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The international buyers' guide to

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edal-power will not change the world on its own,

but the future will be bleak without it. This is a book of ideas and solutions: ingenious, practical responses to a whole range of real needs, going far beyond the deadening dictates of fashion. We hope it gives an idea of what can happen when we combine the potential of our bodies with mankind's most perfect machine. Cycling is a very special activity: too special and too usefulfor it to be sidelined as just a sport or just a cheap and easy way of getting about. We need to change the way we think about personal trans port, about freedom and leisure: muscle power is something to be proud

of, and rarely is it so much

good fun to help change the world for the better in such an effective and visible way.


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ecumbent.s can be dedicated speed machines, fast toure or high-profile city bikes. Some designers bring the rider

low down as possible to reduce the all-important aerodynarr profile for speed events, at the expense of easy balance. Oth bring the rider up to the level of the average car driver, for a safer feel in city traffic. Whether it is for record attempts, shopping or touring, recumbents are often a better choice th the traditional diamond frame bicycle. Recumbents are still a rare species. This is partly due to the U (the international cycle sport organisation) deciding in 1934 keep recumbents out of official cycle sport: this after the Frenchman Francis Foure took the world record for the 1, 5, 1 20, 30, 40 and 50 kilometre distances in the Velocar made by George Mochet. He also took a sensational hour record at o 45km. The UCI decision put the brakes on the development recumbents, and only a few cycle makers kept the candle burning. In the thirties there were more than ten recumbent makers in Europe, making over a dozen different sorts of bike could even be argued that there were recumbents before thE turn of the century. The 1970s saw a resurgence of interest in recumbent design following the 1973 oil crisis and the growing realisation of the destructive effects on the environment of motor-powered transport. In America the International Human Powered Veh Association was set up to encourage human powered machines without any restrictions on the form they took. Nc recumbent riders run their own races under the liberal regim of the HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) clubs. This encourages the development of recumbent design, and new lightweight materials for both frames and fairings have inspired yet more innovation. There are HPV clubs in The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. They are springing up ir many other countries, too. National HPV have regular meetir where members can compete against each other, but there is also a strong sense of sociability and adventure. Because the recumbent is still a novel form it seems to excite designers from outside the field of traditional bicycle design. llyushin aircraft engineers in Moscow, an Australian sports ca enthusiast, a Danish electronics engineer, and a packaging engineer from Norfolk, England, have all got into the act.


I . .umbent 5

Because the forms which recumbents take are so varied,

performance. A streamlined tail box can often be mounted to

newcomers can often make radical design innovations with the

bring unhelpful turbulences into line, and the box serves as a

skills they bring from other areas.

useful place to store luggage. A front fairing gives aerodynamic

Many recumbent designers are motivated by a strong sense of

improvements along with some weather protection.

ecological responsibility and are producing a range of everyday

At speeds of 25 kph 90% of your energy is taken up with over-

recumbents which can be enjoyed by everybody in all weathers.

coming wind and rolling resistance, and wind resistance is by far

Riders feel comfortable in city traffic with at least a partial

the greatest factor. A full fairing is the most effective way of

fairing, and have a relatively high seating position to make eye

minimising wind resistance but this is hardly practical except for

contact with motorists. These designers realise that to attract

serious competitive events. Partial fairing like the Zzipper can

people away from the motor car they have to aspire to high

be fitted to most machines.

standards of convenience and safety. By producing striking

Some people prefer to relax on a recumbent seat rather than

designs, they hope to also attract customers who might not

perch on a narrow saddle. Sitting back allows the chest to

look twice at a traditional bicycle.

expand and you can breathe more freely. The wrists are relieved

Recumbents are certainly eye-catching, which can add to their

of pressure, the shoulders relax and you have a better view of

safety. Also, with a lower centre of gravity than standard

the surroundings - which makes many recumbents ideal

bicycles, and with the rider in a recumbent position, the brakes

touring bikes. They will often be suitable for people with back

can be slammed on without the rider being thrown over the

and knee problems who would otherwise need to abandon


cycling completely.

Recumbent tricycles are particularly stable and can be equipped

After a period of acclimatisation, riders can undertake longer

with a tremendous gearing range. This can enable people who

journeys; the ultimate perhaps being the 1000 kilometres in a

are unable to ride traditional bikes to sit back and power up hills

day achieved recently by Axel Fehlau in a fully faired track

in their own sweet time. If they get tired they can stop and take


a breather, without moving from the comfort of their seat. The

There are sometimes drawbacks. Recumbents often weigh

stability and fast, sure manoeuvring of recumbent trikes make

more than conventional bikes, and can have complicated trans-

them a very different riding sensation from that of two-

mission arrangements. Hill climbing on a recumbent needs

wheelers, and three wheels (or four) are also good for

practise and employs different muscles to those used on a


diamond frame bike, but with suitable tactics recumbent riders

This year has seen the launch of four-wheeled recumbent load

can master long and steep climbs. The fact that you cannot rise

carriers from top British designers. It seems that we may at last

out of the saddle to stand on the pedals forces you to concen-

be developing modern human-powered load-carriers to replace

trate on good gearing and careful changing.

colourful old workhorses like traditional rickshaws, which may

In 1989 Dr Paul McCready summed up the potential of Human

be fine for a city's tourist trade, but have restricted relevance

Powered Vehicles: "I feel that their greatest values are in getting


some people away from being 'couch potatoes' and starting to

The new transporter-recum bents can help to fill in the gaps for

think a bit about the interrelation between nature (here,

people who wish to adopt a pedal-powered lifestyle but are

muscle-power) and technology (the vehicle). This ties in with

stumped by the prospect of transporting a fridge or cooker

global ecology, conservation of resources and the big issue of

across town.

'what is man?'."

It's often said of recumbents that they are faster than standard

Our recumbent section for this year shows a continuing diversi-

bicycles. This is not always demonstrable, but it is established

fication and imaginativeness in design. We hope you enjoy the

that recurnbents are comfortable and fast at once, whereas


traditional fast bikes can be uncomfortable. The relaxed sitting position gives a lower frontal area for better aerodynamic



n the one hand Dr Loren

sizes to suit all riders from 1525mm to

Hufstetlei a trained aeronautical

1930mm in height (5'0" to 6'4"). There

engineer fascinated by bike

are three models. The Commuter

design. On the other hand Robert

6b 1itrter twt L.oreft fft4ste(.€r


provides an affordable entry to recum-

Turner an architect spending most of

bent riding, the Tour has higher specifi-

his spare time making experimental

cation gearing and brakes for the long

recumbents. Put them together and

distance rider, while the Grand Tour has

you get a bicycle which appeals to the

a hydraulic disc brake for the front

conservative values of comfort, safety

wheel, a pannier rack, and a recharge-

and efficiency, and yet embodies real

able lighting system with the batteries

new thinking in recumbent design.

concealed within the frame.

Loren Hufstetler had been refining a

Robert Turner likes to race recumbents

recumbent design as a spare time

and has also designed the Aerobike

project over several years before joining

Sprint. This is a short-wheelbase track

forces with Robert Turner, a fellow

machine, nimble and controllable

4130 Cro-Moly steel for main

citizen of Edinburgh, whose enthusiasm

enough for the road, and weighing in at

frame. Front and rear forks are

and practical knowledge were essential

only 28 lbs. The Sprint is now available

to final development and the move

to anyone, with individual customer


Reynolds Suspension:


Firestone air-spring giving up to

into production. The first production

specifications accommodated. Partial

Aerobikes (an appropriate name, given

and full fairings are currently under

Cordura-covered cushion with

Loren Hufstetler's original profession)


nylon webbing back over Reynolds

were delivered to customers in April

9cm of travel and load adjustment Seat:

531 frame. Simple four-bolt fixing to adjust for rider height



The Aerobike is designed as a commut-

Aluminium frame with threequarter length polypropylene

ing and long distance touring bike with a long wheelbase to produce safe,

fairing. Wheels:

predictable handling and to carry lots

Front 20" x 1.25" (32-406), rear 700c (28-622). Alloy rims.

of luggage. The rider sits at the same

Weight Tour Model, Size 1 - 15.5kg

height as a motor cyclist for a good


view and visibility. The high riding

Brakes: Commuter model: front alloy

position allows a compact bicycle, with

drum, rear side-pull. Tour model:

a wheelbase shorter than conventional

alloy drum on both wheels. Grand Tour model: front Sachs hydraulic

long wheelbase machines. It also allows

disc, rear alloy drum.

direct steering, and an elegant three-

Gearset: Sachs 2000, 5000, or New Success depending on model.

quarter-length fairing integral with the handlebars. Air suspension over the rear wheel damps out tiring road

The Aerobike Sprint has a 20" (406mm) rear wheel,Moulton 17"

shocks and the front fairing cuts down

front wheel, TA Cyclotouriste

wind resistance which, say the makers

chainset with Sachs 5000 derailleurs, and Dia Compe sidepull brakes.

gives a speed advantage of up to 15% over a conventional cycle. The Aerobike is available in two frame

Prices vary greatly according to country. In Britain expect to pay between £1150 and £1750.




Acrøhikr embt"kes Ltd /{ftCted


v t"iti a6tt



1:;... Joctckn ?么k






open construction, WIG

t's hard to summarise the ideas and

ecologically sustainable mobility needs

A further technical nicety is the shaft

ambitions of Dieter Baum, Burkard

for the future.

drive to the front wheel. This is ready

Muller, and Joachim Pohl. As

Dieter Baum is a plastics expert, active

for production, say the makers, and

Joachim Pohl enthuses: "A Body Turn

in Formula 1 and the German Touring

should give a clean, maintenance-free

Bike with electric drive is being

Car Championships, for which he has

and long-lasting power transmission, in

planned. We can make good use of

built complete cars for the Group C

exchange for minimal mechanical

Burkard M眉l ler's knowledge of solar

class. He is responsible for the fairings

losses. The shaft drive hub, with its

technology. We're offering the solar

and MM technology of the Formula 1

three bearings, is certainly a unique

'filling station' for it", he continues,

Mercedes', and has specialised in proto-

item on the market. A patent has been

"and in 1996, the Body Turn Bike will

typing and in vacuum-forming carbon

applied for to cover the high-grade

compete in the Solar World


steel double-frame construction with

Championships in Australia".

Burkhard Muller is responsible for the

sprung shellseat/backrest involving

Joachim Pohl is a qualified process engi-

the frame building. His firm specialises

four-fold suspension. The BTB develop-

neering and runs the Gesellschaft zur

in heating, and in solar technology. He

ers are now in close contact with a

Energie-Erhaltung: the Energy

is an excellent welder and has also

retail chain. The initial result is a BTB

Conservation Company, makers of the

made the transition to adhesive

promotion tour in branches, with

GEE Combustor. This is a a hot gas


presentation, advice, sales and rider

generator (for producing, for example,

The development of the BTB began in

training. Despite this promising start,

electricity or heat) and offering the

1994, inspired by the Flevo-Bike, and by

the makers are looking for a sponsor

greatest energy output with the

work done at Oldenburg University.

who can bring the MMM work to fruition.

minimum of pollutants. It makes only a

The open style frame creates very great


fiftieth of the German legal limit of 250

sheer forces, which are countered by

Weight: with shell-seat,

milligrams NOX (nitrogen oxides)

the use of top grade materials such as

about 20kg.

per NM3 . The system is based on

stainless steel and special aluminium

welded, brazed, bonded, wi


vaporising oil through combustion with

All types. GLAD (belt drive) o shaft. Auxiliary electric power or Saxonnette combustion motor.

i insufficient air in a vacuum, with a total

alloys. The frame and spring seat need to cope with a very high maximum

absence of rust. It can't be proved by

force of 250 Nm.

the laws of physics, but actual experi-

It's hard to describe the bike's steering.

ence shows the inventor to be right.

It has rear wheel steering with partly

ergonomically shaped, divided

Well-known firms are trying to develop

central and front steering, the

into two.

similar systems but, says Joachim Pohl,

constructors explain. Anyone, they say,

cannot not reach the output and low

can master the BTB after one or two



Model Vario:

demountable, with module

pollutant achievements of the GEE

hours familiarisation. The front wheel



drive and the unusual steering give a

Double rear wheel attachment

With the BTB Joachim Pohl avoids well

novel riding sensation, even for experi-

unit, full fairing, cabriolet

worn paths and seek out new ones:

enced recumbent riders. Once any

fittings for the MMM system.

(airing, partial fairing, front

"The initial phase of development was

initial difficulties of seized muscles are

troublesome", he says, "because poten-

overcome, the bike gives - according to

In Germany, where it is

tial partners thought they already knew

the makers and many Body Turn Bike

made, the basic Body

all the answers and took me in wrong

riders - a relaxed, free-and-easy ride, as

directions." He is determined to turn

if on rails. It's achieved by combining

the vision of the MMM into reality. The

body movement with steering action

and/or side airbag.

Turn Bike costs DM 3970. and the Vario Model DM 4550. Soon a conversion kit for normal bicycles

MMM is the Muscle-driven Modular

using the short levers by the rider's

will be on offer which will

Multifunctional vehicle, which is to

thighs. This is due to the vertical

cost DM 2850.



offer single and double-track options,

steering axis and the automatic

with different fairings and additional

steering 'centraliser', along with the

power-inputs: all providing for peoples'

specialised low-friction bearings.







?okC -Merni/gernutft






O '-












ike Burrows made the

The frame consists of 14 special

Windcheetahs primarily for his

castings, five different tube sizes and a

own enjoyment on the race

unique bonding system. Disc brakes are

track: but fellow HPV enthusiasts has

soon to be introduced, and develop-

other ideas altogether; and begged him

ment is underway on a kevlar front

to go into production. In limited

fairing and tail piece to improve aero-

numbers he did,.. and a cult began.

dynamics and weather protection, and

The Windcheetah's aesthetic appeal

to add significant luggage-carrying

and the relationship between form,

capacity. Frames are also being made in

function and materials recently led to it

a variety of sizes.

being chosen for exhibition at the New

Equipment is largely to the customer's

York Museum of Modern Art. But it's

choice. And if you want to go the

best exhibited on the road or race

whole hog you can have a custom-

track: it's an exciting machine for

made full body shell for track racing -

anyone who likes going very fast close

although this is not recommended for

aluminium lugs

to the around. The low riding position 0

use on the open road. The other good

Length of medium size:

gives the impression of added speed as

news is that there is a full spares and

1.98m(6'6"), for riders l.63mto

the road ahead rushes up to meet you,

renovation service for the early

1.83m (54" to 60

and there's little to match the excite-

Windcheetahs made in the pre-Seat of

Mainframe: -


aluminium, with LM25




Normally TA chainset with

ment of throwing a Windcheetah into

the Pants days.

fast, tight turns without the loss of

Technical Director; Bob Dixon, and his

stability, knowing that the 17" wheels

two marketing associates have used

have the inherent strength to cope with

their business backgrounds to increase

the massive forces caused by fast

worldwide awareness of the

manoeuvrin g.

Windcheetah, bringing big sponsorship



A 41i

Shirnano XT/XTR Wheels: 17" and 26" Weight: 15.8kg(341b) Equipment is largely to


The pleasures of riding a Windcheetah

customers' choice

V go way beyond the race track. Many I

into the HPV world for the first time. In competitive events, the Windcheetah is

Prices vary according to

owners enjoy everything from fast day

sponsored by Loctite - whose adhesive

country. The lowest price

rides to relaxed touring. It's even been

is used to bond the frames - and by

ridden from coast to coast in the

Melram, makers of the high quality


magnesium composite tubing to be

is in Britain where you


can expect to pay around ÂŁ2900.

Today, manufacture of the

used on a forthcoming Land's end to

Windcheetah has been taken over by

John O'Groats record attempt and

the aptly named Seat of the Pants

which may eventually be used on top

Company, leaving Mike free to advise

end racing production models.

on some well-measured product devel-

Prospective customers will soon be able


to enjoy observation facilities at the

Apart from its cruciform configuration

new Manchester factory. Once there,

and aircraft-style control column, the

they will also be able to see assembly of

Windcheetah is remarkable for its rear

the all-new 'Pickup' four-wheeled

stub axle, with the wheel supported on

recumbent load carrier; designed by

just one side, an upholstered carbon-

The Seat of the Pants Company with

kevlar seat, and a host of specialised

Mike Burrows' close involvement,

parts hand-made to exacting tolerances.

In competitive events the Wiridcheetah is sponsored by Loctite



The Seat oi


Pants Conpan y.









asy Racers' bikes have speed written all over them. At one time


SPECIFICATIONS The Easy Racer weighs 14kg lb) and the Gold Rush Replica





He lowered the stoker's seat, stretched



with a mix of Shimano/Altus C50

his feet forward to the captain's pedals

components. The quick-release seat has

and was suddenly inspired.

an aluminium frame and slides fore and

bike and its even faster sibling, the Gold

Back at his shop, after some frame

aft along the top tube to accommodate

Rush Replica, have held more human-

redesign and the addition of swept-

different-sized riders, though the EZ-1

power speed records than any other

back Stingray handlebars, the Tour Easy

also comes in two sizes: men's small-

manufacturer in the world - from the

was born. The Tour Easy is both fast

medium and medium-large. The front

200 meter sprint all the way to the 24

and practical, being the first machine to

wheel is 16", the rear 20". Quality 16"

hour record. In fact, the original fully-

win the IHPVA's Practical Vehicle

tyres are difficult to source, but

faired Gold Rush bike is on permanent

Contest in 1982. It is now a time tested

Gardner is happy to sell spares with

display at the Smithsonian Museum in

design with millions of touring miles

every bike sold, and at a resonable

Washington, D.C., in recognition for

clocked up by customers all over the


asP' or another Easy Racers' Tour Easy



having won the $18,000 DuPont Prize

world. At the heart of the Tour Easy is a

Easy Racers were among the first

in 1986 and for being the first HPV to

tough, 4130 Cro-Moly steel frame with

pioneers to use fairings on recumbents

surpass 65 miles per hour.

a reputation for reliability. An even

for both speed and comfort, and they

higher performance ride is provided by

continue to spec Zzipper fairings

,Easy Racers' President, Gardner Martin,

1225kg (271b). Both have a

founded the company back in 1979

the lightweight, aluminium framed

(featured elsewhere in this book) as an

wheel-base of 160-175cm (63":

after an initial career as abuilder/

Gold Rush Replica. This bike is a copy of

option for all of their bikes.

69"), in sizes to fit riders 1.57m 1.93m (5'2"-6'4"). The seat is made of a carbon, kevlat foam and lycra. Gears: 21 speed Deore XT/LX, the Racer havin

'mechanic of motorcycles and race cars.

the speed-record-breaking Gold Rush

Gardner has now sold an estimated

Gardner entered the first HPV speed-

for sport riding or touring: a legendary

2,500 of his bikes worldwide. He

meet in 1975 and had the first bicycle to


himself still enjoys the thrill of speed,

break 50 mph in 1979 powered by fast

The EZ-1 medium wheelbase recum-

and the knowledge that thousands of

Gripshifts and the Replica

Freddy Markham, the Olympic bike

bent carries on the Easy Racer tradition

others are enjoying a faster and more

Ultegra bar controls

racer who won all Team Easy's records.

of comfort and user-friendliness while

comfortable ride.

The EZ-1 has a wheelbase of

These were achievements to be proud

meeting the market demand for less-

14m (55"), will fit riders from

of, but Gardner wanted to design

expensive leisure models.

something more practical. In 1976, while

The 18 speed EZ-1 is made with

on a tandem ride with a friend, he hit

Cro.MoIy and hi-tensile steel square-

upon the idea for his production bike.

section tubing and comes standard

1.52-1.83m (5' to 6') and weighs 13kg (291b). The seat is aluminium/foam/lycra. It comes standard with 18 speeds or with an optional 21 speed Gripshift. Prices vary according to country. In the USA you can expect to pay around $800 for an EZ-1, $2600 for a Gold Rush Replica and $1695 for the Tour Easy.

n -Dents r,ecum I /


Ez 'ctcers litc /c(5() Easy Racers, Inc.



Cart j'oiUnj

((if e. t54t srCik

enmark's contribution to the

your weekend break or annual tour.

early development of recum

Curt produces two basic models: the

drilling different location holes through

bents lies in the area of comfort:

Tough, and the Easy, the latter having

the fibre glass base.

the Danish term Sofacykel says it all.

rear suspension. They have the same

Much of the equipment specification

Curt Bjallby has begun putting his

basic measurements and use the same

can be varied according to customer

nation back on its back, with his fine

45mm steel main tube. The racing

choice. The basic transmission is

and elegant short-wheelbase recum-

model of the Tough weighs 12kg and

currently SunTour gears with a 42/52

bents: a much livelier breed than their

the touring model 13kg, whilst the two

chainwheel and 13/28 six speed block.


models of the Easy weigh an extra kilo.

You could specify hub gears if you

He began to make recumbents in 1984

Both touring models have 20"x 1

but high production costs made them

front wheels and 28 x 1 1 /8 rear wheels,

difficult to sell: a problem which affects

while the racers have 20 x

many recumbent designers. But, being

wheels and 28x1 rear with 100 psi tyres.

up their mind: and it can be an Easy or Tough decision.

expert at controlling costs. He was

90% choose the below-seat version.

The luggage carrier shown in our photo

determined to sell his bikes at a fair

The cranks are on a boom, which slides

is an option, fitting into the main tube,

price, so he carefully analysed the costs

in the main tube to allow for different

instead of the seat support of the basic

of each process and set up batch

leg lengths.The seat comes in two sizes


touring and ra

100cm (all models).

The bikes are

height above road 52 cm (all



handsome, go

Seat Foam cushioned fibre glass.

which you can

Options include the

day and (havin

luggage carrier high

use on the rao

pressure racing wheels

the rack back

and a brazed on cycle

and comforta

A frameset and seat can be bought alone. Prices vary greatly according to country. The lowest prices are in Denmark, where a complete Easy costs 7,500 kroner and the Tough 6,600 kroner.


with clear ideas of what they want, but they can test a machine before making

Customers can choose above or below-

area and a con

computer mount.

seasoned cyclists who come to Curt

seat steering for the same price: over

would be suit



wished. Most Danish customers are

energy control systems, Curt is an

produce a recumbent with a low frontal




an electronics engineer working on

production. His design criteria were to


and the position is adjustable, by



ecetts /Deftni,crk.


T (cft



he Greenspeed Tandem Touring

board, but with much the same aero

and brake-fade on long descents. Then

Trike is one of the rarest beasts

drag. Furthermore, a standard solo

you have the particular efficiency of

ever to be found on the roads of

recumbent trike gives 20% more aero-

disk brakes, increased further by being

this planet, and surely one of the very

efficiency than a conventional

fitted to 20" wheels. This all gives, says


mountain bike. Combine these two sets

Ian, a braking power which has to be

It's a seriously fast, sophisticated

of advantages and you have one fast

experienced to be believed.

machine, developed from the

machine. Add a fairing and you hit even

The iTT can be built to suit any riders

Greenspeed solo touring and racing

greater speeds.

(including disabled) and normally has

recumbent trikes, whose performance

liTs have proven their worth on many

about 6 inches of leg adjustment for

is exciting enthusiasts worldwide.

Australian tours. The one in our photo-

each pedaller. The rear position can also

Greenspeed recumbents are made by

graph is to be ridden in the Paris-Brest-

be made adjustable to suit both adults

Ian Sims, in Ferntree Gully, Australia. He

Paris race, by Englishmen Pete Gifford

and children.

used to built sports cars and motorbike

and Noel Simpson. We will report in

The T1T may be a high performance

sidecars for racing: till he looked at the

Bike Culture magazine on how they

tourer for connoisseurs of the unusual,

way the world was going, and decided

got on.

but it is also a totally practical machine

reduced for riders under

to apply his knowledge and skills to

The tandem in the photo has a

for picking up visitors from the local


pedal-power. This transformed his life.

32/42/52 triple chainring and an 11/

station, for taking a child to school, or

Track: 90cm (35.5").

He got rid of his cat which is no light

30 eight-speed cluster on the Sachs 3 x

for loading shopping onto the empty

Turning circle: 73m (241.

matter in that huge country, and writes

7 hub gear, giving a very wide gear

rear seat. A remarkable mixture of the

SPECIFICATIONS Length:350cm (138"). Can be

Frame: Reynolds 531.

regularly for Australia's Soft

range gear from 15 to 125 inches.

exotic and the useful: but good fun in

Technology magazine.

The T1T can be set up with the cranks

all its guises.

Why is the Tandem Touring Trike (iTT)

90 degrees out of phase, so that only

You can read more about Ian Sims in Issue 2

so special? It gives you all the advan-

one person has full power on the trans-

of Bike Culture Quarterly

Weight: 29kg (64 Ibs). The price of the Greenspeed TTT varies greatly according to

tages of the solo Greenspeeds: the

mission at once - halving the strain on

costs around $5000

sureness of centre-point steering

the transmission, and making hill-


during fast cornering and sudden

climbing smoother: unlike on a conven-

braking, and the paradoxical combina-

tional tandem, where starting and

country. In Australia it

tion of lounge-chair comfort and a

cornering can be a problem with cranks

thrilling turn of speed, with powerful

out of phase.

braking to match. Then there are all the

Ian favours the Sachs hydraulic disc


generic advantages of trikes: low speed

brakes. Gone are friction in the cable


stability (right down to a standstill), allowing incredibly low gears for hills:



higher loadcarrying capacity, and good, safe road presence.

Left and far left:

The TTT adds new dimensions to

Greenspeed solo trikes

recumbent triking. It gives comfortable sociability, evening out the power coming from riders of different strengths. Any tandem is, says Ian, around 30% more efficient than a solo bike, since there are two riders on

The GreenspeedSWB



Grccnsprcd tundrm i;k greeptspeed /cstraLCa GREEi\PEED

touring trmkc

















s one of the pioneers of modern

New for 1995 is Tim's latest creation,

dard and rear suspension optional,

commercial recumbent manufac-

the Stealth. Priced at about 40% less

which augment speed and control

ture, Tim Brummer is not sur-

than a standard P-38, the Stealth is an

without sacrficing comfort on rough

prised at the fierce loyalty that his

entry-level recumbent, incorporating a

roads and performance rides. The com-

Lightning brand of bike engenders

similar frame geometry to its older

plete bike weighs a remarkable 19 lbs.

among owners. After all, he designed

brother while utilizing a simple mono-

while the R-84 frame is 50% stiffer than

the original Lightning back in 1979 to

tube frame and less expensive compo-

the P-38. A full fairing is available on all

equal the performance of expensive

nentry to reduce the price. The Stealth

the bikes and gives a cruising speed of

Italian racing bikes - considered the

does spec Lightning's well-designed

between 6 and 10 mph faster than on

standard-bearer of the time. Owners

handlebars and their legendary

an unfaired Lightning. All Lightnings can

swear by the bike's speed, comfort and

patented seat, however, to give the

be purchased as either framesets or

maneuverability and frequently take

rider as comfortable a ride as possible.

complete bikes.

the top prizes at HPV speed meets.

The Stealth features an adjustable seat

Tim built the first Lightning because

and boom to accommodate riders

traditional upright bikes with their

from 5'2" to 68" and the frame is

uncomfortable rider position made it

made entirely of Chromoly steel. The

increasingly difficult for him to ride as

Stealth follows the recent strategy

according to country.

far and as fast as he wanted. The

among US recumbent manufacturers

The lowest are in the

recumbent position promised faster

to offer less expensive variations of

USA, where you can

speeds on flats and descents while a rel-

their tried-and-true standard models.

atively high bottom bracket improved

As recumbents continue to grow in

the bike's hill climbing and acceleration.

popularity, this trend is likely to acceler -

The P-38 holds the team record in the

ate as manufacturers compete for a

Prices vary greatly

expect to pay around $1195 (frameset $805) for a Stealth, $1995 for P-38 (frameset $1280) and $5750 (frameset

Race Across America (RAAM); 3000

broader market.

$3100) for an R-84

miles in 5 days, 1 hour.

At the other end of the price and per-

with all the 'trick-bits'.

For safety, the P-38's seat height puts

formance spectrum is the Lightning R-

the rider at eye level with motorists.

84. The R-84 is primarily constructed of

Tim continues to sell over 100 of the P-

aerospace grade carbon fibre with

38 models every year, including one

some titanium pieces and oversized

recently to the American actress

aluminum tubing. This top-of-the-line

Whoopi Goldberg.

bike comes with front suspension stan-

The R-84



EC n


iightn lug P-58, Straith l R 84 ~

L kbt'K C cte D katn'cs /C'(513 '




T Ike Fateba Crew


he long-wheelbase touring

fairings, childseats and trailer hitches.

the customer rides off.

recumbent has always been

Other accessories, such as a chain-

Customers not able to collect their

queen of the road for anyone

guard, prop-stand, map-holder, mirror

Fateba in person can order one partially

wanting fast long-distance comfort and

and dynamo lighting set, have also been

assembled. Final assembly is easy and

stable luggage-carrying.

specially designed or adapted for the

takes one to two hours. Customers can

For over ten years a little-known

Long Bike. There is even a little gadget

also order the Long Bike through their

business in Switzerland has been

for fixing across the back of the seat to

friendly cycle shop which will be able to

making the L2 Long Bike to order for

give added resistance for performance

assemble the Long Bike frame kit with

Swiss, German and Austrian enthusi-

cyclists wanting minimal 'give' in that

bike parts of their own or the

asts willing to pay the extra for a


customer's choice.

Reynolds 531 frame, high component

The thoughtful design extends to the

The Fateba will soon be recognised

specification and personal service. The

storage and transportation of the Long

worldwide as a deluxe long wheel base

name is Fateba, and you won't see

Bike. With a single 5mm alien key, it can

machine which is ideal, amongst other

many of them on the road. Their

be collapsed to fit on a train or for

things, for the tens of thousands of

friendly brochure introduces the work-

easier storage. In an ingenious bit of

miles of long-distance cycle paths now

force: there is Alois Bachmann, the

lateral thinking, the low-rider luggage

being built in Europe and elsewhere, or

designer,Roll Baltensperger, the crafts-

rack forms part of the mounting when

as the machine you might take on that

Wheelbase 1509mm-1662mm

man, Jakob Bun, who assembles and

the Long Bike is loaded onto a car

world-tour you keep dreaming about

(depending on frame size).

affectionately services the products,



and Markus H채nni, who loves to be

Fateba usually sell complete machines

dragged away from doing the accounts.

direct to customers who come to

Wheels: Front 17" Moulton; Rear 700c

Approx 16kg fully equipped.

It's a top notch machine. Standard

collect them at their workshop in

fittings are Swiss-made EDCO hubs,

Winterthur. The four co-workers enjoy

complete bike costs from

bottom bracket and chainset The seat

this personal contact, and are able to

3800 Swiss Franks.

incorporates suspension elements and

make exact final adjustments before

Prices vary according to country. In Switzerland a

is adjustable for angle; both it and the handlebars can be moved independently of each other along the top tube for a precise fit. The handlebar is also


fully adjustable for angle and width. Mudguards, rack, bottle cage, pump and lock all come as part of the package. The frame itself comes in five sizes. The Long Bike is well suited to load carrying. Fateba also offer Zzipper

The Long Bike pictured is equipped

with Ortlieb towing luggage

rTc.u.m D.OfltS..




fateba/ 5w(tzertapta



hundred years ago the Wright Brothers experimented with different designs of aeroplane wing by

strapping them to their bicycles. Why,

SPECIFICATIONS Head angle: 72 degrees _Turning Circle: 5.5m.

Bram Moens wondered, had aircraft design then evolved so quickly, while cycle design had remained so static until HPVs came along?

As the MS is generally made to individual specifications it is not

To find the answer to this and other

Bram Moens at speed

questions Bram Moens became a cycle

normally available

designer,pioneering, over the twelve

Bram's most popular machine is the

improves the aerodynamics by control-

through shops.

years, many of the HPV design ideas

M5, which accounts for about 80% of

ling the turbulence caused in your

and building techniques which are now

his business. It is available in two

wake. If you want to break a world

common. His academic training in

versions, either with suspension (20"

record or two, you can order an MS

three-dimensional design have greatly

front wheel, 28" rear wheel) or without

carbon full-body shell, designed by

affected his work. He aims for a beauty

(26" front, 28" rear). Steering can be

Bram Moens and Dirk Thijs.

of form which comes from using the

under-the-seat or over-the-frame. The

There is also an MS tandem, which can

minimum amount of material to

steel (Cro-Moly) frame is TIG welded

be dismantled for easy transportation,

"Ifelt pretty stoned after 45 minutes. Ifound that the fulibodyfaired didn't allow enough air intake; I had to screw my head upwards to take advantage of the air coming from the wind turbulence from my rear wheel. For the final ten minutes

condensation stopped me from seeing through 90% of my windscreen, so 1 followed the white line on the trackside at over 70k ph."

achieve maximum performance, "I try

and soldered, and epoxy-coated. The

an MS made specially for children, and

to take cycle design to the stage where

MS is popular both as a fast-tourer

a production hand-cranked tricycle, for

if you take more away if would not

and as a commuting vehicle, but

which demand has been exceptionally

work anymore".

clearly shows its racing pedigree. It's


Bram Moens is the renaissance man of

an exciting ride on or off the track.

the HPV world. He not only designs

Options include a rear 80 litre baggage

and builds his own recumbents: he also

compartment and a glass fibre front

races on them, with spectacular


success. Last year on the Lelystad track

His MS Carbon (carbon-fibre) is a

in the Netherlands, seven metres below

different animal. It's considerably lower,

sea level, he broke (and still holds) the

and intended for racing or fast road

world one-hour distance record, at

training. The frame is lighter, and

77123 kilometres. He is now working

designed to optimise the qualities of

with the Technical University of Delft

the material. Even the two-spoke wheel

on a new fairing, with the aim of

is carbon-fibre. It can be fitted with a

achieving 90km in one hour.

carbon fibre rear tail section, which

Other performances on Moens machines have been impressive: his hand-cranked two-wheeler has recorded 35.376 km/h breaking the world unfaired hand-powered record. A standard steel version of his Low Racer recorded 51.091 kph on a track in Bordeaux, with the rider producing only 325 watts of power. Top professional riders can produce 455 watts; Moens himself has produced 375 watts

Bram Moens on the ride which broke the World Hour Record

on a good day. These power outputs are taken from wind-tunnel measurements.

The MS low racer

graft AuKs /Jetkertapta5

The current standard IvlS is available with or without suspension



strad (literally 'East Bike') are a

the rear and more than 40mm at the

easy steps between the gears. One

collective of cycle designers and

fork, to glide over the poor roads in

particular customer was so enthusiastic

builders who both run a cycle

Berlin and its surroundings. The old

about the gear range possibilities that

shop and build bikes. The young, envi-

DDR government let existing roads fall

he ordered a bike with 96 gears!

ronmentally aware team wanted to

into disrepair and scarcely built any new

Ostrad's short-wheelbase more than

produce practical vehicles which partic-

ones. Some wonderful cobbled roads

offers what is needed in the trend

ularly suit local needs. Their long wheel

survived, but made for rigorous cycling.

towards short-wheelbase machines,

-base recumbent was featured in last

what in mountain bike parlance is

without leaving behind the basic princi-

year's Encycleopedia and now they

acclaimed as 'race proven' might be

ples - the technology of articulation

have adopted the same design princi-

called 'Berlin tested' where recumbents

rear frame suspension, steering and

ples to a short wheel base machine.

are concerned.

seat have been transferred from their

Comfort is the main aim of the Ostrad

Suspension is also helps with load-

long-wheelbase recumbent, to make a

team, for what use is speed if it cannot

carrying, especially when the carrier is

speedy and nimble touring and

be enjoyed? What makes more sense:

mounted on the main frame, so that all

everyday machine, but one that will

to frantically arrive at a destination,

loads have the benefit of the suspen-

appeal to riders who also have sporting

needing half an hour to recuperate, or

sion. Wheels that are suspended also


to get there twenty minutes later and

grip the road better and provide a

In Germany the short-wheelbase


step from the bike relaxed? In their

margin of safety in dangerous situa-

costs around DM4400, depending on

AMP suspension, shortened for

quest for comfort, the basis of all

tions. On a well suspended bike the


20" wheels.

cycling pleasure, the Ostrad team

rider's legs need to cope with less

were not satisfied with modifying

acceleration and deceleration.

traditional bicycles, but started from

One of the main problems with most

The Ostrad Ie,a,m.

