mo deposit. So far, the exploration results, 17.000 meters of core drilling completed and ongoing, proved 64 | Endeavour Magazine

to support their efforts to chase a +500 Mton resource with local high grade intersections. “In 2013 we have started our first gold mine project, Bakırtepe in Sivas province,” Mr. Sahin explains, “However, the construction was halted for permitting issues and we are expecting the construction will restart in early next year and our target is to pour the first gold dôre by the end of 2014. Our exploration for gold also continues in different exploration tenements, in central and western Anatolia.”

Staff “We have 975 people working at our operations and head office in Ankara,” Mr. Sahin adds, “Including the contractors and subcontractors, this number reaches up to 1500,” “We have three layers of training,” he adds, “The first layer is generic HSE training given to all employees when they first start working with us. Other HSE training packages are also provided for the site personnel, such as risk management, incident reporting, etc. Some blue collar employees also receive technical training as well. Especially mechanical and electrical people receive specific training on the equipment they are dealing with.” The second layer is training for site supervisors. This training

Endeavour Magazine | 65


generally revolves around safety issues, such as incident/accident investigation, risk management, hazard identification and so on. The third layer of training is for developing managerial skills of managers and supervisors. “Leadership training is given to our superintendents and managers,” he points out, “And moreover, our very technical training (as required) is provided to our engineers and geologists, such as 3D software trainings, project management and advanced excel training. Our most important asset is our people.” With this principle, Demir Export places great importance on



to of




knowledge and the skills of their people. In this regard, training plans are created for all staff members, and the related training is conducted within the year and monitored by the HR department.

66 | Endeavour Magazine

Customers Demir customers

product quality and increasing

Export’s are

biggest domestic

integrated steel mills, namely Kardemir, Erdemir and Isdemir, and




most important demands of their customers are consistent

Our biggest investment is our people. We have expanded the exploration and project development teams in our headquarters.. We have also added new positions in our operations to improve and extend on-site planning and project development skills and capabilities.”

production capacity and these are




that they take care to ensure customer satisfaction. “Although it looks like the resources market is not as competitive, it is not true for the iron ore market,” Mr. Sahin explains, “Domestic iron ore market is the same. As long as we honour our contracts from quality and quantity aspects we are more successful in delivering what we committed. So far, we have a very good and prospective relationship with our iron ore customers and we are caring to continue this situation.”

Valued Partners

underground coal mine (Eynez

“For the Soma mine,” Bruce continues, “They require at least

East) in the Soma area, Manisa

two more roadheaders and we are in the middle of technical and

relationships and these form the

District to the north of Izmir in

commercial negotiations. We understand that they have plans for

foundation upon which future

Turkey (see above). They opted

other bigger underground coal mining projects in Turkey and that

projects can be based. One such

for roadheaders for the gate

the Soma mine is a stepping stone for them to acquire experience

company is IBS.

road development as well as for

in that field. Obviously we hope that if their experience with us and

“We have been working with

the main access headings and

our Agents Labris in Soma is good they will come back to us for other

Demir Export for a couple of

completion of the two surface

projects in the future.”

years,” says Bruce Field, Head


of Sales at IBS, “I first met Savas

at Bauma in Munich in April

Sahin in Ankara in November

this year they ordered the first

“The most exciting project for 2014, is our ULUTAS (in Erzurum

2011 and since then there have

roadheader from IBS together

province) Cu-Mo project. This project was acquired from Mining

been numerous meetings – at

with an articulating bridge belt

the mine site in Soma, Turkey,

conveyor system, power supply

here in our factory in Germany

cable and a package of spare

and also, in February this year,


in Poland on an underground pit

increased cutting height of 4.5m

visit to see one of our machines

to suit their gate road profiles

in operation.”

and was shipped in July and

Business is all about building

Demir Export is in the process





After final negotiations

The machine has an

commissioned in August this year.

2014 And Beyond Bureau’s bidding process in 2012 and we rapidly moved to the site and completed all our geological mapping, initiated geophysical inspection, and geochemistry to cover the entire potential of the tenement.” On top of this, Demir Exports have completed almost 17.000 meters of core drilling and the current situation of the project is definitely exciting as they continue drilling and development efforts to target a +500 Mt Cu-Mo porphyry deposit. This project will be inserted in the project pipeline in 2016 with an aim to start commercial production in 2018 or earlier and has a potential to be largest base metal mine in the country in near future. “Our diverse portfolio is expanding with gold and underground coal mining,” says Mr. Sahin, “So far, we produce coal from an open pit mine but now we will use fully mechanized method to produce coal from underground. Underground coal production is becoming more widespread in Turkey; therefore Eynez East Underground Coal mine project is very critical for our company.” The other exciting development is Bakırtepe Gold Project. Gold production from Bakırtepe will be the first for Demir Export and it is believed that it will be the first step to become a gold miner in Turkey. These developments help Demir Export to consolidate its position and being an international player. There are many domestic and overseas opportunities in gold and base metal mining areas also the historical developments of gold and mechanized underground coal mining sectors show that new opportunities will come. With help of new developments, Demir Export will be better positioned for the upcoming opportunities. “Our biggest investment is our people. We have expanded the exploration and project development teams in our headquarters. We have also added new positions in our operations to improve and extend on-site planning and project development skills and capabilities. Beginning from next year, we are thinking about bringing experienced expats on board on contract basis to assist our local workforce to develop and maintain international safety standards at our operations.” Mr. Sahin concludes.

