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Founded in 1998, Analyser Services Trinidad LTD has answered the highly demanding calls of the oil and gas, processing and maritime industries since their inception and have developed one of the strongest reputations and firmest of foundations over the past fourteen years. Forming part of the group of companies headed by Norsk Analyse AS of Scandinavia, themselves a worldwide provider of turn-key analytical solutions for the processing industry. WRITTEN BY DONNIE RUST


With their main office based in Tønsberg and after having expanded into international business operations through six countries, Norsk Analyser AS is proud of their unmatched analytical expertise and process knowledge of which their Trinidad offices play a crucial and indispensable role in this.


nalyser Services Trinidad LTD Managing Director Indar Boodoo was on hand to discuss his company’s success and substantial presence, “There has been a great deal

of development,” he relates, “In 2012 a number of Norsk Analyse shares were acquired by Addtech Life Science, a business area in the Addtech Group,” This added resources and additional experience to the already hefty twenty five years worth of experience that Norsk Analyse AS already had under its belt. What it didn’t change though was the high level of service that the Trinidad branch provide to their customers, “Primarily we offer sales and service or process analysers,” he tells us, “This includes gas detection systems, sand, pig and corrosion monitors, calibration gases, instrumentation and spare parts.”

“Highly Trained And Experienced Technicians Make The Difference” Experience is highly valued here. Analyser Services Trinidad’s mother company Norsk Analyse was founded in 1988 by a couple of analytical engineers, originating from the process analyser and system integration industry in Norway. With more than ten years worth of experience in the marine, oil and gas and on-shore industries NA grew to become a specialised Process Analyser System Integrator group, with a number of sales outlets that later evolved into service hubs to the industries. When Analyser Services Trinidad was established on the island it

was to take advantage of the vast variety of industries to be found there and its position as a world supplier of ammonia, methanol and hydrocarbon commodities. But when it came to establishing the workforce within this branch would emulate the original model of valuing experience. Indar explains that his company initially started off with only three employees and has grown over the years to now employ fifteen members of staff, spread across administration, technicians, accounts and management, “The highly trained and experienced technicians make all the difference,” he adds, “The quality of our services which we are very well known for, comes directly from them and as such we are very careful when it comes to who we employ and when someone new comes into the company we offer in house training to ensure that they’re of the best standard possible,” Considering the services that Analyser Services Trinidad offers which include service and support, training, preventative maintenance, installation and commission of analytical systems, pressure gauges, recorders, relief valves and other instrumentation it’s clear why a fully functional understanding of the industry and technology used is so vital. “Additionally we also provide complete analyser turnkey solutions and system integration to customers,” Indar adds.


“Full Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority” With the key customers in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industries as well as the steel, pharmaceutical and the beverage sectors require equipment for the continuous analysis of gas, liquid

as Siemens, Ametek, Applied Instrument Technologies, Teledyne, Advanced Sensors, Hach Lange, Berthold Technologies, O’Brien and Circor Tech amongst others. Additionally, and importantly, the company recently completed the local STOW Certification and now have their eyes set on becoming ISO Certified.

and solids in search of the optimal operation of facilities. Increasing the demand for efficiency and profitability involves minimising analysis maintenance and raising standards of regularity and accuracy. “While we aim to have the most time efficient turnaround on a customer’s equipment,” Indar explains, “We refuse to compromise on our quality standards. In the long term customers are more concerned with their equipment working rather than if it arrived exactly at a specified date.” He goes on to explain that each application is carefully studied and reviewed before a recommendation is proposed to a customer to ensure that their customers are offered the best product to fulfil their requirements. Through inter-company support within the group they have the capabilities to offer engineering design and other support services, “Also because our parent company offers system integration and design, we supply field support and spares, key to sustaining the clients equipment,” “Our customer’s full satisfaction is our top priority,” he adds.

“Working Together Is Key”

“Growth, Expansion And Diversification” With the halfway point of 2014 fast approaching, 2015 is just around the next bend and following a long standing trend of continuous improvement, systematic growth and the strategic adoption and development of new technologies Analyser Services Trinidad LTD has a lot to look forward to in the future. “As we move forward in 2014/2015 we are in the process of acquiring new facilities and expanding our services further,” Indar explains, “We are planning to move into the areas of environmental monitoring, training and eventually manufacturing of sample conditioning systems. This is in accordance not only with industry trends to keep up with competition but also as a response to our client’s needs which keeps us ahead of them too.” He goes on to add that their parent company Norsk Analayse AS is actively pursuing installation of CEMs on ships in the marine industry which will include cruise ships, ensuring compliance with MARPOL Annex VI. “To support this move into the industry Analyser Services, due to

As part of a global network of businesses Analyser Services find

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themselves able to draw on the various businesses working with Norsk

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Analyse AS. These include renowned world class manufacturers such

growth, expansion and diversification as a business,” Indar concludes.


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