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Leading Caribbean security company Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has a long history of proving that security is all about preparation, planning, anticipation and rewarding the hard work of those working on the front lines.


With almost three thousand employees, a vast fleet of vehicles, one of the strongest and most reliable networking systems available and decades worth of experience we spoke with Group Marketing Manager Robert Baur regarding some of the latest developments and the internal success stories that have been highlighting this impressive company.


very step taken and decision made by ASSL is in line with their

to be certified. A further highlight is the ASIS Organizational Award

two fold directives which are simple but all encompassing:

of Merit which recognizes ASSL as an organization of outstanding

“For the customer, we promise to do everything it takes to

leadership, committed to the professional development of security

protect your assets,” Robert states, “And for the employee, we will

professionals through ongoing training, certification and self-

give you everything you need to do this well.”

development. ASIS International is the leading global community of

This mandate has established ASSL as the standard setter in the industry and they consistently lead the way in a number of areas. As

security practitioners with more than 38,000 members in 232 local chapters worldwide.

an example, as of 2014 they are TRACE certified. The internationally

“Constant development is the only way to keep up to date with

acknowledged TRACE certificate was awarded after a thorough due

the needs of the market,” Robert says, “We have to continue updating

diligence by the awarding body and “signifies ASSL’s commitment

ourselves to assure the protection of our client’s operations and

to transparency in international commercial transactions and in

assets.” One of the developments has been the incorporation of

particular the firm’s compliance with international anti-bribery

polygraph testing in 2013 and the training of their staff in USA.

standards,” he explains. Robert goes on to further elaborate on the

“Instead of outsourcing we trained up our own staff.” Our Certified

significance of this in Trinidad and Tobago which has dropped three

Polygraph Examiner graduated top of her class from the world

places in the Corruption Perception Index of 2013 and is now tied

renowned San Antonio Polygraph Institute. As an associated

with Jamaica and Guyana whilst World Bank Group President Jim

member of the American Polygraph Association she now specializes

Yong Kim labelled corruption in developing countries as “Public

in the field of Psycho-Physiological Detection of Deception and

Enemy Number One”.

the Use of Polygraph Technology for Sex Offender Supervision and

Some of ASSL’s other important achievements are the STOW (Safe To Work) certification by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and

Management. “Polygraph testing is one of the more recent services we offer our clients.”

Tobago. STOW aims at improved Health, Safety and Environment

Putting their employees first is a common theme with ASSL.

governance resulting in a reduction in incidents, accidents and

Included in the company’s vision statement of: “To foster and elevate

downtime and optimizing overall efficiency in business operations.

the developmental and professional aspirations of our employees,” it

STOW certification is especially important in Trinidad & Tobago

is with particular pride that Robert speaks about his staff.

because any contractor providing services to the energy sector needs

“Some of the benefits that our employees receive include

“For the customer, we promise to do everything it takes to protect your assets. And for the employee, we will give you everything you need to do this well.” Robert Baur, Group Marketing Manager


life insurance, health plans, training and retraining, development

on people and the best way to know what the industry is doing.”

opportunities, paid vacations and even comprehensive medical, visual

Through this Robert has realized, that there are a great number of

and dental treatments,” Robert tells us, “In return our employees

personal success stories within the company which reveals the kind

provide us with expertise, reliability, diligence and competence. We

of environment that ASSL staff find themselves in.

are happy to be a top employer because our employees are worth it.” ASSL has their own training academy and before becoming an officer with the company one must first pass through there. “This way

“Our Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Security Officer both started out as security guards and climbed the corporate ladder to be top managers of the business.”

we ensure that our officers are well-prepared to protect themselves

A further great achievement worth mentioning is that of Financial

and by extension our clients”. ASSL’s position as the market leader in

Director John Aboud who was recently elected as Chairman of

quality is further substantiated by the fact that the company employs

Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America Crime Stoppers Incorporated

the highest number of ASIS Certified Protection Professionals (CPP)


worldwide. “We spearhead the standard with CPP,” Robert tells

“In this role he is responsible for assisting in the development

us, “And this simply means that our employees are the best of their

of the current Crime Stoppers programmes in twelve jurisdictions,”


Robert says, “While continuing to serve as Chairman of Crime

One of the things that Robert has been doing is speaking with

Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago (CSTT); Chairman of the Crime and

the long standing employees of the company, some of who have been

Justice Committee at the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry

there for twenty years or more to discuss their time with the company

and Commerce; and as a member of the Trinidad & Tobago National

and to honestly and openly liaise with them on how satisfied they are

Drug Council.

working for ASSL. This is to ascertain if there are any areas where ASSL could improve. “The employees are the eyes and ears into the industry, the hands

“We are all very proud in Mr. Aboud’s significant contributions to these organizations, which reflect ASSL’s constant effort to truly be a socially responsible corporate citizen.”

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The Customers Robert mentioned that recently a violent heist in the country affecting another security company reached the local newspapers which emphasized the importance of professional protection. This has helped to make ASSL’s clients even more appreciative of their work and that such incidents have never occurred under this company’s watch. This is not to suggest that their clients were not sincerely grateful to start with, but a mark of good security is to be present but not oppressive, to have the client aware they are being protected but unaware of the full extend. To help keep the promise they make to their clients, ASSL keeps on the very cutting edge of available technology and methods, keeping tabs on developments in the industry in other countries and making opportunities to introduce these new methods and technology to their clients.

2014 “We offer forensic services,” Robert says, speaking about how 2014 will be a next important year to ASSL, “This was broadly outlayed in 2013, but in 2014 we are offering a wider base of forensics to meet the existing and the anticipated needs of the client.” Robert goes on

to reveal that the Electronic Security & Integrated Systems (ESIS) services will be further expanded in 2014 and that in April 2014 ESIS will stage an electronic security exhibition in collaboration with its international partners. “The aim is to introduce existing and potential clients, governmental agencies and other interested parties to the newest trends in electronic security and ways to integrate the various components into one system for the client.” Robert explains, “Thereby ASSL will transfer state-of-the-art knowledge into the Caribbean region and continue to spearhead its industry in innovation.” Asset and Vehicle Tracking will also be further expanded this year in response to current trends in crime and the Archangel Ambulance Service, an atypical business unit of ASSL, with the largest private fleet of ambulance vehicles will continue to provide services to the public. Benefitting from top equipment, the highest trained professions and the strength of ASSL’s network, the ambulance service will prove to be invaluable throughout the island for protecting and saving lives. “We’ll never stop finding new ways to protect our clients,” Robert concludes.

We spearhead the standard with CPP. And this simply means that our employees are the best of their profession.”


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