Endeavour Magazine | 67


68 | Endeavour Magazine




Endeavour Magazine | 69


Anyone who’s worked in the eventmanagement or convention-coordination industry will agree that there is a certain criteria that a venue has to meet to be selected for the biggest functions. It has to be unique, accessible and reputable for a start.







The Centre also prides itself on having a professional team to


ensure the delivery of worldclass services and top-notch

enefit from a good location with a good environment that is

culinary offerings; the latter served up by a 51-strong culinary

not only suitable for the function itself but representational


of the overall surroundings. A certain level of plug-and-play

The winner of numerous awards including the Meeting Industry

is also good, with the infrastructure of the venue itself being set up to

Marketing Awards (MIMA) 2012 for “Best Print Advertising

ensure that the planners don’t have to spend all their time arranging

Campaign (Gold)”; MICE Report Awards 2012 for ‘Best Convention

what should, by all accounts, already be there.

Centre in Asia’; Business Destinations Travel Awards 2011 for ‘Best

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has all of that in spades. A

Congress & Convention Centre, Asia’; TTG Travel Awards 2011 for

purpose-built convention and exhibition facility strategically located in

‘Best Convention & Exhibition Centre’; Meeting Industry Marketing

the Kuala Lumpur City Centre overlooking the iconic PETRONAS Twin

Awards (MIMA) 2011 for ‘Best Use of Budget (Bronze)’; CEI Industry

Towers and the 50-acre KLCC Park. Spanning five levels, the Centre

Award 2009; and TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2007 and

offers 22,659m2 of flexible function space including 12,310m2 of

2008 for ‘Best Convention & Exhibition Centre in Asia’

column-free exhibition halls including a 2,600m2 standalone marquee,

The Centre has ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS

3,000 capacity Plenary Hall, 500-seat Plenary Theatre, Grand

18001 certifications, EarthCheck Bronze status and Hazard Analysis

Ballroom for 2,000 diners, Banquet Hall for 750, Conference Hall for

and Critical Control Points Certification (HACCP) recognition, the

1,800, 20 meeting rooms, ancillary facilities and the latest in wireless,

international food safety system for international convention facilities

The Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau is Malaysia’s one-stop centre for Business Tourism activities, operating as the country’s official Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) in relation to business events. 70 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 71


Chef Richmond Lim, an award-winning chef with over 24 years of

The Malaysia Convention

the first in Asia; and one of only

experience in the hospitality industry, the Centre’s catering service

& Exhibition Bureau (MYCEB)

12 AIPC centres worldwide, to

offers a carefully planned selection of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Modern

is Malaysia’s one-stop centre

receive the ‘Gold’ AIPC Quality

Asian and International cuisine, all prepared strictly in accordance

for Business Tourism activities,

Standards certification.

with the ‘Halal’ tradition.


and five-star hotels. It is also





Upon inspection, the in-house chef s are ready to oblige any

official Destination Marketing

are managed and operated by

culinary request; from freshly flown-in Maine lobster and Beluga

Organisation (DMO) in relation

Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a

caviar to smoked salmon sandwiches and gourmet coffee. Personalised

to business events.

joint venture company between

menus are available to cater to every conceivable occasion, from

KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd and

simple coffee breaks to elaborate 12-course banquets, featuring an


AEG Ogden Pty Ltd, Australia.

impressive selection of food, wine and other creative beverages.

promoting potential buyers to



MyCEB’s focus is directed


introducing products,

and services

Malaysians care deeply about

Accessible by air, road and rail the country benefits from the

food, which explains the Kuala

reliable infrastructure that connects Singapore and Thailand to

and securing future Business

Lumpur Convention Centre’s

Peninsular Malaysia and excellent air service to the East Malaysia

Tourism through formal bids


states of Sabah and Sarawak. Rail service is provided by Keretapi

prepared by the bureau and its

Tanah Melayu (KTM). Malaysia’s premier rail network.

