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The Bahamas Oil Refining Company International Limited (also known as BORCO) is the largest storage terminal facility in the Caribbean – and the fourth largest in the world. The company has recently undergone a huge expansion and there are plans to expand further in the future.


BORCO has 21.6million barrels of storage capacity with facilities placed strategically along the Northwest Providence Channel off the southern tip of Grand Bahama Island. These locations are perfect for blending, transshipping, and terminal operations for the Arabian Gulf, Northwest Europe and West Africa.


s the leading oil terminal in the region, BORCO provides

In 2014, my intentions are to redirect my focus from expansion, to

storage tanks for customers to store gasoline, diesel, crude

maximising the current assets and helping BORCO be better than it

oil, fuel oil and other products. The products are imported

already is today.”

from around the globe and stored ready for export to all sorts of countries. In 2011 BORCO was acquired by Buckeye Partners. Buckeye’s

The Expansion The expansion consisted of a freeport harbour; inland dock

history goes all the way back to 1886, this experience of the industry

expansion; four new berths; two jetties; a jetty expansion;

gave a helping hand to BORCO’s expansion plans. Not only that but

development of the existing terminal; and deepwater draft up to 91

Buckeye’s international terminal facilities provide various import and

feet, which has the ability to berth VLCCs and ULCCs.

export advantages to BORCO’s customers.

Werner said of the expansion: “The expansion project has been

We spoke to Nate Werner, the BORCO Expansion Manager

a true success story. There has been a huge emphasis on increased

whose role has changed considerably in the time he’s been working

safety culture, utilisation of local island labour, hiring contractors for

with the company. He said: “In 2008 I was inside BORCO as a Project

their sweet spot in execution, and it all translated into a safe, on time,

Manager for an engineering, procurement and construction company

on budget execution.

(CB&I) building new tanks for the terminal. “In 2010 I began working as an Owner Representative for the terminal. In 2011, when Buckeye Partners became full owners of the

“There is still plenty of real estate at BORCO for the next phase of expansion, and plenty of creative ideas on how to best utilise the space.”

facility, I became a direct employee in charge of the expansion project.

Our staff are the key to our success. We have assets that accounts put monetary values to, and employees that we know are invaluable.”


The Staff Are The Key To Success With around 180 employees and 100 sub-contractors working for the company, BORCO understands just how important they are to the company’s continued growth. Werner said: “Our staff are the key to our success. We have assets that accounts put monetary values to, and employees that we know are invaluable.” Finding local staff on an island can often be difficult but BORCO

and maintain that customer satisfaction. Of this, Werner said: “Best-in-Class is not a goal for BORCO, but a continued pursuit. Business development, flexibility, quick solutions to market, utilisation of technology, and extreme respect for experience-based knowledge are all strategies we use for keeping customers happy and staying ahead of the competition.”

The Ever-Changing Market

is dedicated to employing skilled people within its locality. We asked

The oil industry has seen many changes in the 120-or-so-years

Werner how many of the staff were locals from the island, he said:

since Buckeye Partners’ original formation. Buckeye has survived,

“Our task force is greater than 90% Bahamian. Finding the right

grown, and prospered through those many years by diligently seeking

person for the task can be a struggle on an island of 52,000 people

to provide an excellent service to meet the changing needs of its

but it would be equally challenging in New York with 8 million people.”


Employing within the locality is important to BORCO and

Throughout the years, the company has continually adapted

the company strives to help its employees develop too. Werner

itself to accommodate new industry standards as they emerged.

said: “There are many forms in which our employees are trained.

This includes the ever-changing markets and business conditions,

Buckeye University, mentoring programs, computer based training,

continuously evolving technologies, as well as the many operating and

simulations, and emergency practice drills are a few examples.”

economic challenges that time presents and now BORCO is able to be

Not only are the staff well looked after when it comes to training

a big part of that.

but BORCO also follows all sorts of industry standards to make sure

Both BORCO and Buckeye Partners are building on a successful

its staff and customers are safe and happy. “As an oil terminal, we

reputation for excellent customer service and have continued to

follow the industry standards as they relate to North America, for

prosper and grow despite the ever-changing oil industry.

example, API, ANSI, NEC, NFPA, and OSHA to name a few,” said Werner.

Customer Focus BORCO is dedicated to getting feedback from its customers and establishing long-lasting relationships with each one. This helps the company to formulate plans for expansion and ways in which they can consistently exceed expectations. Werner said: “We have started some great discussions and forums with some of our customers and it has been so successful that we are excited about rolling it out to other customers. In addition to this program, we encourage site visits to meet the person behind the email address and establish a better relationship. “We find that it helps with problem definition which leads to a quicker and more accurate solution to whatever problem might be occurring.” Not only does this give BORCO the chance to meet its customers and provide them with tailored solutions but it also gives those customers the confidence to give feedback on BORCO’s services. This is what helps the company to grow and better itself. Safety and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand and BORCO is constantly reviewing its customer service and after sales procedures. In getting to know its customers and listening to their needs, the company is able to develop

Building in the Bahamas for the last 22 years

COMPREHENSIVE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES FROM PROJECT DEVELOPMENT THROUGH TO THE TURNOVER OF THE COMPLETED PROJECT AS WELL AS SANDBLASTING AND PAINTING If you can dream it, we can build it 15 Cedar Street, PO Box F41809, Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas Office # 242-352-5159 // Fax # 242-352-6000 // Stateside 305-433-5597 //

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