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JCB – The Great Durable Mobile Handset

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Brought to you by Geoff Magee

JCB Phone – Rugged As They Come If you work in an environment that is rough, tough, and dusty or regularly working outdoors, then you should definitely consider looking at a JCB phone. JCB entered the mobile phone market quite a few years back. Since then they have gone on to develop an extensive range of super mobile phones. What sets JCB apart from many of the other mobile manufacturers is that the phones they design are specifically made to continue operating even in the most hostile of environments. Quite often these are referred to as JCB tough phones and there is a very good reason for this. They are extensively tested in the JCB factory before being put on sale to the general public. Their mobile handsets have been designed to work like normal mobile phones but in trying and difficult conditions. They are waterproof, dustproof and resistant to issues such as severe cold conditions or being dropped from a height. JCB identified this gap in the market place many years ago, and although other manufacturers have tried to catch up, in my opinion the JCB phone range has proven to be the best. I have worked in the mobile sales industry for well over 15 years. When you work in this industry you see many different mobile handsets come and go. The very last thing that we want in our retail store is a customer returning who has been disgruntled with his handset. That means we have an unhappy customer and we also either have to repair the phone or order a replacement. With the JCB range we simply do not have that problem as not only do JCB offer a great warranty, they very seldom go faulty. The biggest complaint we receive in our retail stores everyday is about water damage of a phone. For the vast majority of manufacturers water damage is not covered under any normal warranty. This means that the customer either has to pay for a full repair or simply have his phone no longer working. Clearly this is a bad situation and to try and avoid that we would always recommend that for any tradesman working outside, they should consider purchasing a JCB phone. When first released these phones only had very basic features and although durable they were restrictive for many. However since those early releases, JCB have fully extended the range. Today they even have an android mobile phone version of the JCB. The full range includes:    

JCB Tradesman JCB Site master J CB Motorola Defy JCB Protalk

Brought to you by Geoff Magee

All of these great phones still maintain their durability and the capability of being able to work in the most inclement conditions. Now that JCB have added an extensive range of features and benefits, it makes this phone range very appealing to either tradesman or people working outdoors. We find the biggest market for these phones to be with plumbers, joiners, electricians, surveyors, architects and anyone working outdoors on a regular basis. As I have said before these phones are suitable for all of the above customers and the return rate is extremely low.

Brought to you by Geoff Magee

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Geoff Magee, leading technology Mobile industry expert gives his opinion on the JCB Mobile phone range.