TEAM MALAYSIA partners. It is


commitment an



tailor-made culinary experience

Ships, from prestigious vessels such as the QE2, passenger liners

the Government’s intention to

to suit every need, every time.

and cargo ships from all over the world dock at Port Klang which is a

make Malaysia a “top-of-mind”


45 minute ride to the city centre by car.

destination in the region and to



Malaysia’s Premier Event Management Company

® Conference & Convention

Fashion Events

Concerts & Musical

Awards & Gala Dinners

Exhibition & Roadshow

Parties & Special Events

15, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7 Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 72 | Endeavour Magazine

Tel : +603 7729 6010 / 7010 Fax : +603 7729 9010 Web: Email:

encourage more active participation from local associations to be the

events. The IEU’s goal is to

simplest of things like knowing

‘host’ country for major conventions and congresses.

identify and assist home-grown

that all the available electronics

Amongst MyCEB’s other roles and responsibilities include

events with the potential to

work and are maintained to

providing business leads for the industry, organising cooperative

attract international publicity

having faith that the staff are on

promotions, independent production of high quality destination

and international attendances.

the ball and able to handle all

materials, providing networking and educational opportunities,



the tasks appointed to them all

technical assistance, training and industry development as well as



combine to make a successful

strategies for product development and improvement.

worldwide to extend its services

Established by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to further strengthen Malaysia’s business tourism brand and position for the




globally. Ultimately,

event. As business becomes ever




more global it is for event

international meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions

provides to event coordinators

managers to plan ahead and

market MyCEB is a non-profit organisation. Serving as a central hub

like Orange Events, is a reliable

pinpoint the best international

to assist meeting and event planners to bid for and stage international

platform on which to launch their

venues and centres to be used

business events in Malaysia and act as a conduit for national product

events. From experience, you

for their corporate dealings. This


cannot put a price on knowing

is an important choice to make

As a measure to further develop the international events industry,

that the foundation from which

because for many it will be the

MyCEB has launched a specialist unit known as the International

you are launching your event is as

first impression into a new and

Events Unit (IEU) which focuses on identifying and supporting

solid as possible. Infrastructure

exciting territory.

international event bids including sports, art and culture and lifestyle

counts for so much and from the

Endeavour Magazine | 73

TCM 001 868 622 4826 WWW.TOTALCM.COM

74 | Endeavour Magazine



To do justice to their name, TCM can only be spoken about in terms of a team. Yes in the captain seat stands a keenly intelligent, motivated and enterprising individual but by his own testimony the company depends upon the people working for it. Endeavour Magazine | 75


In Trinidad and Tobago, if you own a car you’ve probably heard about the TCM Group of Companies, they are one of the success stories within the region and their Managing Director Robert Visser is often requested to speak at seminars and events and represents the very spirit of entrepreneurial ship and people orientated management.


rom set up as a small concierge and vehicle detailing business to its current position as a standard-setting, industry shaping group of companies with activities in concierge, vehicle

leasing and roadside assistance Robert has been there nurturing the company’s growth one person at a time. With a leasing and rental vehicle background, Robert Visser moved to Trinidad and Tobago in 1998 and moved through a number of management roles when he had a chance meeting with his business partner Kirk Waithe. The opportunity was that BPTT was looking for services on both internal and external fleets, a concierge service with their internal fleets and a leasing and rental approach with the external. BPTT contacted Kirk and asked if he could arrange this all by the next day and he contacted Robert and asked if he could put it together and Robert’s reply was, “Sure no problem,” Nothing like a sense of urgency to create results. “That’s how the partnership developed,” Robert explains, “During the intervening years I’ve become the managing partner of the organization with what started as a company with three employees on our side, and a strong start-up attitude has grown since. The banks backed us because we brought a level of service that had simply not been seen in Trinidad.” It was a quest to set the standard of customer service as high as possible and the opportunities presented to them early on to offer Road Side assistance as an aspect of their package. This was simply something that was not seen in Trinidad and Tobago. “When we started our roadside assistance it really startled

76 | Endeavour Magazine

people,” Robert says, “We were the first to be on the scene it was

customer service can exist in Trinidad and Tobago and that message

really unprecedented level of service and we were often there within

needs to get out and our business has grown through unsolicited

ten minutes in the event of an emergency or a breakdown and that

customer to customer testimonials and our people understand that.

hadn’t occurred before in the Trinidad market.”

It’s everything that drives our success and continues to drive our

TCM then branched out even further into the area of executive transport for things like airport shuttles, large scale and after-hours transport of staff. Even with most of the customers coming from the

success in the future.”

