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Artist Marvin Vines

Why are more then 50 percent of young African Americans unemployed?

Why are 40 percent of African Americans in the criminal justice system either by being on probation, on parole or in prison?

Why are so many African American boys on the low end of the literary scale and dropping out of school?

Why do so many Black men die earlier of disease that are treatable?

Endangered? Magazine is excited about the first annual “Breaking the Cycle” conference to be held________________ in Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is to tear down the wall of pain, silence about issues affecting African American males past, present and future. Through self-awareness workshops and discussion panels Endangered? “Breaking The Cycle Conference” will provide an opportunity for youth, adults, educators, community organizations, program developers, administrators and individuals to address life-altering issues such as: Incarceration, depression, single parent family, media depiction, drugs/alcohol, entrepreneurship, unemployment, economics, gangs and sexual health issues.

The conference seeks not only to address these issues but formulate strategies that help develop solutions. This conference is open to all.


Identify sponsors for each segment: Keynote Speakers: Possible keynote speakers; Dr. Umar A. Johnson, Chuck D, Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, KRS One, Steve Perry, Hip-hop personalities, youth speaker’s workshop facilitators Etc. Media Screening Room: Screening room for independent African American film makers and films of urban content composed of documentary and short films. Featured Movie “Classified X”, Producer Melvin Van Peebles. Town hall meeting: The Black Family Unit “By Any Means Necessary.” Informal public meeting to hear the opinions and responses from elected officials, community leaders, scholars and public figures. Authors pavilion: Author book signings/book sales featuring various authors and publishers to network and exchange ideas with each other. CD Listening Room: For independent music artist (Rap, Jazz, R&B etc.) Too sale, preview, sample and discuss their music and exchange industry information. Art exhibit: P.O.W. Art exhibition featuring the work of the late MarVines, touching on issues of rage, injustice and hope. Combining social commentary and art P.O.W.conveys an urgent social message to black males “It’s not too late.” Endangered Magazine release reception: Benefit Concert: Major label recording artist to be announced.

Market Place Vendors: corporate sponsors, small business, media sponsors, community outreach agencies, merchandise vendors showcase their products and services


(Each session will be videotaped)

Incarceration: Statistics from the Department of Justice indicate that black males are incarcerated – held in prison or jail – at a rate that is over 6 times higher than that for white males. For every 100,000 black males, an estimated 4,777 are held in federal or state prison or a local jail. By contrast, for every 100,000 white men, only 727 are estimated to be incarcerated.

Depression: It is a hidden crisis and it’s killing more young Black men then ever. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for Black men between the ages 15 and 24. Depression is the number one sign attributed to suicide. Ironically depression is the root cause of most aggressive behavior.

Marriage/Family: Slavery destroyed all family bonds accept mother and child creating Black families centered on mothers. Today fewer and fewer men are able to provide economic support because of unemployment or child support owed to children born to mothers out of wedlock. Female headed households, high divorce rates are a sign of social pathology and must be addressed if these problems are to be reduced.

Media: The media depiction of the African American male criminal stereotype we will explore the media ability to manufacture and transmit negative stereotype of African American men. We will examine the history of racial stereotypes and how it is internalized by African American youth, so they are made to to feel as though delinquent behavior is expected of them and many fall into the trap.

Gangs: The explosion of Hollywood violence themed ghetto films that convince fuels the stereotype that young Black males are inherently violent boys in the hood. Americans thug lifestyle is Black lifestyle. But when we examine gangs closer they are more of an envormental problem then a behavioral problem. We will examine how gangs are a byproduct of broken family structure and economic poverty.

Drug/Alcohol: African Americans continue to have a higher mortality rate, are more likely to be victims of drug-related crime, have higher rates of alcohol-related problems, and are more likely to contract AIDS/HIV than whites.

Entrepreneurship: Black Wall Street during the 1900s proved that African Americans could create, operate and run successful business. It was a moment in African American history that collapsed and ultimately destroyed by racism. Segregation and Black economic cooperation was catalyst for its success. The workshop will focus on strategies to regain economic empowerment.

Education: Statistically speaking fewer African American male students succeed in school. For example as many as 76 percent of African American males don’t graduate from high school in some areas of the nation. The same population is under represented as professionals in the educational system. The conference will attempt to shed light on complex problems facing Black males through out the educational system.

Health awareness: Black males in America have a peculiar paradox to third world countries. Black males have the shortest life span 57.5 years of any racial or ethnic group in the world, with the widest racial racial gaps in mortality occurring in the prime adult years ages 25-54. Example chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes 40 percent higher, heart disease 20 percent higher, kidney failure due to high blood pressure 20 times more likely to inflict Black males.

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Our goal is to tear down the wall of pain, silence about issues affecting African American males past, present and future. Through self-awar...