SPECIFICATIONS Frame: 55mm steel tube, WIG welded, three sizes.

Gears: Sachs Quarz, 35 gears, 36 tooth front sprocket, Kinex bottom

first principles.

suspensions is the interaction with the

As well as producing a comfortable

transmission system. Ostrad have got


ride, by incorporating suspension, they

round this by pivoting the intermediate

VIP System.

wanted a high carrying capacity, a good

drive on the same axis as the rear

choice in specifications, and an assured

swinging arm of the suspension. The

supply of spare parts. The latter was

changer operates on both lengths of

bracket. Weco Rotor gears.

Length: about 1650mm, wheelbase 1090mm. _Seat height: 660mm. _Weight: 16.8kg.

achieved by avoiding unnecessary

chain at once. It shifts the front chain

special parts and the use of standard

on up to four cogs in the intermediate

sizes and components in areas like rim

chainset, whilst another shifts over a

size. The 20 x 1.75 rims allow a very

further block of 7-8 cogs at the rear.

wide tyre choice in slicks to off road

The transmission is standardised on 35

patterns and in high or low pressure,.

gears, giving a spectrum of 1.80 to over

The suspension on all Ostrad bikes -

8.00 metres per pedal revolution, with

tandems, long-wheelbase solos or short wheelbase solos - is characteristically generous, with 200mm of travel at FEATURE

The Ostrad long-wheelbase

2XW IN ."





Ostrc(4 gntht /gernutft1


etf cLt Vrts

SPECIFICATIONS Wheels: alloy, 16" front, 20" rear. Seat:











or many years life was fairly

whichever side of the road you ride on.

shorter front section. This too can be

predictable for Jan Roelf de Vries

It has a comfortable seat, underseat

converted to a tricycle, and the rear

He had a steady job as training

ff&rnt4 wiA 3a,r


suspension, and a useful rack between

ends exchanged between both models

supervisor in the engineering work-

the two rear wheels. Available as extras

To date Sinner cycles have been largely

shops of Dutch Railways, and managed

are a luggage box and a childseat. There

marketed by word of mouth. The

to fit in a daily 100 kilometres on his

is a a hitch on the rack for a trailer,or an

business is based on direct contact with

racing bike. But his spirit became

adapter can be used to join on another

customers and a high degree of

restless: he began to tire of his conven-

Comfort, making an articulated

customer choice. There is a waiting list,

tional job and his conventional bike.

tandem version. Ajunior Comfort is

but this at least gives Sinner time to

Then came a hernia operation, which

available, and can be linked to the adult

source any non-standard components

marked an end to cycling as he knew it.


or accessories you require. A Sachs

Recumbent cycling began to fascinate

Before long customers began to ask Jan

front drum brake is fitted as standard

him. A low machine would be comfort-

and Harma for something faster and

on the Record, and Sachs 3 x 7 trans-

able for himself and other riders, and its

sportier. Their response was the two-

mission is very popular. A range of

lower wind resistance would take the

wheeled version of the Comfort. This

luggage is available from small bar bags

sting out of the hefty breezes prevalent

also has an aluminium frame, and

to world-touring panniers.

in the northern flatlands where Jan

shares the same front end as the three

The business will inevitably change as it

Flevo-Bike, made of polyester


wheeler, so you can convert a bike to a

grows: already Sinner have agents in

Optional integrated cycle

Together with his wife and business

trike by swapping the rear parts.

Germany and in England, and are

partner,Harma, Jan began to develop

Next they built the Record, which has a

computer. Weight: Comfort 16kg(351bs), Record 12kg (26.5lbs).

beginning to sell some of their

ideas. They felt that a comfortable seat

machines through cycle shops. Just the

and tricycle configuration would make

same, they derive great pleasure from

it easier for motorists to adapt to

leaving the paperwork and workbench

Prices vary greatly

cycling. Tens of thousands of miles

when a visitor has an appointment for a

according to country. In

were ridden on prototypes. One early

test ride.

the Netherlands, you can expect to pay around 3,200 guilders for a Comfort and 2,500 guilders for a Record.

version had a small auxiliary motor on test, but Jan was stopped by the police and told he was offending Dutch traffic law: a transgression which gave the firm its name. The motorised project is now on hold because there is such a demand for Sinner HPVs. Their trike, the Comfort, is clearly not meant to be a competition machine: but nor is it a slouch. Its light, aluminium frame helps give a fine turn of speed, and you can throw it round corners with assurance. Both rear wheels are directly driven, which improves general performance and avoids road camber problems,


Left: Sinner seats are designed and made by F/eva Bike Below: The Sinner Comfort

recumbents I




I r i r%n e r

L\L/L/L.LL L 5uter ecnthei,ts / Jetker(1cutcLs

For components there is a high degree of customer choice




hen Julius Caesar crossed the










With the exception of a few small steel



Sachs New Success, but is happy to

Rubicon there was no turning

parts in some of the commercially avail-

advise on other options.

back. By giving the name to his

able components, there is nothing to

The powerful Hope disk brakes are

new recumbent Ray Watering rightly

rust on the Rubicon: the spokes, and all

applied with very low lever pressure

implies that riding low on three wheels

bolts are stainless steel, and the rest is

through a single master cyclinder

is a sensation which can irrevocably

mostly aluminium and plastic. Even the

connected to a T-piece which ensures

alter one's attitude to cycling.

Sachs chain is rust-resistant

equal pressure to each of the front

In the past Ray built and designed

Ackermann steering is used, and atten-

wheel brakes. There is no loss of power

Microlite aircraft. Although still a keen

tion to detail has produced some well

due to cable friction. The size and

flier he now enjoys equivalent pleasures

designed components, particularly the

unenclosed nature of the brake disks

on the terrestrial plain. Riding a low

king pin brackets which incorporate

give excellent heat dissipation, which

recumbent trike is often described in

steering arm, stub axle fixing and

avoids brake-fade on long descents,

terms of flying, a sensation reinforced

hydraulic caliper brake mount, Cables

and braking efficiency is enhanced by

by the fact that every aspect of the

from the gear shifters and tube from

the close ratio between the size of the

machine's performance (apart form

the hydraulics run through the centre

disks and the 18" wheels they are fixed

your power input) is transmitted via

of the steering column giving a tidy


the control stick, so reminiscent of old-

solution to loose cabling. The customer

The 18" wheels with Hope Technology

style aeroplanes. Yet it is being so close

can specify the transmission system to

titanium front hubs and Rubicon


to the ground which adds to the fun.

be fitted. Ray himself has a liking for

special rear hub, withstand enormous


The surface of the road often seems to

sideways forces as the Rubicon is

rush towards you, like a fast-action film,

thrown about. Tyre availability is

SPECIFICATIONS Seat: moulded fibre glass with a removable seat cover. Length:

825mm _Height: 720mm Weight:

accentuating your speed, and the

reasonable at this size. All wheels are on

lowness of the ride allows fast and

stub axles, which saves weight. It also

thrilling manoeuvres which also bring

allows the rear wheel not to be dished,

The Rubicon is also available in

added safety when you need to miss

giving added strength, and changing a

kit form.

something on the road.

tyre or fixing a puncture becomes a

A touring kit is available, of

Ray Watering is a project/technical

cinch: all bearing out the Rubicon

manager in industry who has been in

slogan: 'There's no turning back!'.

17kg (37lbs)

Carradice Super C panniers with quick release fixings.

engineering all his working life. His Prices vary according to

leisure interests have always involved

country. In the UK the

sports which involve technology, and

Rubicon costs ÂŁ2500.

one of his greatest thrills is slaloming the Rubicon down a rocky test track



near his home.

Hydraulic disk brakes,

He is the first to point out that his

and stub axle

inspiration for the Rubicon was the


Burrows' Windcheetah. He took the generic format and worked afresh on angles, dimensions and features basing the design on rectangular section stainless steel. Ray has always enjoyed working in stainless steel. It has excellent welding properties, never rusts, obviates the need for a paint job, keeps a good finish, and is ultimately recyclable.



j J L




rTl V e n





eer( /(/(frtea (doin



vi I

- *W4.14














hort wheelbase or long? If you are

imentation which are so essential for

Vision have now produced a splendid

not sure which one you want, you

dynamic product development.

satchel-type seat-back bag for day trips.

can get both with the Vision from

The main frame of the R40 and R42 is

All Visions accept standard rear racks

based on a large diameter 5.08cm (21

and include water bottle braze-ons.

ATP. The Vision R-40 and R-42 both have a convertible wheelbase, which

backbone. There are two seat positions

For those who simply want a fast

takes about 20 minutes to change.

on the frame, and the sliding front

machine the Vision R-45 short wheel-

Both configurations are extremely

crank boom adjusts for rider size. Grip

base recumbent weighs in at 10.67kg

comfortable, high performance bicycles

Shifts change the 21 gears on the R40

(23.5Ibs), thanks to the use of alloy in

with a multitude of features. The highly

and R42. The wheels are alloy 26" rear

the boom and seat stays and some

manoeuvrable short wheelbase (SWB)

and with your choice of 16" or 20" (iso

choice components. the 1 3/4" (4.5cm)

Prices vary according to

machines are ideal for fast commuter

size 36:406) alloy front. All Visions

frame tubing gives an excellent

country. The lowest are in

rides to work, or a leisurely Sunday ride,

come with the option of either under-

strength to weight ratio. If you want to


the USA, where they

and the short length makes them easy

seat steering (hands by your sides) or

race the R45, you can get the weight

to store. The long wheelbase (LWB)

above-seat steering (hands in front of

down to under 20Ibs.

conversion extends them into kingly,


Accessories for all the Visions include a

easy-riding bicycles with a very smooth

The R40 SWB model weighs just 13.4kg

Zzipper fairing bubble to maximise


(29.5 Ibs), and the R42 SWB model

aerodynamic efficiency and improve

Both long and short are excellent for

weighs just 12.2kg (27lbs). The R40 and

comfort in bad weather. It fixes to the

camping and touring. Standard racks

R42 share the same basic frame. The

front derailleur tube in seconds with

and panniers fit on all Vision recum-

lighter weight of the R42 is due to its

just one 6mm bolt, and has two water


aluminium front crank boom, aero

bottle braze-ons and a 7/s" light

The Vision is the achievement of Grant

wheels, and higher speed equipment.

mounting bar built on. The Zzipper is

Bower,Joel Smith and Greg Bowe

The comfortable nylon mesh seat is

adjustable for both height and tilt.

who began selling their recumbent

attached to the frame with two quick-

The technical specifications are so

bicycles in 1992. They have since

release skewers, and can be removed in

varied that you need to consult the

become one of the largest recumbent

seconds. The back angle can be

manufacturer's literature.

makers in the USA, while keeping the

adjusted, and there is an optional

hands-on fascination and love of exper-

Thermarest air/foam seat cushion.

range from $995 for the R-40, to $2250 for the R-45.

1111111 FEATURE

Far Left. The Vision R4OLWB Left: The VisionSWB





u m b e r, t s

1cLvcwecL Tra pt5putatt" m l it c

7 ('{5t3




SCV0AWBik V555

kuts Seek & f(as Vss



5 p ezt'a [ -'acL gft b O / g erftaq

hereas the design of recum-

overall length is only a tiny bit longer

not prove inconvenient. Once you get

bents has centred on the long

than that of a Dutch roadster, and the

above a certain speed there is very little

bottom bracket is sited at a comfort-

lateral movement in the front wheel.

debate, two experienced cycle design-

able 10cm below seat-level.

Front-wheel drive also allows better

modates riders up to 1.90

ers, Klaus Beck and Hans Voss, have

Once the rider's weight is on the

storage, since the rear triangle can be

metres (63").

developed an important new variation:

BEVO-Bike the riding position becomes

folded under the frame. At the same


the BEVO-Bike, with an emphasis on

more recumbent than it appears in our

time, the seat can be folded down.

Magura Hydraulic on front,

comfort, efficiency and safety.

photograph. A specially made Zzipper

Only hub gears are possible with the

They see the seat as critically impor-

fairing further improves aerodynamics,

BEVO-Bike: the Sachs Super 7 gives a

tant. The angle both of the back rest

and the under-seat frame suspension,

welcome 284% range. Luggage can be

Frame: The single-size frame accom-

DiaCompe Hybrid on rear. Wheels: front, 20", rear 26", with

versus short wheelbase


and the triangular leather cut-away

with a 100mm travel, takes out serious

carried either behind the seat, in a clip-


base can be adjusted, and the seating


on Karrimor rucksack/bike bag, or in an

1,36m. Overall length 1,95m.

position is higher than usual on recurn-

The front-wheel drive system, patented

under-frame low-rider rack.


bents. The direct steering is above the

as Top Drive, avoids the problems asso-

The makers do not see the BEVO as

16 kilos (351b). Gears: A five-speed is optional. The BEVObike was reviewed in more detail in the 94/95 edition of Encycleopedia.

bars, which feels reassuring to many

ciated with a long chain to the rear

simply a recumbent for beginners, but

riders. The handlebar is easily adjusted

wheel. The twisting force is applied to

rather as a recumbent equivalent of the

for position, and a longer or shorter

the chain only when the wheel is

Moulton APB: a recumbent All-Purpose

stem can be fitted. Almost any

turned severely, which is not the case in

Bicycle: a comfortable and enjoyable

newcomer to recumbents can master

normal use. In any case a restrictor

vehicle for almost every cycling need.

the BEVO-Bike within a few minutes. Its

system limits the turning circle: this did

Prices vary according to country. The lowest price is in Germany, where you can expect to pay around 2680 DM for the standard version, including the 7-speed hub, front Magura hydraulic brake, full dynamo lighting system and mudguards.

The riding position is slightly lower than in our photograph. The rider's weight pr down on the suspension




Au kfactkrt'*Ptj kc I 6h

Steve jcutse(

inear Manufacturing is an underes-

quick-release and then slide fore and

the demise of SunTour in the US, basic

timated giant of the recumbent

aft along the top of the frame for easy

Linears are now spec'd with Shimano

industry They sell about 1500 bikes

adjustability, The quick-release stainless

STX componentry with an upgrade to

Prices vary greatly

every year worldwide, yet their bikes

steel steering pivots can be tightened

LX also available. And also new this

according to country. 1

do not seem to enjoy as high a profile

manually assuring a tight linkage and

year is a lifetime warranty on all of

lowest prices are in the

as their flashier, high-performance

positive steering. The Linear is also

Linear's bikes.

USA, where you can

competitors. Steve Hansel, Linear's

foldable, with the front fork and rear


President, doesn't mind: "Our bikes are

stays tucking under the main frame

easy to learn, comfortable to ride and

and the seat folding down. In fact the

forgiving of rider's mistakes. They're

folding design was adopted by neces-

not designed for speed." Happy

sity: Steve discovered early on that, as

customers range from world tourers to

an oversized package, the original

a cake salesman in Cape Town, South

Linear couldn't fly with him to bicycle

Africa, who makes all his deliveries

trade shows.

on a Linear.

New for this year is a short wheelbase

The Linear frame is extruded box

version as well as a short wheelbase

section aluminium, save for the

tandem. The 'original' long-wheelbase

chromoly forks and a few parts

Linear is actually a third generation

specially machined from solid stainless

design, though Steve has no immediate

steel. The seat and steering assembly

plans to tinker with it further. Due to


expect to pay around $1250 or $755 for a frameset.









4 LL


fakrra&erkstatt 'ccLftcthe(1 /germa"

eter gakwapot



mew he Radnabel ATL is multi-cultural.

earth comfortably.

or back, Anew 'Sharkhead' fairing

Designer and manufacture

The seat has a low contact area,

holds more luggage and keeps the feet

Dieter Baumann has taken the

reducing sweating, and making it easy

warm and dry in winter, and a rain

best from other areas of cycle design.

to look behind with no wobble. You can

cover can extend back from this. An

Mannesmann 25CrMo4,

Finely constructed tubing in areas such

lean forward and get more weight over

improvement for this year is a chain

lugless, in three sizes.

as the rear rack show that this bike is a

the low pedals when needed.

protection tube.


labour of love. It does lots of things

The tyres are high-pressure, made

The Radnabel ATL is a delightful do-

Frame, Forks and suspension tubing:

between 187cm and 199cm.

well, with a good turn of speed, plenty

comfortable on small wheels by the

anything machine, like nothing else on

of luggage capacity, and a pleasant

suspension. The rear rubber suspension

the road. It leaves very little excuse for

easy-rider position; but it keeps a

is progressive, and works irrespective of

car journeys round town.

strong personality of its own. It won

the load on the carrier. There is parallel-


the 1994 European Championship for

ogram suspension at the front

With all basic equipment

best everyday recumbent.

The two Sachs hub brakes can just

Groupset: Sachs New Success. _Lighting: B


M Lumotec and Toplight

approx. 17.Skg(3831b). Colours: bordeaux-violet, ocean blue, matt black. Further options front luggage tray (max. load: 30kg [661b]); rear carrier (max. load: 18kg (401b), side pannier racks, stand. Prices vary according to country. The lowest price is in Germany, where you can expect to pay between 4200 DM and 5000 DM, depending on equipment.



Despite the long-wheelbase, the two

about stop you dead without a hint of

20" wheels keep the ATL relatively

a skid: the safest braking we have come

short. Low speed handling is good, as is

across on any cycle. A Kettler childseat

the turning circle. You can put feet to

(for smaller children) can be fitted front


StrcrtIL. FktkreC de5 /t4ted


3ôakcut freco, ?ctrc Slutu, lart Crôoder

pecialising in recumbents and the

in a busy high street as on a fast road.

custom-made bar ends. Ideal for any

less conventional side of cycling

The frame makes no compromise on

type of riding, a Streetglider recently

has brought expansion to Patrick

quality, and is made from Reynolds 531

gave one satisfied customer an excel-

Shaw and his design team of Ian

and aerospace industry equivalents by

lent tour across America.

Crowder and Jonathan Frewing at

George Longstaff, one of the most

700C box section.

FutureCycles. Their business in East

respected names in the business. The


Sussex runs a tuition and hire service

anatomically sculpted seat now

940mm. Telescopic front tL

and organises recumbent week-end

features detachable upholstered

breaks in rural Sussex, on the edge of

cushions for even greater comfort; on

the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

the back are D-ring attachments for

Storage length:

Prospective customers are encouraged

day-bags, tool kit, rain gear etc. It also

1580mm -1730mm.

to test thoroughly the various models

includes mounting points for a safety


on offer, including FutureCycles' own

flag and high level LED light or reflec-

from 125kg (2751b).

creation, the Streetglider.

tor. This year a grab-bar option has

The unique reversed fork geometry of

been added to make the Streetglider

the Streetglider gives it exceptional

easier to manhandle, and the handle-


handling and manoeuvrability; as easy

bar design has been refined with



SPECIFICATION Wheels: Alesa alloy; front 500k rea

provides 150mm (6") of adji ment. Extra long or short flu available at no extra charge.

Gears: Shimano LX with Ultegra bar-end changers.

Gear range: 27" to 118". Options: Magura hydraulic brakes, mudguards, standard flthn rack, grab bar, rear LED and safety flag. FutureCycles will be happy 1 discuss alternative compon to meet customers' specifl needs. Prices vary greatly according to country. Expect to pay betwee 1350 and £1495 in ti UK, or around £795 fc frameset.






















ngineering and business studies

panniers while riding.

provided Daniel PulvermĂźller and

Much of the comfort of the Street

Paul Hollants with the skills to

Machine comes from its suspension


32-406 (20")front

launch the Street Machine. Still

polymer foam at the rear (available in

25-622 (28") rear.

students, they continue to refine their

three levels of hardness) and


successful design.

adjustable 'Ballistic' forks for the front.

CroMo, powder coated,

The Street Machine combines the

The seat, which comes in three sizes, is

comfort of a long-wheelbase touring

sited relatively high, giving good visibil-

recumbent with the manoeuvrability of

ity. It is cushioned with a waterproof

Complete about 14kg (311b).

a short-wheelbase racer. It performs

closed cell foam from which rain can


equally well as a fast tourer or as an

be wiped in seconds.

Glass fibre, 3 sizes.

inspiring commuter bike. One

The Street Machine is available as a


customer uses the bike as a courier and

frameset, or as a fully equipped

also took it on a trip to Tunisia.

machine. The frame is CroMo steel. An

Luggage capacity can be increased with

aerodynamic Speedbag can be fitted

adjustable for length

Weight: Frameset 4.3kg (9.41b),

Rear and low rider carriers,


above-seat steering.

Prices vary greatly according to country. In Germany the frameset costs DM2SSO and a comølete bike around



f*' Vet6teckKlk /ger tnu~


Dat(e( 17kvernLt(er



a new low-rider carrier fitting between

behind medium sized seats. The chain is

the wheels. This provides very stable

now protected by teflon tubes.

load carrying and also good access to

classics L


bicycle may become a classic because of excellent design, because it evokes an era, or simply

because of fashion. Who would have thought a Raleigh Chopper would ever become an extremely fashionable item among certain young people, who prefer to put styling before performance. In contrast the understated elegance of the Golden Sunbeam, produced in England at the beginning of the century, represents the highest standards of design, durability and craftsmanship. It had an integral oil bath chain case, superb bearings, extremely durable paintwork, and real gold leaf as a finishing touch. We cannot predict which bicycles will be picked up by future fashions. However,we have chosen here a few machines which have, or ought to have, classic status: many of them already have devoted enthusiasts. Since each of our 'Classics' has its own distinct story and reason for being, we have given as much background as possible within the features, rather than putting the whys and wherefores in a general introduction, as is the case for other sections of Encycleopedia. We would have to admit that there are many products within the genre sections which could justify the description of classic - but taking them out would have weakened the content and balance of the section in question. We hope you find that each entry is of interest in its own right




PRICES Prices vary according to country. In Britain they cost from ÂŁ795, to ÂŁ960.









ike West, who lives in York, has

to balance. Direct drive allows you to

been building and restoring

accelerate and decelerate through the

classic cycle designs since 1983.

pedals, and the wheel size and tangent

Each Mike West high wheeler incorpo-

(crossed) spokes soaks up unevenesses

rates somewhere a part of an original

in the road which would otherwise be



machine from the 1880s. A symbolic

felt through the non-pneumatic tyres.

gesture which allows a little of the spirit

Although a few late high wheelers were

of high bicycle riding to live on through

fitted with pneumatic tyres they were


not a huge success. Riders of the

A basic machine will typically have

Challenge have, of course, no fear of

straight bars, plain wooded grips and


plain bearings. A top-of-the-range

Wheel sizes are from 50" to 54" (127cm

model has downward-curved bars,

to 137cm). The bigger the wheel you

The bicycle in our photograph is two

T-shaped wooden handles, ball

can comfortably ride on, the faster you

years old: it has been ridden by lots of

bearings to front and rear wheels, and

can go, since every turn of the pedals

people but crashed only once. It came to the studio fresh from winning first

original-style cranks and pedals. The

takes you the same distance as the

top of the range is also fitted with an

circumference of the wheel. A rider 6

place on the grass at the Cyclists'

old leather saddle. Machines weigh

foot (183cm) tall can ride a 50"(127cm),

Touring Club annual Rally in York, with

from 40lbs (18kg) to 44lbs (20kg).

but 53"(135cm) is recommended. A

Mike's son David in the saddle.

Mike West constructs bikes only to

critical measurement is from the

Prospective purchasers will need to

order, so that individual sizes and

underside of the foot to the top of

check the road law of their own

requirements can be taken into

thigh, since this determines how much

country if open road riding is antici-

account. He prefers people to collect

clearance there will be under the

pated. This is not a machine for riding in

their machines personally, so that he


busy traffic.

can make final adjustments and give

Mike West strongly recommends that if

Mike also occasionally makes bicycles

them some basic instructions in riding

you are going to ride one of his bikes on

using the Facile design: where interme-


a regular basis you should take the

diate lever drive allows for a smaller

Despite their spartan appearance, these

modern and cheaper crank and pedal

wheel in relation to the rider's leg length.

bicycles are are not intended as replicas.

option: they make for a more enjoyable

The high bicycle design is not confined

ride and don't look particularly out of

to history and is a valid design for


modern cyclists who want something very special for personal pleasure, and perhaps to give a boost to local cycle events, fetes etc. Getting on and off using the step on the rear of the backbone takes a little practice at first, but, once you've got it, there's little to match the sensation of sitting majestically up on a high wheel, gliding gracefully - for the higher the bicycle is off the ground the easier it is



Each Challenge Racer incorportes somewhere at least one part of an original machine

a s5 IMA

6(5kutkupe gtoNcte5/ iu"ted vtopwd5m







hen Josef Mesicek first discovered a battered but original high bicycle he took it apart and rebuilt it for youngsters in his local cycling club. But one bike did not go very far among 64 members, so Josef decided to produce another. And another. Making high bicycles quickly became a hobby, then a passion, and before long a business. Josef and his son Zdenek


constructed their own high-wheelers by combining various design elements of the original high bicycle. They now spend sixteen hours a day in their workshop, hand-fashioning every component to their very exacting stan-


dards. Nothing is rushed. Six of these

month, almost all of them sold in Western Europe by Kalle Kalkhoff of KGB in Germany. (KGB's Copenhagen

' Net MeSLCeL

The golden age of high-cycling was the period from 1870-1885.

noble machines are produced each

Pedersens and Galaxes are both

& kLs bO 56t5:

Ike kfk qjcLe Team

featured elsewhere in Encycleopedia.) Mesicek's bicycle reflects the design principles of the early high bicycle, but is not a copy. Their craftsmanship is a homage to the brave pioneers of


cycling and to those who made the early high bicycles. These amazing

Prices vary greatly according to country. In Germany a Mesicek high

machines from the Czech Republic do not pretend to be originals. The colours

installation. The backbone itself is

The high bicycle was a development of the heavy 'boneshaker'.

seamless Mannesmann tubing and

This evolution involved,

forks are made of 1.5mm bent sheet-

amongst other things, the introduction of a much larger

metal. The backbone and wheel rims are powder-coated. Accessories include a battery-operated replica of an oil lamp, a bell, a horn, a handlebarmounted luggage holder and a toolbag. The largest size bike, fully equipped, does not exceed 14kg. Wheel

front wheel: to produce a faster machine, each revolution took you the same distance as the wheel's circumference, and the wheel became as high as the length of a man's legs would allow. Demanding but liberating, it became the fastest vehicle on the road. The high

sizes range from 28 "to 56

cycle was never a safe machine.

The Mesiceks are now prototyping

To maximise pedalling efficiency the rider sat directly above the

their version of an early tricycle design.

front hub, always in danger of falling forward. Going downhill,

wheeler costs 5,400 DM

are many and varied: customers can

regardless of the wheel

choose among 89 shades for the


backbone, while the pedal and tyre

he would sling his legs over the handlebar in the hope of being

rubber can be either black or red.

flung clear should he hit an

However most customers prefer the traditional black with red tyres and pedals.


The handlebars, brake lever; hubs, pedals and cranks are nickel-plated. Handlebar grips are made of cherry wood. The cowhide saddle is 'preseated' for a couple of weeks before

History for the future.

The hub of history

obstacle. Manufacturers made considerable technological advances. Ball-bearings replaced brass bushes. Hollow drawn tubing and hollow rims were made for lighter machines. Adjustable tangent spoking created an extremely strong wheel. An average machine would weigh about 23 kilos (SOlb). Racing machines could be as light as 11 kilos (241b). The high bicycle reached its zenith around 1885. By 1895 it was a rarity on the roads.


; r z-, S












Aes(ceL gait kfact/Czeck epkbt(c



T 1e


he average town bike consists of

making. They sell around 2000 cycles

Other Utopia products include the

an uninspiring conventional

each year; and in a very innovative way.

London, which is ideal for the tall

diamond frame with cheap acces-

How, they asked themselves, do you

person who wants to ride in upright

sories. It looks like you're getting a lot,

give maximum customer choice as to

regal style, but is also available in

but problems soon set in. Utopia have

components, yet keep the benefits of

smaller sizes.

taken a different route. They have gone

larger scale production? Their answer is

There is also the Muli, a robust but

for quality, appealing to customers who

to offer nine different models, each

elegant load-carrying bicycle. Utopia

want something special. Why should a

with a set of component options. All

also carry in their range the Dolphin

bike which is to be used day-in, day-out

models and options are set out in their

child-trailer and the Donkey cycle

be any less prized, any less valuable,

annual Radratgeber (Bike Advice) publi-

trailer; both made by Winther in

than a prestigious lightweight tourer; or

cation, a compendious and informative

Denmark and featured elsewhere in

a gee-whizz mountain bike might be to

magazine-size 116 page booklet Having

this Encycleopedia.

riders with different tastes?

made a decision, the customer orders a

Utopia bicycles will always cost more

Utopia's Seagull, based on a distinctive,

personally specified Utopia bike

than mass-produced machines. The

well-triangled mixte-cross frame

through a good bike dealer, thus

Seagull, for example, will cost up from

(Columbus Aelle Chrome Manganese)

ensuring on-the-spot customer care.

1800DM. You pay for hand-made

was once voted Bike of the Year by the

As an example, you can order a Seagull

frames and for environmentally benign

Germany National Cycling Club. It is

with a Schmidts Original hub dynamo

manufacturing processes. More than

made to outlast its owner - but not at

(previously known as the Wing). You

90% of components are of European

the expense of riding pleasure in the

can specify hydraulic brakes, and a

origin. The bicycles are delivered in a

here and now. It represents Utopia's

Sachs 3x7 transmission system, combin-

reusable protective container made of

policy of making bicycles appropriate to

ing a seven-speed block and a three-

felt rather than in cardboard and

most people's real needs. Too many

speed hub gear. You can chose between

bubble wrap.

'town bikes' are, they say, simply 'tamed

a 49cm, 54cm, or 59cm frame. In fact,

Most sales are within the German-

racing bikes' with twitchy fork angles, a

Utopia generally offer six different

speaking area, although enquiries are

forward sitting position and a short

choices of gear system, ten choices of

welcome from any country, and English


handlebar and eight choices of luggage

is well understood.

The relaxed frame angles and rigid


frame of the Seagull make it both comfortable and easy to control: essential when carrying a child or heavy goods over bumpy city roads or rocky off-road paths. The high steering tube allows the fitting of a forwardfacing childseat The low step-over height makes it easy to board when loaded up with luggage or children. The inspiration behind Utopia comes from owners Ralf Klagges and Inge Wiebe-Klagges: both life-long cyclists. Inge has a background in business

Above: The Radratgeber' is published in German, but is well

administration, and Ralf in cycle-

set out, with helpful illustrations. It is available from Utopia for Marks plus postage (contact details are on page 133)

Above left: The London Left: The Phoenix


t6p(a /gertnaptj


JjJ ii;' it 4 iui!" 11ff thJl Alylt

i3Lex Moit

Alex Moulton Limited

SPECIFICATION Prices for the Moulton


NeK Wkttm Ltd Aiu"tea V(itjhm

ccentric, yet scientific and well

suspension is adjustable to the rider's

çengineered; very advanced but

weight and damping preference. The

with traditional craft smanship."

frame divides at its kingpin into two

AM Series vary according

These were the words of one Japanese

separate halves, each easy to handle for

to country. The lowest

convert to Moultons. The unceasing


interest in Moultons amongst the

The 17" x 1.250 alloy Moulton wheels

where you can expect to

Japanese is based on their deep regard

are immensely stiff and robust. Their

pay from ÂŁ1300 for the

for quality engineering.

high pressure tyres are exclusively made

prices are probably in the United Kingdom,

AMS to2950 for the Stainless Steel GT.



Developments in the USA have been

for Moulton by Wolber.

equally exciting: Moultons are

The load-carrying capacity is posi-

becoming more widely recognised as

tioned on the centre line and low

The Jubilee L featured in our main

competition machines by triathletes,

down. There is a range of optional

photograph, utilises smaller Reynolds

through the enthusiasm and promotion

plug-in AM front and rear racks with

531 tubing, and a unique adjustable

of Steve and Anne Hed of Hed Cycling

AM bags, and an AM Zzipper fairing for

wishbone stem. It weighs 24 1 /2 lbs and


aerodynamic improvement and cold

comes in a choiceof seven colours.

The object of all this enthusiasm is

weather protection.

probably the world's most successful unorthodox bicycle, with the longest pedigree. Its unique frame of Reynolds 531 small tubes is bronze-welded to be stiffer and stronger than a conventional frame, with finely engineered full suspension. The pivoted rear triangle gives self-damping and suits a wide load range, while the leading-link front


gataa Uer /Demnark

JeLs keLcL Mc45et

nspired by a folding bike used by

side-walls, black anodised Alesa rims,

Two is adorned with Woodguards and

British paratroopers in the Second

SR folding pedals, KSS bottom bracket

a Woodguard chain protector. Version

World War,the Galaxe is ironically

axle and bearings, and Burnm 4-D-Lite

Three, the most popular, has the added

Prices vary greatly

(and gratifyingly) most popular in

lights. For protection against rust

advantage of elegant rims made of

according to country

Germany, the very country those

frames are now coated in zinc before

hickory wood, stained mahogany-


soldiers were fighting against. Even

powder and clear coating is applied.

colour, and crafted according to tradi-

more surprising is that the Galaxe is

Folding takes about ten seconds and

tional methods by the last surviving

made in the Danish workshop of Niels

leaves the chain on the inside. Twin

maker of wooden cycle rims. Version 3

Keld Madsen.

levers on the frame allow a single fold,

comes with a Sachs VT5000 front

The Galaxe is stronger, lighter and

and the handlebar swings parallel. The

wheel hub brake, to keep brake pads

decidedly more elegant than the

folding facility does not affect

off the rims.

original Parabike: the forks and elliptical


See the Encycleopedia entry for

(regular oval) frame have been

The Galaxe is produced in three fully

Woodguards and for Kunst and Leder's

redesigned for strength. Components

equipped versions. Version One has the

frame-fitting Galaxe bags.

have been tastefully and astutely

equipment listed above, and comes

chosen, from the factories of European

with black plastic mudguards. Version


Germany, Version Or costs 2,800 DM, Vers Two costs 3,100 DM Version Three costs 3,400 DM.


manufacturers: a Brooks B66 saddle, a Pentasport 5-speed hub with allweather back-pedal braking (or a Sachs Super-7), leather Søgreni grips from Denmark, Vredestein Monte Carlo tyres with reflective puncture-resistant

The Galaxe fits into a carrying bag stowed on the handlebars


Jesper 5øU1( C e(1procLttkt( / eftnutrk. Original Pedersens were unavoidably costly, and the enterprise failed to survive the First World War

SPECIFICATI04 1 Pedersens are supplied fully equipped, but many buyers opt for the frame only Typical


ikael Pedersen, a Dane living in

new Royal Large version, which is a

Dursley, England, was the origi-

'copy' of Pedersen's 1906 model, with

nator of one of the few

the handlebar brazed to the stem. A

successful departures from the

nickel-plated frame and a shaft-driven

standard safety bike, involving 14

version will soon be available. Pedersens

separate tubes, connecting in 57 places.

are supplied either fully brazed-up, or

The Pedersen 'space frame' combines

in 'knocked down form', for easy

lightness and strength.


weight fully equipped: 17 kilos

High quality Pedersens are now made

Nuts and bolts are stainless steel, and

(3741b). Colours: black, blue,

(fittingly) in Denmark, by Jesper Sølling,

there are braze-ons for a low-rider rack

dark green and bordeaux

and use appropriate modern compo-

The fully equipped version features

nents, almost all European. The

Vredestein Monte-Carlo semi-slick

around 700 Pedersens a year, most of

(maroon). Other colours to special order. Tandem Pedersens are sold as frameonly. Prices vary greatly according to country.