Working With People Robert is a man who recognizes that business is all about working

corporate sector the company’s twenty four/seven dispatch service

with people and has set himself the task of not only being the best

still underpins everything it does.

leader and employer as possible but also as an example to other

“We recognized that diversification was important,” Robert

entrepreneurs and owners of small to medium sized enterprises.

explains, “And GPS technology has been a natural thread that ties

“As an entrepreneur you do go through your ups and downs and

together everything that we do with transport, rental and roadside

we’ve always grown through word of mouth,” he says, “Early on we

assistance. It allows us to monitor maintenance points for our rental

grew too rapidly, where in 05, 06 and 07 we had to downsize. But we’ve

vehicles, departure and arrival times for transport, and in terms of

always recognized our reputation is our greatest asset and that’s key,

monitoring driver behaviour it’s a critical aspect of HHSE and the

no matter how hard the times are, you must stand behind your core

technology is designed to suit the client’s needs in all cases.”

values and your reputation as a service provider in whatever industry

The TCM Family

you’ve chosen. That was what sustained us through difficult times.” TCM is a service company and Robert recognizes that their

This focus on people is what sets TCM apart from the competition

reputation is the greatest asset and that the people working there

with their internal customers being just as important as their external

are the most important people they have. For the service industry,


the first key, is you have to know and interact with your people and

“Our success is based 100% on the commitment of our people,”

TCM employs over seventy-five people including executive transport

Robert details emphatically, “They are the face of the organization

representatives, field agents, a technical division and a leasing and a

in interacting with our clients and we have a strong team building

rental feet in excess of 500 vehicles. In all the activities the face to

atmosphere and we incentivize much of what we do for our people.”

face and interaction of a professional level stands out, to get getting

TCM also walks the talk, thanks to Arrive Alive which advocates

your people to perform at their peak you have to understand their

for road safety and better transport management systems in Trinidad

motivations and there are different motivations for their generations.

and Tobago. “All that we do at TCM is invested on the roadways of the nation,” he continues, “So we felt it was important that we advocate for road safety ourselves and that was how Arrive Alive was born. It has played a bit part in having the breathalyser passed in the country because in the end it’s all about people.” This


attitude has set a high level of customer service that remains at the heart of TCM and helped create a new industry standard from the very moment the company began operations in 2001. Thanks to them a number of the innovations they had over ten years ago are now the norms of the industry. “We’ve shown that excellent Endeavour Magazine | 77


“You have to understand that some people are looking at just a job

executive transport requirements.”

and others are looking at a career,” Robert explains, “Three important

Atlantic provides a shuttle to work service for all of their personnel

keys come to face when speaking about personnel; you have to

into and out of Southern Trinidad on a daily basis as a strong human

have a family focus, a family feel, especially in small to medium sized

resources and safety focus and this incorporates as many as nine,

enterprises, we like to have our people engaged on multiple levels, we

thirty seater buses operating on any given business day.

go above and beyond.” One of the ways is that TCM offers their staff internal interest free loans, while this has caused some problems in the past it is something that Robert believes is important.

Together, British Gas Trinidad and Tobago and Atlantic LNG are two key partners who are directly responsible for the reputation and success of TCM Group. “Their influence has been crucial,” Robert tells us, “For example,

“We promote beyond internal training, we promote education

their on-going commitment to helping small companies in raising their

across a broad range of areas and keep communication in an open-

level of safety delivery to globally recognizable benchmark standards

door policy. If there is a particular degree or certification that will

can be seen through the local initiative called Safe To Work (“STOW”),”

benefit a person’s career we will support their education and training

This has been a highly publicised safety and management system

with a 50% loan upfront to help pay for it, and a following 50% once

requirement instituted by the Energy Chamber of T&T whereby all

the certificate is earned.”

energy (multi-national) sector sub-contractors have been required

Expecting the best from you staff, expecting them to uphold the name of your company is much easier when you’ve given so much to them first. When people enjoy working somewhere they want to do their best. And this is what Robert Visser and TCM have epitomized. “One of the things we offered our staff was an eight week self-

to be STOW certified in order to be accepted as contractors by the BGTT, ALNG, and BPTTs operating in T&T. TCM is the one of the few vehicle services providers who have survived the gruelling process of being successfully audited and STOW Certified as a “High Risk” compliant entity for two full years.

defence course for them and their family. Something close to my heart

“The reason that this is so critical is that TCM was only required to

as I’m a blackbelt in karate and know how good it is as a tool to engage

achieve “Low Risk” certification in our specific field of vehicle services

them with,”

but we chose to push ourselves to achieve High Risk and only if your

Biggest Developments “Two of the largest developments that have taken place recently

company grades out during the audit process at over 85% are you certified for 2 years - anything less than 85% in any category would only allow for a 1 Year certification. “

is that we have formed incredibly strong partnerships with BGTT

In conclusion, overachievement in business is wonderful. The

(British Gas Trinidad and Tobago) and ALNG (Atlantic LNG),” Robert

drive to do more than is necessary to create something that will

reveals, “These two business partnerships are the main reason that

always be better tomorrow than it was today is something that

our total rental and lease fleet has grown to over 500 vehicles over

identifies the best companies to watch out for. Historically these are

the past two years.”

the businesses that not only create distance between themselves and

Robert goes on to tell us, “We handle the entirety of BGTT’s corporate lease and short-term rental vehicles with approximately

the next level of competitors, but they shape their industries around them and change the world.

