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ELEMENTS GLOBAL SERVICES time with our bankers, our consultants, our lawyers, and I would say

Elements’ future. They are currently investing in expansion across

I’ve gone through culture training for Taiwan. What does it mean to

several countries, anticipating the high demand for their services

do business in Taiwan? What does it mean to support employees in

to continue. “We just established our Barcelona office, which I’m

Taiwan? You have to understand what it means to be an employer

excited about, and we have our sales hub out of London, and we’re

in each country.”

opening another sales hub in Hong Kong or Singapore, and another

This cultural awareness allows Elements to not only work

operational hub in the Philippines. That’s all in the next six months.”

compliantly with local laws, but also to communicate effectively

Put people first – it seems obvious for a company dealing in

between employers and employees of different nationalities,

personnel, but it’s a lesson often overlooked in their field. From

breaking down social borders as well as legal ones. Part of this

understanding the customs of the 130 countries they work in,

consciousness also means understanding and working to alleviate

to communicating openly with both employers and employees,

local business concerns. For example, the American company is

this personal touch has set Elements above the competition and

currently looking deep into Brexit and helping the UK and European

marked them out as the company to work with, for your employees’

companies to prepare for whatever the negotiations of the next

peace of mind as well as your own.

year and a half may bring. So, has this personal touch been a benefit to the company? The figures speak for themselves: “It started off small, with just a couple of clients, and when it took off, it really took off. We’ve had 14,000% growth over the last three and a half years. I think that says a lot about what we’re doing.” With impressive growth like this, and larger and larger companies knocking at their door, Hammell feels confident for

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“Even though we’re doing EOR, the employee is not a commodity. Listen. Always listen.”

Endeavour Magazine August 2017