Pedersens today: elegance in motion

comfortable hammock saddle, made

tyres with reflective side-walls, attrac-

which are sold in Germany by Kalle

from shoe-quality leather, supports an

tive Woodguards, Alesa 917 hollow-

Kalkhoff of KGB. Mr Pedersen made

upright, stately riding position, with the

section black anodised rims and a

about 8000 cycles. There is now regular

rider's weight keeping the frame in

Bumm 4-D-Lite LCD rear light, which

international gatherings of enthusiasts

In Germany they range

balanced tension.

stays on when you stop.

who own Pedersens, old and new.

from DM 3000 and

There are five frame sizes, including a

Jesper and his three co-workers make

Details KGB - see pages 133/4.

DM 4000 for a fully

equipped machine. Frames cost from DM 1500.



ost cyclists take for granted the freedom of jumping on a

bike and going where they want, when they want. For disabled people it's not so easy, but the pleasures are still there to be had. Specialised cycles designed to give mobility to the disabled or otherwise handicapped need a great deal of work putting into them. They often have a degree of unavoidable complexity, but must be reliable in all circumstances. We feature on the following pages two manufacturers who have made their names in this field.



toajas gcuoctrcL


or many people there remains a

backed up by background electric

pedalling or 38km (24 miles) if you do

gulf between what they can


some of the work (all depending on

achieve on a bicycle and in a car.

The power of the Citibike's small, virtu-

how hilly your journey is and how

There needs to be a variety of trans-

ally noiseless motor can be brought in

much effort you yourself supply).

port alternatives, a continuum of solu-

at any time, whether you are pedalling

Citibike has developed a range of

tions, especially for those who are

or not, by means of a smoothly operat-

tricycles for those who want extra

physically unable, through disability or

ing twist-grip. Acceleration is continu-

stability or load-carrying capacity.

advanced years, to ride a bike. Citibike

ous, with no gears within the motor.

These are custom-built to your specifi-

have met this need with an attractive

There are still conventional derailleur or

cation. There is an optional childseat

range of electrically assisted bicycles,

hub gears fitted on larger models. The

and a trailer which will also fit any of

which also fold for convenient storage.

new Stepthrough has a six-speed

the bicycles.

Riding a Citibike does not stop anyone

Shimano twist-grip changer. The motor

You can adapt an existing bicycle by

being a cyclist - the electric motor is

fitted to all Citibikes is conventional:

fitting a Powerkit to practically any

there to make possible what was not

the sort used in many industries and on

mountain bike or roadster to give a

possible before: and any pedal-power

many products. It is the electronics,

maximum powered speed of 15mph

added to it saves on energy. However;

general design, styling and comprehen-

with the same range as the other

these are not cycles designed for more

sive range which set Citibikes apart.

models. The motor is engaged through


than short journeys without the motor

The 16" wheel folding Citibike won the

a handlebar throttle and the batteries

Cast aluminium alloy.

operating. The makers have opted for

Bicycle Association of Great Britain's

carried on a special rack.


high motor/battery performance at the

1995 Bike of the Year award.

inevitable expense of weight. For most

The Stepthrough and the Roadster,

Frame and front forks: Powder-coated welded steel.

Drum front and rear. Gearbox: Worm-drive, 25:1 reduction. _Battery:

journeys a steady pedalling input will be

both of which fold, have 26" wheels and the motor drives the chainwheel,

Cassette 17AH 24V, sealed lead

and thence to the rear gears. The 16"


wheel Citibike has a single speed chain

Speed: Maximum 24kph (15mph). Weight with short range battery: 29kg (651b), with (standard) long range battery 36kg (791bs). Recharge time depending on discharge; typically 5 hours battery charge cycles, dependent on discharge. Battery life is typically 500 cycles. The manufacturers recommend that the when the battery eventually fails to recharge, it be disposed of through a recognised local authority recycling/disposal scheme.


drive direct from the 24v 200w motor to the rear wheel, which has a separate freewheel. The manufacturers claim a range of 19km (12 miles) without

The 16"whee!foldingcitibike

ritibikc stcptbrou 9 h CVD=

C(u'b(Le Ctectr c Cjc(1es /({td ~

Above: The 16" wheel Citibike in a bag Below: The Stept hrough




Peer & Jeait Tcujor











Taylor was already manufaceter

plastic wheels and solid tyres on the

The Discoverer neatly complements

turing the Victorian tricycle and a

wheelchair saves weight and solves the

Taylor Cycles' Victorian Tandem and

trailer bike. The last thing he

problem of tiresome punctures. "Most

Tagga Trailer Cycle. Described as 'a

wanted was another design project. But

of the time the nearside wheel is travel-

tricycle made for two' the Victorian is a

his son, Pip, asked an awkward

ling in or close to the gutter which is

fun machine designed for use by a

question. If Peter was specialising in

where all the broken glass and other

handicapped or disabled rider and

cycles for the disabled, how was he

sharp objects tend to be, so it makes

companion who steers from behind.

going to meet the needs of anyone

sense to use solid tyres," says Peter. We

The two riders sit close together and

with a serious physical disability?

have sat in the wheelchair and confirm

can enjoy a conversation as they share

A wheelchair/cycle combination was

that it's a comfortable ride.

the pedalling. The Victorian can also be

the answer, and Peter was not a man to

The bike, which can be ridden solo, is

supplied as a solo machine.

resist the challenge of such a complex

fitted with a triple 22/32/42 chainset

and socially useful design task. It was to

and six-speed block (14/32) to provide

take two years of research and devel-

awide range of low gears. The wheel-

opment. A trained metallurgist and

chair is made from aluminium tubing

former process supervisor in a motor


cycle factory, Peter started looking at the design of motorcycle/sidecar


combinations: "There are certain

Bike - 183kg.

details you have to get right such as

Wheelchair - 16.5kg.

'toe-in' for the sidecar and 'lean' on the

Bike wheels: 26", aluminium rims. Wheelchair: Plastic, non-pneumatic. Prices vary greatly according to country:

bike, otherwise the combination won't handle properly. But the sidecar config uration is very stable". The bike has an additional frame tube to provide a connecting point for the

In Britain, the Discoverer

wheelchair. Welded to the main frame,

costs ÂŁ1,695.00, and the

the tube runs from the headtube to

Victorian tandem ÂŁ812.

just above the rear axle. Its curved shape leaves enough room for the rider's leg. The cycle can be attached and


detached in a matter of seconds. A

and incorporates a car-type seatbelt.

quick-release mechanism makes for

Like all good manufacturers, Peter is

rapid removal of the inner wheelchair

developing his products all the time. He

wheel which can be fastened to a

is currently working on an 'electric'

pannier rack when not in use. Once

Discoverer following an inquiry from a

separated the combination can easily

customer wanting one with a motor.

be transported by car. The wheelchair

Weighing 35kg the Discoverer is no

will also fold whilst on the bike.

lightweight However Peter has tested

An ingenious stand allows the cycle to

it at up to 42 kph (26 mph) which

be attached and detached with the

should be fast enough for most people.

wheelchair passenger remaining seated.

It's best suited for leisurely rides along

The Discoverer is fitted with as many

quiet country lanes, cycle paths and

standard parts as possible to keep its

seaside promenades, enabling rider and

The wheelchair comes

price down and make the replacement

passenger to share the joy of cycling in

folds for storage.

of components easier. The use of


off in seconds, and




Ta~t u C~ dn /Aha bij am



















obert Hoening has one of the

The seven-speed hub gear can be

Smith, a small, friendly company run by

most rewarding jobs in cycling:

combined with the two-speed

Hans and Kate Brndum.

he produces and adapts

'Mountain Drive' bottom bracket gear.

Worldwide distribution outside

specialised cycles which bring precious

There is now a Rolifiets Club newslet-

Denmark is through Robert Hoening,

mobility and pleasure to handicapped

ter for the many satisfied users of the

who has the Co-Pilots made to his own

people and their relatives,


specification. He ensures that they are

The Rollfiets (also called Duet) tandem

Other specialised cycles are designed

then distributed through agencies in

wheelchair is an impressive achieve-

elsewhere, but all are tested and

individual countries, since the under-

ment It took Peter Messerschmidt six

further developed at the Hoening

standing and fulfilment of special needs

years to design, and Robert Hoening

factory. The Trio three-wheeled recum-

are best done at a local level.

has the unenviable task of sourcing

bent is ideal for many disabled people,

In some countries, including Germany,

high-tensile steel.

1500 different parts from 50 suppliers.

but has also become popular with long-

the cost of Hoening cycles is often

Wheelchair Frame:

It consists of a rugged wheelchair which

wheelbase recumbent enthusiasts who

covered by social security or health


attaches to half a bicycle, and which is

want the added stability and other

insurance provision.

90mm hub brakes, equalised.

usable on its own. The specially

advantages of the tricycle format.

Hoening Special Bikes also produce two

aluminium alloy.


designed chair, orthopaedically shaped

Families with a disabled or partially

machines, based on the Rollfiets design,

chair 0.85m (2'91 plus 25cm (10')

from glassfibre-reinforced plastic, has

active child gain fun and a new sense of

which take the vehicle out of the

with foot-rest

padding and adjustable foot and head-

freedom with the Co-Pilot tandem.

disabled sphere. The Allegro is a

rests. When fixed to the cycle the chair

The child takes part in the steering

workbike version: sturdy but with light-

tilts back, lifting the small front guide-

process, giving him/her the important

weight parts. The Infocycle, designed

wheels off the floor. This gives a

sensation of having control over what's

for campaign groups, carries a large

combined unit 2m (67"), wheel-

Drive unit 1.31 m (4'41. Width: 64cm (211 68cm (27) with hand-rims. Weight: combined unit 37kg (811b),

relaxed, stable seating position and

happening, while the greater leverage

chest with a hinged lid, and contains a

wheelchair 26kg (571b).

makes conversation easier.

in the parent's handlebars overrides

folding display top and two parasols.

The chair has good suspension and

any mistakes the young one might

light handling, and its off-road tyres are

make. The Co-Pilot is not exclusively

Wheels: 26" (650mm), ahoy ATB. There are many optional accessories, including a motorised version. Prices vary according to

excellent on gravel tracks. There are

for disabled children. It can be used to

twin drum brakes on the chair's wheels,

ferry around other children (and small

and a back-pedal brake on the cycle

adults). It has been made in Denmark

wheel, which works well in the wet.

for over twenty years by Meyland-

country. In Germany they start at 7,15013M.

CO-PILOT Length: 250cm Wheels: 24" Weight: 30kg (661b) Options include: footplates with straps, back-support with straps, special cranks for invalids, freewheel system on the front, holder for crutches, extra-large saddle. In Germany you can expect to pay between 4000 DM and 5000 DM, according to the specification.

Above e7 right: The Co-Pilot can give children a new sence offreedom



tv 4







obert ffOeftt

5pez(aicikrzee rn1ff / gernui ---1





F \





veto oblies J

ust when the cycling world was beginning to adjust to the arrival of recumbents on the scene, a new set of designers and engineers, mainly from

Northern Europe, have been developing a new genre: velomobiles. Although these take some design features from the recumbent world, their keynote is practicality. The term has come to be recognised among the international HPV community as denoting a vehicle that will take on some of the practical functions expected of the motor car. Thus a velomobile will often have more than two wheels for stability, and it will have, in most cases, a full-body fairing - as much to give protection against the elements as to increase speed. It might also typically have an advanced and fully integrated lighting system. For many years to come velomobiles must be able to use the existing trans:ir/f.



portation infrastructure. They therefore need to operate in mixed traffic at minimum risk. A recumbent seating position is generally safer than that of an ordinary bicycle in the case of head-on collision, or under sudden heavy braking. Work is underway to design fairings to absorb and distribute collision impact. Velomobiles were designed in the 19th Century as horseless carriages, in the 1920s as a cheap alternative to the motorcar, and are now being proposed as a solution to urban traffic pollution and congestion. This new interest is also stimulated by the application of modern materials to bring the weight down, so that velomobiles can be comfortably propelled by human power. Once single seaters weighed between 35 to 50kg, whereas today they weigh in below 30kg. At one end of the spectrum the term velomobile might include the likes of the Alleweder (All-Weather), a fully faired recumbent trike from Flevobike in the Netherlands. At the other end the term might include vehicles designed from the start to include an electric motor. The Carbike from Germany, for example, is designed to carry two adults and two to three smallish children, taking up to a third of the road space of a standard car, with only a tenth of the weight. Each person has an independent transmission with gears. The motor is for background use, and the top motorised speed is 22 kph. At the far end of the spectrum is the Twike, an electric two-seater trike with pedal-assist at low speeds: it has a top speed of 75kph. Its Swiss manufacturers are about to start a production run of 1000. The classic velomobile, and the one with an established high reputation, is the Leitra, by Carl-Georg Rasmussen. These remarkable vehicles, which are sold mainly in Denmark and Germany, have travelled more than 2 million kilometres in traffic without injury. They are designed to be ridden without a motor, but can also be supplied fitted with one. We feature the Leitra opposite, and look forward to extending the section in future editions.

Leitra:Tel: +45 42183377 Full details

of how to order are on page 1331134

Twike: Tel: +41619815408. Carbike: Tel +49 8382 73582




A-4 .

LL Ldtra


W5 /DeptftarL

n 1950 Carl-Georg Rasmussen built

Rally in 1983 and the Paris-Brest-Paris

can be carried and a rechargeable

a velomobile faired in wood to a

in 1987

battery fitted under the seat provides

design by Ulf Croneberg. This early


The front wheels of the Leitra are

six hours of power for the lights.


experience proved to him the value of

steered and the rear propelled. This

The Leitra is a tried and tested velomo-

195-205cm, depending on I

the weather protection and of the

configuration gives high resistance to

bile with satisfied owners in many

length. Width:

extra speed provided by an aerody-

tipping over, which is important in

countries. A perfect answer for anyone

namic shell.

strong side-winds and rapid turns.The

wanting to take the plunge and give up

After establishing a career as a pilot and

driver has his eyes at the same height

motoring. An article about someone

aircraft designer,Carl-Georg turned

as car drivers and the good turning

who has done just that appears in Bike


back to Velomobile design, prompted

circle ( two metres radius) gives excel-

Culture Quarterly Issue 8 (See page 135

20"x1 /8, each with drum I

by the energy crises of the 1970's. He

lent manoeuvrability in city streets.

for details on ordering BCQs).

98cm Height:

discarded the monocoque design in

The hinged body fairing, which lifts in a

favour of an adaptable trike which can

second, protects the rider from the

be ridden unfaired, with a lift-off body.

extremes of the Danish winter, with

It has been in production since 1985.

adjustable air vents for more clement

The Leitra did the Trondheim -Oslo

conditions. Up to 100 litres of luggage


Gears: Sachs Orbit 12 speed. Suspension carbon fibre le springs. A childseat can be fitted be the rider. Prices are normally quoted in Deutsch M You can expect to pay about 10,000 DM for fully faired Leitra or about half that much an unfaired one.


4 I







11 T

wo wheels - but twice the joy of cycling. With legs in harmony, tandem riders can also travel a good deal faster than on a solo. For a tandem

weighs a lot less than two bikes, but with just about the same rolling resistance and air drag as a solo. The extra momentum flattens out rolling roads and if one partner eases off for a few revs the other can urge them on with direct leg-to-leg communication. Two riders of unequal strength and range can comfortably ride together. While the stronger rider can pile on the speed, the weaker can contribute without the fear of being left behind. Riders who wouldn't venture on the road alone can still savour the thrill of bike riding. Almost anyone can take to the back of a tandem for a short or medium ride. If you want to present cycling to non-cyclists, the most irresistible way must surely be to take them for a tandem ride. Another great joy of tandeming is, of course, sharing the delights of cycling with those who can ride only on a tandem - the blind and those with balance difficulties. Tandems are also great for transporting children to school or into town. Tandems do have their drawbacks: being shackled together can test the most loyal of friendships - going your own way is never on the agenda. The controls are usually all in the pilot's hands. The stoker must practice the art of becoming a dead-weight, by not leaning to steer. Yet the stoker position affords opportunities for bird-watching, navigating, orange-peeling and backscratching: activities which are denied to the ever vigilant pilot. As a general rule the heavier rider should steer. The only exception would be if the lighter rider has much greater upper body strength or if one of the team cannot ride a bike. Steering is harder work than on a solo and greater concentration is needed to stop and start (only the front rider should put a foot down). You need to be well practised in town traffic, but the open road becomes a shared joy. The tandem is also an effective substitute for the motor car. Shopping, exploring, picnicking, visiting, travelling to work are all activities amenable to tandem travel. Gone are the problems of parking, pollution, noise or danger to others. A taxi service is also a possibility: go to the station, pick up your visitor, and whisk them home on your tandem. You can ride a tandem solo quite comfortably, so the journey to the station is no problem. And while everyone else is queuing for a taxi, fumbling for their car-keys, or arguing with the traffic warden, you and your visitor are winging through town without a care in the world.



T t; 5

tande s

6 Cteilk. C cte Quks /'t5fl



t was in England that American

acknowledges that the most of his

fold into backpacks when not in use.

Stephen Bilenky first learned the

English mentors would have insisted on

Bilenky was also among the first to use

noble trade of frame-building. He is

still a bicycle Anglophile, and has

Steve g(e


using lugs), and by offering models with

a new type of tubing in their frames.

several unusual options. For example,

The 'Air' series of tandems and singles

created a frame-building bike shop in

BCW was the first tandem manufac-

uses a revolutionary new high-tensile

the great English tradition, offering

turer to specify the S e7 S Machine

alloy (cobalt and nickel) steel tubing

customers design features from bikes

Bicycle Torque Coupling system on

called AerMet 100. Originally devel-

of decades past that are rarely found

their Tinker line of bikes. This is a high-

oped for use in the landing gear of

on current models.

quality coupling system fitted onto

fighter aircraft, AerMet 100 is manufac-

Bilenky's craftsmanship is based on 28

bicycle tubing by framebuilders during

tured by Carpenter Technology

years of experience in the bicycle

the manufacturing process (though

Corporation using a patented process

business. Add in the frame-building

retrofits are also possible). They allow

which results in a tube which, say the

experience of his two main associates,

standard sized bicycle to be divided in

makers, is three times stronger than

Andy Dyson and David Bard, and

half for easy transport. A tandem using

conventional steels and has a higher

Tandem framesets cost

you're looking at 50 years of accumu-

just three Links can fit into a case 28"

tensile-strength-to-weight ratio than

from $1850 to $3450.

lated skill and knowledge.

high by 40" long by 8" thick and a single

Titanium. This combination is particu-


The Se,S Machine Torque

For the last 11 years Bilenky Cycle

bike with two Links can fit into a box

larly critical in tandem applications as

Works has been building both solos and

the size of an ordinary suitcase. S ei S

the frame has to be strong enough to

the well-respected Sterling brand of

Machine makes Links in five different

endure the weight and torque of two

custom tandems in the historic city of

diameters for different sized tubes:

riders while having excellent resilience

S er S Torque Coupling


13/4"; 13/8"- 11/4

tandems are $240

Bilenky Cycle Works (originally Sterling

they also make collapsible cases which

coupling option adds between $450 and $900 to the price of a tandem. The carring cases for the


"; 1 1 /8"; and 1", and

Bilenky makes seven sizes of tandems

Cycle Co.) started out making

(eleven if you mix-and-match wheel

various commuter and utilitarian bikes.

sizes), which means that even the tallest

The Metro 5 was designed to be the

captain and smallest stoker will likely

ultimate commuter bike: an elegant mix

find the correct fit in a stock size rather

of high quality, lugged Reynolds tubing

than needing a bike custom-built.

frame and an internal 5-speed hub

Plans for the future include a Tinker

topped with the requisite Brooks

triple tandem, an 'Air Hog' tandem

sprung leather saddle.

with rear suspension, an independent

BCW ceased making these models, due

cadence tandem with rear suspension,

to escalating costs and increased

as well as a possible short-wheel-base

competition from quality mass manu-

recumbent tandem to be developed

facturers who inappropriately

this winter. Bilenky will also will be

marketed their mountain bike brands

coming out with their own CNC-

as 'practical' utility/commuter bikes.

machined 7075 aluminium sealed

BCW went on to produce the popular

bearing cassette tandem hub featuring

'Midlands' brand of loaded touring

an oversized axle and four heavy duty

bike, and still makes mountain bikes

Forks before and after the Bilenky beauty treatment

and custom singles to special order. Stephen looked to the tandem market,

pawls. It is designed to work with a wider variety of drum brakes and

Below: The e7S Machine Torque Coupling

drillings than other cassette hubs. We

and developed an exceptional knowl-

hope to report on all of these develop-

edge of the genre. The gamble has paid

ments in next year's Encycleopedia.

off as the tandem market has exploded in the States - particularly in the last few years. Although there are several manufacturers offering quality tandems, BCW has set itself apart by fillet-brazing all of its frames (Stephen


for rider comfort.








dem, and you've got to take it somewhere as luggage, then you've




ã........ . e

got a problem. It's a struggle to get one even on to a specialised car rack, or to pack the beast for an afiight only to be surcharged for the large and unwieldy box you've put it in. The Green Gear TwosDay tandem

Hanz and Alan Scholz with their Bike Fridays

neatly solves the problem at two levels


of complexity. You can do minimal

less than a minute to reduce the

When you've unpacked your Two'sDay

disassembly, with some folding, to get

tandem to a manageable package for

from the two sturdy Samsonite suit-


it into a car boot (or trunk, as they say

the car or for packing in a soft bag to be

cases, you can tow them behind you on

custom-built chrome-moly filet

in the States), or you can disassemble it

taken on a train. The stem can be

a specially supplied


further, to make it fit into two

removed, remaining attached to the

lightweight trailer.


handle bars and cables, and quick-

The performance of the Two'sDay is

This versatile machine is the latest

releases on the main frame allow the

superb. It handles like a conventional,

cassette, Sachs 5000 front

product of Hanz and Alan Scholz

seat tubes and rear triangle to be

quality tandem - maybe even better,


whose Pocket Rocket folding

folded towards the centre of the bike.

and the 20" wheels with wide, high


lightweight featured in last year's

To reduce the tandem to two packages,

pressure ACS road tyres add to the

Transmission: Sachs New Success rear derailleur, Shimano 8-speed

36 hole aluminium rims with stainless spokes. Hope suspension hub with Deore cantilever brake (front), Hope disc brake

Encycleopedia, and has since been

the frame is split in two by loosening

accelerating power. The low frame is

enthusiastically reviewed all over the

allen bolts and unlocking a cam. Brake

particularly suitable for short riders

world. The Pocket Rocket is a version of

and derailleur cables are in two parts

and children.

hub and disc brake (rear).

the Bike Friday - so now you know how joined by connectors. Indicators on the


the Bike Two'sDay got its unusual

front chain and both chainwheels are

can be supplied with a number of

complete bike 178kg (3921bs).

name. The mechanisms of the solo

matched to confirm that the crank

accessories, such as front and rear racks,

machine have been incorporated into

arms are in line when the bike is

rear disc brake and the trailer.

the tandem. The folding process takes


_Prices vary greatly according to country. In the US they start at

$2,995 for the basic model to £4,086 with the trailer kit, suitcases and disc brake.

Brake and derail/car cables are in



two parts joined by connectors

The Two'sDay is made to measure and

tanaems a





greeft gear G u cttka

/ c15




















or long-distance touring a good,

heavily loaded long-distance touring.

general use on a tandem with brakes

' fully equipped tandem can beat a

The wheels of both tandems are built

which are already powerful, and the

around high quality Edco hubs, from

drag brake brings a weight penalty of

one rider's frontage is presented to the

Switzerland. Andy finds that his choice

over a kilo, including cables.

elements, and the person-to-metal

of Panaracer and Avocet equiped 26"

There are some particularly nice

ratio is excellent.

wheels gives unparalleled weight, grip

touches - double seatpost clamps,

The Discovery is one of a new range of

and rolling resistance advantages over

concealed mudguard bosses under the

Thorn tandems, named after Robin

existing 700 x 35 tyres. Fat tyres also

fork-crown, seatstay, chainstay, a curved

Thorn, owner of St John Street Cycles.

impart less shock to tandem wheels.

seat-stay bridge to reduce twist in

The Discovery Expedition, designed by

Direct drive transmission, using a triple

oversize stays, and - most impressive -

Andy Blance, gives you a tandem you

connected to the necessary 'link' chain-

49 braze-ons. A Discovery weighs

can buy off the shelf, but in a size to

wheel, reduces strain on the rear

around 21.4kg (47Ibs), depending on

pair of solo touring machines: just

td Slaitce cutd


suit, leaving you ready for a lengthy

bottom bracket, and makes crank

size and specification. Each is prepared


tour with no further equipment

replacement easier.

to a customer's personal requirements,


Discoveries are fitted with SunTour XC

and there is a refund policy for dissatis-

Prices vary according to

There is also a Thorn Audax for fast,

Pro Self-Energising rim brakes:

fied customers.

country. The lowest price is in Britain where you can expect to pay around ÂŁ2000 for both the Thorn Discovery EXP 1, and

light touring, and a medium wheelbase

powerful, very light and easy to set up.

The Discovery could be as close as you

Vitesse for time trialing. The Expedition

They pivot on a 45 degree thread.

will get to owning a custom-made

uses over-size 531 tubing and comes in

When operated the rotation of the rim

tandem and still remain friends with

nine different sizes, for just about every

pulls the blocks forward and inward,

your bank manager.

EXP 2.

pilot combination. And if there's still no

thus harnessing the kinetic energy of

There is also a standard

suitable size for you, they'll make you a

the wheels. These brakes were

Discovery tandem for ÂŁ1600.

special at no extra cost.

designed as rear brakes only, being

A touring/expedition tandem needs to

deemed by SunTour to be too

carry enormous loads in rough condi-

powerful for the front. But they hadn't

tions, so Andy opted for the tried and

thought of tandems! A bellcrank allows

tested 'marathon' design, giving

these brakes to be fitted behind the

strength and stiffness to the rear

front forks of Discovery tandems. If

triangle, where large loads are carried.

you are heading for serious hills, with

The marathon supports both seat-

big loads on board, then you might

tubes, resisting flexing in the bottom

order an Arai 'drag brake': a drum

bracket area. This design is suitable for

brake which screws onto the side of the

all but the smallest frames or lightest

hub. It will help overcome brake heat

tube sets. Tube diameters are fatter

dissipation problems on long descents -

than is usually found on tandems, and

Andy feels this is unnecessary for

vary according to the size of the frame. The headset is oversize and wheels are 26". St John Street Cycles claim their

26" wheels are lighter and stronger than conventional 700c ones, and require fewer spokes (36). The Discovery EXP 1 is shod with Panaracer 26 x 1.5 tyres on Mavic 121 SUP ceramic CD rims, giving impressive braking power. The Discovery EXP 2 has 48-hole, thick-walled Sun rims for additional strength, and Avocet Kevlar tyres: both being appropriate for


tandenis Ar

5t, J5kK 5treet C ctes /('{(ted Vbtja5m



SPECIFICATIONS _Weight: Complete machine 16.4 kg











o make a tandem as light as many

up to 50% faster. It has been calculated

of the range Shimano (SPD pedals, XT

standard solo tourers is no mean

the force required to stop a tandem is

chainsets and XTR front and rear

achievement. The weight of -

450% greater than with a single

mechs). The hubs are Swiss-made

Santana's latest all-terrain machine, the

machine. With this in mind Santana fit

Edcos; the oversize headset is Dia

Encore, is counterpointed by the robust

over-sized forks that improve steering

Compe and the tyres are Avocet Cross,

looks and rugged performance. In fact,

and reduce brake shudder. The

The Encore is available in a choice of

Santana has gone for the big four: light-

Encore's forks are, say the manufactur-

anodised or painted finishes.

ness, stiffness, strength and comfort.

ers, twice as stiff as those fitted to

Santana has a remarkably wide range of

The heart of this 'burnished beast' is its

many tandems.

tandems, including cro-moly, nivacrom

distinctive frame built from seamless

The 26-inch wheels are of a special

and titanium models. The latest

7000 aluminium double-butted tubing:

symmetrical 'dishless' design with equal

aluminium frames are a full four

with wide diameter to increase stiff-

spoke length, tensions and angles on

pounds (1.8kg) lighter than their steel

ness. The Californian company uses

both sides of the wheel. Loads are


only custom-drawn tubing in its

distributed more equally resulting in a

For those who want their tandeming to

tandems instead of lower quality

sturdier and longer-lasting wheel.

be a family affair Santana also supply

Blueberry Swirl (Blue/Black),

'aircraft-grade' tubes. The full-length

Santana also use wider spacings

triplet and quad models. Demand for

Raspberry Ripple

aluminium top tube is 'quad-butted',

(160mm compared to 140mm on an

these 'stretched' models is growing

Colours: Anodised - Magenta, Blue,

(Purple/Black) or any stock

making it extremely light, yet strong.

8-speed hub) to increase wheel

particularly among tandeming couples


Santana favour the direct lateral frame

strength. They fit a minimum of 40

who want their young children to share

design in all twelve of its tandem

spokes and strongly recommend 48 on

their pleasures. Kiddy-cranks can be fitted as an optional extra.

Frame Material: Super Size Seamless 7000 Aluminium double-butted In the USA an Encore costs $3895. In Germany the costs are 8,790 DM and 5,690 DM.



heavily-laden machines or those used

The Encore's eye-catching polished

off-road by a strong crew.

look is achieved by rolling the frame in

Features include powerful, long-arm

six tons of ball-bearings. This heavy-

cantilever brakes (an Arai hub brake can

duty treatment gives an improved

be fitted as an optional extra), and

finish and, according to Santana, it

specially strengthened freehubs to

relieves weld stresses and surface-

withstand higher transmission loads.

hardens the metal.

Rider comfort is maximised by the rear

Further weight savings are achieved by

shock-absorbing seat-post and an

fitting, as standard, double-butted

adjustable stoker stem. Extra long

bottom bracket shells and a double-

175mm cranks are used on the front

butted oval ised 'drainpipe' bottom

and 170mm on the rear in an attempt

tube. While precious ounces have been

to match the proportions of the riders.

trimmed from the Encore's thorough-

As you would expect on a top-rate

bred frame, Santana's engineers have

tandem the componentry is mostly top

added weight to certain areas to boost performance. A good example are the over-sized 'monster' chainstays that maximise the pedalling energy transmitted to the rear wheel. Safety is a key consideration with any tandem. Because tandems have double the mass, yet around the same frontal area as a single, they can descend a hill



I:L1 /


t jetf/

LlL-L L/ 5apttapta C ctes


ust when cynics might begin think-

conventional tandem. Experiences are

A luggage rack can be fitted to take up

ing that all useful configurations of

easily shared, and the riding style is

the forward seating position. -see pic-

specialised cycle have already been

relaxed. The rear rider steers via a rod

ture top left, opposite page.

combined, adapted, and enjoyed, along

connected to the front fork., and the

Where-ever it is used, the momentum

comes an idea which looks just like it

front rider holds a static handlebar.

of a fast moving tandem demands

ought to have been around all the time,

Also available is the option of steering

good stopping power, and this is pro-

so many are its advantages.

via both sets of handlebars, but with

vided by two sets of Magura hydraulic

Marec Hase's amusingly named

the rear rider having greater leverage so

brakes. Heavy braking is much less likely


Maec ffctse & kCs frCeta rset

SPECIFICATIONS Frame: Seamless precision steel, pow-

Periscop cleverly integrates design

that she can overrule the steering of

to cause rear-end lift-off thanks to the

aspects of many different types of bike,

the front rider.

fact that a tandem has more rearward

yet has a distinctive character of its

The high specification on the Periscop

mass than a solo.

own. The rear section takes from the

makes it an excellent if unorthodox

The Periscop is not the only original

traditional elegant, upright Pedersen

long distance 21-gear touring machine.

design from the inventive Marec Hase,

design, together with comfortable

On longer tours the two riders can ring

who makes a living from specialised

hammock saddle. The front section is

the changes by swapping positions

cycle-making at the youthful age of 24.

semi-recumbent, giving relaxed com-

every so often. With no alterations

His popular Easy Glider trike recum-

der-coated, three sizes.

fort, especially for riders who have

needed the Periscop makes an equally

bent (see inset picture, opposite page)


problems riding a standard bike. Above

good round-town bike: thanks to its

was featured in the 94/95 edition of

Sachs 3x7 'Racing Groupset

all, the Periscop is a tandem, with

safe handling, weatherproof hub

Encycleopedia, and he also makes a


added sociability.

dynamo lighting system and Sachs 3x7

two-wheeled recumbent in some num-


Its configuration gives some remarkable

transmission. This gives all-season relia-

bers. Marec feels that he would not

advantages: placing the front seat

bility for giving grandfather a lift to the

have been able to achieve so much

above the wheel permits a wheelbase

station or taking a child to school in

without the skill and advice of his col-

of just 122cm, making the Periscop just

style - as a family tandem it grows with

league, Heinz Flaig, who brings with

about as manoeuvrable as some stan-

the child, since the front part of the

him many years high level experience in

can expect to pay around

dard bicycles - its total length at its

main tube can be extended telescopi-

aircraft engineering. Already we won-

4785 DM.

shortest setting is 190cm, which is

cally as your child grows. You can also

der about what these inventive people

shorter than a Dutch roadster; a great

order a Periscop with footrests replac-

will think up for next year's

bonus is that this compactness helps

ing the pedalling facility, perhaps con-


keep the weight down to just 24kg.

verting to pedals at a later stage.

Busch und Muller, with automatic cut-in when stopped. Prices vary according to country. The lowest price is in Germany, where you

Both riders get an excellent view of


their surroundings and the road ahead, and their heads are close enough together for easy conversation; something which is not always possible on a

tan dens

crgnr A

Hase Spezia lräder

Aarec Oa5e 5pez(atra"aer germa


..." •4

I '/








hey like their tandems fast in the

and fun. For enthusiasts it also means

releases, remove the front wheel and

good handling and extended touring

fold the front and rear triangles, secur-

designing a folding 'twicer' Harry

& kts


States. So when he set about

Montague knew not to fold up perfor-

ffrr, Mce



ing the fold by tightening the quick-

The TriFrame folds down to 91cm x

release levers. No tools are required for

mance in the process.

91cm x 30.5cm (36" x 36" x 12"), to

this easy, three minute process.