210 total vehicles engaged and we handle the majority of ALNG

All that we do at TCM is invested on the roadways of the nation, so we felt it was important that we advocate for road safety ourselves and that was how Arrive Alive was born. It has played a bit part in having the breathalyser passed in the country because in the end it’s all about people.”

78 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 79


80 | Endeavour Magazine

We covered The National Energy Corporation (NEC) of Trinidad and Tobago in early 2013 but, since we spoke to them that short time ago, the company has been making some very interesting developments. Not to mention the rebranding of the company from NEC to National Energy.


Endeavour Magazine | 81


To recap, National Energy is a subsidiary of The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago. Its purpose is to support to infrastructure of the country’s growing gas industry while also securing new business and investments.


ational Energy has been busy repositioning itself within the

With respect to the Galeota Port project located in South-East

sector. Not only is it focussed on developing energy-based

Trinidad, Dr Paltoo said: “The project includes the establishment of

projects for Trinidad and Tobago but also on lending its

a fish landing facility at Guayaguayare — completed in 2013 — which

knowledge and expertise within the energy sector to newly emerging oil and gas territories such as Guyana and Suriname.

provides for the fisher-folk activities and livelihood in the area. “This provides an excellent opportunity to facilitate the increased activities of exploration and production (E&P) companies,

Major Developments There are currently three main areas under development at National Energy. There’s a new methanol/DME (dimethyl ether) project; an integrated melamine/formaldehyde cluster project and the development of the Galeota Port project. We spoke to the President of National Energy, Dr Vernon Paltoo,

while generating both onshore and offshore economic activity in Guayaguayare.” These are the three main areas of development for National Energy but the company is up to so much more.


regarding the integrated melamine/formaldehyde cluster project.

Those of you who read our previous article on National Energy

He said: “This project would utilise locally produced melamine and

may have noticed the company was called The National Energy

methanol to create higher valued products, such as oriented strand

Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. The company has recently

board and veneer products. This project is a first for Trinidad and

embarked on a rebranding exercise to bring the company’s image in-

Tobago, as it would seek to bridge the gap between the energy and

line with its activities.

manufacturing sectors of the economy.” It’s these types of projects that are putting National Energy on the map as they are doing amazing things for Trinidad and Tobago.

82 | Endeavour Magazine

Dr Paltoo said: “The rebranding exercise will improve the outlook of the company and, through increased marketing and promotion, the visibility of National Energy will be enhanced.”

G Borde & Sons Plumbing 388 Bon Air West, AROUCA, Trinidad, WI Telephone: 1-(868)-748-6170 (c), 1-(868)-221-4342 Email: SANITARY CONSTRUCTOR LICENSE NO: 98016

G. Borde and Sons Plumbing are Licensed Plumbing Contractors committed to client satisfaction and service and the safe and prompt delivery of value. We offer a full range of plumbing services to a variety of Commercial, Industrial and Domestic clients. These include but are not limited to:

Some of our proudly completed projects include:

• •

• • • •

Design and preparation of Plumbing Isometric Drawings for approval by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) of Trinidad and Tobago. Review and Vetting Designs done by others for approval. Inspections of plumbing works Complete supply and installation of plumbing works. i.e. Sewer Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Hot Tub / Jacuzzi and the like.

• • • •

National Library Building T&T for Carillion (Caribbean) Ltd. National Energy Corporation Head Office Building (Carillion (Caribbean) Ltd). BHP Billiton On-Shore Accommodation Building (BHP Billiton). Civil Drainage works to WASA Sewerage Treatment Plant – Beetham Estate (Bi Water International). Tru-Valu Supermarket Long Circular Mall (Eastern Commercial Lands). Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (Water Tec Ltd).

Licensed Sanitary Plumbers Specializing in Isometric & As Built Drawing Preparation Sanitary & Supply Plumbing

Based on the nature of our business, our success impacts on the nation. As such, although it may sound cliché, our employees are definitely the most important asset and are fundamental to our company’s success.”

