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What is Endeavor ? Endeavor is High-Impact Entrepreneurship High-impact entrepreneurs inspire, create thousands of jobs and help transform economies. Endeavor gives these entrepreneurs unparalleled access to best-in-class global network that provides the key ingredients for their entrepreneurial success.





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Endeavor Indonesia In a short period, Endeavor in Indonesia has created a dynamic Board, selected 19 entrepreneurs, recruited over 50 mentors who gave over 1,100+ hours of mentoring sessions.

OUR FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERS 1. Husodo Angkosubroto Chairman, Gunung Sewu Kencana • 2. Jimmy Masrin President and CEO, Caturkarsa Megatunggal • 3. Svida Alisjahbana CEO, Femina Group • 4. George Tahija President Director, Austindo Nusantara Jaya • 5. Raoul Oberman Director (Emeritus), McKinsey Indonesia • 6. Ir. Ciputra Founder, Ciputra Group • 7. Hendrick Kolonas CEO and President Commissioner, Celebes Artha Ventura • 8. Theodore Rachmat President Director, Triputra Investindo Arya • 9. Harun Hajadi Managing Director, Ciputra Group


Endeavor Entrepreneurs Niki Luhur Kartuku Aldi Haryopratomo RUMA

Sugianto Tandio Tirta Marta

Vincent Iswaratioso Indomog/ Alipay (current) Anton Wirjono The Goods Dept

Elang Gumilang Elang Group

Hendy Setiono Kebab Turki Baba Rafi

AArief Widhiyasa Agate Studio


Aldi Haryopratomo, Niki Luhur, Vincent Iswaratioso (Istanbul, 2012) • Sugianto Tandio (Athens, 2013) • Anton Wirjono (Johannesburg, 2013) • Elang Gumilang, Hendy Setiono (Dubai, 2013) • Arief Widhiyasa (Jakarta, 2014)


Endeavor Entrepreneurs dr. Grace Judio LightHouse Indonesia

Antonius Taufan GiftCard Indonesia

Hanifa Ambadar Female Daily Network

Bede Moore & Susie Sugden Paraplou (Alumni)

Steven Kim Qraved

YEAR SELECTED IN INTERNATIONAL SELECTION PANELS: Dr. Grace Judio (Jakarta, 2014) • Antonius Taufan (New York, 2014) • Hanifa Ambadar, Bede Moore, Susie Sugden (Istanbul, 2014) • Steven Kim (Singapore, 2015)


Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Ria Sarwono & Carline Darjanto Cotton Ink

M. Yukka Harlanda Brodo Footwear

Aaron FIshman East Bali Cashews Odi Anindito Coffee Toffee

YEAR SELECTED IN INTERNATIONAL SELECTION PANELS: Ria Sarwono & Carline Darjanto, M. Yukka Harlanda (Singapore, 2015) • Odi Anindito (Jordan, 2015) • Aaron Fishman (San Francisco, 2015)


FAQ What are the roles of mentors? How can mentors contribute? What does Endeavor expect of its mentors? What does each activity entail?

7 Â

Mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs are interlinked



While Endeavor’s mission is to accelerate HIEs, this is only possible through MENTORING 8 Â

General Roles of Endeavor Indonesia Mentors Be a Role Model

Act as a Mentor for Endeavor Entrepreneurs

•  Promote an entrepreneurial culture that ties into Endeavor’s model •  Practice the highest ethical standards and be transparent in all actions

•  Support Endeavor Entrepreneurs by providing strategic advice to assist Entrepreneurs with their business challenges •  Promote Entrepreneurship and Endeavor in media interviews and conferences •  Participate in conferences, case studies, and other programs designed by Endeavor to reach the wider community


How mentors can contribute to Endeavor Indonesia’s sustainability model? 1. Search & Selection Second Opinion Review (SOR) Interviews with candidates who have passed the First Opinion Review in the selection process.

2. Support Individual Mentoring Session Provide support when an entrepreneur has questions about a specific topic.

Duration: ~2 hours/session

Duration: ~1 hour/ interview. About 6-8 interviews per year

Strategic Mentors (SM) To advice Endeavor Local Selection Panel Entrepreneur (LSP) strategically and A panel composed of provide much mentors who conduct needed checks and group interviews with balances for their candidates and business. deliberate at the end Duration: ~3 hours who should advance quarterly meeting with the entrepreneur to the International Selection Panel.

3. Multiply Role Model & Advocacy Participation in the media and forums to share best practices and expertise to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture.

Frequency: No interviews or scheduled events. Mentors will be consulted according to their agenda.

Duration: Up to 6 hours, typically on a weekday. Up to three local panels annually.

Female Daily Network – Hanifa Ambadar Advisory Board with Suzy Hutomo, CEO, The Body Shop Indonesia


Each mentor has different interests and commitment – there is no single best engagement profile MULTIPLE WAYS HOW MENTORS CONTRIBUTE – NO ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ MAIN TYPES OF MENTOR ACTIVITIES

Total hours donated by mentors (to date) Example contribution profiles


General expectations of Endeavor Indonesia mentors Mentoring

A typical Endeavor Mentor spends on average 2 to 4 hours/month for mentoring sessions


We ask that each mentor refers 2 to 3 entrepreneurs every year


How mentors can contribute to Endeavor Indonesia’s sustainability model

1. Search & Selection 2. Support 3. Multiply

The Goods Dept – Anton Wirjono Advisory Board


1. Search & Selection:

Second Opinion Review (SOR) What

•  Interviews with candidates who have passed the First Opinion Review (FOR) in the selection process


•  SOR is at the core of the selection process. SOR serves the dual objectives of mentoring and evaluating the candidates.