Harry was an established Washington

store conveniently in the trunk of a ca

At the heart of the TriFrame design is

D.C. architect and inventor before he

or to check in as airline luggage. Folding

the patented Concentrus System: each

founded the Montague Corporation,

is simple: unlock the quick-release

seat tube has a second seat tube

to produce a folding solo bike in 1984:

mechanisms, disconnect the derailleur

sleeved concentrically inside it, provid-

the 'Montague BiFrame'. The BiFrame

cables using the barrel cable quick-

ing the lateral pivot system to allow the

received great acclaim, as a sturdy, inge-

frame to fold in thirds.

nious design for a full-size bicycle that

Five high-pressure quick-release locking


levers, located on the seat tubes, are


The BiFrame design was developed fur-

designed to withstand the loadings

Patented Montague TriFrame,

ther,leading to the introduction in 1988

from high-speed cornering and out-of-

of the Montague Corporation's initial

the-saddle sprints. Automatic lock-pins

-Concentrus folding system. Frame tubing: Custom drawn 4130 Chromoly,

flagship model: the Montague BiFrame

and micro-adjustment screws ensure

M-1000. There then followed an explo-

your frame folds only when you want it

sive period of growth. The company

to, and ensure proper alignment.

entered the international market, offer -

The TriFrame's 4130 chromoly tubing is

-TIC pulse welded. Groupset: Shimano Deore LX with

ing several different models of

custom-drawn, and every frame incor-

Other extras:

Mountain and Cross bikes, as well as a

porates Zerk grease fittings for easy

Montague special bracket for

number of associated accessories.

lubrication of the folding system. Inner

BiFrames have even found their way

seat tubes are nickel-plated to prevent

into strongholds of the motor industry,

corrosion, and spiral-grooved to distrib-

53cm/43cm (21"/17).

being sold by BMW as an accessory to

ute the lubricant evenly. Pump pegs,

Unfolded size: 236cm x 104cm

their cars.

water bottle mounts and special braze-

Designing the TriFrame Tandem has

ons for a rear rack and drum brake are


attaching rear rack without -impeding folding. Size:

-x 505cm (93"x41"x20"). Folded size:

96.5cm x 71cm x 45.5cm

been even more of an achievement: it

all standard and are positioned so that

packs down to a third of its size for

the accessories they hold do not inter -

travelling and storage - a feature which

fere with the folding process.

can make the critical difference when

Accessories include a new line of hard

-(38"x28"x181. Airline II hard-case size: 94cm x 79cm x 33cm (37"x31"x131.

Prices vary according to

deciding whether to take a tandem on

cases for convenient airline travel with

a journey or not. It can even be critical

a Montague. The Airliner I accommo-

in helping someone decide whether to

dates a folded Montague BiFrame and

buy a two-and-a-half metre tandem in

the Airliner II a Tn Frame: both with

the first place. For this unique accom-

space left over for riding gear, as well as

$2495.95 for a complete

plishment the US technology publica-

the new trailer. The OFT (One Fast


tion, Popular Mechanics, awarded the

Trailer), is an agile, one-wheel trailer

TriFrame a 1995 Design and

conversion kit for towing any Airliner

country. The lowest price is in the USA, where you can expect to pay

Engineering award.

hard case. Tow your gear in the same

The TriFrame is a stylish, full-size high-

suitcase your bike flies in. Montague

performance tandem with the good

Corporation thinks big about thinking

ride characteristics you would expect


from traditional frame design. For recreational riders it means comfort



ct e ms -




Ll IL L L.. Amta


Corpuatt"m/ t'{51 MONTAGUE



'Ickctrd GresscieU,


ichard Cresswell is fast develop-

The basic Two's Company is aimed at a

The weight:, at 20kg (441b), is very

ing an impressive range of robust

family with young children, young cou-

respectable for a budget tandem. An

ples who want a budget tandem, and

alloy chainset, alloy rims and stainless

and abilities. Being an engineer rather

weekend riders. Sachs drum brakes and

steel spokes are optional extras.

than a salesman, he develops products

a five-speed Pentasport hub gear give

Later in the year,Cresswell Cycles will

only when he can see a need, and then

low maintenance and reliable operation

be offering the tandem with Sachs 3 x

modifies them as further applications

in all weathers. With the front wheel

7, a three-speed hub gear and seven-

are recognised: a good example of this

folded sideways, the tandems will fit

speed derailleur for couples who want

being his trailer-bikes, featured else-

across the back of a car on a standard

to ride further. A Sachs hydraulic disc

where in this Encycleopedia.

carrying rack. The Two's Company is

brake will be fitted at the rear for peo-

machines for cyclists of all ages

The Two's Company Tandem, designed

216m (7'21 long, or 1.84m (69 when

ple who want to load up with camping

by Peter Radnell, was further devel-

the front wheel is turned 90 degrees.

gear and go touring. It will cost 695.

oped by Richard because he felt that there was nothing to fill the gap for



growing children between his trailerbikes and full-sized machines. He thor-

Prices vary greatly

oughly enjoys tandem riding, as do his

according to country. In

children, because they can travel at the

the UK you can expect to pay from ÂŁ495 to ÂŁ695.

same speed as Dad. So Richard realised that building a tandem with 20 inch wheels would create a tremendously versatile machine for all age groups. He has taken maximum advantage from the small wheel-size, by making the rear of the frame just 38cm (151. Now his four-foot-tall daughter can ride on the back: her feet can't touch the ground yet, but that doesn't matter. Although the low top tube allows small riders to enjoy tandeming, two riders of 183cm ( 6') can also enjoy the benefits if the seats are raised on their long posts. Even taller riders can order extralong seatposts. The 1 1/2" main frame tube copes with the extra weight. Using fat tubing creates a strong frame since the stiffness of a tube increases by the power of three when you increase its width.

All aboard! Cresswell bike-train in action



uresswei Qjci1es / t'tecL 1'











ycling is a pleasure to be enjoyed from birth. Specialised cycles enable children too young to travel alone to experience the exhilaration and sat-

isfaction of cycling, allowing them to connect directly with the world around them, and providing them with the healthiest outlook on life for the future. Out of the car and away from the television, cycling enfamille can be as much of a liberation as a pleasure. Enthroned on a bicycle childseat, young ones can also offer a running commentary on both the surroundings and the performance of the parental power-unit. There are numerous child-seats on the market, and they vary enormously in quality and age-suitability. Best to buy from a good bike shop. A practical and more stable alternative is a child-carrying trailer. These carry one or two children with boot-room for luggage. Or you can fill them entirely with shopping on the way back from the nursery. They attach to your bike only when needed. On a tandem or trailer-bike children experience the thrill of speeding along under combined power. A shared machine also allows an adult to power a weary child home. A trailer bicycle is essentially half a bicycle which bolts onto a purpose-made rack fitted to the parent's cycle, and which can be transferred to other bicycles with appropriate attachments. You can use your bike as a solo whenever you need. On a trailer-bike your child is active, but stays under your control, watching what you are doing and developing traffic sense. If she tires she can freewheel and be towed along. If she has the energy to spare, she can contribute a surprising amount of power. If all the family enjoys cycling, tandems are an excellent investment. A lowbacked tandem with a long seat pin can accommodate adults on the rear, as well as children, although you may also need to change the saddle. Tandems can also take a child-seat and tow trailers. There is a huge variety of configurations: some tandems are also tricycles, some are recumbent, and some even take the form of a two-seat trailer. Another excellent family vehicle is the child-carrying tricycle. Unlike a bicycle with a child seat, trikes don't present problems of balance. You are safe on slippery roads, can ride easily at very slow speeds and you can park anywhere, leaving your child in place, with the parking brake on. There are lots of other possibilities: you can buy a specialised cycle with a large area on the front for children or luggage, On the bike paths of Denmark you often see transporter trikes with children sitting in the front box. There are cycling solutions to meet every family need, and when your children grow up you can pass your specialised cycles on to another cycling family. Never before have there been so many good ideas for keeping cycling families on the road together.


ince its debut in last year's











tube sizes increased to deal with heav-



shopping, and a standard childseat can

Encycleopedia Richard Cresswell s

iei taller riders. It is particularly suited

be fitted with minimal modifications,

U+2 tandem child-trailer has

for physically challenged and older rid-

or supplied fitted from the factory. A

become his best-seller. Hundreds of

ers. The U+1 comes with six indexed

special heavy duty rack is available for

families are now cycling these impres-


fitting two childseats side by side. The

sive flagships for cycling: each giving a

All trailers can have a Sturmey-Archer

Tr-1 is wide enough to give you plenty

nice balance between the need for

drum brake fitted to the right-hand

of useful road presence but just nar-

parental control and children's inde-

wheel, together with a large rack and

row enough to fit through a standard

pendence. The two parallel wheels,

mudguards. The U+2 has a 6-speed SIS

front door.

complemented by a fully articulating

Shimano derailleur, The Add 1 can have

The 6 or 12 speed derailleur gears

connecting joint, mean that the trailer

a double chainwheel, giving 12 speeds.

make for easy hill-climbing: and you

can find its own level on the road, leav-

Spare hitches are available, to allow a

can specify extra-low gears if you wish:

ing the towing bike (or trike) unaf-

trailer to be linked to a number of

going slow up hills causes no wobble

fected by wrenching forces, and if the

machines. The whole range has 20 x

problem. The two drum brakes stop

towing bike falls over the trailer stays

1.75 wheels.

you well in all weathers, even when

where it is.

As if a new range of innovative trailers

fully loaded, and a ratchet arrange-

The basic model can be disassembled

were not enough, Cresswell Cycles

ment gives you a parking brake. The

for the U+2, ÂŁ380 for the

in 7-10 minutes. Or you can just

have now developed a new tricycle:

Tr-1 is a do-anything urban workhorse,

U+1,:6388 for the Add 1

unscrew the wheels and tow-tube in a

the Tn-1. The chunky round steel tub-

and perfectly useful for taking young

and ÂŁ428 for the Tn-1.

couple of minutes, allowing it to fit into

ing of the hand-welded frame give it

children out on a day ride.

the boot of most cars. A sturdier, all-

incredible rigidity and an attractive

welded, non-collapsible version is also

modern appearance. The forks are

available, to meet the demands of the

straight to improve handling, for tricy-

hire trade.

cles have a tendency to follow the road

Prices vary greatly according to country. In the UK they start at ÂŁ475

Cresswell's have also discovered a

camber with standard curved forks.

demand for a single-seat version: the

The semi-dropped cross-bar and step-

U+1. From there it was a logical step to

through frame make for easy mount-

develop an adult two-wheeled trailer

ing and dismounting whether you are

unit: the Add 1. This is simply an 18"

tall or short.

frame version of the U+1 with all the

The rear carrier will take a large bag of


This page: The Tn-i Top of Opp, page: The ,1



Addi AW


Cresswett C ctes

/'{'t(tea ssw







eDes" Gmperat ( ve /6t Statoll


here are no two ways about it.

well. Active parents can convert the

Child trailers just have to be right,

trailer into a stable, sturdy stroller for

ity are well suited to carrying the gear

otherwise they shouldn't be on

walking or jogging, by fixing the

for a camping trip or bringing home a

d'Lites; 20" alloy with Sachs

the road. Burley are a workers co-oper-

optional Walk'n Roller kit.

week's groceries.

A lower budget alternative is the



hubs, Solo and Roo: 16" five

ative who have been making and per-

spoke plastic.

fecting trailers since 1975. The more

Burley-Roo which has smaller, plastic


care they put into their trailers, the less

wheels and a plastic hard shell bottom.

parents have to worry.

An optional pouch at the rear gives

Burleys are designed for all round con-

additional carrying capacity. If you have

venience. You can fold their best selling

just one child to transport you can save

d'Lite machine down to 35" x 32.5" x

both weight and money by buying the

8 oz nylon pack cloth covers sunscreens for child trailers, convex tonneau cover for Cargo. Childseat with harness in child trailers. Six foot safety flag with all models. Prices vary greatly

9.25" in less than a minute. As the

pared down Burley-Solo; it is narrower

frame is made of aluminium tubing, the

which makes it more manoeuvrable

folded package is easily portable and

and can also be converted to a stroller.

the durable nylon fabric is

Burley also make a lightweight Cargo

reinforced at all stress points to wear

carrying trailer using the d'Lite chassis.

The wide track and low centre of grav-

according to country. In the USA, you can expect to pay $375 for the d'Lite, $270 for the Burley-Roo, $250 for the Burley-Solo, and $305 for the d'Lite Cargo.


0, I


_W_ "j J~ VA


Phin & no nkcy Ot"itther/Demnark wo attractive and thoughtful

lugage trailer.

up and down steps. A jockey wheel

products from Winther in

The Dolphin weighs 17kg, and will

gives the Donkey stability when off

Denmark are the Dolphin child-

carry 60kg.

the bike.

Prices vary according

trailer and the Donkey luggage trailer.

The Donkey is an elegant extension to

Its advantages apply equally to touring:

country. The Donkey

The Dolphin seats one or two children,

any bicycle. It attaches in seconds, leav-

unhook your luggage in a second, and

comes in three versioi

or a single child up to 7 years old. It has

ing the luggage rack free for other uses,

take it to your place of security for the

and costs between 16

an aerodynamic shape, rubber wheel

such as fitting a childseat.

night. You can also use it for carry

suspension, adjustable seating position,

It's narrow and manoeuvrable. With an

work-tools, sports equipment etc.

plenty of luggage space behind the

over-all width of 61cm it fits through

The capacity is 65 litres and the weight


seat, a roll bar, and a touch-down front

virtually all doorways - even bus and

is 10.2kg, including coupling. The maxi-

wheel for parking, jogging and walking.

train doors.

mum recommended load is 50kg.

The Dolphin is lighter and faster than a

The Donkey does not look out of place

Both the Donkey and the Dolphin are

pushchair when used in this way. It is

inside a shop. And when you arrive

distributed by Utopia in Germany.

easily dismantled with an alien key, and

home with your shopping you roll it

Enquiries from other countries should

the seat can be adjusted for sleeping or

straight into the kitchen to unpack. You

be directed to Winter in Denmark.

be removed to give you a simple

can even bump a fully loaded Donkey


and 1720 Kroner in Denmark. The Dolphin costs around 4866 Kroner.







spw hild-trailers are complex things.

65 6 t 5p /6 ~ all-weather top, and vertical and reclin-

The Original and the Papoose come

ing seat backs. Colours available are

with a quick-release wheel system as

1s" they have to be comfortable,

yellow and teal.

standard, while accessories for the

make good use of internal space, have

There are three child-carrying models:

Original include a detachable side

America where you can

flexible seating, and pack flat easily.

the KS-T5S (The Original), the KS-TPC

pocket, runner kit, drop-in hard pan

expect to pay $359.95 for

The Kool-Stop designers have achieved

Papoose Caboose and the KS-TLT Little

and protection cover.

the KS-TFS folding trailer,

all this.

Trooper. Each can be assembled in

Kool-Stop Originals have also intro-

All Kool-Stop trailers have cantilevered

about three minutes, folded in under

duced a new cargo trailer, ideal for

wheels to increase stability and improve

two. All have a five-point safety harness

transporting bulky goods such as

tracking, and a steel frame and wheels,

with fully adjustable dual seats and

camping gear groceries, etc.

giving a towing capacity of lOOlbs. The

clear PVC panels which can be rolled

Lightweight and easily transportable,

coupling incorporates an optional key-

up in warm weather. Bright safety-

the KS-TKV Kargo Van has a heavy

operated lock, making the hitching

yellow sides and top, a seven-foot

duty pan floor quick release tongue

process foolproof, and the trailer

safety flag, and a red reflective strip

and wheel system, and an extra large

secure. There's also a one-piece

ensure visibility.

cargo area -11 cubic feet.


First they have to be safe. Then

Prices vary according to country. The lowest is in

$ 299.95 for the KS-TPC Papoose Caboose, $219.95 for the KS-TLT Lii' Trooper and $319.95 for the KS-TKV Kargo Van.






Above: Papoose Caboose Right inset: The Original Right: Kargo Van



n idea whose time has come'. This may be a cliche, but it seems to sum up the folding bike of the 1990s. A compact folder, compatible with bus, train

or tram, sounds like the ecological answer to the late 20th century's transport problems. It's this compatibility between different modes of transport which lies behind the current folding bike revival. As traffic worsens commuters are looking for an alternative means of getting to work, and a stultifying mesh of regulations, fees Nick Andrews on his own design



and fines make it ever more difficult to combine a full size bike with public transport. A folder makes life simpler - no need to lock it outside the office: just take it in with you. You do need a sense of the theatrical if you're going to join the fold. Adults, children, dogs and ticket inspectors are all fascinated by folders, and a small crowd often gathers just when you would rather be moving off. The answer, if you're in a hurry, is to unfold with a nonchalant flourish, and pedal off towards the horizon before popular amazement can be converted into a series of questions. Folding wasn't always so simple. Not so long ago the average folder looked, felt and rode like a committee-designed camel: the 'stodgy shopper' generation of the '60s and '70s were heavy and generally a pain to ride. They gave smallwheeled bikes in general, and folders in particular,a bad reputation. But now things are changing. It's not just that many of the latest bikes fold smaller. There is a wider range and some of them are as expensive as a top-end mountain bike. Like any other bike, each is a compromise. Each offers a different solution to the weight/rigidity/folding/price equation - it really depends on your priorities and on how much you can spend. What are the criteria? Any decent folding bike should fold/unfold without tools in less than 20 seconds. It should lock together for ease of carrying, and all oily components should be enclosed. It should weigh less than 13kg and be as easy and stable to ride as a conventional bike. None of this applies to high performance demountables like the well-known Moulton AM series which take a couple of minutes to dismantle, but offer the performance of a lightweight road bike. Another exception are the full-size bigwheeled folders. In the coming year look out for a titanium-framed, hub-geared bike made in England. In folding bike terms we live in exciting times. If you want to know more, why not join the Folding Society? Set up in 1993 by David Henshaw, it acts as a club, forum and information source for any folding or demountable bike. Although based in Somerset, England, the Society has members all over the world, including Germany, Australia and the US. And the mem-

Afolder designed by the late Doi Lloyd

of Sheffield

bers are as varied as their bikes. One of them even has a collapsible caravan and folding canoe. Others see the bike as a simple transport tool for getting to work on. A bi-monthly magazine, the idiosyncratic 'Folder', keeps everyone in touch, and gives news and road tests. Its fictional series 'Virtues Thief (the hero rides a small-wheeled folder) is acquiring cult status among the collapsible fraternity.

Ayeors membership costs ÂŁ6 for the UK, or ÂŁ750 for the rest of Europe, and ÂŁ9 or 74$ US for the rest of the world. For more details, write to The Folding Society, 19 West Park, Castle Cary Somerset, BA7 7DB, England.


A katmIrL ?rrj

PRICES Prices vary according to country. In Britain the basic frameset, including






fter recording his best ever ten

racks encountered in Intercity and

fications. A custom-made rear rack is

mile time Malcolm Parry had

Eurostar railway trains. The folding

also available.

particular cause to be pleased.

process is self-apparent and takes

The design and accessories have been

He had ridden it on a D.O.G. In fact, he

about three minutes which is more

patented, and production is now

had been riding the first prototype of

than compensated for by the bike's

underway. Manufacturers are St John

his own design of portable bicycle: the

high performance. It is lighter and

Street Cycles, who produce the

Demountable Orthodox Geometry

stiffer than many comparably equipped

Discovery tandems featured elsewhere

(D.O.G.). As a lecturer in physics and

road bikes. Malcolm reckons that only a

in this Encycleopedia. Potential cus-

engineering Malcolm was well placed to

keen eye will identify a production

tomers are invited to register interest

develop his ideas. The motivation was

model as a folder. When not in use the

with them.

already there. As an life-long cycle-

carrying bag fits into a medium-size

tourist he was constantly frustrated by


not being able to combine cycle tours

The bikes are hand-made, so angles,

with rail and coach journeys.

tube lengths, braze-ons, colour and

Since he wanted to transport his bike to

equipment are to the customer's speci


cycle for pleasure, Malcolm was determined to design a folder that would

stem, bottom bracket

perform like a full size road cycle. He

cassette and custom-

also wanted it to dismantle quickly with

made shoulder bag,

few or no tools, and to use the mini-

costs ÂŁ499.



mum number of non-standard parts.


Hence the name: the geometry is :•.

orthodox, and the bike is demountable.





The seat stays of the D.O.G. are clamped to the seat tube and the


chainstays terminate in split rings artic-


ulating around the bottom bracket. Thus when the wheels are removed, and the fixing on the stays released with just three quick-release levers, the back of the bike can turn around the bottom bracket A further reduction is achieved by removing the quick-release handlebar stem from a boss on the steering column, and reversing the forks. The result is a package which measures a very creditable 30" (76cm) square and 10" (25cm) wide - the size of one wheel and two axle widths. Four riders and their D.O.G.s can all fit ttt

inside a car.


The bike when in its bag fits all luggage ;



t rt -) /

/1 83

0 rta

77,17 Aatc5lft Parr~ /St J56 Street C~ des/A ~Iea

I Nq





PRICES Prices vary greatly according to country. In the UK the Fold-It costs









The bike's success as a folder justifies

hinge mechanism, but the sixteen inch

is how one magazine described

the years spent during the eighties,

wheels mean that the folded machine is

when it was developed for a

more compact than the Fold-It It has a

Its 20 inch wheels with optional

completely different function. It was

three-speed hub, side-pull brakes and

knobbly tyres give it a strong and stable

designed with a non-folding frame, as a

weighs 10.9 kilos (241b). It has folded

feel when belting down muddy tracks

radically new carrier bike for the British

dimensions of 65cm x 55cm x 29cm

or gravelly towpaths. The other tyre

Post Office. In the end the design was

(26" x 22" x 11"). Whilst the Micro Bike

option, the Vredestein 37-406

far too novel for bearers of mail: the

is being ridden, the carrying bag

'puncture resistant', converts it to a

British postie has seen only minor

becomes a hold-all which hooks onto

general purpose city bike. The Sachs

modifications to the stock carrier bike

the handlebars or behind the saddle.

hub brakes and a Sachs 7-speed hub

during the last fifty years. Cresswell

Cresswell Cycles also produce several

gear give the Fold-It extra class.

Cycles are about to capitalise on the

trailers, the Tr-1 trike and the Two's

It seems that Richard Cresswell has

bike's inherent carrying capacity by

Company tandem, featured elsewhere

again succeeded in filling a niche in the

providing front and rear carriers which

in this Encycleopedia. Their Rapide

market with a robust, good value

will take standard bags.

recumbent and U+2 trailer appeared in

project. At £285 for a three-'speed

The designer was Peter Radnell, a

the 1994/95 Encycleopedia.

version and £365 for the seven-speed it

Birmingham bicycle components

is at the bottom of the price range for

manufacturer. In 1978 he had designed

serious folders. The tubing, which is

a smaller machine, the Micro

oversize to reduce flex, lends a chunky

Bike to stow on his yacht The

£285 for the three-speed

look, which, with knobbly MTB tyres,

Micro attracted considerable

and £365 for the seven

will be very appealing to fickle youth,

attention, along with a Design

speed version, and the

who wouldn't be seen dead on some

Centre award. Unfortunately,

bargain basement folding shopper.

the manufacturer who took it

Micro Bike costs £250


little gem from Cresswell Cycles"

U A Richard Cresswell's new Fold-It

clwd & IUsoIt CressoeLL


including the bag.

People entertain almost magical expec-

up went bust

tations of folding bicycles. They

It is now being produced again

imagine that something that folds

by Cresswell Cycles. The Micro

down to a minimal package, can open

Bike was designed as a simple

up to perform like a full size lightweight

inexpensive folder suitable for

bicycle. The Fold-It performs well in

short journeys. It has the same

conditions which would defeat smallFEATURE

wheeled machines, or send less robust folders into a terminal wobble. Its

Above: Cresswell's Micro Bike, with carrying bag.

simple hinge gives a very rapid fold, although it cannot match the compact-

co-worker, Andrew

ness of more elaborate folding mecha-

Edwards tries out the

nisms. A quick-release device allows the

Fold-It over the rough.

handlebars to be swivelled round, to lie

Left: The Fold-It folded.

parallel to the folded bike. The Fold-It weighs 14 kg (311b). The folded dimensions are 86cm x 86cm x30cm (34" x 34" x 12").


Opposite top: Cresswell

aj--ik4Aql,= -

:It&Mt ir io~ Cress w ett â‚Ź

eer(/('{i'uted V btj a 6 in s folk,













i>L'J1 il


L- I! I


Rmas gemcLs /gerftuj he Bernds Folder, with its stiff,

sporty riding style and the real benefits

saddle down, take the handlebars out,

cruciform frame and unusually

of the high riding position. The rubber

then turn the front forks backwards.

curved one-piece stem and bars,

suspension on the hinged rear triangle

Then tuck the rear wheel under and to

country. In Germany

gives a ride as fast and elegant as its

adds to comfort. A conventional rear

the right, to lie next to the front. Then

you can expect to pay


carrier has been added, and the belt

push the stem through the spokes of


It offers an upright ride, but is also fast,

drive has been improved by spring-

both wheels, and into a fastening

thanks to its low weight and narrow

loading the tensioner.

device on the rear forks, thus keeping

tyres - 20x1 1 /8 (28-440) on alloy Alesa

The Shimano seven-speed hub gear

the bike folded. Not the most compact

rims. The frame is high tensile steel.

shown in our picture has been super -

folder, but fine for fitting into a bag for

PRICES Prices vary according to

Components match what you'd expect

seded by the new Shimano four-speed,

the train, and at 11.7kg (26lbs) it's easy

on a decent touring bike, and the

which has a wider range of gears, from

to carry in a shoulder bag.

gearing is ideal for light touring holidays.

1:1 down to 1:2.5. This is available with

The Bernds is a fine, fast bike for

Since its appearance in the 93/94

back pedal or hub brake, and is

country rides, and spins round-town. It

Encycleopedia, Thomas has lowered

operated by a twist-grip on the

is especially useful for mixed mode

the bottom bracket by five centimetres,


bike-and-train trips.

making the bike easy to mount. Like

To pack the Bernds away, you fold the

many mountain bikes, you need to move forwards off the saddle to reach the ground: a consequence of the

Right: One of Thomas Bernds' best-selling products is the Roller; a scooter; used for quick journeys in large industrial complexes, office blocks and hospitals. It's afun machine, and popular for getting around within pedestrian zones where pedal cycling is banned










hen Markus Riese and Heiko

9.1kg (19.81b). Folding is simple: the

stronger or weaker ones, to suit the

Muller began thinking about a

front and rear swing-arms tuck in on

rider and/or the ride.

new, high-performance folding

either side of the main tube, the saddle

Accessories for the Birdy include a


bike they gave themselves four clear

pin goes down, and the handlebar folds

lighting system, rack, suspension tuning

17"x1 1 /4".

objectives: good riding characteristics,

down. It all takes about 15 seconds.

system, carrying bag, mudguards and

comfort, low weight, and an easy,

Thanks to its suspension the Birdy can


compact fold.

be fitted with high-pressure, low-rolling

Birdy Red: Dia-Compe.

Achieving an ideal balance between

resistance tyres. Leading arm front


low speed manoeuvrability and fast

suspension is designed to take out any

performance, the Birdy has the set

bobbing of the front wheel when the

BirdyElox: Shimano Deore

position and geometry of a conven-

brakes are applied. The pivot position

equipment with 8-speed E

tional bike, and a CAD-designed frame

of the rear swing arm ensures that




Birdy Blue and BirdyElm: Shimano RX-100.

Birdy Blue: 7-speed Shiman STX.

Birdy Red: 7-speed Shiman Alivio.

made of oversized aluminium tubing,

interaction between transmission and

giving high rigidity. There is no hinge

suspension is avoided. Both the front

72cm, 58cm, 30cm

in the main frame, which keeps the

and rear elastomer suspension units

(28' 23"1 12").

weight down to an astonishing

can be exchanged in minutes for

Folded Dimensions:

Prices vary accordin country. The lowest




price is in Germany where you can expec pay 1690 DM (Birdy 2190 DM (Birdy Blue 2990 DM (Birdy Elox 179.90 DM (Birdy Fol Bag).



















fi l l c(e


A ~uhcL

ou see them cropping up in

the full works: dynamo lighting system,

smaller riders, even young teenagers.

towns and cities everywhere: the

rack and five-speed gearing. None of

One keen owner completed a 3000 km

Brompton has truly hit the world

these affect foldability, but the

tour on his Brornpton TS, including two

steel. Forged hinges. 16" by

stage. Between 1992 and 1994, output

complete set of accessories adds 10%

crossings of the Pyrenees. Another

1 3/8" wheels. Alesa alloy rims.

almost doubled, and so did exports.

to the weight, bringing it to 28.41b

finds it just the machine to store in his

Standard tyres.

After years of struggle Andrew Ritchie's

(11.5kg): about the weight of a moder-

tiny Tokyo apartment. The Brompton's

London-based company, Brompton

ately good touring bike. The fold takes

remarkable folding capacity becomes

Bicycle has this year received the

about 20 seconds, and leaves the sensi-

apparent each time it is taken on and

Queen's Award for Export

tive, oily bits on the inside.

off a train, and many sales result from

545mm, (21.5").


There is an optional quick-release front

owners fielding questions from

Folded width:

The Brompton is not designed as a high

bag with two external pockets and an

envious fellow-passengers.

250mm (9.81. Options: extra-

performance touring bike. However it

internal documents pocket. It has virtu-

gives a reassuring ride, with a rubber

ally no affect on handling, being

suspension unit just behind the

attached to the frame, not the steering

standard gearing, involving a

seatpost. It comes either as a basic

assembly. A quick-release foldable

smaller chainring fold-up pedal

bicycle, or fully equipped. The busy

basket is also available. The seatpin can

with sealed bearing; and a bike

commuter usually goes for the T5, with

be lowered through the frame, to suit

Frame and forks:

Colours: red or black. Folded height 565mm (222"). Folded


long seat pins (30mm and 60mm longer than the standard pin); lower than

cover. Apart from the T5, the models available are the similar T3 (with a three-speed gear), and the L3 and L5, which come without rack and lighting system.

Prices vary greatly according to country. In the UK they range from ÂŁ364 to over ÂŁ600.

1111111 FEATURE








ost of the congestion and pollution in cities comes not from cars but from freight and delivery vehicles. But now many businesses and mdi-

viduals are looking towards pedal-powered freight transport for flexibility,


economy and general good vibes. Pedestrianised city centres are fine for shoppers and tourists but if towns are to hold on to their commercial vitality, ways have to found for delivering small loads at all times without degrading the environment. At the Encycleopedia office, we use our old black carrier bike to take parcels to the post office, and transport goods around town. One of us even used it to move house. On a machine such as this you feel safer than on an ordinary bicycle because motorists tend to keep their distance perhaps more out of fear than respect. You can still buy traditional workhorses like this, designed to give years of service in return for the occasional squirt of oil and dab of black enamel. But there is now an exciting range of carriers which make effective use of modern materials and components to provide fast delivery machines for modern city centres. The choice is breath-taking. You can buy single wheeled trailers designed to follow a mountain bike over rough tracks, quadricycles weighing as little as 18kg, and tricycles built on traditional lines but with alloy components and derailleur gears. They are so well made that bearing a burden becomes a pleasure: chores become an excuse for fresh air and exercise, or vice-versa, depending on your outlook on life. The freight cycle could help change city life all over the world. In Manhattan, Airborne Express, the third largest overnight package service in the US uses 150 tricycles made by a local manufacturer to take parcels directly from a conveyor belt at the distribution centre. A courier service based in the same district uses a modern version of a long wheel base carrier bicycle to deliver goods in a fibreglass container. This year, two British firms have introduced the highly sophisticated quadricycles in this section. They can both be used to carry passengers which provides yet another opportunity for pedal powered city transport. Traditional rickshaws deployed in the modern city, have gener ally been more of a spectacle than serious transport. The human need to carry things is varied to say the least. At the one extreme, you can hitch a light trailer to your bike only when you need it. In Holland there's even a transporter trike with a ramped front, for carrying a person in a wheelchair...





• .,The possibilities are exciting, but remember that it is you that is providing the sole motive power so ,

be realistic about planning your loads and examine carefully the manufacturer's specifications. Some



trailers can develop a will of their



own if overloaded, and disturb your balance.

Happy trucking!



I 4


\T :i



W gruk take, a friee4 ftr a ctnthj rCdt

SPECIFICATIONS Chassis: 38mm (1112") steel Seat: fully reclaimable









hen Rob Brock was seeking

head height as a Ford Fiesta. Marek

To extend the versatility of the Brox, it

employment which was both

Utkin of Poland designed the splendid

incorporates a pull-handle which makes

bodywork. Rob regards it as a van

it easy to manoeuvre when it is not

healthy, he looked at traditional pedal-

without an engine, and far less compli-

being ridden. This can be used to take

environmentally sound and

powered load carriers from the East,

cated: the ideal delivery vehicle for

the Brox across pedestrian areas and

such as rickshaws. When he saw their

distances under five kilometres. Part of

even inside buildings to provide true

limitations he became determined to

his company's mission statement is to

door to door deliveries.

apply Western technology to produce a

break the dependency on motorised

A number of different bodies can be

modern load carrier which could be

traffic, and he would be very happy if

mounted on the standard chassis to

pedalled by unskilled riders.

the vehicle was regarded as a main-

form a van, pick-up, courier or passen-

He called upon the expert design team

stream transport option.

ger vehicle. Some owners design and

of Dave Wrath Sharman and Chris Bell,

The Brox allows cyclists of all abilities to

fabricate their own body to suit their

and feels that they have produced a

carry loads which would normally

particular needs.

vehicle that performs beyond his

defeat them, to transcend the limita-

wildest dreams. The wide range of

tions of public transport with its fixed

gears and four-wheeled stability means

stops. The foursquare stability will


that nearly everybody can pedal the

reassure the rider who may be nervous

Wheels: 20" aluminium rims

Brox. Rob's eight year old son can carry

of trying other options such as trailers.

Brakes: Swing cam drum,

him as a passenger, and a 77 year old

The carrying capacity is also greater

front and rear

woman with a spinal disability recently

than trailers which generally have a safe

Groupset: Sachs


managed to ride with two friends on

upper weight limit of about half that of

the back. The 38kg weight of the Brox

the rider.

Electrical: 6V/4Ah fully rechargeable Weight: 38kg(841b)

is much easier to propel than a 100kg

Payload: 250kg(5501b)

rickshaw. The Brox has a four-wheeled

less driver's weight.

braking system, and an articulating facility which keeps all four wheels

Prices vary according to

firmly on the ground. Rob delights in

country. In the UK, the basic Brox costs £2820.

demonstrating this by riding down

The bodystyles range

flights of steps.

from £294 to £646.

The transmission is in two sections with two freewheel sets. Such an arrangement can give a very wide, yet closely spaced range of ratios with a 16" bottom gear. A customer recently rode the Brox up the escarpment of the Cotswold Hills, so the Brox will certainly manage most urban climbs. The Brox is made even more userfriendly by a disengagable clutch which allows the driver to change up or down to any gear whilst stationery. So you can get away to a smooth start without the enormous effort which it takes to start traditional load carriers. Both rear wheels are driven. The Brox is very conspicuous and is designed to give the rider the same

Above: The pull-handle


articulates the front wheels

o ai d - ; c a r r y ng

Ike Sr6K Gupuat(m /



arrying luggage or children has

shopping, and for Sunday rides. Every

option, front and back are extremely

traditionally involved fitting acces-

busy family should have one!

effective, and, as if that weren't

The Lorri's low centre of gravity gives

enough, there is an all-weather back-

good riding characteristics when

pedal brake, benefiting from the full

sories to a standard bicycle. Michael Kemper has taken a more

Mcka.e( 1enper


fundamental route: he designs bicycles

loaded, and the low step-over frame

power of your legs.

specifically for everyday carrying tasks.

allows the rider to mount without

The Lorri is not confined to family use.