Endeavour Magazine | 83


Other Activities As






energy industry, it also ensures that everything is done with full major


Energy is continually facilitating developments for other energybased manufacturing activities. Trinidad and Tobago is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean and boasts a strong, industrialised economy with a rich heritage in the natural gas,

consideration of the environment, something that’s hugely important for any company that wants to be taken seriously in this industry. National Energy is currently working with local and regional investors to develop a steel mill and rolling plant to produce downstream metal products for both export and local consumption. The company is also conducting feasibility studies into a mid-size LNG project with several prospective investors, with a view of establishing such facilities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Improvements and Changes for the Brand

Careers Within the Company National Energy understands the importance its employees play in its growth and there are a number of plans and policies in place to make the most of this. Like most companies of this size in this industry, National Energy has policies in place that govern operations, behaviours

oil and petrochemical industries.

The commercial activities as well as the rebranding of National

It’s the job of National Energy to

Energy are going to change things for the company. Not only will


market this expertise around the

its image be improved but it would be enhancing the overall energy

entire National Gas Company


landscape in Trinidad and Tobago as well.

group – of which National Energy

and ethical standards. These are throughout


Not only does National Energy

The continuing developments in the country will generate

help to promote the country’s

substantial employment opportunities too. This, in turn, allows

As well as ensuring that



National Energy to diversify its activities as well as improve the

everyone is working in the same


infrastructure requirements for exploration and production

way across the board, National


Energy will soon have personal





requirements to support the

84 | Endeavour Magazine

is a subsidiary.

development plans in place for each of its employees. Of this Dr

satisfaction were to the business,

to maximize revenue potential,

Paltoo said: “Employee development is crucial for the continuity and

he said: “Extremely important,

increase customer retention and

prosperity of the company. National Energy’s strength is a direct


boost prospective customers.”

consequence of the capability and dedication of our employees.




2014 is no doubt going to

“Based on the nature of our business, our success impacts on

revenue stream. We understand

be a busy and exciting year for

the nation. As such, although it may sound cliché, our employees

what is required to positively

National Energy with numerous

are definitely the most important asset and are fundamental to our

contribute to our bottom-line.


company’s success. The better qualified and capable the employees



activities surrounding the new

are, the greater the efficiency and productivity of the company.”

quality of service are paramount.”

brand, and the consultancy side

The personal development plans aren’t just about training and






how the employees work but also giving employees the opportunities


for career advancement and professional development.

actively customers

Commitment to the Customer


ahead National

learns and




of the business which will benefit


all sorts of people and companies



in the energy sector.


Dr Paltoo said: “Knowledge is

Like any good company, National Energy is committed to

power. Customer knowledge is

its customers and regularly asks for feedback in order to make

equally important as competitor

improvements and direct developments. Customer satisfaction is

knowledge. By gaining in-depth

something National Energy measures in its corporate performance

information about our customer

management system.


We asked Dr Paltoo how important after-sales and customer




would be in a better position

Not only does National Energy help to promote the country’s expertise, grow its economy and develop infrastructural requirements to support the energy industry, it also ensures that everything is done with full consideration of the environment, something that’s hugely important for any company that wants to be taken seriously in this industry. Endeavour Magazine | 85


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With a longstanding reputation for offering the highest standards of customer service within their industry, Caribbean Safety Products Ltd (CSP) have become a sector leader, boasting an impressive international client portfolio.

Endeavour Magazine | 87


Founded 30 years ago by Dipinder Manocha, CSP has continually strived to provide customer service and solutions far beyond recognised industry standards. This dedication to continuous improvement and development has transformed the once modest organisation into an international supplier of not only quality safety products and services, but also security and training innovations.


ow the Caribbean’s premier manufacturer and supplier of

the European sector, Dipinder was able to break into the lucrative

safety products, CSP enjoys lucrative working relationships

western marketplace.

with a number of recognised worldwide brands, allowing

With newly found success, the future looked bright for CSP, until

clients access to competitive prices and informed advice from a highly

the introduction of Free Trade, a worldwide initiative brought about

trained, expert team. This supply of consistently cost-effective and

in the early 1990s, which effectively threatened to leave small or

well thought out solutions to a wealth of safety concerns is precisely

independent manufacturers to fend for themselves. Determined

why the company has continued to flourish within a competitive

not to suffer the same fate as other, similarly sized, organisations,

market, despite setbacks which would have resulted in lesser

CSP strived to reach new levels of efficiency through re-tooling and

organisations closing.

streamlined processes. The will and sheer determination to survive

It is not through chance that CSP has become the enormous success that it has, it is due to the determination, tenacity and high-

and prosper allowed CSP to remain buoyant and continue operating, but yet another challenging time was soon to present itself.