•  Each interview, in general, lasts for an hour


•  A candidate package consisting of the candidate profile and Scoring Sheet will be sent at least 3 days prior to the interview. Please familiarize yourself with the materials.


•  Mentors recommend whether the candidate is fit for the Endeavor Selection process. Some mentors will also recommend another mentor whom he/she thinks will best suit the candidate for upcoming SORs.


•  Mentors will attend the interview with an Endeavor staff. The staff will lead the conversation and take notes.

Best practice

•  Mentors are expected to fill in the SOR Scoring Sheet

•  Prepare: Interviews are much more effective when mentors read the candidate profile and prepare questions before the session.


1. Search & Selection:

Local Selection Panel (LSP) What

•  A panel composed of mentors who conduct group interviews with candidates and deliberate at the end who should advance to the International Selection Panel (ISP)


•  The LSP process serves the dual objectives of evaluating the candidates and providing candidates with feedback on how to improve their business model as well as how to perfect their business pitch

How Prework Outcome Roles Best practice

•  The LSP is typically held on a weekday from 8.30 am to 2pm. There will be up to three local panels annually •  Panelists are expected to fill in the LSP Scoring Sheet •  An info pack with agenda and the SOR feedback form for each candidate will be sent 2 weeks prior. Detailed profile of candidates will be sent 3 to 5 days prior. •  A 30-min Panelist briefing will also be held at the start of the LSP •  Mentors will provide feedback on candidate’s pitching, financial alignments, and future plans •  Mentors also assess candidate’s qualifications to join the ISP •  Panelists will pair up with other panelists to conduct the interview. Panelists will lead a Q&A session and provide the candidates feedback after each session. •  Staff will act as time keeper and will make sure questions are on topic •  Prepare: Interviews are much more effective when panelists read the candidate profile and prepare questions before the session •  Facilitate connections: As you read the profiles and go through the interview process, ask yourself if there is anybody you know that the candidates should meet


2. Support:

Individual Mentors What

•  Provide support when the entrepreneur has questions about a specific topic


•  At the heart of Endeavor’s model is the world-class network built to support entrepreneurs. Mentors provide entrepreneurs with advice, support and inspirations.


•  Each session, in general, lasts for 2 hours


•  Mentors will be sent the candidate’s ISP profile as well as the feedback from ISP prior to the session. Mentors will also be briefed on the candidate’s questions.


•  Mentors will provide entrepreneurs with needed advice or facilitate connection to ensure entrepreneurs receive the support they need


•  Mentors will attend the mentoring session with a staff. The staff will provide all necessary background information regarding the entrepreneur. The mentor’s role is to advice and support the entrepreneur.

Best practice

•  There are no specific templates to be filled in for mentoring sessions

•  Prepare: Mentoring sessions are much more effective when mentors familiarize themselves with the candidate’s needs and challenges before the session


2. Support:

Strategic Mentors What

•  To advice Endeavor Entrepreneur strategically and provide much needed checks and balances for their business


•  These strategic sessions help entrepreneurs validate their ambitions, prioritize their problems, and build an action plan to address their strategic and operational priorities


•  Quarterly meeting, each lasting for 3 hours


•  Mentors will be sent the candidate’s ISP profile, feedback from ISP, meeting agenda, and any materials from previous strategic meeting prior to each meeting


•  Mentors will help entrepreneurs define strategic priorities and create high level action plan in first workshop; subsequent sessions will be used to review plan of action and track KPIs

Roles Best practice

•  There are no specific templates to be filled in for these strategic sessions

•  The roles of mentors are dependent on the needs of the Endeavor Entrepreneur; mentors can act as advisors, motivators or someone who holds the Entrepreneur accountable for his goals and targets •  The success of the session is very dependent on the Entrepreneur, as he/she will lead the discussion. However, mentors should still familiarize themselves with the Entrepreneur’s needs and past progress.


3. Multiply:

Role Model & Advocacy What

•  To inspire entrepreneurs to grow and multiply their impact and advocate High-Impact Entrepreneurship


•  Mentors can be a source of inspiration not just through the knowledge you share but also a real-life example of giving back and multiplying your impact beyond your business.


•  Participating actively in Endeavor events, recommending potential entrepreneurs and mentors, advocating high-impact entrepreneurship through public speaking sessions (seminars, media interview, workshop, etc)


•  Understanding and embracing the Endeavor mission and spirit of mentorship and building a community/ecosystem

Outcome Roles Best practice

•  Building a mentorship culture among Endeavor Entrepreneurs and within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Indonesia.

•  Mentors play an ambassadorial role for Endeavor and highimpact entrepreneurship

•  A vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is dependent on full engagements by all stakeholders. However, mentors play a key role by inspiring other entrepreneurs to give back to their community





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Endeavor Indonesia's Guide to Happy Mentoring  

Mentors are at the heart of Endeavor. Thank you Bain&Company who has helped us formulate a structured mentors guidelines.

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