Eight years ago he quit aircraft engi-

tilting the loaded bicycle. It remains a

Like its big brother, (or is it big sister?) it

neering to design and make practical

perfectly useful bike when unloaded -

can be supplied with a large aluminium

but unorthodox bicycles: a move from

for getting to the cinema or for a fast

delivery box fitted on the front

just about the most energy intensive

spin to unwind after work.


means of transport to the most energy

Safety features are many and varied: a


two legged stand ensures safe parking

The Lorri, which was voted Bicycle of

stability, even with a full load on board.

the Year 1995 by the National German

By swivelling the bike on one of its legs

Cycling Club, is the smaller brother of

it can be turned full circle on the spot.

the Filibus, a transporter bike with

The 'carrying handle' behind the head-


indirect steering, featured in previous

tube also helps with off-the-bike


Encycleopedias. Both are built around

manoeuvring. Magura brakes, as an

Frame: 55cm (22")

_Weight: 15.5kg


the principal that a central widediameter tube combines simplicity with

Transmission: Five-speed Pentasport hub gears with back-pedal brake

stability and strength. The use of lightweight tubing and alloy


parts is a measure of how important


the role of the transporter or child-

Front rack:

carrying bike should be in modern

steel, with powder-coated paint finish Lighting: Union lights, union or axa

society. The Lorri has been designed with child-carrying options in mind: a rear child-seat is complimented by


another which can be fitted in the


ample space between saddle and

yellow, red, turquoise and white.


handlebars. Michael himself uses a Lorri regularly, for taking his young son

Prices vary greatly according to country. The lowest prices are in Germany, where you can expect to pay around DM 1500 for the economy version shown in the picture.

Above: An intrepid Amsterdam family on the Filibus, the Lorri's big brother Right inset: Michael Kemper also produces a highly regarded Pedersen bicycle: here shown with the cow-horn steering which was typical of the traditional Pedersens. A machine for connoisseurs








Vetnper fakmateckK(k /gertnait, 'A',

A Ike Seat 6f t ke Pats teat


11 too often there seem to be two

The Pickup is made by the Seat of the

simple, pragmatic alternative to a

tendencies within the cycling

Pants Company, who also produce (in

second family car: a conspicuously

world: on the one hand are the

the same factory) the Burrows

pleasant way to bring home the

lovers of speed, expensive technology

Windcheetah, which is featured in the

shopping or take children to nursery (a

and exciting international competition.

recumbents section of this

van-version and a people-carrying

On the other hand are the 'carers and

Encycleopedia. The business brains

version of the Pickup will soon be avail-

sharers' who want to change the world

behind these two remarkable products

able). The biggest market for four-

by bringing practical pedal-power into

is Bob Dixon, who left a safe manage-

wheeled carriers is probably commer-

everyday life.

ment job in the haulage business to sink

cial: many delivery van journeys are

Of course, there are millions of cyclists

his savings into a less harmful way to

short and extremely damaging to the

who care about both these important

transport goods. Bob is lifelong cyclist,

urban environment. Companies who

aspects of cycling, and a shining

with a particular love of classic British

turn to pedal-power will buy them-

example of modern broadmindedness

racing bikes, his favourite being a

selves a fresh, new image, and their

is Mike Burrows. The world fame he


advertising message, on the side of the

6000 series aluminium

has achieved through his record-

The Pickup has tremendous stopping

Pickup, will be constantly on the move,


beating carbon track bikes and

power, with four hydraulic disc brakes,

visible in a city centre to hundreds of


Windcheetah racing recumbents has

and hydraulic drum brakes as a lower

thousands of potential customers all

20" aluminium rims

not stopped him from enjoying a ride

cost option. There is also the option of

day long. Far-sighted city councils,

Groupset: Shimano or Sachs

down to the post office on his his old

derailleur or hub gears. The ingenious

anxious that delivery and access

delivery bike, loaded with exquisite

two-wheel drive system incorporates a

problems do not harm the commercial


Lighting system: Nycad rechargeable or dynamo

goods for dispatch around the world.

differential. Burrows regards this as one

health of inner city pedestrian zones,


To the delight of his admirers, Mike has

of the most challenging design tasks he

may give privileged access to carrier

18kg (411b).

been closely involved with the design

has ever undertaken. The result is a

cycles, and the people-carrier version

of a load-carrying cycle. The Pickup

machine which uses virtually no special

may one day transport shoppers in and

departs from tradition in two impor-

parts: all wearing components are avail-

out of crowded town centres. The

tant ways: the most obvious is its four-

able off the shelf throughout the world.

possibilities are endless.

Brakes: Sachs discs or drums

Payload: 200 kg (441 lb) plus the weight of the rider

wheeled semi-recumbent configura-

Bob Dixon sees the Pickup as the key to

tion. The other is its lightness. Made

a saner city, and as a multi-purpose

Britain they range from

from alloy tubing, it weighs just 18kg

vehicle for anyone anywhere. For some

£1756 to £2344 for a

(411b), which is not much heavier than

it will be the beginning of a totally new

fully equipped machine.

some conventional bicycles.

lifestyle. For others it will be a cheap,

Prices vary greatly according to country. In

The standard Pickup with a bare chassis costs


There is little that the Pickup won't take on board



L all

L L L L LL L Tke Seat o{ tke Put5


The Seat of the

Pants Compan y.

Ltd iuled kdtn

T It













factories such as Opel have bought

back pedal brake and there are drum

centre and yet allow easy, pollu-

them for carrying parts from one area

brakes fitted to each of the front rollers.

tion-free access for businesses

to another.

Five and seven speed hub gears can be

and individuals? How do you give conti-

The Triset will be a boon to market

fitted to order. Currently the gripshift

nuity to a journey which has several

gardeners and parks employees who

lever is mounted on a tube welded to

distinct and different parts to it? First

need to move produce or materials

the seat tube. It will soon be mounted

you need to get to the city centre, then

from one area to another. There is a

on the handlebars, with a detachable


5ereo & Varm 5chramrr,


ow do you pedestrianise a city

you need to avoid parking problems

lever to drop the little pneumatic roller-

cable to allow easy separation of the

while you walk in, but you need to take

wheel when the carrier is detached, and

two units.

with you something to carry your

you can swivel the handles around to

Whilst the carrier trike is very versatile,

goods or shopping in, which combines

provide a better angle for pushing.

two other front units give even more

again with your form of transport for

Coupling and uncoupling are achieved

potential for bringing added fun to a

whisking you home again.

by applying the parking brake to the

pedal-powered life style. The addition

Prices vary greatly

Siegfried Schramm has the answer:

front unit, raising the rear unit so that

of a bicycle front section makes it into a

according to country. In

their versatile Triset. This impressive

the connecting pieces engage, and

Cityboy, a compact low step-over city


Germany, the Transport bicycle costs 1,995 DM, the Cityboy costs 79813M, and the Rolistuhiboy costs 1,875DM

machine takes tried and tested carrier

securing the connection by tightening a

bicycle for the whole family.

bike technology several steps further.

safety knob. Once on the road you

Or the Rollstuhlboy attachment

With the Triset carrier trike you simply

benefit from an anti-tip tilting mecha-

converts it for use with most wheel-

pedal to the edge of the pedestrian

nism for faster cornering, and a

chairs. The wheelchair can easily be

zone, detach and lock up the rear cycle

hydraulic damper to steady the

detached and when folded, both

unit, and wheel the front carrier unit in


sections can be put in the boot of a

the centre of town. You wheel your

There is a three-speed hub gear with

passenger car.

heavy purchases back to your 'propulsion' unit and within seconds you're heading for home, mission completed. The same Triset doubles as workhorse for servicing your allotment - the polyethylene box section is made to be easily cleaned. You can also install a childseat into the box section, to get your young one to nursery: the stable tricycle format and impressive road presence help make this a carefree experience. Even with child or shopping on the front, you can store more luggage on the extra wide rear rack. It's the sort of multi-purpose vehicle you can leave outside your house for virtually any family transport task which might come your way in the course of a busy day. The Triset gives an excellent, upright ride, and you can choose virtually any handlebar position you want thanks to the individually adjustable bars. It feels reassuringly stable even when operating without a load up front. The 100kg carrying capacity is already proving to be useful to commerce. Car


Left: The main tube swings out of the way when the front unit becomes a handcart

Top left, opposite page: The Cityboy

o d --,- c a r r y zi ng




5ckrawn 5pez(atfakrra"4er/gertnu (9 Schramm


5ttctrt Mrrts















Terrcthi, Tra(tm Aiuha Vuthft

n the 1980s Bike-Hod seemed to

trailer with a load-carrying capacity of

wheel of the bike kicks up in a rut, for

be the principal make of cycle

up to 50 kilos: enough to carry the

example, the hitch gently persuades it

trailer in Britain. We used one to

week's shopping, or to tow all the gear

down again. Lean into a sharp corner

according to country.

take magazines by train to cycle shows.

and provisions for a cross-country

and the trailer adjusts comfortably

In the UK they start

Then, for a while, Bike-Hods seemed to

weekend camping expedition. Specially

without skidding, straining or fish-

at ÂŁ179.

fade from the scene: the inventors,

made carrying containers can be

tailing. If the bike tips over; the trailer

Stuart Morris and Derek Henden, sold

supplied, inluding an Urban Bike Bag in

will stay on its wheels.

the rights to a larger company, who did

vinyl, a green leather trimmed Travellers

Off the bicycle, the Bike-Hod works as

very little with it.

Bag and two basket work carriers,

an excellent general purpose trolley,

Nov after an absence of some

including a Pet Pannier.

and is great for hauling heavy parcels up

Prices vary greatly

fourteen years, Stuart is back in style,

It's smooth to tow, thanks to the

and down stairs.

with a new design of Bike-Hod,

patented hitch attaching it to the bike.

A standard US-made childseat can be

showing many improvements on the

Made partly of high-pressure air-hose,

supplied with a special modification kit

earlier version.

it acts as a universal joint, shock-

with several safety features, for use off

The Bike-Hod is a lightweight, compact

absorber and stabiliser. If the back

public roads. The Bike-Hod fits, says Stuart, to any bicycle or tandem. Special tow arms are available for very small frames and recumbents. The bare bones Bike-Hod weighs 5.5kg (12lbs), and the spokeless, pneumatictyred wheels have twin rows of bearings.

A range of


baskets are available








A Bj 1

C~ L e tfa b r ~' Uvt /Dem a rL


ive yourself a big box up front and

tion of knowing that his work is helping

carrier. There are open-box and closed-

you open up possibilities: and not

to change people's lives and bring

box options, and special orders can be


just for load-carrying. Trikes have

ecology to commerce.

carried out.

become immensely popular even fash-

The version for carrying children has a

The rear section incorporates a

ionable1 especially in Denmark where

bench seat, with a handy lockable

steering damper and tilts slightly on

they are made. ft's seen as a robust,

storage space underneath it. There is a

cornering, to help neutralise the

protective child-carrier with lots of

safety belt, to go round one or two

effects of centrifugal force. We feature

road presence. A big advantage is that

children, but most parents simply fit

the seven-speed version, with a back-

your child is always in your sight, and

their own choice of childseat and

pedal brake and front hub brakes.

can see the world.

harness. The optional hood has two

There is also a version with a wide ratio

Made on the Danish island of

windows to keep children warm and

trip le-chainwheel derailleur system.

Bornholm, these trikes are now sold

dry. Even with children on board there

throughout the world. Responsible for

is usually lots of room spare for the


their development and manufacture is

shopping. Of course, Lars Engstrom's


Lcrs Esrønt & tft1:e


SPECI FICATIOI Frame: welded and brazed, eleci plated steel. Carrier box: marine plywood.

Wheels: alloy or steel, 23 x 2 and: Dimensions: 119cm x 89.4cm (6'6 x 2 Weight: 40kg (881b).

Capacity: 100kg (2201b).

Prices vary accordir country. The lowest price is in Denmark, where you can expâ‚Ź pay between 7000 9000 Danish Kronei according to the specification.



I !














IL 4


I LL LL Narolil

Oarda P55te /A (t ea Vtkja5in


PRICES Prices vary according to country. In the UK you can expect to pay ÂŁ399.

secured and locked with a strong metal

The hitch allows the bike and trailer to

problems of bicycle powered

pin. Hitching and releasing take only

be parked with bike standing upright.

load-lugging after a life time of


Park the bike and trailer at right-angels,

arold Poole came to solving the

work in transport engineering.

The Miklink hitch is unique. It moves in

and walk off. Besides being a bike

A passionate, life-long engineer, and

all planes, so that the trailer can bounce

trailer once uncoupled the draw-bar

Fellow of the Institute of Agricultural

around without the movement being

can be locked rigid, turning the Miklink

Engineering, his designs have halved

transmitted to the bike, and its load-

into a sturdy hand-cart - further

bulk-transport costs in projects as far

transfer function solves the problems

extending the trailer's load-carrying

afield as African sugar plantations and

that have dogged bicycle trailers for


major British civil engineering projects.

years. Under acceleration, the front

Although designed for developing

At the age where most engineers are

wheel stays firmly on the road and the

countries, the Miklink is finding uses in

hanging up their spanners, Harold's

bike steers as normal. When braking,

Europe. Local authorities, outdoor

engineering expertise was called upon.

the trailer stops in a straight line

event organisers and businesses with

"Half the food grown on Ugandan

without jacking up the back wheel - a

difficult vehicle-access around their

farms rots before it gets to market",

problem common with under-seat

sites are placing orders for the Miklink's

said the Ugandan Ministry of Agri-



culture, "Walking and head-carrying are

Extensive testing in Africa, the USA and

Real heavy-duty load-lugging trailers

inefficient We have 2,000,000 bikes in

Britain reveal that the chassis and

have long been the missing link in the

Uganda, and need a robust cycle trailer

wheels are equal to the worst terrain. If

pedal-powered revolution. With the

to move produce to market Solve it"

the bike can be ridden over or through

Miklink, it's here.

So the Miklink was born.

it, the trailer will follow.

"I'm a cost-conscious engineer," Harold Poole says."Transport costs


can be 50% of a product's

cF\ A

price, and the Miklink is designed to cut that cost burden — whether it be for African farmers or EurODean business.'


The Miklink system turns a bicycle into


an Heavy Goods Bike, A Miklink trailer allows your bike to tow heavy, unwieldy loads - previously beyond the scope of bicycle transport. The heart of the system is the Miklink hitch. A cast aluminium hitch-plate bolts to the bike's rear triangle, the draw-bar is offered to the hitch-plate,





. .


e s

V [UiI

entilation fans, parasols, musical chimes, anti-dog fireworks, skirt-clips, miniature revolvers hidden in

the handlebar ends - when it comes to cycle accessories and components the fount of human ingenuity seems endless. What follows is a selection of more sensible accessories and components which have caught our eye. We have looked for the innovative and unusual, but have occasionally come across old ideas done especially well. Few small manufacturers are represented, since cycle accessories and components tend, for understandable reasons, to come from factories with mass-production methods. The bicycle is such a minimal machine that it is no easy matter to decide which accessories and components should be fitted, and which left out. Car drivers can bedeck their vehicles with all manner of gadgets good and bad but a cyclist, having no external power source, needs to weigh up the pros and cons of each new offering with the greatest of care.




Attfithr", Mrr & iinggy " rr dr Lux o!~ . 5tw Aetadw are itfabr(ek b v/O dt ud 1*61


he Dutch easy-riding roadster is

gadget for the rear rack to hold a crate

and put on with ease. The makers say it

seen as the essence of practicality,

of beer fast!

is suitable for almost all childseats and

but you can go even further by

A thoughtful Steco product is the

all standard buggies (which means up

fitting a delightful range of simple

Buggy-meede Luxe. Where but in

to 5kg). It incorporatesa strong fasten-

accessories. The Dutch company Steco

Holland would a designer sit down and

ing strap, and folds safely inwards when

make everything from simple map-

solve the problem of carrying a child-

you don't need it. All this goes hand in

holders to substantial two-sided stands

buggy on a bicycle with a childseat on

hand with the intrinsic stability of the

which hinge up behind the rear

the back, without sacrificing the rear

Dutch roadster and a IoW step-over

mudguard. They even make a pronged

panniers? The Buggy-mee may not be

frame. For safety reasons the Buggy-

compatible with the clip systems of

rnee fits onto the left side of the rack,

some touring panniers, but allows

but, given a sizable order Steco will be


typical Dutch panniers to be taken of


happy to produce a right-sided version for countries where traffic drives on


the left. Another enchantingly simple Steco

Prices vary according to

country. In Holland you

product is the AttachĂŠ-mee briefcase I


carrier, which avoids the damage

can expect to pay around

caused by using a spring clip or bungies

155 for the AttachĂŠ-mee

to hold down an expensive leather

and f43 for the Buggy-

rnee de Luxe

briefcase. The Attache-mee fits on

(f 28 for the

practically every kind of rear rack, on

standard version).

either side. Commuting made easy, for busy people.


Steco were founded in 1928, and bought by the van den Top family in 1938. The owner, Mr van den Top, is third generation, and proud to be meeting real European needs with

Iii \

European products. Steco supply almost all the big Dutch bike factories,


so good quality control is essential. Given the Dutch maritime climate, and the amount of salt in the environment, they make and test their products for


long-term corrosion-resistance: hardy stuff for hardy cyclists.


CarracUce/ ft(te


or over 60 years Carradice have

useful for everyday wear, which is why

pouch. Internal tapes secure it to bike

made robust cycle luggage in the

their bags with shoulder straps, for

and body. The jacket has a detachable

cotton county of Lancashire,

students and shoppers, are very

hood, adjustable side-tabs and cuffs,

Prices vary accordin,

England. Their current range includes

popular in Germany. A few years ago

and a rear zipped pocket. The

country. In Britain

the classic black cotton saddlebags with

Carradice had the bright idea of finish-

overtrousers have a narrow cut to

Classic long flap sad

leather straps that our grandparents

ing their Super C bags with red trim,

prevent flapping and calf length zips

bags start at £35, SL

might have used, and modern Cordura

which gave them a fashion edge:

with storm-flaps to allow easy



C rear Panniers cost £78.95 a pair and

designs and features KLICKfix fittings

although their existing fashion appeal is

changing. Full-length over-the-knee

on some models.

already strong amongst the many who

spats complete the range, and have

Many long distance tourers still choose

appreciate natural materials.

elastic stirrups positioned to avoid

hooks extra in both

the cotton duck bags for practicality as

Carradice have widened their use of


cases). The Duxback

they are extremely hard-wearing. The

natural materials by producing light-

cotton is breathable and waxed to

weight waxed cotton cycle clothing in a

make it waterproof, while the sewing

dark olive colour, bucking the trend for Tk



front/universal pan £51.95 a pair (KLICK

jacket costs £79.95 the poncho £39.95.












f7 I







5epkzi &

I =7 n

V m 5t & Leaer /gennu~




unst und Leder (Art and Leather)

closing mechanisms prevent frame

bags match the classic style and

scratching. Larger bags have a shoulder

quality of Pedersen and Galaxe

strap and some have a handle. There

cycles (both featured in this

are frame bags for Pedersens (in four

Encycleopedia). All bags are meticu-

sizes), tool bags, and a special handlebar

lously handcrafted in Franconia,

bag for the Royal Pedersen. Too!, frame

Germany, by Stephanie and Gerhard

and special handlebar bags are available

Schulz-Rothemund, using ecologically

for the Galaxe.

tanned leather (1.5 and 2.5mm thick-

Under development is a range of bags

ness) stitched with woven, waxed

for Moulton space-frames, and bag


designs for other classic bicycles are

Catches and buckles are nickel-plated,


and leather patches beneath most

PRICES Prices vary according to country. In Germany they range from 120 DM for a simple tool bag, to 560 DM for the largest Pedersen bag.



s c-" .#

L'LdLLLLLtLLL1I L'LU'L ntaifliVe

ftvt'm 5ck (k ftpf /5w(tzertaiia

he story began when Florian

light kick with the heel on the button

The mountain-drive is fitted using a

Schlumpf wanted to make a

at the end of this shaft changes gear.

hooked spanner which can be supplied

three-speed hub gear suitable for

Type I has a direct-drive (1:1), and a 2.5

by the manufacturer; but some milling

The prices of mount

mountain use. Calculations showed

to 1 reduction gear. In practice, a 46

is needed in fitting the mountain-drive 1

drives vary from

that only a gearing ratio of 1:2.5 could

tooth chainwheel is geared down to

(using perhaps a 45째 milling machine as

country to country. Switzerland, the


give a range wider than that of a 21-

the equivalent of a 19 tooth one. Even

made by Mavic or Campagnolo).

speed derailleur, and without duplica-

when combined with a seven-speed

Type I, which can be fitted with


mountain-drive I co around 422 SFr, and

tion. After five years of development

gear there is no overlap between ratios.

standard chainwheels. weighs 1265gm.

work the mountain-drive was presented

Type II is intended for more sporty

This includes the bottom bracket axle,

560 SFr: both prices

to the world.

cycling. A light kick changes the direct

bearings, chainwheel and crank. Type II

VAT, packing and

It's a super-smooth cable-free planet

gear into a 1 to 1.65 overdrive. Thus a

weighs 1285gm and hardened chain-


gear system which hides between the

38 tooth chainwheel acts like a 'dinner

wheels of various sizes between 26 and

chainwheel and the bottom bracket. A

plate' with 63 teeth. Type II gives a

38 teeth are available. Further technical

ratio which compensates for the small

details and options are in the excellent

wheels one bikes such as folders and

English-language literature. See page


133 for contact details.

su1 Aga-

a:. ..

mountain-drive It aro


Pitlock gksse 5afet Te ckut5 /gerin aK~

Peter &sse



or many cyclists, theft overshad-

the real owner to order spares. Fitting

spindles, and it also saves the weight

ows the pleasure of riding. You can

the Pitlock set is easy. Simply remove

and cost of extra spanners. Peter Busse

take massive precautions to lock

the quick-release spindle from the

plans to offer a set for every size and

made, Set 1 costs DM

up your frame, but expensive individual

wheel and replace it with the Pitlock

type of wheel spindle, and in titanium

64.50 and Set 2 DM

components, such as quick-release

spindle. There is a pressure plate, a

as well as stainless steel. The Pitlock Set


wheels and seatpins are still vulnerable.

security ring preventing direct access to

1 consists of spindles for front and rear

The idea for the Pitlock system came to

the code nut, the code nut itself, and a

wheel. Set 2 also includes a seat pin

Peter Busse when he got fed up with

Teflon ring on this spindle. The spindle

fastening. It is suggested that the

In Germany, where it is


the palaver of taking his bike apart

is fastened with a code key.

device be tightened to at least 5NM of

before locking up the frame with a

The set is weather and dirt resistant,

torque, but no more than 10NM. The

U-lock on every shopping trip. He set

thanks to the stainless steel compo-

set for saddle, front and rear wheel

out to develop a solution which did not

nents and the Teflon ring. Peter Busse is

weighs 122gm.

offer a false sense of security like many

confident in saying that the spindle will

others. He first showed his bike security

not come out, despite vigorous assault.

system at Eurobike in 1994, to great

Pliers and other tools cannot grip the


angled spindle end or the security ring.

The Pitlock set has 256 possible keys,

The security set has another advantage,

each having a code which allows only

in being lighter than most quick-release


- -- -


Rchtet & 5acks / g ertn u~


ichtel and Sachs have decades of

tional derailleur, but gives a 20 gm

experience making three-speed

weight advantage if fitted to a 20"

hubs. So they were off to ahead



start when they decided to integrate

For 1996 the 3x7 will be available with a

this technology into a 21-speed gear

disk brake, and a steel-bodied budget



version of the standard 3x7 is planned


The technology of the 3x7 has two

(30gm heavier).



about 9350ms.

W i dth needed for fitl 135 millimetres.

parts to it. There is the three-speed Spoke holes currently 36, a

hub, which allows gear-changing in a

version with 32 holes is pla

stopped position, and taking over the role of the three chainwheels on a

In Germany the 3x7

traditional 21-gear transmission. The

around 175 DM, md

hub is provided with a cassette-body,

cables and fittings.

to take a seven-sprocket Power Glide or Hyper Glide block. This turns on the hub in the same manner as the traditional hub single sprocket. The seven derailleur gears can be changed under full pedal pressure. The 3x7 is fitted mainly to city bikes -..i

k.;,I.- D - , .,—k--+






L11. L "' 6.- U1 ,







t LL


Q( (f r(ed 5cktn ~' dt

/ g ertnu

)rcecL 5cknid±

PRICES Prices vary according to


he heart of any dynamo system is prototype which was ready for produc

dynamo. At that point Union

the generator. Dynamos driven by tion. It produced 3 watts of power and

Frondenberg took up Wilfried's ideas

the tread or sidewall of the tyre was over 60°ib efficient.

and in 1994 launched the Wing


country. In Germany the

have been much improved in recent

dynamo and modified

years, but still have inherent problems.

audience at the IFMA cycle show in

Now Wilfried has produced an

headlight cost about

Both are susceptible to wet weather

1990, but although it received a great

improved version, and is marketing it

290 DM.

and have a high rolling resistance,

deal of interest, no manufacturer was

under the name: Schmidt's Original

Wilfried Schmidt first took an interest

won over. For mass production the

Hub Dynamo. It has an efficiency of

in dynamo lighting systems as long ago

dynamo needed to be simpler lighteç

about 65%, an electrical output of 6

as 1981. He studied hub dynamos as a

more efficient and freer running. He

volts and 3 watts with a 26" to 28"

principal part of his studies in mechani-

decided to simplify the dynamo by

wheel. The power consumption when

cal engineering, and constructed a

dispensing with the gearing,

switched off is 1 watt. The hub, which

geared hub dynamo in a 70mm drum

His work coincided with a growing

has inner ball bearings, weights only

brake hub.

interest in hub dynamos. In 1992 DT

650gm, and can be connected to

By 1987 he has developed this into a

Swiss brought out the RND geared

existing electronic cut-in systems for


He presented his invention to a wider

dynamo, based on his work.


cycles, so that you have light when you stop. The flange is corrosion-resistant aluminium, with countersunk spoke p.- .


it I


holes. The equipment includes the specially modified headlight supplied with a switch and two-wire coaxial cable, which greatly simplifies wiring up. Different models are planned for other wheel sizes.

~14 OF. -








1 L





1 I






ii'i 11 LLL/LLL L

Qec5 /gertnu~

he 3BS-SYNCRO hub embodies a

with ease the bike becomes more

pawls engage in synchrony. It's a low-

remarkable list of features:

stowable for car boot or public

noise and low-maintenance mecha-

ruggedness, compatibility, avail-


nism, and breaks with convention by

ability of parts, ease of repair, low

3BS-SYNCHRO blocks are available

dispensing with springs in favour of

(Including quick-releases

weight and a reasonable price.

individually, which means you can put

magnets. These, say the makers, have a


It consists of three elements which can

in an alternative wheel any time:

considerably longer life and the are



Spoke holes: 36 and 32.

be separately dismantled after installa-

perhaps one with a tyre for changed

what keeps the noise down.

tion. The freewheel and cogs unit is

riding conditions.

The 3BS-SYNCHRO can, in principal, be

attached to the drop-outs, as is the unit

Engineer Herbert Schmidt is largely

fitted to any bike with a drop-out

with the quick-release fixed on the left-

responsible for the development of

distance of 126mm to 135mm. It's


hand side of the frame. The assembly

the modular hub, and his work has

important to check, however that the

Aluminium with steel tn

consisting of hub-shell, spokes and rim

attracted much praise from experts in

drop-outs are absolutely parallel with

Shimano 7 and 8-speed,

is simply quick-released and taken out

the cycling world.

each other.

of the rear frame triangle.

A particular technical nicety is the

Weco began developing a separable

SYNCHRO freewheel, in which three



Silver; with black, blue, râ&#x201A;Ź gold finish.

Sachs Power Glide. Four precision bearings.

rear hub in 1991. A modular hub brings advantages. It's easier to take out the rear wheel, and you can keep your hands clean. You no longer have to remove the freewheel block to change a spoke. Since the wheel comes out

Prices vary accordit country. In German can expect to pay around DM 250.














L Ll

Should,cr onol, InArt & Mr HJWkt Bag Ja& Qo tfsUk / erna PRICES Prices vary greatly according to country.



Jack V Ol o Wolfskin

ack Wolfskin has been producing a

the bike, tuck the pannier hooks under

most day trips. The Royal Flash packs

wide range of high quality outdoor

a flap and attach the strap, to carry it

into its own back pocket and the

products since 1981. This now

on your shoulder. There is a broad

breathable Texapore-Ripstop material is

reflective strip on the flap and lots of

totally windproof. It is body-hugging at

includes a comprehensive selection of

In Germany, the

specially designed cycle clothing,

little compartments for securing

the front and has a long rear panel.

Diogenes costs 129 DM,

ranging from a new version of the

smaller items.

Sleeve width and underarm ventilation

the Mr Bike costs

traditional long cape to underpants

Jack Wolfskin make several cycle day

panels are adjustable.

with a windproof crotch. We have

packs for leisure trips, when you need

chosen to feature useful items for

to carry even more accessories off the

everyday cycling, two bags and a

bike. Mr Bike has a front compartment

129 DM and the Royal Flash costs 299 DM.

pack-away jacket.

for a helmet or waterproof, and mesh

The Wolfskin bags meet the daily

side pockets for bottles and other

cyclist's need for carrying a clutter of

accessories. It also has mesh back

items for both the bike and for work.

system for maximum ventilation,

The Diogenes is a satchel that clips on

detachable waist strap and large

the bike like a pannier and is big enough


to carry a lap-top computer. Take it off

A packaway waterproof is essential for



Qmaj kara /gertna it~


n these days of alloy, titanium and carbon

kit, it's refreshing to find

product is a beechwood wheel rim.

degree of spring in them which copes

Beechwood is the traditional wood for

well with heavy loads. Owners need to




this purpose, and was used extensively

avoid bringing their bicycle directly into

Prices vary accordin:

most traditional material under the

in the 1890s. These rims are crafted

a warm room after a ride in the cold.

country. The lowest

sun. Johannes Resseguier handcrafts

according to traditional methods by

And, of course, rim brakes are out.

price is in Germany,

wooden mudguards and chainguards in

the Ghisallo family in the depths of the

These rims are made for standard wire-

where you can expe'

his workshop in Bremen. These aristo-

Italian countryside: the last surviving

on tyres. They require extra-long spoke

cratic accessories consist of nine layers

makers of wooden cycle rims. They are

nipples, which are readily available from

of Swedish birch and are amazingly

then brought to Bremen to be stained

DT Swiss.

DM for a chainguard

strong. They bequeath distinction to

and coated according to a special

Newcomers to the Woodguard range

and 300 DM for a pa

almost any quality bicycle, but are most


are elegant wooden handlebar grips,

beechwood rims.

commonly seen on Pedersens and

These beautifully made rims are clearly

rear rack and front lamp.

Galaxes (featured elsewhere in this

rust-free, and are lighter than steel or


aluminium alloy. According to

The other remarkable Woodguards

Johannes, Beechwood rims have a

someone making accessories of the

pay around 195 DM pair of mudguards including fittings, 1



/ /

Li LlLi

The three most important biomechanical elements in clipless pedal design are: low stack height (the distance between the bottom of your foot and the centre-line of the pedal spindle), float (the degree to which your foot



/ tI{SA

can freely rotate when clipped in), and entry/exit motion (how you get in and out of the damn things). Bebop believe their radical

Prices vary accord-

new clipless pedal system, which is for on and

ing to country. In

off-road use, improves upon most systems in all

the USA you can

of these respects, and in minimalist style.

expect to pay

Their SPD-compatible shoe cleat is made of

around $195 for a

spring stainless steel for flexibility when walking

pair of Bebops, and

and rigidity on the pedal. Bebop pedals use

$36 for a Disk

hardened stainless steel - weighingjust 260


grams a pair with cleats. The sealed needle bearings can be dismantled with a few Allen (hex) keys. Bebop also make the Disk Jockey derailleur pulley. It combines an abrasion-resistant metal matrix material with a floating 'jockey' wheel and sealed bearing design. This reduces drivetrain friction, facilitates STI shifting and won't quickly wear out

LL l

L Ll

Freedom Bikepacking is a cottage industry in Devon, England. They make a range of innovative specialist panniers and bike bags, including

freehft / $uhd


their famous Limpet pannier system: a really simple pair of front panniers which have their own integral support hoop. This mounts on the quick-release and onto the fork itself. The Limpet is popular with everyone from fastriders needing carrying capacity to mountain bike users with suspension forks. The bags are amongst the most stable on the market, yet easy to get on and off. Freedom also have a full range of other bags. When David Blight noticed that the weight of his son, Paddy, on a childseat was beginning to

Prices vary according to

bend the bike, a solution had to be found. As

country. In the UK you can

Paddy already had a 16"-wheel BMX the answer

expect to pay around ÂŁ60

was a rigid tow bar - the Freedom Tug. This

for the limpet (including alloy hoop) and around ÂŁ70 for the Tug.

contoured steel bar makes a rigid extension to the child's bike, but has vertical and horizontal movement at the adult bike end. It can be used in a wide variety of adult/child bike combinations and provides a really economical way to get families out cycling together.


I nsidcr Tw u ft ( c / g erfta it~ The Insider is ingenious: a light aluminium pump, weighing between 90 and 124 grams (depending on which version), and housed in the the seat-post. This makes it difficult to lose, protects it against light fingers, and keeps it away from dirt. The Insider seat-post pump is designed to insert into seat pins of 20mm to 30 mm. By means of the expander ring the Insider is easily made to fit inside various diameters of seat-post By turning the Insider clockwise the expander ring moves outwards until it presses hard against the inner wall of the seatpost. The seat-pin and the Insider are now firmly 'of a piece' and can be put back into the frame. A rubber spacer prevents rattling inside the seat-tube. The Insider matches all standard valves, and is available in three lengths: 340,390, and 440mm. The Insider-Mini is available in a 250mm length, for seat-posts with an inner diameter from 24mm.

Prices vary according to country. In Germany the Insider costs about 30DM.

# M 0Irryfic & 1OfrCd1hC11 Al ,


rp么r(么it /


These clever little safety devices take the clutter off your handlebars by fitting neatly into the bar ends. The bar end Incredibell, is convenient to use and easy to reach. It allows you to ring without moving your hands away from the brake and shift levers. It also works with drop style handlebars. The Mountain Mirrycle's 76cm (31 convex mirror gives a wide field of view and is fully adjustable to any angle. It can be mounted to either side of the handlebars.

Prices vary according to country. In the USA the Incredibell costs about $9 and the Mirrycle about $13

Vredestak / 'Jeker(1cti,d5 In 1993 Vredestein took note of the needs of the recumbent world for fast and comfortable small tyres and began making their Monte Carlo tyre in size 37-406 (20"). It has also opened up the options for manufacturers of quality small-wheeled bikes everywhere. The Monte Carlo has an outstanding resistance to punctures and a long life thanks to the specially developed rubber on the tread surface. The carcass is woven by winding a single fibre around. This gives better rolling resistance than C

is offered tyres based on the usual method of

Prices vary greatly

layering, and the round profile makes for a

according to coun-

comfortable ride.

try. In Germany

Monte carlos are available in sizes 35-559,

you can expect to


pay around 41 DM.

with reflective bands.

ralidr Drlrur' Pakt Gmpmmt teer 7 6 The Powerglide Derailleur sounds like an anachro-



nism. Fully disassemblable. Fully serviceable. Every piece replaceable. The Pivot pins can be removed, greased and replaced in seconds. Both body pivots are fully sealed with an 0-ring for long lasting performance, yet can be broken down and rebuilt with ease. If it takes a nasty whack, the upper pivot bolt is designed to break under heavy impact - replacing a bolt is much cheaper than replacing an entire wasted derailleur. On top of all this, the Powerglide is light. At 169 grams (6oz) it is far lighter than the throwaways. On top of all this the

Prices vary greatly according to country. In the USA you can expect to pay $325.


Powerglide has, for many owners, an inherent beauty, closely allied to its function. Perhaps it's not an anachronism: maybe it's the shape of things to come.

Trtrfid Vdt Lektnapvt / genna ii~ The cyclist's arms play no active part in the cycling process. However, with the Tetrad, designed by engineer Veit Lehmann, the arms are integrated into the whole act of cycling. Doctors in particular are aware of this, and every fourth Tetrad is sold to a doctor. The active use of the arms does not compromise riding position or demeanour on the road, says Veit Lehmann, and aids arm and upper body muscle development The rider can use arms and legs together, legs only, or arms only: the latter is liberating for those without full use of their legs. The Tetrad can be ordered as a complete bike, or can be retro-fitted: only the handlebars, forks and front wheel are affected. The gearing is Sachs 3 x 7 operated by twist-grip or bar end levers, with the same system used on the rear where a complete bike is ordered. Depending on the customers specifications, prices range from DM 2700 to DM 3200. The retro-fit unit costs DM 1680.

