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which we’ll be running as a special. Soon we plan on adding a vegan-driven entrée. It will likely be something with bulgur wheat, arugula, apricot, coconut vinaigrette, maybe roasted zucchini, and dried marinated shiitakes as the “meat.” I’m a big fan of Moroccan cuisine so I’ve been drawing motivation from that. I’ve been going to Tidal Creek for a lot for things, like nutritional yeast for cheesecurd batter. It gives something a cheesy taste without actually being cheese. We’re thinking about doing a vegan wine dinner soon because we want those diners to really feel like they’re getting a treat. We like to play on what people think vegan food is (like tempeh or falafel), and then turn it upside down and present it in a new way.

We then add shredded carrots, zucchini, and season it very aggressively with smoked paprika, lemon juice, cayenne, parsley, tarragon, and chives. We add rice flour to thicken it up, and then it’s pan seared. D: What is the shiitake marinated in? DMA: It’s marinated in Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and sesame oil.

D: Let’s talk sambal aioli vs. chile vinaigrette. DMA: Sambal is similar to Sriracha. We have some homemade hot sauces working right now but they take a month to ferment, so once they’re ready we will use those over Sriracha. When we make the sliders vegan, we sub in the chile vinaigrette—which is chile d’arbol, sugar, rice wine vinegar, a dried roasted red pepper soaked in vinegar for D: Does the menu describe the slider • Above: Vegan slider containing bulgur wheat at Dram color and viscosity, and chile flake. We finish + Morsel. Photo by Lindsey Miller Photography as vegan or veggie? it with xantham gum for thickness so it’s not DMA: On the menu, it’s vegetarian— a loose vinaigrette. It’s more like a sauce. In but if a customer wants in vegan, we wrap the long run, we might just use store-bought it in bibb lettuce and replace the sambal aioli with a chile vinaigrette. Veganaise to thicken it up, a vinegary hot sauce (like Crystal) for heat, and lemon juice for acidity. D: Is the bulgur wheat in a patty, or is it made like a tabbouleh? If you’re looking for another vegan sub for mayonnaise, garbanzo How is it flavored? bean juice and tofu do the trick. You can even use the garbanzo bean DMA: It’s done as a patty. The wheat is cooked traditionally with juice instead of an egg wash when you’re baking and need a golden boiling water (a standard two-to-one ratio), steamed, and then fluffed. sheen.

TUESDAY LOCAL’S NIGHT Join us on the deck Tuesday nights for live music. $10 per person cheese and chocolate shared at the table $2.25 Domestics • $4 Craft Drafts • $4 Well Drinks Dogs welcome e

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Devour Summer/Fall 2017  

Eat and drink across southeastern NC

Devour Summer/Fall 2017  

Eat and drink across southeastern NC