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March 2013

MARCH 2013

By: Yury Marcela Olivar Pedroza Level Intermediate I / 8 - 10 pm

1. Why endangered animals?


2. What happen in Colombia?



An endangered species is a species of organisms facing a very high risk of extinction. There are many things that cause a spice to became endangered. Some problems, such a pollution and perphans the loss of a wooded area for a new construction. HABITAT LOSS

A habitat is the ecosystem a spice needs to live for example swap, rainforest, woodland, desert . POLLUTION

Water, air and ground pollution are all related, toxic substances destroy soil and the spices that live in it. COMPETITION FROM OTHER SPICES





Colombia is a country that has animals diversity but doesn’t save of this problem. These are some endangered animals in Colombia. Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximum) This animal measure between 75 and 100 cm and its tail until 50 cm and can weigh 20 Kg. It’s dark brown except for its head, tail and the lower edges of its shell which are nearly white; its body is pink.

American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) Measure until 6 m. and weigh 182 Kg, can be until 50 to 60 years old, are well-armored with tough, scaly skin. They are gray-green or olive-green with long, slender snouts. Are fourth tooth on the bottom jaw that are visible when its mouth is closed.

Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis)

Orionco Crocodrile (Crocodylus intermedius)


Great Green Macaw

(Ara ambiguus)

Are birds shy and difficult to see, measure until 84 cm and weigh 1.3 Kg. Their colors are yellowish green, blue and red. Its face is with and black.

Brown-headed Spider Monkey, BlackAmerican Manatee, West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus)

headed Spider Monkey (Ateles fusciceps)

This specie has the tail longer than its body measuring between 70 to 85 cm and its body measure 40 to 44 cm and weigh 9 Kg.

Golden Frog (Atelopus zeteki)

Sloth (Bradypus variegatus)

This animal is capable of secreting poison to help protect themselves from predators. 5

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