Tinihuk 2 0

Rft6k 2 Des t~A5 /t'(53

Fancy a colourful customised bag? Tim buk 2 can make you a courier bag in four styles with three panel construction in 12 colours of fabrics. Timbuk2 bags are made of rugged 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. Each bag is lined entirely with a single piece of 'truck tarp' vinyl using only one triple stitched seam, eliminating the potential for liquid seepage through multiple seams. High-impact Deltrin buckles snap tight and keep it all together. Reflector tails are a prudent addition for night riding. Internal and external pockets keep your kit neatly packed. The range consists of the Thrasher (capacity 900 cubic ins), Dee Dog (1800 cubic ins), Bob (2200 cubic ins) and Tag Junkie (3300 cubic ins). Prices vary according to country. In the US they range from $49.95 to $84.95.



9, 0 . 9 , Tm'~ m 6~ The YAK trailer, designed by Philip Novotny, transforms your favourite bicycle into a versatile load-carrier, on and off-road. The aerodynamic frame, with its low-centre-of-gravity and weight-saving single wheel, creates a harmonious union of agility, ease and performance. The Yak quickly mounts to touring bikes, mountain bikes, tandems and recumbents, using an adjustable quick-release skewer that replaces the one in your rear hub. Extras for your second bike are available. A fixing for solid axles affectionately named 'BOB. NUTZ' is also available. Frame: 16mm round tubing Wheel: 16 x 1.75

Prices vary greatly according to country. In the USA the Yak (including Yak Sak) costs $259.

ZZIP P rr Road fairings

Dimensions: 1.14m x 432mm x 356mm (45" x 17" xli") Weight: 5.59 kilos (12.3 Ibs) Capacity: 32 kilos (70 Ibs). Yak Sak capacity: 94 htres (5,700 cubic inches)

2zCp DesQfts Karl Abbe's Zzipper road fairings come in a wide range of shapes and fittings to match most configurations of recumbents and conventional bicycles. By reducing aerodynamic drag, the rider can maintain higher speeds for longer periods of time.

S6,e 1976

The fairings are a lightweight, high-clarity windscreen made of shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic.These fairings can roll up for ease in transport but offer strong resistance to wind forces, when mounted in stategic points. About 15 fairings and mount systems have been designed since 1976. Zzip Designs also have experimenter kits for the designer/builder. Prices vary greatly according to country. In the United States they range from $130 for a road bike fairing to $500 for a recumbent fairing and fittings


Ckrs 'eseadrckrat6rtes / The Chronos Hammer is an electric motor that

0 the battery and motor control circuit. The start-

encourages more pedalling, not less. The power

up torque pushes the motor against the tyre,

assist is restricted to low speeds, (those encoun-

cutting down the number of cables required.

tered on hill climbing), and is not available at

The output is maximum of about 02 horse-

high speeds since this would turn nearly all rid-

power for 10 to 15 minutes of continuous, full-

ers into passive electric scooter pilots. The stan-

power climbing or enough for an average bicy-

dard gear ratio gives an operating speed of 5-12

cle ride of one to three hours, depending on the

mph, which is perfect for 98% of users.


Optional ratios are available.

Prices vary from country to country.

The Hammer is light: 0.9 kg (21b) for the motor-

In America the systems are available

transmission-clutch unit and 1.68kg (3.71b) for

for around $600

fYdC 5fJrM16rr6r sck & MUer / gerftai tj Knowing what's behind you can be critically

to only 100gm, and avoids rust

important, and the Cycle Star mirror feeds you

Cycle Stars are particularly useful on recum-

the information with little effort and no wob-

bents, if a good mounting point can be found.

ble. Some clever new thinking has gone into this

One recumbent rider told us he was going to fit

product: the acorn-shape plastic housing

one so that he could see which gear he was in.

swivels 360 degrees around a ball joint at its

Two alternative fittings for bar-end or round-

base and the mirror can be adjusted through

bar fixing are supplied, with an allen key.

180 degrees, folding inwards if you want to squeeze through narrow gaps. The 60mm mir-

Prices vary according to country. In

ror has an exceptionally wide field of vision. The

Germany the Cycle Star costs from

aluminium construction keeps the weight down

20-25 DM

Kant -Stop Brokcs 么i-5 p iftter'tat(osu


Kool-Stop pioneered the process of moulding

The blocks are moulded around a case-hard-

brakes around a backbone rather than crimping

ened backbone with an aluminium post They

them into a metal shoe. Their original design

are longer, lighter, work well in both wet and dry

was round with cooling fins, hence the name

conditions. Eagle 2 brake blocks are available for


cantilever systems or for conventional brakes.

Since the early 70s Kool-Stop have made improvements to high friction compounds and

Prices vary according to country. In

product design. Their new Eagle 2 brake blocks

America you can expect to pay

require no toe-in and cause no squeal. An

around $9 a pair.

angled tip drives rain and mud from your rims.



U~ 0

Koo14- stop Repair Kit itter'ta,tC么s'tcL (itc / {5ft


Enthusiastic cycles can become obsessive in

have curved ends which act as tyre levers, the

their quest to save wright. They drill holes in

one forming the top, clipping into the other,

scanners, or share a tooth-brush on a tour -

forming the base of the case. Inside is a tube of

having first cut off half the handle. However a

rubber solution, some repair patched and a

puncture repair kit is an essential item of lug-

square of emery paper. The case is so compact

gage which can be left behind only for the

and convenient, that it can be carried on every

shortest of rides. So the traditional tin and two


levers are carried, rattling merrily, amongst the Prices will vary according to country.

other tools.


The Kool-stop puncture repair kit is a minimal-

In America you can expect to pay

ist's dream. The two parts of the plastic case


FJ,S, PrC/C1510" Hubs 55

z(,cer-Veftreb / germattj




KSS precision bottom bracket hubs incorporate

steel axle (TLML), titanium road axle (TLT),

two mechanisms which make them especially

superlight bored titanium(TLTL) and case

durable. Firstly they have high quality triple

hardened steel axle with needle bearings on

sealed bearings, with one seal provided by the

the right side.

screw in bush and one seal on each side of the

KSS was recently taken over by Christian Sachs

bearing. Secondly they incorporate spring wash-

who has worked as a technical manger for Fichtel

ers which readjust the play of the bearing in

and Sachs. His main objective is to add some new

case of wear and allow a frame tolerance of

and innovative products to the KSS range

about 1mm.

Prices vary according to country. In

At present there are 6 different types of bottom

Germany you can expect to pay

bracket sets with different axle materials: case

from.28 DM for the basic TLMs model

hardened steel axle (TLM), bored case hardened

to 260 DM for the TLTL model.

Thorn Kiddyfrook 5t. Jokft 5tre Cc(es / {iIte4 (d么ni Robin Thorn's Kiddycranks can be fitted to

Prices vary according to country. In

almost any tandem. It's an aluminium block

the UK the Thorn Kiddycrank, includ-

housing a Shimano chainline-adjustable sealed

ing bottom bracket, costs 拢49.95. A

cotterless bottom bracket.

complete fitting kit costs 拢110.

The block with bearings is supplied separately,

Prices include UK delivery.

or as a kit with chainwheels and chain. The standard set up is as pictured, with the connecting chain going to the front right, but any configuration is possible.




mong the many excellent reasons why you ride a bike will be one or

two ethical ones. You ride because you care about pollution and the survival of real communities. But if you bought that bike from a superstore, or even mail-orde you have taken business away from the bike professionals in your neighbourhood. Your decision as to how and where you spend your money will play a part in the struggle of specialised cycle shops against cheap but suspect bikes of Mammon on the by-pass. Quality specialist bike shops are essential to the fabric of a society which values cycling. Mass-retailers and non-specialists will take little interest in the kind of bikes you see in Encycleopedia. They are often expensive to keep in stock, need specialised knowledge, and are difficult to demonstrate. It usually takes many times longer to explain and sell an unconventional cycle than it does to sell a standard bike with no complications and a more transparent function. Virtually all the shops listed on the following pages are, in some respects, just ordinary neighbourhood businesses. Yet they have, by affiliating to Encycleopedia, shown their interest in new genres of bicycle, and their general willingness to stock or order products which appear in Encycleopedia. Some shops will stock quite a few of these products, others may stock very few of them: but they will all have details from the publishers of how to source the products in this book: not always an easy matter given the international nature of our publication. However, a shop may decline, for very understandable reasons, to source a product for you. They may suggest you try sourcing through a different shop. If all fails contact us and we will do our best. We hope you will support these shops. The service they offer involves more than just getting hold of the bike in the first place: the shop will have spent a time advising you, a trained mechanic will most likely spend hours assembling it; you will get maintenence advice, and then aftersales service. Many of these shops also help you indirectly, by engaging in local cycle campaigning. A few manufacturers prefer to deal with customers directly. This is usually because their products are too specialised even for specialised shops, or may require a high degree of custom building, or perhaps, being big and bulky, they take up too much precious floor space in the average shop. However, you or the manufacturer may prefer to have the machine delivered to your local shop for assembly, final fitting and aftersales service. We give contact information on page 133.

fanWra Cycles


Canberra cycles have grown as part of the cycling boom in Australia, and the size of their showrooms and repair shop reflects the popularity of cycling in the sunshine continent The staff enjoy the variety of customers who walk through the door. One person may be looking for a $2000 touring bike, and the next might be a student from the university who needs advice on how to make her limited resources stretch to the bike of her dreams. Access: 35km from Canberra Station, 5km from Queanbeyan Station.

Open: Mo-Fr 8.00-18.00; Sat 8.00-16.00; Sun 10.00-15.00. 70 Newcastle Si; Fyshwicic Canberra 2609. Tel: +61(0)6-2804984 Fax: +61(0)6-2391257

Cycle Science


Located 20km east of Melbourne's central business district, and half-way between the sea and the mountains, Cycle Science stock a large range of new and secondhand bikes of all sorts, including recumbents. They offer same day turn around on most repairs, and have a large range of parts and accessories. The friendly staff, all of them enthusiastic cyclists, strive to fit the bike to the customer, and encourage test drives. They also run a bike hire service, and supply infor mation on organised rides.

Open: Mo-Th 9.00-1830; Fr 9.00-21.00; Sat 9.00-1700. 478 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, VIC 3132 Tel: Âą61(0)3 98748033 Fax: +61(0)398748442

rairfirld Bikes


With their emphasis on practical bikes for the real world, Fairfield Bikes is a commuters' oasis in an MTB desert. They specialise in bike conversions, custom wheel building and frame brazing/trueing. They also offer courses in bike repair. The staff are involved in the local cycling coalition and have a fondness for older bikes and older riders. Nothing interests them as much as esoteric bikes and thought Access: 15km from downtown ferry and bus terminals.

Open: Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00; Sat 9.00-1700; Sun 11.00-1700. 1275 Oscar St; Victoria, BC Tel: +16043812453 Fax: +1604 3611547

Christiana 1yk1rr


In the 1970s a group of Danes set up a community based on alternative thinking and lifestyles. Cycling was part of their vision. Ten years ago Christiana Cykler was founded, and has grown from a workshop repairing bikes for local people to a professional shop that attracts customers from all over Copenhagen. The reason for its success is the tangible enthusiasm of the staff. They specialise in mountain bikes and Pedersens, and in selling spare parts for these bikes. Access: 2km from Central Station, Norre Port, and

Oster Port Open: Mo-Fr 10.00-1730. Refshalevej 2, DK-1432 Copenhagen K Tel: +45-32-954520 Fax: +45-31-544593

Canberra A city of fine modern architecture and green open spaces. Cycling around Canberra is a less claustrophobic experience than in many other cities, and you are never far from water. Lake Burley Griffin gives the city a sense of openness and tranquility. Canberra houses a cycle museum, and is the centre for many organised cycle rides.


Melbourne Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is a cosmopolitan bayside city of approximately 3.25 million people. Famous for parks and leisure facilities throughout the city and suburbs, it has an extensive network of cycle paths used by the regular commuter and the recreational cyclist

cycle science 3

Victoria Victoria, the smaller and shyer but better-looking sister of nearby Vancouver, is the capital city of Canada's Pacific province. This university city is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, much of which remains in a pristine state and is home to mountain lions, elk herds, ancient rain forests, and, of course, MacDonalds. From Victoria, various ferries transport you and your bike to the Canadian or to the many surrounding smaller Gulf Islands which offer splendid opportunities for bike touring and camping.

Copenhagen Copenhagen is 825 years old, and unlike most capital cities it is cycle friendly. There were 50km of cycle tracks as early as 1912 and now there are many more. The bike could be said to be the cultural symbol of Denmark On the roof of one building you can see a bronze statue of a cyclist appear if the weather is good, but if it rains you can see the same lady appear holding an umbrella.

Square Wheel lyr1tworks iSAteland Dublin Ireland's capital and literary centre. Home to George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, all of whom, and many more, are celebrated in the Dublin Writers' Museum. Dublin is a seat of learning, and many a student has learnt a lot on a trip to the Guinness Brewery or Whisky Corner. Dublin makes an excellent starting point for an unforgettable cycle tour of rural Ireland.

Square Wheel Cycleworks are a community-based shop. They campaign for cycling at city level, and have had some important successes. Their knowledge of the best cycle routes in the countryside around Dublin is worth its weight in gold. An expert repair service is offered, with spare parts supplied for most bikes. They'll even renovate your beloved old heap. Square Wheel run a supervised cycle park and a cyclists' information centre. Access: 700 yards from Tara St Station, 1 mile from Heuston Station.

Open: Mo-Fr 830-18.30. Temple Lane South (Off Dame Street), Dublin 2. Tel: Âą353(0)16790838 Fax: +353(0)16774234

Sq uare t.ihcct (Etdnuorks

Optima lyrIts Liffirtstn netherlands Haarlem Haarlem is beautiful 750 year old city known for its historical hofjes and famous market place. There are numerous bike paths running through Haarlem to the bulb fields, Amsterdam, and the dunes - all of which lie within 20 kilometres of Haarlem.

Optima Cycles is an open minded and innovative bike shop run by two engineers. They currently stock 15 different types of recumbents, including their own successful Eagle, Kolibri and Swallow models, all of which are available for hire and testing. Their wide range of alternative bikes include the original Pedersen, the Galaxe, and the Brompton. They also stock many other interesting high-tech and conventional bikes. Access: 15 minutes walk from Haarlem train station. (It's behind the Botermarkt).

Open: Tu-Sat 9.00-12.00,13.00-18.00. Gedempte Raamgratht28Azw, 2011 Wi Haarlem. Tel/Fax: +31(0)23130119

Wim Kok f






Utrecht Utrecht has a rich history as a centre of Dutch trade and culture. It is home to Holland's largest university. The historic town centre features the Oude Gracht Canal, which has many beautiful bridges dating back to mediaeval times. A cycle friendly city, and afine base fora cycling holiday in the Netherlands.

Win Kok Fietsenwinkel have been trading since 1970, and

Open: Tu-Sat9.00-18.00;Th late night 19.00-21.00;

have established a nationwide reputation for stocking and promoting specialised cycles and accessories. They have a strong sales and repair service, and hold a wide range of leisure bikes: recumbents, tandems, hybrids, touring bikes, trailers and 'strollers'. One of the most important shops in the Netherlands, Wim Kok run courses in cycle maintenance and roadside repairs. Access: 3km from Utrecht Station.

(Mo. closed). Naditegaalstraat 51,3581 AD, Utrecht Tel: +31(0)30-315780 Fax: +31(0)30-316675

1yr1t Works

new zealand

Until recently, Cycle Works was a workshop-based mail order supplier of non-mainstream cycles and components. Now it is a city centre cycling showroom/resource centre. They stock awide range of recumbents, trailers, folding bikes, associated small wheel componentry and Pedersens. Although at the time of printing, the final location and hours of business had not been confirmed, the city is very compact (0.5km radius), and a phone call will quickly point the enquirer in the right direction.

P0 Box 33051, Christchurch, New Zealand Tel: +64(0)3-3386803 Fax: +64(0)3-3386231

My n Sykktl


Felgen Sykkel is an enthusiastic and friendly shop. They were established in 1991, and have since moved three times to expand their growing business, becoming well known across Norway. Whilst they stock road bikes, they concentrate on high-quality off-road bikes. They intend in future to be able to offer a bike for every need, including special bikes for the disabled. They currently undertake lots of specialised bike-

Access: 8km from Stavanger Railway Station. Open: Mo-Fr 9.00-19.00; Sat 9.00-14.00. Randabergveien 372,4070 Randaberg Tel/Fax: +47(0)514-19477


Christchurch Christchurch is the hub of the Canterbury Plain on New Zealand's South Island. Noted for its agriculture, the region offers a wide variety of on and off-road cycling and has many cycle shops. Christchurch is New Zealand's second largest city, with 300,000 residents, and is known as both The Garden City and Cyclist's City.

Cycle Works

Randaberg (Stavanger) Randaberg, on the tip of a headland near Stavanger in Western Norway is surrounded by bays and inlets. It is a farming community, with some recent industrial development and popular tourist attractions include a lighthouse and a Stone Age cave dwelling.

building for the disabled. The firm is proud of its comprehensive workshop and customer service.


Avon Vullry [yr1fry

united kingdom

This unusual business aims to be different, especially in the wide spectrum of cycling it promotes: from recumbents to child trailers. As well as being Neatwork agents, they are the only Citibike dealership in the Bath area, and are specialists in the Moulton AM and APB range of bicycles. They have a

Open everyday, 9.00-18.00. Rear of Bath Railway Station, Bath. Tel: +44(0)1225-442442 Fax: +44(0)1225-446267

Bath Bath has been a tourist city for 2000 years, its Roman Baths being among Britain's finest Roman remains. The city also contains stately homes, elegant shops, parks, and beautiful architecture, including England's largest Georgian crescent A centre for some excellent cycling, and the County of Avon has a transport plan which aims to increase cycle paths and parking. Bath is linked to Bristol by a very well used cycle path.

reputation for the trouble they go to tracking down unusual components. Their large hire fleet includes eight tandems and two rickshaws. Access: Only 2 metres from Bath Spa Station ("behind it, unfortunately").


Mud Back [yr1tworks

united kingdom

rugged low-tech furniture, their cafe accounts for over 40% of the shop's space and is licensed to open three evenings a week Good cheap continental-style food is served up by the shop's own French chef. Their cycle business hires out an extensive range of bikes and trailers, and aims to sell cycles made by forward-looking companies. Brands such as Trek and Cannondale are stocked.

The bike workshop opens lu-Sat 8.30-18.00. The cafe opens Mo-We 8.30-18.00; Th-Sat 830-11.00; Sun 10.00-1730. 40 The Grove, Bristol, BS1 4RB.

grin Hayward fyrlfs

united kingdom,

Trading since 1912 Ben Hayward Cycles specialise in "service, quality and value". They stock a wide variety of touring, mountain and commuter bikes, including the mould-breaking Moulton range. The staff particularly enjoy the sheer variety of bikes which they deal with in the course of their working day. Cycle clothing is one of the shop's strong points - they have a separate shop dedicated to clothing, helmet and general cyclewear (Ben Hayward Cyclewear). They also operate a well established mail order service. Access: 1.5 miles

from Cambridge Station. Open: Mo-Sat 8.30-1730. 69Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RJ. Tel: +44(0)1223 352294 Cyclewear Tel: +44(0)1223 301118

Bristol A city with a rich sea-faring past. Bristol will host the 1996 Festival of the Sea, which is expected to attract 70 tall ships. Also a cosmopolitan city, Bristol is at the end of the famous Bristol to Bath cycle path - the first of a national network of similar routes. Located in a grand refurbished warehouse on the Bristol docks, Mud Dock Cycleworks have been offering a unique cycling/culinary experience for over a year now. Filled with

Tel: +44(0)117 9292151 Fax: +44(0)117 9292171

Cambridge Cambridge is one of England's oldest and most famous university cities. The university colleges are rich in architectural heritage: Pembroke College was Sir Christopher Wren's first building. A great bicycle city, Cambridge is known for its throngs of cyclists, many of whom are students, whilst the county is known for its dramatic fenland skyscapes and for its cathedrals at Ely and Peterborough.





Ely D. Tek is a treasure house of specialised cycles nestling in the pretty, quiet village of Little Thetford, near the cathedral city of Ely. The local cycling opportunities are excellent, and you have to travel some distance before you encounter a hill.

across the globe and operate a national hire service. Active in many local and national cycling campaigns, D. Tek helped to found the Friends of the Duet recumbent group. They stock a large range of mountain bikes and children's trailers, as well as a wide variety of clothing accessories and spare parts. D. Tek also operate a special service whereby customers can return their bikes within 30 days of purchase and settle

instead for a pre-arranged hire agreement alternative. Access: 2 miles south of Ely Train Station. (A cycle path runs directly from the station to the premises). Open: March-October: 7 days aweelรง 9.00-17.00. October-March: Mo-Fr 9.00-17.00. Little Thetford, Nr. Ely, Cambridgeshire C1363HA Tel: +44(0)1353 648177/648577 Fax: +44(0)1353 648777 Advisable to phone.

gridyf Bike Hire

united kingdom

Bridge Bike Hire is a cycle hire centre situated on the Camel Trail: an all-weather,all purpose recreation trail, perfect for cycling, running alongside the tranquil Camel River through the beautiful countryside of North Cornwall. Mountain bikes and hybrids are the main forms of hire transport. Dial-a-Bike was introduced last year to provide a delivery and pick-up service for weekly hires, and also caters for one way trips for larger parties.

Open: Mo-Sun 9.00-1700,364 days a year Bookings are essential. The Camel Trail, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL277AL Tel: +44(0)1208813050. Dial-a-bike: +44(0)1208813050.

Founded in 1990, D. Tek is an Aladdin's Cave for most types of specialised cycle, they receive visits and enquiries from

Wadebridge The ancient, beautiful foot of Britain is famous for its rugged moors and majestic coastline, where one can ride to the tip and gaze across the vast moody Atlantic It has a strong tin mining tradition which gave rise to the popular Cornish pastie snack - the early miners' equivalent of the modern convenience fast food fad.



future ryllf

united kingdom

Founded four years ago as a recumbent specialist. Patrick Shaw's Recumbent Hire now stock a huge variety of convenional and alternative cycles. Home of the Streetglider recumbent, they are one of the few stores that manufacture as well as sell and hire cycles. Having recently moved to big-

with a hybrid. Access: 3 miles from East Grinstead station. Open: Mo, Tu, Th, Fr, Sat 09.00-18.00; We 09.00-13.00. Friends Yard, London Road, Forest Row,

ger premises, they now have a large yard where customers can try out bikes. They also run weekend recumbent courses. A centre of enlightenment, many a customer has entered the shop to purchase a mountain bike, only to leave

East Sussex RH18 Tel: +44(0)1342 822847 Fax: +44(0)1342 826726

Forest Row The celebrated home of Winnie the Pooh, Sussex comprises one of the largest areas of heathland in the country as well as the spectacular, 6400 acre stretch of Ashdown Forest - an area ideal for cycling. Famed for its breathtaking fields of bluebells, it is also home to the stately Sheffield Park, the largest steam-train park in the country.


Geoff Wilts Cycles

united kingdorr

Established almost 20 years ago, Geoff Wiles Cycles specialise in made-to-measure cycles. They offer a very personal service, and are always willing to build a cycle up from scratch in order to ensure that each customer gets exactly what

recumbents and trailers. Access: 5 minutes walk from Strood train station. Open: Mo-Sat 9.00-18.00. 45-47 Cuxton Road (A228), Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 213M Tel: +44(0)1634722586 Fax: +44(0)1634727416

Rochester Known as The Garden of England, Kent is a picturesque county with a rich diverse heritage. Traditionally a hop-growing county, it has good ferry connections for the touring cyclist from Continental Europe. The history of Kent, together with its intricate network of off-road paths, make it a fascinating area for cycling.

he/she is looking for. Keen to develop the manufacturing side of their business, they have recently launched a new brand of trike axle, which gives variable drive to both wheels, and are currently developing a range of performance tandem hubs. They also stock a wide variety of everyday bikes,


Northwest HPV

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Peter Cox runs a cycle business aimed specifically at the kind of service that most high street shops cannot or will not provide. Offering a large range of recumbents and trailers for sale and hire, Northwest HPV also runs a mobile repairs service and a mail-order parts finding service. Whatever the component or cycle, new or old, they will do their best to find it For visitors to the area, BeB lists and local touring routes can be provided. A local cycling track provides an ideal testing place to try out the machines for beginners.

Access: 5 min from Lancaster station. Open: Times include weekends and evenings. Phone for details. 32 St George's Quay, Lancaster LA1 1RD. Tel: +44(0)1524849083.

sicyc lf Doctor

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Bicycle Doctor was formed twelve years ago, as a workers' co-op. It now has six members, all committed to getting the people of Manchester on bikes. They have recently expanded their premises and offer touring, racing, mountain bikes, and recumbents, as well as clothing and accessories, and a full repair service in their workshops. The shop's free notice board lists clubs, events and second hand sales. There is a 10% discount for students. Their Mountain Bike Club organises regular off-road rides for all abilities.

Access: two miles from Oxford Road Station. Open: Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-1730. 68-70 Dickenson Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 SHE Tel: +44(0)161-2241303 Fax: +44(0)161 2573102


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Bikefix is central London's only specialist repair shop. In their large workshop they custom build frames and wheels, and carry out any and all frame repairs. Tandems and other cycling oddities are usually available for hire. Behind Bikefix you can find Bike Trader: a new section offering a full hire and sales service on a wide range of recumbents, luggage and child trailers, hybrids, tourers and mountain bikes, as well as a good selection of touring equipment Access: Russell Square and Holborn tubes. 10 minutes from King's Cross.

Open: Mo-Fr 830-19.00; Sat 11.00-16.00. 48 Lambs Conduit Street, London, WC1. Tel: +44(0)171-4051218 Fax: +44(0)171-4051099

Brixton Cycles Co-op

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Brixton Cycles Co-op is a lively workers' co-operative which has been trading for ten years now, in the heart of Brixton, a multi-cultural centre south of the Thames. They began with a workshop that was little wider than a corridor, but now benefit from very spacious showrooms. Brixton Cycles spe-

Open: Mo-Sat 9.00-18.00; Th 9.00-19.00. 435-437 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London, 5W9.

Lancaster Built up on the cotton trade, Lancaster developed strong sea-going connections with the United States. Until recently it was a bastion of car-culture but nowadays cycle paths are cropping up fast in the city. Lancaster is now world famous amongst cyclists for Cycle Fest, a successful annual cycling festival which celebrates pedal-power in all its manifestations.

Manchester A city brimming with culture, theatre, music, art, museums, universities and some classic Victorian architecture. Manchester is developing an impressive pedestrian zone, and the new tram system is benefiting all non-motorists. The city council are beginning to use cycling as a means of boosting the city's environmental credentials. A step in the right direction was the recent opening of the new Manchester Velodrome.


LONDON One of the world's great capitals, and often the inevitable starting point to a visit to Britain. Armed with a cycle route map from the London Cycling Campaign (available from bike shops), and with a very good cycle lock, the visitor can spend happy days on a tour of the world-class museums, art galleries, visitor centres and monuments. The London Cycling Campaign is one of the largest in the world, and the London local authorities amongst the most stubborn.


LONDON Although London has many committed and active cyclists, the city has yet to fully recognise the bicycle as the answer to its crippling transport problems. London cyclists regularly remind the authorities that a thousand-mile network of cycle routes had been promised. Nevertheless, an alert and confident cyclist can enjoy slipping past the slow moving traffic queues, leaving almost every other road user behind. Most London cyclists use mountain bikes, although adapted touring machines are beginning to make a come-back.

cialise in custom building, commuter bikes and related products. Trailers and racks can be ordered on request and are available on hire. Access: Brixton British Rail 400 yards; Brixton Tube 300 yards.

Tel: +44(0)171-7336055 Fax: +44(0)171-7335595

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London Rtrumbmts

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London Recumbents is the perfect place to visit if you are considering buying a recumbent, because they are based at Herne Hill Cycle Stadium, where you can try the machines, and take them around the local lanes and parks. Bikes are hired as well as sold, and the hire fee is refunded if you buy. As well as recumbents from Britain, Europe and America,

Open: Times include weekends and evenings:

LONDON You come across all kinds of cyclist on the roads of London. Watch out for the cycle couriers, whose riding style can be unorthodox to say the least - how things have changed since the upper middle classes cycled sedately round Hyde Park in long tight-waisted clothing. That was in the 1890s. Hyde Park itself has changed little, and the speakers on their soap boxes at Hyde Park Corner on Sundays are worth a visit There is a fine collection of bicycles in the Science Museum, South Kensington.

London Recumbents also stock luggage and child-trailers, and specialised bikes for the disabled. Access: half mile from both Herne Hill and North Dulwich Stations.

phone for details and appointment Herne Hill Cycle Stadium, Burbage Road, London SE24. Tel/Fax: +44(0)171-6359761 LONDON RECUMBENIS


On Your Of

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Established in 1983 by Rob Chappel,to satisfy the needs and demands of the commuting cyclist, On Your Bike now consist of a chain of 16 stores. They offer a wide variety of mountain bikes, tourers and racers, as well as an extensive range of clothing accessories and spare parts. Placing great priority on customer care, they strive to provide a fast, efficient service, and operate a same-day repair scheme. An exhaustive range of cycles can also be hired.

Open: Mo-Fr 9.00-18.00; Sat 9.30-1730; Sunll.00-16.00.

Wt First

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Gary Hooper's store is a specialist 'one-stop shop' for recumbents, luggage and child-carrying trailers, folding bikes, and a wide variety of other alternative cycles - all of which are available both for sale and hire. His huge range of cycles include the Radius, Kingcycle, Ross, Rapide, Ryan and Vanguard. Placing great priority on customer care, clients are encouraged to try bikes before they buy them, and Gary is always on hand to offer his professional tuition services. Keen

routes in and around Birmingham. Access: 50 yards from Widney Manor train station. Open: Mo-Sun 10.00-16.00. Advisable to phone in advance. 170 Widney Manor Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3JW. Tel/Fax: +44(0)1217044412

LONDON There is much more to London than the city centre and the traditional tourist attractions. There are published routes, devised by London Cyclists, which take you on tours of the often delightful London suburbs. These routes often have a theme, and describe the kind of social history which is frequently missing from guide books to London's centre. A book of leisure cycle routes out of London, written by Patrick Field, was published recently.

52/54Tooley Street, London Bridge, London SE1 2S1 Tel: +44(0)171378 6669 Fax: +44(0)1713577600


Birmingham Local campaigners have fought long and hard to improve the cycling paths and facilities within and near Birmingham. However car-culture is not so close to breaking down as in other towns and cities. Despite this, cyclists remain hopeful for the future. Quiet roads, perfect for cycling, can however be found in the beautiful surrounding county of Warwickshire.

to encourage cycling, he regularly campaigns for more cycle


madytts [YrIts

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Established 70 years ago, Madgetts is a family cycling business run by an enthusiastic staff, all of whom are keen cyclists. Their large selection of cycles includes tandems, recumbents, racers and mountain bikes, as well as a series of tricycles adopted for disabled people. They also stock a wide variety of clothing accessories and spare parts. One of their specialisms is frame and wheel building, and they are prepared to go to any length to satisfy individual customer requests.

Access: 1 mile from Diss train station. Open: Mo, We, Th, Fr, Sa9.00-17.30; Tu 09.00-13.00. 8-10 Shelfanger Road, Diss, Norfolk IP223EH Tel: +44(0)1379 650419 Fax: +44(0)1379 642735

valify [YrIts

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Formed two years ago, Valley Cycles offer a wide selection of recumbents, trailers and tourers, as well as a full range of clothing accessories and spare parts. A strong repair service is also provided. Owner Vince MacKenzie is keen to promote recumbent culture in Wellingborough, a town not noted for its go-ahead cycle culture. Vince takes a strong interest in the retailing of Bike Fridays, and runs a popular hire service from the store. Access: Five minutes (all downhill!) from the train station.

Open: Mo-Sat 9.00-1700; or by arrangement Unit 2, Nene Court, The Embankment, Wellingborough, NN8 1LD.

Diss Once famous for its church bells (alas now silent), Diss is a peaceful little market town situated around The Mere (a lake), on the Norwich to London rail-line, in the beautiful county of Norfolk. A cycle path runs through the town, but better cycling routes can be found nearby in Thetford Forest.



Wellingborough Wellingborough is a market town near Northampton. The local countryside, which is relatively flat, was the scene of much conflict during the English Civil War. Northampton has been, and to some extent, still is, a centre of the boot and shoe-making industry

Tel: +44(0)1933271030.


lastIf rylits Newark The district of Newark and Sherwood is steeped in histocy,

Founded in 1981, Castle Cycles have an established reputa-

and was, of course, once the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The Major Oak in which Robin is thought to have hidden from the Sheriff of Nottingham still stands in Sherwood Forest. A cycle ride around the area becomes a journey into the past. The many surrounding villages often have historic significance, East Stoke for example, was the site of the final conflict in the War of the Roses.

tion for providing customers with good service and aftersales care. They stock a wide range of value-for-money bikes, accessories and spares, including the Linear and Kingcycle recumbents. For the younger bicycle enthusiast they also stock kiddy trailers. Access: a quarter mile from Newark Castle, half mile from North Gate.

Open: Mo-Fr 9.00-1730; Sat 9.00-1700. 16 Boar Lane. Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1AJ. Tel: +44(0)1636-79893 Fax: +44(0)1636-79578


C A S I L E C I C I. S S

St John Strf f t fyrlfs

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Established thirteen years ago, St John Street Cycles specialise in cycles and components not easily available from the local bike store. Tourers, Audax bikes and Tandems (by Dawes, Cannondale and their own specialist brand 'Thom') are just some of the many bicycles stocked, while components include platform pedals, tandem spares, chainrings, hub-dynamos, hub gears and brakes as well as odd sized tyres. They also offer a free delivery service on all items to

Access: 200 yards from Bridgwater Station.

Bridgwater North of Taunton, Bridgwater sits at the heart of Somerset and numerous cider orchards. An hour's ride to the east is Glastonbury the alleged burial place of King Arthur, and the site of an annual music festival. Close by are the Quantocks, a range of undulating red sandstone hills which are ideal for gentle touring.

Open: Mo-Sa 9.00-18.00. 91-93 St John Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA65HX Tel: +44(0)1278-423632 Fax: +44(0)1278431107


any part of the UK

Action Pucks

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Action Packs is based in the booking hall of the station, where it hopes to lure visitors from London for a day cycling in the country. They specialise in mountain bikes and other products that they have tried and tested. Bike hire is the main business and this allows customers to try some of the unusual machines featured in Encycleopedia. They can then buy the machine at a discount of up to 10%. Access: At Boxhill/Westhumble station, half hourly service to London.

Open: 6 days aweek; 9.30-1730 except We 930-13.00 (Tu. closed) Best to phone and book The Booking Hall, Boxhill Station, Dorking,

Dorking Boxhill, near Dorking, is a well known beauty spot, owned by the National Trust, where visitors can enjoy views of the green hills of Surrey. Cyclists can ride from here along the North Downs. Boxhill Station is nearly 130 years old and built in the Gothic Style.