level business acumen of founder Dipinder Manocha. Born into a

The 2008 collapse of the US stock exchange effectively destroyed

legacy of Delhli businessmen, Dipinder was no stranger to hard work

the export market, leading to a 75% reduction in revenue across

and the long hours it would inevitably bring, and so he refused an offer

the board. Ever optimistic, CSP once again pared back superfluous

to work for his Trinidadian brotherin-law, choosing instead to step out on his own. The endeavor paid off; Dipinder was awarded the Prime Minister’s Export Award every year from 1983 to 1987. The



development for CSP came in the form of the much welcomed 807 Treaty, a piece of legislation that allowed manufacturers who used raw materials imported from the United States, to export their finished, ‘added value’ products back to the US without incurring costly




Coupled with the LOME treaty that offered reduced levys for Caribbean


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TenCate Tecasafe® Plus with Coolderm™ Technology is comfortable to wear, soft and breathable. It offers enhanced comfort, superior moisture management due to the special cellulosic fiber content. Excellent abrasion resistance and better strength retention remains after multiple commercial washes. This fabric maintains an outstanding laundered appearance maintaining a like-new look and permanent pressed appearance better than other protective fabrics. Tecasafe® Plus offers excellent value, long life cycle and competitive price means lowest cost.

Endeavour Magazine | 89


spending and again emerged

as well as the Dominican Republic. This can be of no surprise when the

process by stating that “people

from a financial crisis victorious.

comprehensive portfolio of products and services on offer include, but

look at the valleys as depressions

By July 2009, Dipinder was able

is not limited to maintenance and provision of lifeboats and relevant

but the best fruit grows in the

to reveal that yearly revenue was

equipment (as authorised partners of, amongst others, Winslow and

valleys, so don’t be afraid of

once more on the rise.

Switlik), inclusive safety consultancy services, supply of temporary

them. Use the time well and reap


staffing solutions (security, safety and medical personnel), certified

the best fruit.”

anniversary of CSP, a company

and accredited safety training course delivery and refurbishment of

that has continuously beaten

existing equipment.







With a reputation for sandy beaches, perpetually hot weather


The CSP mission statement states that the company aims “to be

and crystal clear waters, the many

expectations. It now owns not

the premier safety company of the Caribbean, by adding value to our

islands of the Caribbean have

only it’s own, internationally

customers’ business, by providing safe working solutions and sharing

long been heralded as a dream

recognised, brand, but also four

our success with our valued employees and our shareholders.”




manufacturing sites (located in

Having such a prolific interest in the continued satisfaction of their

honeymooners and travellers

China, Malaysia and of course,

customers and professional partnerships is a clear demonstration of

alike a slice of paradise. A haven

Trinidad), and has become the

the personable and invested approach that CSP have opted to use, a

for watersports enthusiasts and

largest, most successful provider

technique which has set them apart from competitors. Where many

sun worshippers, the islands

of safety and protective clothing

others have failed, success has been granted to those that continually

are able to cater to the needs

to not only the Caribbean but

strive for more, seeing periods of turbulence as opportunities to excel

of all visitors, giving rise to a

also Central and South America

rather than excuses for failure. Dipinder eloquently describes this

reputation that is founded less

90 | Endeavour Magazine

on international business acumen and more in accordance with the successful local hospitality sector. The far-reaching success of CSP has the potential to afford the region a new reputation, one based on fiscal security and triumph through adversity. The future looks set to offer yet more success for the brainchild of Dipinder Manocha, with continued commitment to staff development and dynamic expansion. With a management team that boasts in excess of 85 years combined business leadership experience working in unison with an almost 40 strong sales and marketing team, dominance of the international safety product industry is entirely anticipated. A significant partnership has emerged following a lengthy and in-depth consolidation period, throughout 2013. The National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (NEC TT) will be working closely with CSP in order to maintain the highest standards of safety while putting new and major projects into action. The inevitable sector changing innovations that are sure to emerge from the development team will herald the beginning of yet another chapter in the story of the company’s success.

People look at the valleys as depressions but the best fruit grows in the valleys, so don’t be afraid of them. Use the time well and reap the best fruit.”

Endeavour Magazine | 91

Real Alchemy: Music Into Rum Sammy `Red Rocker` Hagar, former vocalist of Van Halen, is the proud father of five swanky beach bars… who would have thought?

Sammy and Guy toasting the new rum

Starting with Maui and spreading his vigour to Las Vegas, New York, St Louis and newly adopted Roseville, the seventies rocker successfully knocked up five locations with the help of grub provider HMSHost, all under the name of `Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill`. And there are more brewing as we speak…

Sammy with Anna

Classy, fresh and oozing with A-listed ambience, Sammy’s bars were a sure fire hit as soon as they pitched their rafters. The food is bang on theme, the shrimp barely skims the sand before it lands on your plate and, not to mention there is always a possibility of the man himself mingling with his customers. As enticing as the “Chickenfoot” attribute’s bars sound, that’s not why we’re here. We haven’t given you the news yet. We haven’t pulled you the big guns. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should have a Cristal soaked plaque made in his honour since the birth of the news we are about to deliver to you. Or perhaps a rum soaked plaque would be better suited? There, we said it. We gave you a little something. We might as well tell you now.

