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David Redfearn



master of magic and innovative illusion, David has enchanted and charmed audiences across the world with his impressive and infectious style of close up

and performance magic. Skillfully blending suggestion with sorcery, he challenges psychological parameters and defies logic, leaving audiences astounded and amazed. David’s polished performances have firmly established his reputation as the A-list magician of choice for film stars, Royalty, celebrated musicians and sporting legends. His adaptable performance style spans all types of events, whether corporate, charity and private sectors. I caught up with David to find out more.

Tyler: You’ve been a professional Magician for many years now, but can you remember when and how you first got introduced to magic? David: My earliest recollection of seeing magic being performed was when I was about 14 years old - there was an American magician on TV and the things I saw totally fascinated me.

Tyler: Was it at that point that you knew you wanted to be a Magician?

Tyler: At what point did you leave the London Fire Brigade to become a professional magician?

David: To be honest No, I never thought I would be a Magician,

David: I’d been working at the London Fire Brigade for 15

I always wanted to be a Fireman and that was my dream job,

years, and my interest in magic had rapidly developed. My work

that’s what I worked towards. I had actually passed all my exams

colleagues were a great audience for me, but due to certain

and was waiting to join the London Fire Brigade when a magician

circumstances I decided to leave the Fire Brigade and begin my

showed me a card trick that blew my mind. After being amazed

career as a professional magician.

by this guy over a period of months he eventually invited me

Tyler: Do you have to dedicate a lot of time to practicing your act?

to a party where I met other magicians and witnessed things I couldn’t believe. That’s really when I developed a serious interest

David: I’ve got a saying which is “an amateur looks for new

in Magic, but I still never thought I would be a professional – I

tricks, but a professional looks for new audiences,” and I think

wasn’t even aware you could earn money from being a magician!

that is definitely something which separates professionals from

I can remember after joining the Fire Brigade, on my first day

someone who just performs for fun. I’ve been a professional

everyone had to stand up and introduce themselves, I stood

magician for a long time now and magic is what I do for a living,

up and told everyone that my ambition was to join the magic

so aside from making sure my act is polished and well rehearsed,

circle, and the room erupted with laughter. No one thought

I have to make sure I’m also business minded. For example if

I had it in me!

I’m out somewhere, I’m constantly thinking ‘I wonder if this

Hotel/Restaurant/Company will work with me?’ Of course I do love performing, but you have to be business minded as a professional. When I first started there wasn’t the Internet and advertising campaigns, you had to really put yourself out there to get the bookings.

Tyler: You’re a favourite amongst A-List celebrities and sporting heroes, and you’ve performed in pretty much every country around the world, but tell me some of the highlights from your performing career. David: Performing regularly at Chelsea Football Club and the Ritz Casino has been great – I’ve been the resident magician at

Chelsea Football Club for 19 years, and I’ve been with the Ritz for

Magic is an international language and can work in any social situation, It’s the perfect icebreaker, and encourages people to engage with each other.

15 years. Chelsea came about when I was the resident magician at restaurant chain TGI Fridays, and one evening I spotted Glen Hoddle, who was the manager of Chelsea at the time. I showed him my magic and asked him if I could be the resident magician for the club, performing on match days around the corporate/ hospitality boxes. He introduced me to the right people and the rest is history. Performing for Michael Jackson is definitely one of my career highlights, as well as performing at Sting’s private birthday party for 3 years in a row. I was also booked to perform at David Beckham’s private party.

Tyler: Can you tell me about your interests outside of magic? David: Golf is something I really enjoy and I’ve been a member of the Variety Club Golf Society Charity for 15 years now. It’s a great charity and I’ve actually just been made Captain, which I’m so happy about. I’m the second magician in history to be named captain of the Variety Club. The first was Tommy Cooper! Not only am I helping a great cause, I also get to work with some of the greatest names in show business like Russ Abbot, Bobby Davro, Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck.

Tyler: I know that you are a member of the prestigious and exclusive Inner Magic Circle, with a Gold Star. How did that come about? David: I had been a member of the Inner Magic Circle for quite some time, and then after a string of TV performances and TV Commercial appearances, I was awarded a Gold Star. Only 200 people in the world have been awarded a Gold Star by the Magic Circle, so that’s something I’m very proud of.

Tyler: A lot of your work is in the corporate arena and with many of our readers being business owners and CEO’s; tell me how you could help a company enhance their next event? David: Magic is an international language and can work in any social situation, It’s the perfect icebreaker, and encourages people to engage with each other. I can create bespoke magic using a particular companies props and products branded with their logo. Branded gifts and prizes can be handed out as part of my show and given to the audience with a very positive memory attached to the product. Magic can also help create foot fall at trade shows and most importantly allows a company to promote, advertise and market your brand, product or message whilst drawing in and entertaining your target audience.

To book David Redfearn for your next event, please visit his website for more details. Follow David on Twitter @David_Redfearn

David Redfearn  

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