Westhumble, Surrey RH5 6BT Tel: +44(0)1306-886944 Fax: +44(0)1306-880332. \ON P1

Hurdisty [YrIts Newcastle-upon-Tyne This lively industrial city on the north east coast of England is famed for the friendliness of its populace. It is, however, anything but cyclist's paradise. A dedicated group of campaigners have made some progress, and a number of locals (or Geordies as they are better known as) are beginning to discover the rural wonders, as seen from the bicycle saddle, of the vast and various county of Northumberland to the

Established fifteen years ago, Hardisty Cycles is now one of the biggest and busiest stores in Britain, catering for all


shops to use television advertising.

cycling needs. Priding themselves on excellent customer service and after-sales care, they offer a huge selection of mountain bikes, tourers, recumbents and trailers, as well as a wide range of clothing accessories and spare parts. Indicative of their success, Hardisty Cycles were one of the first cycling

Open: Mo, T We, Fr,Sa9.00-17.30; Th 9.00-19.00; Sun 10.00-1700. 5-7 Union Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE6 1EH. Tel: +44(0)1912658619. Fax: +44(0)191 265 4072.



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It was whilst living in Miami that the owner of Cycle Heaven became convinced that the motor car would be the death of all civilised urban life. After completing his MA on "The Culture of Cycling in England 1870-1900", he found himself as the unlikely manager of the car parts shop "Motorist's Mecca". He began converting it into a cycle shop, bought out the lease, and within two years Cycle Heaven was born. Dedicated to the renaissance of mass utility cycling, Cycle Heaven will sell you anything from recumbents to trailers.

Access: ten minutes walk from York station. Open: Mo-Sa9.00-18.00. 5 Bishopthorpe Rd. York, Y021NA Tel: +44(0)1904-636578

York Awarded the title of Britain's Top Cycling City York is a historic and splendidly preserved city which has kept its long tradition of cycling. The city council has a positive cycling policy, and the cycle paths charity, Sustrans, have built crosscountry routes out of York. Their Inverness-Dover and HullLiverpool routes will meet just south of York. Open Road, the publishers and editors of this book, live and work in York.

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This family business has been open two years and specialises in recumbents which they demonstrate to people in a nearby park. They want to promote all types of cycling, so suggest machines only after determining the customer's needs. Another speciality is trailers for shopping, luggage or children. Gear have started a recumbent club, members of

Open: Mo-Sat 10.00-18.00. 19 Gibson Street, Hillhead, Glasgow, G12 8NU. Tel/Fax: +44(0)141-3391179

Glasgow One of Europe's "Cities of Culture", Glasgow is host to opera, ballet, the Royal Scottish Orchestra, museums and art galleries. It is city which has yet to fully appreciate the wonders of the bicycle. In the meantime there is a choice of bus, boat, taxi, foot and helicopter tours of the city. Cyclists will be more interested in quieter pleasures of the Glasgow and Loch Lomond cycleways.

which cycle off to the beautiful Scottish countryside. Access: five minutes walk from Kelvinbnidge Underground station.

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Flagstaff Flagstaff, Arizona, is located 60 miles from America's Grand Canyon - one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Arizona boasts many ancient American-Indian ruins as well as present-day Hopi and Navajo cultures. Arizona's desertto-alpine scenery and wide open spaces with little motor traffic are ideal for cyclists looking to explore the ancient archeology, geology and anthropology of America

Flagcom Recumbent Cycles of Northern Arizona claim to have the greatest variety of recumbents in the entire Southwest Their stock includes ATP Visions, Greenspeed trikes, Ryans, and Easy Racers' new EZ-1. Flagcom rent out all of their bikes and owner Tom Price provides personalized service to every customer. Here all your recumbent needs will be fulfilled with expertise and courtesy. Access: Public bus within one block, with connections to Amtrak.

Open: 7 days, 9.00-18.00. Appointment preferred. 1925 No. Main, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Tel: +1520-779-3818

Missing Link


The Missing link is a radical shop setup by Berkeley students as a worker-owned co-operative in the early 1970s. The workers are committed to promoting the imaginative use of pedal-power as an antidote to the State's heavy and destructive reliance on the automobile. The Missing Link offers free repair classes, with a shop area open to customers who want to carry out their own repairs, with varying degrees of supervision. Access: 2 blocks away from the Berkeley Bart station.

Open: Mo-Fr 10.30-18.30/19.00 in summer; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 12-00-1700. 1988 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. Tel: 510-8437471 Fax: 030-2151566

email: tomp @ pnimenetcorn

Berkeley Berkeley is dominated by the University of California with its 30,000 students and impressive buildings in the centre of town. It was the centre of protest against the Vietnam war, challenging the authority of the then Governor, Ronald Reagan. There are many good bookshops and cafes in the area Part of the avenue where Missing Link is located is a 'Gourmet Ghetto' with restaurants, delis and bakeries.

fat Tirt Trading Post Fairfax Fairfax is in the heart of Mann County near Mt Tamalpais, the site of the very first mountain bike race. Fairfax is 20 miles north of San Francisco, located between Alpine Lake and the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Fairfax offers the best of both worlds: natural beauty in close proximity to a sophisticated urban center.

Founded in 1986 by Chris loakimedes, the 'Post' specialize in classic and antique bicycles, parts and restorations. They also offer the latest in mountain bikes (for sale and hire), parts and service. Staff lead guided rides and tours of the area, and lodging is available at the Post for up to six cyclists at $10 per night The Post also give away as many as 8 refurbished bikes per month in an attempt to get 'bike-less' area locals riding instead of driving. Access: Within a block of the Golden Gate Transit bus #24.

Propic Mours

28 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax, CA 94930 Tel: +1415-258-9120 Fax: +1415-258-9176 Open: Mo 16.00-20.00; Tu,Th 8.00-13.00,16.00-20.00; rr, Fr, Sat 8.00-13.00,16.00-00.00; Sun 8.00-13.00,16.00-18.00; (We. closed). .ffflf Art



Orange Orange is at the centre of Southern California's tourist attractions, including Hollywood and Disneyland. But it also offers many more subtle delights for the cyclist It is twenty minutes away from beautiful beaches and an hour away from mountains. You can get away from it all and maybe try

People Movers has been open for three years and now stocks over 15 different American-made recumbents. The owner, Jim Wronski, is such an enthusiast that he bought twelve for himself. They rent out beach cruisers, simple sixspeed tandems, hybrids, mountain bikes and hope to hire

a long distance ride along a dried river bed.

out some recumbents soon. People Movers are always looking for good new products to add to their line of speciality bikes and act as swiftly as possible to meet the customer's requirements.

Access: half mile from Anaheim Stadium Amtrack Station. Open: Everyday from about 10.00-18.00. 980 N.Main Street, Orange, CA 92667 Tel: +1714-6333663 Fax: +1714-6337890 PEOPLE MOVERS (

Start to finish



San Francisco With its beautiful vistas, abundant Victorian architecture and mild climate, San Francisco is the fifth most frequently visited tourist destination in the world and first in the US. For cyclists, the city offers tolerant drivers, a compact urban core and stunning natural scenery just across the Golden Gate Bridge in Mann County. San Francisco also has the largest Critical Mass bicycle demonstration ride in America on the fourth Friday of every month.

Start to Finish have eight shops in the Bay Area. The shop's retail objective, according to owner Chris Foley, is to provide a balance of transportation and recreation products and services to its customers. Providing the right bike for the customer is particularly critical. Start to Finish also support many local bike charities and devote a percentage of their print media campaign to bicycle advocacy issues. Access: #15 bus stops within one block; Muni Metro (light rail) within 3 blocks.

Owner: Chris Foley 599 Second St, San Francisco, CA 94107 Tel: +1800-600-BIKE Fax: +1415-920-6715

A gicyrIf Odyssfy


was only 19 years old. As an occasional mechanic for several race teams and a crew member for a few transcontinental record attempts, Tony prides himself in his shop's service department and mechanical expertise. A Bicycle Odyssey specializes in wheel-building and high-end componentry and accessories. Mountain and road frames by two local framebuilders, among others, are also sold alongside road, touring

workshops at local schools. Access: Golden Gate Transit bus stop within two blocks of shop. Open: Mo-Sat 10.00-19.00; Sun 10.00-1700.

Web Site: httpi/wwwstf.com Open: 째 Mo-Fr 9.00-19.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 11.00-1700.

Sausalito Sausalito is in the heart of Mann County immediately north of San Francisco, California, and the birthplace of the mountain bike in the late 70s and early 80s. Mt. Tamalpais, located a few miles from downtown Sausalito, inspired those early cycling pioneers and continues to attract riders from all over the world because of its mountain biking legacy and natural beauty.

1417 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965 Tel. +1415-332-3050 Fax: +1415-332-5344

and track bikes by the English builder, Cooper. The shop also sponsors three local racing clubs and organizes bicycle safety

Anylffrrh lyfltry


Located at 8600 feet above sea level, the shop is an alterna tive cyclist's dream. AngleTech Cyclery was an early importer of Moulton bikes, and began stocking recumbents as early as 1978. Kelvin continues in this progressive tradition, stocking a full line of recumbents, folding bikes and bikes for customers with special needs. AngleTech also specializes in optimizing any given design of bike, fitting aerospoke wheels, Zzipper fairings and 63 speeds, and custom-paint designs to most of the bikes in stock. Access: Nearest public transit in Colorado

Springs, 18 miles away. 318 No. Highway 67, P01893, Woodland Park, CO 80863. Tel/Fax: +1719-687-7475

Woodland Park Located in the heart of America's Rocky Mountains, Woodland Park is minutes away from Pikes Peak, one of the most frequently ascended mountain peaks in the world. The prehistoric Fluorescent (dinosaur) Fossil Beds, hundreds of campsites, Olympic training center and excellent mountain biking and winter skiing draw visitors all year round.

Rapid Transit

email: anglezoom @ aol.com Open: Mo-We, Fr-Sat 10.00-18.00; (Th e7 Sun closed).


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Chicago Although not the bike-friendliest city in the nation, Chicago's urban density and stunning architecture makes cycling an effective and stimulating transportation choice. Situated on the western shore of Lake Michigan, the shore has a popular cycle path 35 miles long as well as a number of scenic rail-totrail conversions in the nearby suburbs. Ethnic diversity art museums, theatres and the Mercantile Exchange make Chicago perhaps the most influential American city between the coasts. And let's not forget the pizza...

Chris and Justyna Frank opened their shop a couple of years ago to cater to the urban cyclist. The owners and employees are all dedicated bike commuters and understand the demands of those who use their bikes for year-round transport. Rapid Transit is one of just a few shops in the region who carry recumbents (including the ATP Vision), which are also available for test rides. The Franks hold safety classes and maintenance workshops for their customers and take pains to stock a variety of accessories that are of particular

interest to the city cyclist Access: 3 blocks from the Damen L (subway) stop. 1900 West No. Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 Tel: +1312-227-2288 Fax: +1312-227-2328 Open: Mo-Tu,Th 10.00-20.00; Fr, Sat: 10.00-18.00; Sun 12.00-1700; (Wed closed).

RUB rylits


Long known for their custom bicycles and excellent bicycle sizing and fitting, RRB operate out of an old two story farm house. They specialize in mountain bikes and Kestrel carbon fibre road bikes and have a complete line of clothing and accessories. They also support several local children's charities. Access: 300 yards from Metro train stop.

Open: Mo-Th 11.00-20.00; Fri 11.00-18.00;

Kenilworth Kenilworth is a northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois, and with low traffic congestion and great scenery, has the best bicycling in the area. Particularly spectacular is the ride along Lake Michigan past the multi-million dollar homes that line the shore. Chicago, with its gfeat restaurants and cultural institutions, is just a quick train trip south.

Sat 10.00-1700; (Sun closed). 562 Greenbay Rd., Kenilworth, IL 60043 Tel: +1708-251-7878

frffwhff I sicyclf Ă­a Minneapolis Despite notoriously cold winters, Minneapolis has less snowfall than other American mid-western cities, making winter riding feasible. Summers here are usually mild with many residents taking advantage of the warmth to pedal along the city's many parks, lakes and bike paths. Minnesota is currently working to complete a greenway running between the twin cities of Minneapolis/StPaul and Duluth, 200 miles to the north. The twin cities are also a cultural mecca with many museums and performing arts institutions.

The Freewheel was founded in 1974 as a worker-owned cooperative. The Co-op is very involved in the community, offering repair classes and providing a public shop where cyclists pay by the hour to use the professional and wellstocked facilities to make their own repairs. The Freewheel carries a full line of mountain and road bikes and trailers and carries an unusually large number of parts and accessories. They will also begin carrying recumbents soon. Access: 6 different buses stop within 4 blocks.

Open: In-season; Mo-Fr 10.00-20.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 12.00-16.00. Out of season: Tu-Th, Sat 10.00-18.00; Mo, Fr 10.00-20.00; (Sun closed). 1812 South 6th 5., Minneapolis, MN 55454 Sales: +1612-339-2219, Service: +1612-339-2235 Fax: +1612-339-8268


Lincoln GuidtStrvict


Mike Famey's shop is dedicated to "helping create and nur ture a culture of, by and for the self-propelled" In keeping with this, the 25-year-old shop sells and rents a complete line of human-power equipment including bikes, cross country skis, snow shoes and in-line skates. Bikes carried include Ryan and Lightning recumbents. The shop also hosts repair and safety classes, organizes public rides and sponsors activities throughout the annual Bike-to-Work Week in May. Access: The Boston subway's Purple line stops within two miles of

the shop. Open: Mo-Fr 10.00-18.00; Sat 9.00-1700; Sun 12.00-1700. 152 Lincoln Rd. Lincoln, MA 01773-0100 Fax: +1617-259-1722 Tel: +1617-259-1111

Northfust Raurnbrnts


Owner Johannes Groessbrinlç a German engineer, established NorthEast because he could not find any recumbent dealers in his area. He offers advice to the recumbent novice and facilitates custom modifications. The shop, which serves the international cycling community, rents and sells over a dozen different brands of recumbents and specialty bikes, including the ATP Vision, Easy Racers, Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Linear, and Pedersen. The shop is situated next to a quiet, residential neighborhood, perfect for test rides.

Access: 5 minute walk from bus making connections to New York City and Newark International Afrport. Open: Open daily. Please call for an appointment 9 Wayland Dr Verona, NJ 07044 Tel/Fax: +1201-239-8968

Lincoln Lincoln is located near Boston, Massachusetts, the epicenter of the American Revolution. Nestled in the heart of New England, this area boasts more historical sites than any other region in America. Environmental Pragmatism was also born here with Emerson and Thoreau scribing their great transcendental thoughts on the banks of the Concord River and Walden Pond, respectively. The area is also a great starting point for two-wheeled exploration of New England's many beautifully preserved small towns and historical sites.

Verona Located in the valley between the First and Second Watchung Mountains in eastern New Jersey, Verona's bucolic location is only 15 miles from New York City - the largest city in the US. With green and peaceful cycling just to the west and the wonderful diversity and vibrancy of New York to the east, Verona combines the best of both worlds. Not to be missed is a trip to the Annin Flag Company - manufacturers of the American flags planted on the North and South Poles and the one used on the first Moon landing.

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Toga Or Shop New York The borough of Manhattan in the great cultural "melting pot" of New York City. Manhattan is probably the most effective, though flat-out scariest, place to ride a bike. The great urban Central Park, the pedestrian-walk/bikeway across the enormous George Washington Bridge, the new bike path along the southern Hudson River Promenade in southern Manhattan and beautiful beaches an hour away on Long Island to the east of Hudson, all make for excellent urban cycling.

Eugene Located in America's Pacific Northwest. Eugene is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the US. Hundreds of miles of bike paths, both on and off the motor streets, allow cyclists to get around quickly and safely. Pleasant seasonal climate and spectacular plant life make bike-riding here ajoy all year round. Ocean cliffs, wooded mountains, rivers and hotsprings are within a day's ride of the city.

Richard Newman along with manager Richard Bothwell have turned Toga into New York's premiere bike shop. The largest shop in the city, Toga boasts an enormous clothing section, and a large selection of high-end mountain and road bikes and componentry. Toga also possesses the world's only known ten-man tandem. Toga, a keen supporter of charities, sponsored Nelson Vails, the former New York bicycle messenger who won the first ever US Olympic cycling medal. Vails was on the Toga team. Access: #1 train 3 blocks away

and West End Ave. Bus stops right in front of store. 110 West End Ave, New York, NY 10023 Tel: +1212-799-9625 Fax: +1212-799-2834 Open: Mo, Tu, Fr 11.00-19.00; We, Th 11.00-20.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 11.00-18.00. BIKE SHOP

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CAT founder, director and chief framebuilder Jan VanderTuin believes that bicycles are essential tools for modern civilization. His center builds, sells and rents utilitarian bicycles. Cargo bikes, heavy-duty trailers, recumbents and adult tricycles. CAT is also home to a rideable bicycle museum, a do-it-yourself workspace, a youth education machine and welding shop, the editorial offices of the state's only bike advocacy magazine and a bicycle cargo-delivery service.Access: 1/2 mile from Eugene Amtrak station.

Open: We-Fr 11.00-18.00; Sat, Sun 11.00-1700; (Mo,Tu. closed). 455 West 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97401 Tel: +1503-683-3397 Fax: +1503-686-1015





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Portland Portland's rapid growth in recent years is partly due to its reputation for natural beauty and livability. Despite the city's increasing reliance on the automobile for its citizens' mobility, Portland has made great strides in promoting biking by painting bike lanes to the streets, attaching bike racks to the public buses and allowing bicycles access to the city's light rail. Portland also has its own Critical Mass ride, held monthly, much to the chagrin of the police and some motorists.

Citybikes and Citybikes Annex are worker-owned cooperatives whose main focus is to get people of limited means onto bikes. Consequently, Citybikes sells only used and refurbished bikes. Their specialty is 3 speeds and other classics which are found in abundance around the city. The recently opened Annex has given them extra space in which to begin carrying trailers - giving customers one less excuse to own a car. The Cooperative currently has 15 workers, 6 of whom have become part owners. Although a third of the workers

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are female. Access: #12 bus stops one block away. Open: Mo-Fr 11.00-19.00; Sat- Sun 11.00-1700. 734 e71914 S EAnkeny Portland, OR 97214 Tel: +1503-239-0553/6951


Memphis Memphis is the home of Elvis Presley's mansion Graceland, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the southern

Started in 1917 by the grandfather of the current owner, Gene Amagliani Jr., Mt Moriah is the oldest continuous

US. Memphis has also got the Blues with Beale St boasting clubs owned by legendary Blues musicians such as 88 King. Although Memphis itself is not very bike-friendly, Shelby Farms park on the outskirts of the city has mountain bike

Schwinn dealership in the world. Nowadays, it focuses on servicing Triatheletes' special needs as well as retailing other high-end cycles and accessories including recumbents (Ryan and Linear), the Moulton and Brompton folders as well as other alternative bikes. They stock a wide range of componentry and have over 100 frames hanging on the walls. And, of course, Elvis is a regular customer.

trails and Natchez Trace Parkway runs the width of the state and hosts many credit card tourers.

Avalon Rtrumhrnts

Access: public bus within one mile of shop. Open: Tu-Fr 10.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-16.00; (Sun, Mon closed). 5715 Mt. Moriah, Memphis, TN 38115 Tel: +1901-795-4343 Fax: +1901-795-4310

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Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove is surrounded on all sides by the 11,000 foot peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Mormon pioneers settled in the area in the late 1800s because of the rich soil and abundant water supply. The beautiful backcountry trails suitable for mountain biking - wind through forests of Aspen and Maple and fields of wildflowers. There is also an excellent century ride around Utah Lake. Nearby attractions include the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls, Robert Redford's Sundance Resort and Timpanogas Cave.

Avalon specialize in recumbents and hard-to-find bikes, handcycles, special needs bikes and trikes, trailer bikes, trailers, and folding bikes. The brands they carry include the ATP Vision, Moulton APB, Linear's new SWB tandem and Winchester trailers. Avalon is a small shop which allows Dale Pitts, the owner, to pay close attention to the special needs of his clientele. Avalon also have bikes available for rent and customers are invited to call ahead and bring their cycling clothes. Access: UTA bus stop within 1 mile.

Open: Mo-Sat 9.00-16:30. Appointments preferred. 465 So. 1250 EastEast, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Tel/Fax: +1801-785-1461

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This splendid emporium has over 800 used bikes for sale, dating from 1900, alongside dozens of recumbents, tandems, triplets, and folders. They have a rapid frame repair and modification service, and general repairs and wheel building can be done the same day. Hundreds of frarnesets and six type of trailers are available. An extensive hire service includes recumbents, tandems and folding bikes. Access: College Park Bicycles are in Maryland but on the Washington metro system, one mile from the College Park metro station.

Open: Mo, Th 10.00-21.00; Tu, We, Fr 10.00-19.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 12.00-1700. 4360 Knox Road, College Park, Maryland 20740 Tel: +1301-8315151 Fax: +1301-8310111

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Elliott Bay Bicycles is a complete shop in the old-fashioned sense. Home of the Davidson line of handbuilt bicycles, they can perform any type of repair, and sell everything from frames to running gear. While catering to a wide range of cycling interests, they specialize in high-performance road racing and touring cycles. In fact many trans-American tourers begin their trip at Elliott Bay Bicycles. The owners have a wealth of experience in racing, international touring and custom bicycle design and manufacturing.

Access: Within 3 blocks of public bus stop. Open: Mo-Fr 10.00-19.00; Sat 10.00-18.00; Sun 12.00-1700. 2116 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 Tel: +1441-8144 Fax: +1206-441-1815

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College Park Whilst the obvious image of Washington is of the political centre, there are many attractive back road routes for cyclists in the area, including 40 disused rail tracks, and routes through local park land. You can get free publications about cycling in Maryland by contacting the 24 hour free Bike Hotline on +1800-252-8776.

Seattle Many consider Seattle and the Northwest to be one of the best cycling areas in the US. Its proximity to islands, mountains and farming valleys give cyclists a vast choice of day tours, overnights and longer tours. There are a few major annual cycling events including the Seattle-to-Portland ride which attracts 10,000 riders. Seattle is also agreatjumping off point for tours to Alaska, down the Pacific Coast and across the country. Seattle's mild climate and bike-friendly planning makes cycling there a pleasure.



other affiliated shops AUSTRIA Baden B J.E.R. Fahrrad-Studio Jagerhausgassel2, A 2500 Baden. Tel/Fax: +43(0)2252-47690






LazarettStr. 4,91054 Erlangen.

Kanalstr. 70,23552 Lübed<.

Tel: +49(0)9131-202220 Fax: +49(0)9131-201710

Tel: +49(0)51-704687 Fax: 49 (0)451-7063742.




Forum Fahrrad Zukunft

Hallerigartenstr. 56,60389 Frankfurt

Postfach 1234,97912 Lauda ad. Tauber.

Tel: +49(0)69-451064 Fax: +49(0)69-453284

Tel: +49(0)9343-5554 Fax: +49(0)9343-1599

Tel/Fax 0662-435595.






Münchhofstr. 4,79106 Freiburg.

Albinistr. 15,55116 Mainz.

Tel: +49(0)761-280832 Fax: +49(0)761-280838

Tel: +49(0)6131-225013 Fax: +49(0)6131-23017



VELOactive Willibald-Hauthaler-Str. 10, A-5020 Salzburg.

Cyclopia Stiegengasse 20, A-1060 Wien. Tel/Fax: +43 (0)222-5867633


Haasies Radschlag

Die Speiche

Marktstr. 22,76726 Gemiersheim.

Donnerschweerstr. 45, 26123 Oldenburg.

Tel: +49(0)7274-4863 Fax: +49(0)7274-779360

Tel: +49(0)441-84123 Fax: +49(0)441-83471

Bad Bevensen




Norbert Henkel Muskelbetriebene Fahrzeuge

Transvelo Fahrradladen

Medinger Str. 20,29549 Bad Bevensen.

Haus nummer 3, D-83139 Grolking 3.

Planie 22,72764 Reutlingen.

Tel: +49(0)5821-1305.

Tel: +49(0)8053-2374 Fax: +49(0)8053-2374

Tel: +49(0)7121-470727 Fax: +49(0)7121-470727




Muck's Radladen



Schrottenberggasse 2,96049 Bamberg.

Windthorststr. 20, D-06114, Halle/Saale.

Lerchenstr. 40,70176 Stuttgart

Tel: +49(0)951-57853 Fax: +40(0)951-57809

Fax: +49(0)345-36865

Tel: +49(0)711-2261515 Fax: +49(0)711-2261984



Troisdorf ey Tat


Pro Velo

Vambike Rat

Bensberger-Str. 117,51469 Bergisch- Gladbach 2

Reetwerder 7,21029 Hamburg.

Alte Poststr. 21,53840 Troisdorf.

Tel: +40(0)2202-41221 Fax: +49(0)2202-41822

Tel: +49(0)40-7213109 Fax: +49(0)40-7212988

Tel: -49(0)2241-78645 Fax: +49(0)2241-83357





The New Cyclist

Radfinesse Spezial Racier

Winsstr. 48,10405 Berlin.

Grindelberg 45,20144 Hamburg.

Haspeler Str. 10,42285 Wuppertal Unterbarmen

Tel: +49(0)304-411164 Fax: +49(0)304-411163

Tel: +49(0)40-4220658 Fax: +49(0)40-4220659

Tel/Fax: +49(0)202-81512.




Radhaus Am Werkhof

Oranienstr. 20,10999 Berlin.

Gau8str. 15, D-22765 Hamburg.

Tel. +49(0)30-6152388 Fax: +49(0)30-6151558

Tel: +49(0)40-393992. Fax: +49(0)40-3902302.








August Bebel-Str. 16-18,33602 Bielefeld,

Calenbergestr. 50,30169 Hannover.

Spitalgasse 3, CH-4900 Langenthal.

Tel: +49(0)521-63811 Fax: +49(0)521-172853

Tel: +49(0)511-717174 Fax: +49(0)5511-715151

Tel: +41(0)63-229690






Velo Werkstatt

Heinrichstr 25,38106 Braunschweig.

Kurze Str. 9,32609 Hüllhorst

Basel Str. 47a, 4500 Solothurn.

Tel: +49(0)531-339650 Fax: +49(0)531-337146

Tel: +49(0)5744-5454 Fax: +49(0)5744-5469

Tel/Fax: +41(0)65-234676






Tour Wider Im Zentrum

Liebigstr. 52, D-64293, Darmstadt.

Uhlandstr. 63, D-50171 Kerpen.

Obere Str. 12/1,78050 VS- Villingen.

Tel: +49(0)6151-291884 Fax: +49(0)6151-292739.

Tel/Fax: +49-(0)2237-52603

Tel: +41(0)7721-54416 Fax: +41(0)7721-57664



Wabern (Bern)

Das Rad

Zwei Plus Zwei


Stiftstr. 21,44135 Dortmund.

PalanterStr. Sb, 50937 Köln.

Seftigenstr. 225,3084 Wabem, Schweiz.

Tel: +49(0)231-529324 Fax: +49(0)231-551320

Tel: +49(0)221-424012 Fax: +49(0)221-422700

Tel: +41(0)31-9611796 Fax: +41(0)31-9614123


Konigsdorf (KöIn)


Das Radwerk



Oberstr. 42,47051 Duisburg.

Starenweg3, Konigsdorf, 50226 Frechen.

Schmelzbergerstr. 40,8044 Zurich.

Tel: +49(0)203-24032 Fax: +49(0)203-288116

Tel/Fax: +49(0)2234-63892

Tel: +41(0)1-22514707 Fax: +41(0)1-2514762


enerally, if you are merely seeking more information on the featured products, it is

nanulacw.r-ers' details

best to write directly to the manufacturers or their agents - the dealers listed in

Encycleopedia do not necessarily carry this information. With regard to purchases, in


the first instance please contact your nearest listed dealer to see if they can supply the

Citibike Manufacturing Co Ltd, 27-29 Thorpe Road, Kirby Cross, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex C013 OL Tel ±441255852211 Fax+44 1255 852210.

product. Please note that a few of the featured products are marked with an * which signifies that those products are available only directly from the manufacturers (or

Cycle Star Mirror

their agents).

Busch ez Mullet D-58540 Meinerzhagen, auf dem Bamberg 1, Germany Tel ± 49 235 4915710 Fax 5700. Austria: Ingrid Konig GmbH Tel (Germany) +490944 5099 Fax 1403 Belgium: Ets. J Cochez Tel + 32 2334 6866 Fax 2343 8884. Netherlands: Koch Kleeberg B.V Tel ±31365320504 Fax 2548. Switzerland: Aktiengesellschafrvorm Walter Schmid WS Tel ±4118366131 Fax 4490. UK: ARC Marketing Tel/Fax +441582611309.

Aerobike Aerobikes Ltd,Unitl3 Duddingstone Yards, Lasswade Road, Edinburgh, UK, EH1 6RZ Tel/Fax +44131 657 5655. England and Wales: Dennis Tumer Tel +441244 37 6665.

Air Tandem Bilenky Cycle Works, 5319 North Second St, PA 19120. Tel +1215329 4744 (US toll free 800 213 6388) Fax 5380.

AM Series: Jubilee L Alex Moulton Ltd, Halt Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1AH, UK Tel+44 12.25 865895 Fax 864742. Australia: Noel Mc Farlane Holdings Tel + 612797 8028. Netherlands: Pashley Continental Tel +318362 26568. Germany: L ezH Automobile Tel +49 6963 5973. Karl Griesbeck Tel + 4989 224113. Radius Tel +49 251 780342. USA: Dekker Services Tel +1206 6419639 Fax 0151. Switzerland: Andreas Naegli Tel +4112514707 Fax 4762.

Attache-Mee er Buggy Holder. Steco Metaalwarenfabriek by 3776 LP Stroe Holland Tel +31342 41441 Fax 41584

* Discoverer and Victorian PJ Taylor Cycles, 375 Birchfield Road, Redditch,Worcs. B79 4NE Tel +441527545262.

* Discovery Expedition Tandem St John Street Cycles, 91/93 St John Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 5HX Tel +44 1278 423632 Fax 431107

*DOG Folder St John Street Cycles, 91,'93 St John Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5HX Tel + 44 1278 423632 Fax 431107

Dolphin ey Donkey Utopia(Winther) Eschberger Weg 1,66121 Saarbrucken, Germany Tel +49 681816506 Fax15098. Winther of Denmark Tel +4586847288 Fax 48528.

Bebop Clipless Pedals

Easy er Tough

Beepop Incorporated 8570 Hamilton Ave, Huntington Beach, Ca 92646, USA Tel ±17143740200 Fax 0268 (toll free 800 213 6388).

Bjallby recumbents,Stationsvej 104, DK-3520, Farum Denmark Tel +45 42956005.

Bernds Folding Bike.

Santana Cycles Inc, Box 206, La Verne Ca 91750, USA Tel +1909 596 7570 Fax 5853. Europe: Haas Fahradtechnik Tel +49 8031 14573 Fax 34795.

Berndts, Wittekind Str. 16,32758 Detmold, Germany Tel ±4952311777, Fax 17778.

Encore Tandem

Bevo Bike


Voss Spezial-Rad Gmbh, Tulpenweg 2, D-25524 ltzehoe-Edendorf, Germany Tel ±49 4821 41409 Fax 41014.

Easy Racers Inc, 2891 Freedom Blvd, Watsonville CA 95076, USA Tel/Fax +1408 722 9797

Bike Hod


Bike Hod All Terrain Trailers P.O. Box 2607, Lewes,Sussex BN7 1NH Tel/Fax +441273 480479.

Cresswell Cycles, 340/342 Cherry Wood Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, W Midlands B9 4UU Tel 0121 7722512 Fax 7739548.



Birdy Folding Bike

Freedom Bikepacking Bags

Riese und Muller,Erbacher Str. 123, D-64287 Darmstadt Tel ±496151424034 Fax 424036. Austria: Radsportgrosshandel Franz Spilauer Tel/Fax ±43 2233 54521. Switzerland: Rudlinger accessoires Tel ±413251980, Fax 7204. Denmark: Master Consult Tel +45 3582 3032 Fax 3034

Freedom Bikepacking, The Barn, Church Lane, ClystSt Mary, Devon EX5 lAB Tel +491392877531 Fax 877872.

* Body-Turn-Bike Body Turn Bike, Postfach 910622,51076 Koln,Germany Tel + 491612243055 Fax +49377486267

Brompton Folding Bicycle Brompton Bicycle Ltd, 2 Bollo Lane, Chiswick Park, London, W4 5NU Tel +44 81742 8251 Fax 8353. Germany: Voss Spezial-Rad GmbH Tel +49 4821 41409 Fax 41014. Austria and Switzerland: Diverso, Walser and Rufer Tel+41 617126. Holland: Fiets a Parts Tel/Fax +3138 551580, USA: Linear Manufacturing Tel+1 3192521637 Fax 3305.

Brox Brox Corporation Ltd. P.O. Box 12 Manchester, M44 6DZ Tel +44 161775 4977 Fax 4881.

Burley Trailers Burley Design Cooperative, 4080 Stewart Road, Eugene, OR 97402 USA Tel +15036871644 Fax 0436. Austria: Funbike Tel +43 662 854 101 Fax 1055. Denmark: Dansk Cyclist Forbund Tel ±45 3332 0121 Fax 7683, UK: UK Trailer Co. Tel +441208815715 Fax 4407 Holland: Wim Kok Tel +3130315780 Fax 6680. Switzerland: Ha So's Velo-lade Tel +4119374330 Fax 3573.

Burrows Windcheetah Seat of the Pants Company P.O Box 5, Sale, Cheshire, MK 33 4AP Tel/Fax +44161976 5662. Germany: Norbert Henkel Muskelbetriebene Fahrzeug +49 8053 2374 Fax 2397.

Carradice bags er Duxback Clothing Carradice of Nelson Ltd,Westmoreland Works, St Mary's Street Nelson BB9 7BA Tel ±441282615886 Fax 602329. Germany: Rasko Tel +49 241553006 Fax 557350. Switzerland: Vitelli Velo-Bedarf AG. Tel +41 61361 7070 Fax 5770. Sweden: BG Saljkonsult Tel +461854 8188. USA: Rivendell Tel +1510 9337 304 Fax 305.

* Challenge High Wheeler Bishopthorpe Bicycles, 35 Keeble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York Y02 1 SX, UK Tel ±441904703413.

Chronos Hammer Chronos, 2936 Avenida Theresa, Carlsbad CA 92009, USA Tel/Fax +16199429049.

Galaxe Folding Bike KGB-Fahrradhandel, Donnerscheer Strasse 45,26123 Oldenburg Germany Tel ±494418850389 Fax 0388.

*Greenspeed Tandem Trike Greenspeed, 69 Mountain Gate Drive, Femtree Gully,Vic 3156, Australia Tel +6137585541 Fax 7524115.

* High Box Tricycle Christiania Smedie, Dammegardsvej 22, DK-3782 Klemnsker, Denmark Tel +45 5696 6700 Fax 6708. Benelux: Christiania lmprt, Holland Tel/Fax +31519 49539. Germany: Christiania Bikes Tel +49 306188015 Fax 113697 or Hanover Raderwerk Tel +49 511 717174 Fax 715151 or KoIn: Zwei plus Zwei Tel +492219514700 Fax 95147020.

Insider Pumps. Teconomic GmbH, Angersbachstr. 12a, 34127 Kassel Germany Tel + 49 56 1983360 Fax 0280129.

JackWolfskin Jack Wolfskin, AusrUstung für Draussen GmbH, Starkenburgstrasse 2, D-64546 Morfelden-Walldorf, Germany Tel +49 6105 93370 Fax 933769. Britain: Adventure Equipment Tel +44122877624. Holland: Wijsmann 87 De Jong VO.E Tel +31703212985. Belgium: Alpinisme ez Randonnee s.c. Tel/Fax +32 2633 5447

KoolStop Brake Blocks £, Puncture Repair Kit KoolStop, 1061 S. Cypress St, La Habra CA 90632 Tel ±1714 7384973 Fax 9926191.

