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CAMP PONTIAC Annual Family Weekend

This past Labor Day Weekend, enCourage Kids hosted 205 attendees for our 12th Annual Family Weekend at Camp Pontiac. This weekend provides our kids and families with the opportunity to step out of their day-today lives and experience a break from their usual stresses. When they come to Camp Pontiac, they don’t have to worry about doctor’s appointments or upcoming surgeries. They are able to connect with other kids and families who have been through similar challenges. Throughout the weekend, the kids play basketball, kickball, and tennis. They participate in arts and crafts, play in the arcade room, watch movies, and eat s’mores. While the kids participate in these fun activities, their parents get to take a breath and watch their children enjoy themselves. They connect with other parents who understand what it is like to watch their children face medical challenges. For them, this weekend provides a freedom they do not typically get in their daily lives. enCourage Kids is proud to support our families and provide this incredible weekend free of charge.

The great part of enCourage Kids is that their programs are not just for the individuals themselves who have particular illnesses. They invite the entire family out – and that is so important. - Hal Sass, dad of enCourage kids Danielle and Matthew

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enCourage Kids Fall 2019 Newsletter  

enCourage Kids Fall 2019 Newsletter