92 | Endeavour Magazine

The California born guitar hero has only gone and made his own

which are custom made to ensure

rum. Why has the rum gone, we hear Jack Sparrow say? t’s in Sammy

the rum pours in at the highest

Hagar’s back pocket, that’s why. And it’s bloody good.


Sammy’s rum is premium silver, and it prides itself on being made

So what’s the story of the Halen

from the best sugar cane on the globe. The silky rum is concocted in

Hunk and his new found gift for

the heart of Maui, and since Maui is the home slice of Sammy’s Beach

materialising booze?

Bar & Grill, you can be assured that business is staying in the family.

Sammy met a local distiller one

The Hawaiian island is well known for being a server of unbearably

fine afternoon; it was discovered

beautiful cocktails, such as the Mai Tai; several shades of lip-tingling

that he was in the process of

Mojito and of course, the signature Maui Libre. Let’s not forget about

making some good quality vodka.

the Maui Libre.

After spending some time testing

So Sammy wasn’t daft when he put two and two together; the sugar cane rum and the Maui Libre. As Sammy sings in one of his rock studded anthems, “One sip and you’ll surrender”. But of course, we don’t want to surrender; we want the five-day fermented climax. So we sip and sip and sip.

each other’s alcoholic experiments, Sammy and the distiller joined hands with a promise to produce the neatest rum around. No magic wands, no special

The five-day climax isn’t the only characteristic of Sammy’s rum

celebrity contacts- just a local

that makes it so…surrendering. The sugary sweet cane is worked

distiller and a friendly former rock

on for two full years before it is harvested and gently pressed near


the local distillery. Only the toughest crops make it through the vats,

Meet you in Maui?

Endeavour Magazine | 93



ess than two years earlier, Leslie Robb, an accountant in her late twenties working for the Imperial National Bank, had seen her life-partner and co-worker, Gina, shot to death during a

bank heist subsequently foiled in part by Chris Barry, millionaire and clandestine operative of the government’s ‘Discreet Activities’. Taken as a hostage along with Chris by the remaining robbers onto a helicopter secretly piloted by two ‘DA’ operatives, including ‘DA’ head, Jonathan Addley, Leslie had played an integral role in helping bring the offenders down. As a result, thanks to her sang froid, sense of moral justice and martial arts affinities, Leslie left the world

Femme Fatale

By Claude Bouchard

of finance to fight crime as a member of the ‘DA’ team. Now, Leslie has a new partner in life, Dominique Petit, a Canadian/ French dual citizen who suggests Leslie visit Paris with her while she is in the City of Lights on business. Less than twenty-four hours after Leslie arrives, Dominique and her sister, Corinne, disappear, turning Leslie’s vacation into her own business trip of justice and revenge...

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The Girl With Nine Lives By E. Earle

Fondness of rum? Check.

make the best of her degree and

dangerous secret that the Head

Job heading nowhere? Check.

failing miserably. Falling into

Office would very much rather



such a hole of self-pity, even her

that she didn’t know. Deciding

discovering you have unravelled


cat, Ben, is sick of her and tells

to take control of her life,

their plot? Check. Talking cat with

her to snap out of it.

Ellena enlists the help of Ben to

an addiction to catnip deciding





to take control of the situation?

realises she has a talking cat, and

Check. Welcome to the lives and

he’s not going to go away anytime

adventures of the ginger moggy


Ben and his human, Ellie.

investigate as soon as her friend goes missing. But Detective Calloway is determined to get involved, and

Having a devious crime boss

Ellena soon learns that Ben isn’t


as Principal to the college she

the only one who thinks he has

average woman - desperate to

works at, Ellena discovers a

nine lives.




Gifts Of The Peramangk by Dean Mayes

In 1950s Australia, during the height of the divisive White Australia Policy, Virginia, a young Aboriginal girl is taken from her home and put to work on an isolated and harsh outback station. Her only solace: the violin, taught to her secretly by the kind-hearted wife of the abusive station owner. However, Virginia’s prodigious musical gift cannot save her from years of hardship and racism. Decades later, her eight year old granddaughter Ruby plays the violin with the passion Virginia once possessed. Amidst poverty, domestic violence and social dysfunction, Ruby escapes her circumstance through her practice with her grandmother’s frail, guiding hand. Ruby’s zeal attracts the attention of an enigmatic music professor and with his help, she embarks on an incredible journey of musical discovery that will culminate in a rare opportunity. But with two cultural worlds colliding, her gift and her ambition will be threatened by deeply ingrained distrust, family jealousies and tragic secrets that will define her very identity

Endeavour Magazine | 95

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