KoolStop Original Trailers KoolStop, 10161S. Cyprus S; La Habra, CA 90632, USA Tel ±17147384973 Fax 992619. UK: Neatwork International Tel +44 890 883456 Fax 882709. France: Huret Cycles Tel +33130827152 Fax 6273, Switzerland: Hubacher Cycles Tel±41 223619360 Fax 20863. Europe: Third Wave Carriers Tel +3120 627 3312 Fax 3355.

KSS Hubs KSS Prazisions Fahrradkomponenten GMBH, Hauptbahnhofstrasse 1 b, 97424 Schweinfurt, Germany Tel +49 9721 87584 Fax 87218. France: Action Louis Long Tel +33 8169 4318 Fax 4949. Denmark: Anderson cz Nielson, H.I.Holstvej 6, DK 2610 Rodovre-Copenhagen Tel +45 314100 200 Fax 06 932. Switzerland: Hans Fuchs AG, Rutistri9, CH 08952 Schlieren Tel +4117304055. Fax 4850. USA: Trident Sports, 7140 Meeker Road, Dayton, OH 45414 Tel/Fax +15138909004.


Kunst ey Leder Bags KGB Fahrradhandel, Donnerschweer Strasse 4526123 Oldenburg, Germany Tel +49 441886 0389 Fax 0388.

Linear Linear Manufacturing Inc, Box 173, Guttenberg Iowa 52052, USA Tel +1319 2521637 Fax 3305. UK: Neatwork +44 890 883456 Fax 882709. Germany: Voss Spezial-Rad Tel +49 48214 1409 Fax 1014. Canada: Hi Trans Technologies Tel ±1514335911 Fax 8722.

iianufácurer? detaI's * Rollfiets/Duet Robert Hoening Spezialfahrzeuge, Ulmer Stra8e 16/2, D-71229 Leonberg, Germany, Tel +49 715 243046 Fax +49 715 273589. Denmark H. Meyland-Smith Tel +45 989 6 85 Fax 619 86. North America: Frank Mobility Systems Tel +1412 695 2122 Fax 2922. UK: Neatwork Tel +44 890 883456 Fax 882709.

LB-2 Fateba


Fateba Fahrradtechnik, Rosenstril, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland Tel ±41522126911 Fax 213 7841.

Extreme Engineering, 22 Oak St Southport, Merseyside, PR8 6DD U K Tel/Fax +441704543916. USA: People Movers Tel +1714 633 3663 Fax 7890.

* Leitra Leitra Aps, P0 Box 64, DK 2570, Ballerup, Denmark Tel +45 421 83377 Fax 333 23235

Sachs 3 x 7-System

Lightning Recumbents

Fichtel ez Sachs AG, D-97419 Schweinfurt, Germany Tel 49 9721982 656 Fax 290.

Lightning Cycle Dynamics, 312 Ninth Street, Lompoc CA 93436 Tel +1805736 0700 Fax +1805737 3265. Germany: K Pichler Radtechnik Tel ±4972137 6166 Fax 0722. Holland: MS Tel +3131180 28759 Fax 37099.

Schmidt Maschinenbau, Kdnigswiesenweg 4W-7900 Ulm, Germany, Tel ±49731387533.


Seagull (Möwe)

Kemper, Phil lipp-Reis-Str 11,40215 Dusseldorf Germany Tel/Fax 0049 211 343371.

Utopia, Eschberger Wegi, 66121 Saarbrücken, Germany Tel + 49681816506 Fax 15098.

Mesicek High Wheelers KGB Fahrradhandel, Donnerscgweer Strasse 45,26123 Oldenburg, Germany Tel +49 441 885 0389 Fax 0388.

* MS Brak Straat,11, 4331 - TM Middelburg, Netherlands Tel +31118028759 Fax 37099.

*Mikli n k Trailer

Schmidt Original Hub Dynamo

Streetglider FutureCycles, Friends Yard, London Road, Forest Rov. East Sussex RH18 5EE Tel +441342 822 847. Fax 826 726. Unable to supply to USA and Canada.

Street Machine HP Velotechnic Rossstr. 80, D-65830, Kriftel, German, Tel/Fax +49 61921479.

Miklink Ltd, 13 Rax Lane, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3JN Tel +441308421032 Fax 421034.


Mirrycle and Incredibell

Veit Lehman, Laubenhohe 10,69509 Morlenbach, Germany Tel/Fax ±49 6209 4189. Unable to supply to Australia, USIA, Canada, New Zealand.

Mirrycle Corporation, 6101 Ben Place, Boulder, Co 80301, USA Tel ±13034423495 Fax 4479273. England: Fisher of Finchley Ltd Tel ±4481 805 3088 Fax 8821. Germany GROFA Tel +49 6434 20080 Fax 200834. Klaus Schlote Tel +49 441920890 Fax 9208936. Trumpf Tel +49 9544 94421 Fax 944444. Switzerland: Bikewan Tel/Fax +41735537 Velok AG Tel +4119326200 Fax 6162. Australia: Biketech Tel +617278 20080 Fax 200834.

Monte Carlo Tyres Vredestein b\t Broekweg 29, NL-7005 AL Doetinchem, Netherlands Tel +318340 70555 Fax 70500. Germany: Schulerstrasse 23a, 66994 Dahn Tel +49 6391 5105 Fax 5207. Switzerland: Tel +411954 2060.

Mountain Drive Florian Schlumpf Ing. HTL Dorfstri0, CH-7324 Vilters, Switzerland Tel ±41817238009 Fax +41817238364.

Ostrad Recumbents Ostrad GmbH, Winsstr. 48,10405 Berlin, German. Tel ±49 304 411164 Fax 63. UK: Gears of Glasgow Tel/Fax ±44 141 3391179.

Pedersen Tandem KGB-Fahhradhandel, Donnerschweer Strasse 45,26123 Oldenburg, Germany Tel +49 441885 0389 Fax 0388.

Periscop Firma Marec Hase, Karl Friedrich Str.88, 44795 Bochum, Germany Tel+49 234 9469 050 Fax 099.

Pickup Seat of the Pants Company, P0 Box 5,Sale, Cheshire, MK 33 4,A. Tel/fax +44161976 5662. Germany: Norbert Henkel Muskelbetriebene Fahrzeug Tel +49 8053 2374 Fax 2397

Pitlock Sichersheittechnik, Peter Busse, Liegnitzer Str.42, 10999 Berlin, Germany Tel ±49 30 612 3961 Fax +49 30611 4336.

Powerglide Derailleur Paul Component Engineering. P0 Box 4826 Chico, California 95927, USA Tel +1 916 345 4371 Fax +19168999537. Australia: Subcultcha Tel +6115124790 Fax 730011771 Austria: Beader Vienna Tel +431865164024 Fax 1869 2212 Benelux: Vertex Cycle systems Tel + 31 2550718184 Fax 18606. Germany: Rabbit Tel/Fax ±49 80312 19933. Switzerland: Intercycle Tel +414523 6511 Fax 6352. UKAmpro Tel +331423711211 Fax 212.

Radnabel Fahrradwerkstatt Radnabel, Jakobgasse 19,72070 Tubingen, Germany Tel ±49 7071 23896.

Record Sinner Recumbents, Walkumweg 6,9923 PK Garsthuizen, Netherlands Tel/Fax +3159546 4318. England: Norfolk Recumbents Tel +441263861162. Germany: Alexander Zink Tel +49 721 375 834.

Thorn KiddyCranks St John Street Cycles 91/93 St John Street, Bridgwater,Somerset TA6 5HX Tel +44 01278 423632 Fax 431107

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Bike (Iultur.( Talking Culture

These extracts are from articles which appeared in Bike Culture Quarterly, issues 1-6. BCQ is an ads-free magazine for cycle freaks everywhere. Details are at the back of this Encycleopedia.

Culture is not a word to use lightly for an activity as pleasurable and thrilling as cycling. Yet cycling has, for many people, become much more than great fun. It has become an expression of practical, individualistic alternatives to the destruction of our eco-systems, our communities, our health and our sanity. We are not talking here about the more commercialised, mainstream forms of cycling. These undoubtedly bring benefits to millions. But there is now a deeper bicycle culture, whose happy adherents see cycling as a way of life rather than an occasional leisure activity. They wish to see cycle design cutting free from conventions, so that pedal-power can be used in more varied and meaningful areas of our lives. This is matched by similarly dissident views in the area of transport politics and the environment. The bicycle may be a joyous vehicle for personal liberty, health and happiness; but it is also critically important in what will be a desperate struggle to save the world from ecological and social catastrophe. Bike Culture Quarterly is an international forum for the kinds of people whose ideas and visions can make things happen. It is a meeting place and information exchange for campaigners, designers, inventors, idealists, traditionalists, rebels and visionaries - any cyclist with an open mind and insights to share. By its nature Bike Culture Quarterly will appeal to relatively few cyclists. There are other cycling magazines which give fashion pages, basic maintenance advice and mountain bike reviews. There are no paid-for advertisements in BCQ. Adverts are inappropriate for an international magazine of ideas, and there is always the danger that they will influence editorial independence. Having no ads means that each issue has to cost more than a consumer magazine... ...Telling each-other how wonderful cycling is will not do much to change the world. By publicising good campaign ideas, and presenting the arguments well, we hope to inspire readers to get out there and campaign. Additionally, BCQ will be sent to key decision-makers in governments and agencies world-wide, bringing the best thinking in cycling to the people who have the power to make things happen in the political arena. (BCQ 1)

Bike theft - who gains, and who gives a damn? ...Bikes are marketed through happy, care-free leisure imagery. Buy a bike to quit the city and hit the hills. Buy a bike to be free, to be butch, to be fit... To mix the possibility of cycle theft into the selling message destroys its potency. Yet customers have other concerns, and there are clear signs that the likelihood of cycle theft is causing many of them to move downmarket in their buying patterns, or to buy secondhand. Could it be that cycle manufacturers decline to push security since they don't think they can offer anything meaningful in this area? Lack of a good idea has never stopped them before. All kinds of useless marketing gimmicks have been foisted on the public, yet even inadequate security innovations have never, to my knowledge, been promoted as unique selling points. In fact there are at least three ways in which mass-produced bikes can be made theft-resistant. Frame-locking is one. The other is the siting of the frame number in large figures in a prominent place, making the numbers part of the frame-making process. The third is the provision of brazed-on fittings for permanently attached cable locks by the front and rear wheels, so that both wheels can be secured to the frame in seconds. None of these is a perfect solution, but the lack of any effort in these directions begs the fundamental question as to what the cycle manufacturers of the world gain by their disinterest in security. Jim McGurn (BCQ 1).

Cycling on the Web For cyclists, a journey through cyberspace at 186,000 miles per second is a wild ride, indeed. This type of global access to and communication with bikies everywhere is unprecedented and has endless possibilities. In this vast electronic community, your neighbours live half way around the world and your personal library contains practically every book ever published. You can take a bicycle tour of Jotunheimen, Norway, trade bike accident war stories with other bike veterans, download gear inch ratio calculator programs, read entire magazines online - complete with photos - or even plot the coming 'velorution' with your fellow bike advocates, all from your home, office or school. Or someday, if communications technology developers have their way, even from your bike. Dylan MacDonald (BCQ 6).

The decadence of Dutch cyclists Dutch cyclists are a decadent species. Like animals in a zoo, they are lazy, lousy and unambitious. This is because they do not have to cope with their natural enemies and do not have to compete with other creatures of their own breed. This unnatural situation is created by their cyclepaths network (unknown in the rest of the world), which is responsible for the insane separation of the cyclists from their predators - motorists. In normal conditions survival belongs to the fittest, most aggressive and fastest among cyclists. The Dutch situation is similar to that found in the forest, where there are deer and no wolves. In such poor conditions


the human being must take on the role of predator. Otherwise there is an increase in the deer population in terms of health and size. These bicycle paths should be closed down immediately, danger as they are to the fitness of Dutch cyclists. Doctor Cracker (BCQ 2).

A Doctor Addicted

Go for the Money Perhaps the greatest problem in promoting the development of cycling as a widespread means of general transport is that cycling is economical. The low personal cost of travelling by bike, and on a broader scale, the huge investment savings in environmental damage, road construction, hospital and emergency services that come with increased use of bikes, are seen as virtues. Yet it is precisely because cycling is economical that governments do little to promote bicycles... ...lnstead of taxing motorists, governments should sub-

...During the training part of my general practice I was often politely but firmly told by my superiors that the bicycle was not quick enough or that it would just be impractical because of bad weather. What they really meant was that the sight of a doctor on a bicycle reflected badly on the Practice - a question of professional dignity... ...Congestion in Glasgow is bad news for doctors or ambulance crew trying to reach emergencies, but I can still slice through traffic at some speed on my bike. I was once at a heart attack within about two minutes, well before the ambulance which had been ordered at the same time. I accompanied the patient to hospital and, as a courtesy, the ambulance took me back to where I had left my "transport". I can still remember the faces of the crew when I directed them to my parked bike. I have a mobile phone so that I am always instantly available and I found the best place to locate it is the back of a waistband. I had a tailor make me up some waistcoats with fluorescent yellow backs. My choice of machine depends on the weather and my mood. Because we live very near to the surgery I can swap bikes during the day. If I am taking my youngest to nursery school then I use a tricycle which has a childseat between the rear wheels. I also use this machine if the weather is particularly windy or icy.

Cohn Guthrie (BCQ 1).

sidise cyclists. Paying people to ride bikes would be a cost effective option, and would directly help the people in most need... ...At a practical level, implementing a subsidy for cyclists is well within the bounds of possibility. The technology

Whole roads, p

that has placed cash vending machines on every high street and shopping mall can solve the problem of monitoring cycle usage. Ride your bike to work and earn your lunch money. As for where the money would come from, just a portion of the huge budgetsfor road building would be ample... ...What cyclists have to realise though, is that we are well past the stage of playing Mr Nice Guy. It is no good spending time politely saying how wonderful the bicycle is and hoping that politicians will promote it. Politicians, like governments, run on money. They will pay attention to bicycles only when cyclists are an economic force to be reckoned with. And that will happen only when cyclists assert and hold an inalienable right to first priority in transport planning and budgets. Richard Ballantine (BCQ 1).

...If there are two roads, each going to the same place, why not close one of them to motor traffic, making the other an exclusive byway for cyclists and walkers? Who needs expensive new cycleways tortuously adapted from existing facilities? Just hand over entire roads to us! After all, motor traffic has entire roads exclusively for its own use... ...An attractive and integrated route network will be a mecca for cyclists. They will flock to whichever area has had the courage to force such measures through... ...This has to be the tourism of the future: harmony with the countryside, safe, integrated facilities and lots of fun. The routes are there already. A road network dedicated to cyclists could be in place within a few years, given the political will.

Jim McGurn (BCQ 6).

Bicycling beyond the Dinosaurs Images of age ...The arguments have been won. Bicycle advocacy is over. We live in exciting times... ...Before the universal acceptance that bicycle and pedestrian traffic are an important part of any viable transport economy, it was possible to campaign in favour of cycling and walking without addressing the problem of the automobile head-on. Now We must move our campaigns from 'as well as' to instead of'... ...The prosperity of the motor-industry is still used to measure the prosperity of the world. Waste equals human happiness, Banking 011 the cal' to keep the global-ecoriom going in the same dead-enddirection is as futile as campaigning for war to keep mu iii turns workers in jobs. The motor-industry is huge and powerful, it is also little more than tile sum of millions of human choices. We can defeat it... ...The arguments have been von. Riecle advocacy is over, Patrick Held (BCQ 1).

The back door to Utopia ...Then, moving the solutions closer to the cities, there might be a series of pedal-powered activity parks just outside of major conurbations. These would be commercial enterprises, perhaps sited at existing visitor attractions. They would offer something which many would-be cyclists yearn for: a safe, controlled, Supportive environment for exploring all the possibilities within cycling. Leafy, lanes for cruising round on roadsters, off-road tracks for mountain-biking, a smooth track for trying out some speed cycling, safe arenas for young children to belt round on tricycles. Every kind of cycle would be there to be tried out: from unicycles to multicvcles, from fast recumbents to transporter trikes, from Dutch roadsters to monorail cycles. Throw in a small cycle museum, all interactive cycle technology exhibition and a cafe: to give a lowinvestment leisure centre exactly in line with all the predictions made about future tourism and leisure patterns... ...A 'themeci' activity park based on pedal-power would not be an escape from the world outside, but a means of changing the world outside for the better. At the same time it would be much more fun than holding conversations with sickeningly jolly people in Mickey Mouse masks... Jim McGurn (BCQ 3).

...So numerous will be the grey-haired generation that they will create their own strong identity, their own concepts of what is fashionable in cycling and what is not, ignoring the brash irrelevance of youth-culture cycle fashion... Already, some older people are showing an independence of spirit by recognising the specific advantages which recumbents, and especially tricycle recumbents, can bring them: such as alow frame, relaxed position, lower wrist fatigue and, for tricycles, easy low speed manoeuvrability and very low no-wobble gearing on hills. The grey-haired generation will spend on good bikes and on quality accessories, on cycling facilities and on cycling holidays. This trend has begun, and will increase markedly. Millions of cyclists with decades of experience to call on, and the leisure to apply it, will put further pressure on government for ever better facilities The future looks interesting. Jim McGurn (BCQ 6).

The charge for the future ...One of the best guides to the scale of the coming changes lies in the behaviour of the oil companies. They've been leaning on car manufacturers and regulatory agencies, dispatching lobbyists with the message that electric cars are slow, unreliable, and expensive. Yet electrics provide more performance at a lower price with each passing year. Like it or not, electric cars will arrive in large numbers soon. So are we on the path to paradise? Anyone who has understood the complexity of the transport problems we have today can only say no. Brendan Mernin (BCQ 5).

A leg to stand on Old things sometimes seem to last for ever. Right up into the seventies, for example, some cars still had running boards: a design inherited from the days of the horse carriage, and even today 90 percent of cars show in their design at least some vestige of the old carriage mudguard. It's not much different with us cyclists. Because the venerable Baron von Drais hung the wheels of his first hobby-horse within a two-pronged fork we ride around now, at the dawn of the 21st Century on the same arrangement. Hans Christian Smolik (BCQ 6).

The bicycle and the rise of individualism

The P3 to Paradise The P3 cyclepath was already alive with cyclists, mostly commuters, as Stella freewheeled from the Cityrail platform to the entry gate...

...The railway had been a precursor to the bicycle, but it did not meet the changing needs of modern transport since it followed predetermined routes, at predetermined times, to specified destinations. It served the masses who were prepared to subordinate themselves to official timetables, who were willing to fit into someone else's regime. The bicycle can be used for countless self selected routes, at every hour and in every direction of the compass. It meets the needs of individuals and matches the eternal multiplicity of the human will... ...Other areas of the economy were affected. The American monthly magazine The Forum reported in 1896 on how different trades were suffering from cycling. For example, wealthy people who used to give their children such presents as a gold watch, a piano, or furniture for their rooms, no longer did so. The magazine reflected that piano and clock-makers might well be complaining, but this was not necessarily a bad thing given the numbers of talentless people playing the piano, and it was beneficial for anyone to get out on a bike. It was good that a healthy sport drove out a dispensable luxury. Albert Herrestal (BCQ 3).

...Stella programmed in her co-ordinates and disabled her message receiver. Then, with a trace of a smile, she keyed in her gear ratio requirements for herjourney - setting the indexing for mostly high-end gears. She opted for manual

The culture crunch

rather than CVT She had no objection to Continuous Variable Transmission, but today she wanted the fast responsiveness and acceleration of manual changing. This was going to be some ride. As she rolled onto the bike path Stella primed the servoassist on her braking system, her legs sensing a strong drag for a few seconds while the servo springs in the hub brakes took their one-use charge. The path was filling up. Mostly schoolchildren and commuters, with a few delivery trikies trying to beat the rush hour. There were as many people on the footpath. Stella quickly joined the fast riders and electro-assists in the express lane. The path had been duelled just three years previously, and there were already plans for two extra lanes. The morning sunshine smiled broadly over the countryside ahead, glinting on the blades of a wayside wind-and-solar

...My own view is that the UCI ban was irrelevant. What stopped recumbent development was World War II. After the War there was nothing to prevent recumbent advocates from doing what was eventually done: forming an organisation outside the UCI. Perhaps it was post-war economic hardship which kept people back. Perhaps there were cultural factors. For example, anyone who has toured in France is familiar with the packs of club racers that show up on the rural roads on Sunday mornings. Having a racing bike like your friend or like your Tour de France hero is what is important to the amateur French cyclist in the very social club racing scene. A recumbent would be out of place.

John Riley (BCQ 6).

electro- charging station on the horizon. Stella cruised at 30 kays and relaxed.

Jim McGurn (BCQ2).

Safeties first ...The UCI is holding out for decent non-commercial values and rider safety, protecting a high-powered, volatile sport from chaos. Yet their belated and grudging acceptance of tn-bars and disk wheels, after years of resistance, has shown them to have no clear policy. Why, after years of No, No, No and Definitely Not, do they suddenly say Yes, and accept a design change? Instinctive conservatism, heavy lobbying,and committee politics are more in evidence than good logic.

Mike Burrows (BCQ 2).

The Crossing of Hokkaido .011 a bicycle, time is lengthened, then stretched, then lengthened some more. Minutes are massaged. Hours are decompressed. Suddenly you see the farmers standing quietly in their rice fields, tending the summer crop; slowly you breathe in the panorama of an entire fishing village working in the morning light on the beaches below. Atop a bicycle it is still possible to stumble upon a gaggle of children playing on an empty side street, or a hunched grandmother trudging home at dusk still attired in traditional indigo blue work clothes. Alan K. Suemori (BCQ 3).

I, 71


Prehistory The Industrial Revolution did not clasp the velocipede to its mechanical heart. Coal and Capital were intent on using the power of steam to break through the traditional limitations of Nature. In an age much taken with large-scale alternatives to animal and human-power there was little interest among professicnal engineers in the development of humanpowered vehicles ... It was the enthusiasts of the back yard and tool shed who experimented in velocipede design... "Sir, I propose a hot air balloon velocipede. My object is to secure the perpendicularity of the machine by a balloon just large enough for that purpose, thereby securing confidence in the rider, at the same time it will assist the machine in climbing hills and passing over rough roads. There is an oil lamp to supply the balloon with hot air."

Boneshaker Mania


ow na







In the course of 1996 the publishers of Encycleopedia will bring out an illustrated and truly international social history of cycling entitled 'The Perfect Machine, the Story of Cycling' This will be a new and much updated edition of 'On Your Bicycle'..which was written by Jim McGurn, co-publisher and editor of Encycleopedia. It was much acclaimed when first published by John Murray in 1987, but has been out of print for six years. The text will be considerably altered, and, with afew exceptions, fresh illustrations (including many in colour) will be used. Format and design will also change,, and the book will be published simultaneously in German. This will be a handsome and lavishly produced book, probably in hardback. As we go to press we do not have exact publishing details, but readers are invited to register an interest. We'll contact you with exact details before publication, to see if you want to order. All orders taken before publication attract a 10% discount - so get in touch with us. Signed copies on request.

At the Pare de Saint Cloud, on the southern edge of the Bois, a wide cross-section of Parisian society turned out regularly to watch gaudily dressed competitors rattle their machines around a race track. At night in Paris velocipedes with lanterns swinging in front of them darted among the carriages like fire flies. Some riders strapped miniature lanterns to their chests; and velocipedes displaying illuminated advertisements were sent out by enterprising tradesmen. Velocipedes also found their way into the theatres and music halls, where scantily dressed women rose acrobatically. Religious authorities pondered the moral implications of velocipeding. Should one, for example, velocipede to church or to a funeral? Henry Ward Beecher, the celebrated pastor of the Plymouth Congregational Church of Brooklyn, hoped to see a thousand velocipedists wheeling (ie riding) their machines to Plymouth Church. At the other.extreme was the case of a youth from a religiously conservative Shaker community who made his own velocipede. His father maintained that such a machine could be ridden only towards the devil and smashed it with an axe. The boy left home.

Market Forces Pope's hard work in the cause of cycling certainly prospered his business. Yet he appears to have believed firmly in the rightness of his cause and in securing benefits for the public as a whole. He was himself a touring cyclist ... Pope's bicycles, and those of later competitors, were manufactured in quantity and on the principal of interchangeability of parts. This move away from individualised handworking was based on machine tool standardisation and micrometer measuring. Pope's marketing was also standardised.

The Tendency to Tricycle

One basic reason for the tricycle's role as a denominator of class was its expense. The mechanical complexity of tricycles made them

two or even three times as expensive as a bicycle of comparable quality. It is possible that costs were increased by the shortness of production runs; the huge potential for design changes, which was so lacking in two wheeler technology, encouraged rapid obsolescence and could leave manufacturers with expensive but unsellable stock on their hands. Those consumers who saw their tricycles as tokens of their status would want to be seen riding (and affording) the latest models.

Difficulties in Germany Whereas the French state smiled kindly upon the bicycle, cyclists in Germany were met by the forces of conservatism. Wilhelm the first's disdain was matched at ground level by the legislatures of individual states, provinces and cities. The touring cyclist needed to be familiar with the intricacies of cycle law in each province en route. Many roads, both rural and urban including 50 percent of all Bavarian roads, were closed to cyclists, or else open only at certain times of day. Most provinces insisted on single file riding, and on busier streets cyclists were obliged to ride at distances of ten metres from each other. Tourists who failed to notice relevant road signs, or who otherwise transgressed, were at the mercy of plain clothes policemen who sometimes hid behind trees or in ditches.

The end of womanhood The militant Women's Rescue League, based in Washington D.C., was warning that cycling fostered a familiarity with men which led to immorality, and that cycling was so injurious to women that it would rather render them invalids within a decade. The danger to health argument was more usually propagated by male doctors. It was claimed in Paris that "the bicycle signifies the end of womanhood since its use causes serious damage to the feminine organs of matrimonial necessity."

National Socialism In Germany the liberating ethos of cycling was subverted by the National Socialists strident philosophy of physicality. They organised, among other things, a Day of the German Cyclist in 1933, which included a vast cycle rally of uniformed party members in Berlin. National Socialism was marketed through cycle shops in the form of accessories bearing swastikas. There was even a tyre which left an imprint consisting entirely of swastikas.

The quiet revolution The bicycle is the vehicle of a new mentality. It quietly challenges a system of values which condones dependency, wastage, inequality of mobility and daily carnage. Cycling provides little scope for selfaggrandisement, consumerism or big business profit: it is perhaps too simple, cheap and independent for its own good in this age of excess.


Riding the High Wheel

So demanding was the high bicycle / that it appealed to athletic and adventurous males who found plea'1 sure in sharing the sense of risk • L3 with fellow clubman, and in mastering the fastest vehicle on the roads. And if personal status was 4' sometimes associated with the height of a rider's wheel, it was an infinitely more innocent failing I than the later forms of self-aggrandisement through fast motor cars. A Communal bravado and mutual . '. . admiration were not the only reasons for joining a bicycle club. Riding in a club gave some protection against the ridicule, insults and stones which were sometimes aimed at wheelmen The choice of Saturday for club runs handicapped the many working class men who worked all that day, although a good number of clubs had Saturday afternoon rides for those whose work was over by mid-day. Sunday riding was frowned upon by the Church of England and by the Lord is Day Observance Society. Club rules often disallowed the wearing of uniforms and club badges on a Sunday, and runs tended to be unofficial. Riders often referred to such outings as 'church parades', perhaps to draw a humorous contrast between ecclesiastical and cycling activities, but possibly in reference to the large number of churches which a rider would pass on a day run. The Cyclists' Touring Club requested members who rode on a Sunday to remove or cover up their CTC badges. Since Saturday work and Sunday observance were so prevalent, many clubs held evening rides. Most clubmen were middle-class town or city people, and they were exclusively male. The pastime was considered too dangerous for women, and long skirts made it impossible for them. The upper classes preferred their own, less controversial pastimes such as boating, tennis, riding, polo and carriage outings. -7 1



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F Fl 1


Encycleopedia accompanying video Accompanying this 1996 Encycleopedia is a free video approaching 40 minutes in length, with an English sound track. It features almost all the cycles listed as main products in the book, as well as other cycling themes. We have produced this video so that you can see the cycles in action: giving you a better idea of how they perform. You can see how folders fold, how the riding positions of recumbents look etc. In some cases the makers of individual products will be describing their work. This video is made available to all participating shops, and is sent out with all Encycleopedias ordered directly from ourselves. If you see this video symbol on a page you will know that the main product on that page is shown on the video. If you see the same symbol with the word FEATURE beneath it, this means the product is shown at greater length than the others, and in more detail. Extra copies can be ordered directly from the publishers or their agents - see pages 145/146. Copies of the video produced to accompany the 1994/95 Encycleopedia are still available. This video was produced and retailed separately from the book and has a correspondingly higher price tag. The Encycleopedia 96 video has around 40 minutes running time and the 94/95 video runs for around 20 minutes. Both videos feature an English soundtrack, are available in either PAL or NTSC formats (you will automatically receive the format most appropriate for your country), and are for VHS use only.

Bicycle - the cycling video

These two images are now available in postcard format, each in packs of ten. Ideal for spreading the message amongst your friends. The reverse side has space for a message and address, with an unobtrusive message about BCQ





We are continuing to offer PAL copies on VHS of this universally acclaimed video. This two hour tape is a specially edited compilation of six, half-hour programmes originally broadcast in 1991: Invention - the evolution of the modern bicycle. Wheels of Change - Mass production and craftsmanship. The mountain bike ascendancy. Recumbents and the aerodynamics of cycling. The Ultimate - a season with Greg LeMond, riding with the Tour de France. The Business - How the powerbase of cycle production has shifted towards the East. The multi-billion yen racing business of Japanese Keirin. Free Spirits - The sweetspots and obsessions of those who live by the bicycle. Vehicle for a Small Planet - Clean air, road space and fossil fuels are being sacrificed to the motor vehicle. The argument for a mass return to the bicycle is irrefutable. The Bicycle video costs ÂŁ14.99 + postage. The sound track is in English.

AUSTRALIA AND USA. The York Films Bicycle video is available in Australia and the USA only from their agents. The retail price may differ from the above price. Australia: The Video Bookshelf, 25 Nelson Street, Balaclava, Victoria 3183. Tel. (03) 534 7246. USA: Famous Cycling Videos Inc, 704 Hennepin Avenue, Box Cl, Minneapolis, 55403. Tel. 1 800 359 3107

Prices and ordering details are on page 145/146

Binders A smart, high quality binder is now available f Culture. It can hold at lei issues, and has 'Bike Cul Quarterly' printed in gol the spine. Copies can be read ' bound or individually pu out and replaced.

David Eccles Prints

4 ALPHA BANTAM CIRCA 1898 The Alpha Bantam was built by the Cry pto Cycle Company in Clerhenwell Rood, London and was one of the last in a series of attempts to maintain the popularity of


We commissioned David Eccles, one of Britain's foremost cyding illustrators, to produce original images of 19th century cycles in the form of a limited edition set of four linocuts. Conceiving an image and printing it from a block of cork linoleum is a rare and delicate craft. Alinocut has a limited capacity for printing due to the fragility of the material. David produced 75 individually numbered and signed sets of the four prints before cancelling each block The size of mo-block David those for our prints is near the maximum size for his AJbion' press. Because both the printing and the inking are done by hand no two prints will be exactly the same. The paper, made entirely from 100% cotton and acid-free, has been specially made by hand for this edition by Chris Bingham of Ruscombe Valley Paper. It replicates exactly paper made in the mid-to-late 1700s, and is normally used for repairing books and documents of that period. For our purposes we had the making hot-pressed by the Wookey Hole Mill. The paper is called 'Queen Anne', the colour is 'Edinburgh Shade' and the weight llOgsm. It was supplied by Limehouse merchant John van Oosterom. These prints are offered individually and subject to availability, also in sets of all four prints. Each print is numbered, signed and dated by the artist The prints have all been window-mounted on 46cm x 41cm acidfree conservation board. For practical reasons, we cannot supply the prints ready-framed. The prints can be ordered individually or, subject to availability, as a complete co-ordinated set of four.

direct front-drive against the ever increasing popularity of the chain-driven rear wheel drive. The Bantam sported an epicyclic hub gear in the front wheel.



MERGAMOBILE The 'Mergamobile' was made of wood and propelled via a pulley system operated in a treadle fashion via the pedals. The origins of the machine are unclear, and opinion varies considerably. We would welcome any new information on this mysterious machine.

4 Bicycle Racing mid 1880s High bicycles were exciting and precarious thoroughbreds. Direct drive meant that one rotation of the pedals translated into one revolution of the wheel: so wheels remained large until the gradual introduction of the smaller-wheeled safety bicycle, made possible by the happy idea of running a chain to the rear wheel.

DURSL.EYPEDERSEN TANDEM, turn of the century. Pedersens, in solo or tandem form, were an elegant and expensive alternative to conventional diamond-framed bicycles. At least one Pedersen tandem weighed an astonishing 281b (12.7kg) and was designed to carry 24 stone (153kg).


Posters ~11

The Pedersen bicycle never made it into the colourful world of 1890s lithographic poster art - partly because the Pedersen came along towards the end of the poster period, but also because it was too specialised a machine for mass-circulation posters. We put things right, late in the day, by commissioning David Eccles to produce this sensuous new Pedersen poster working from a French original of the same period. Printed on high quality 170gsm gloss art paper the A3 poster measures 420 x 297mm. This poster, by Bonn van Loon, is the kind of image which governments should be issuing. We hope that it will inspire readers to spread the message of the joy of cycling, and inspire the unconverted to give cycling a go. The poster is printed A3 size (420 x 297mm) on high quality 170gsm gloss art paper for framing, but is also available on cheaper paper for bulk sales to individuals and organisations who wish to use it for campaigning or promotional purposes. Please contact us to discuss terms for bulk purchases.

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The publishers of Encycleopedia also produce Bike Culture Quarterly. BCQ1s something very special. It's

ed cyclists everywhere: inventors, campaigners, visionaries and traditionalists. It's original from tip to

an unconventional, full-colour magazine of ideas,

toe, starting with its specially commissioned David

technology, cycle art, literature, recumbents and

Eccles front covers. With no ads and a lack of result

touring: and it does not take advertising. It brings

based editorial, BCQ has a timeless appeal. Most

together a community of free-thinking enthusiasts

newcomers to the magazine want to start at the

the world over. BCQis a lively forum for open-mind-

beginning and obtain a full set


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This 1996 Encycleopedia is the third edition in the series. The first two editions are still available and although prod uct prices and dealer lists may have changed the earlier editions can still offer useful insights as well as being a good read in their own right This is particularly true of the




...-4 I

1994/95 edition which has, bound into it, the full issue Three of Bike Culture Quarterly, making 180 pages in all.









What they're saying about Bike Culture and Encycleopedia around the world "These beautifully produced magazines are chock full of

"A very pleasurable read, opulently produced"

wonderful and wierd machines and the fascinating and

Fiets Magazine, Holland

often controversial topics that make up the grand sport

of cycling. If you're like me, you'll treasure every issue". Jim Langley, Senior Technical Editor Bicycling Magazine "Creates a bridge between the small manufacturer and the general public ... gives an insight into the world

of small

makers with great ideas"

of cycling alternatives successfully ...

marries reference material with entertaining information" Cycling Plus, Britain

"The best alternative cycling magazine (apart from our own) that we have ever seen" Recumbent Cyclist News

Radfahren Magazine. Germany "A treasure trove

"The latest Encycleopedia/BCQ is awesome beyond words light years ahead!" Network News, USA

"A reassurance that there are people out there who are still thinking... a breath

of fresh air in a traffic jam, clearing the

head and prompting a second look at what you're doing." Australian Cyclist

Prices anpordering details are on page 145/146

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