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Your state  has  adopted  the  common  core  state   standards  ini6a6ve.  

Tes6ng will  be  through  the  Smarter  Balanced   Assessment  Consor6um,    

…or the  Partnership  for  Assessment  of   Readiness  for  College  and  Careers.    

This spring,  selec6ve  schools  will  be  tes6ng   these  tests.  

And these  schools  will  be  using  a  wide  variety  of   devices.  

Tradi6onal Desktops,  Laptops,    Mac  books,   Chrome  books,  Tablets.  WOW!  

But no  maKer  what  devices  your  school  decides  to  use,   everyone  needs  one  thing  in  par6cular.  Wait  for  it…  


No maKer  the  device,  each  student  will  need   headphones  

or ear  buds.  

So what  type  of  headphones  do  you  need?  In  addi6on  to   referencing  your  district  informa6on  technology  guidelines,    

answering the  following  ques6ons  will  help  you   determine  what  will  work  best  for  your  schools.  

Are you  interested  in  bulk,  disposable  headphones/ear   buds,  or  do  you  want  more  permanent  classroom  

style headphones?  Disposables  are  meant  for   low  usage  but  are  very  cost-­‐effec6ve  and    

cheaper to  replace.  Classroom  headphones  are  more   costly  but  designed  for  long  term,  repeated  use.    

Now this  one  is  VERY  important.  Do  you  need   external  volume  control?    

Some devices  will  actually  restart  the  test  if  the  student   tries  to  adjust  the  volume  using  the  computers  seWngs  

So a  volume  control  on  the  headset  or  cord  is   necessary.    

Always check  with  your  IT  contacts  to  determine   if  you  need  external  volume  control.    

Do you  need  headsets  with  a  microphone?  

Some parts  the  language  art  test  require  a   microphone  

and some  students  may  need  a  microphone  if   using  speech  to  text  func6onality.    

Do you  need  a  single  or  dual  plug  connec6on  or   may  be  just  adapter?  

Some devices  require  specific  connec6ons  for   headsets  with  a  microphone.  

So consult  your  device’s  manual.  

Once you’ve  answered  these  ques6ons  and  determined,   how  many  headphones  you  need  it’s  6me  to  call  us.    

At  we  carry  a  wide   selec6on  of  headphones  and  earbuds.    

One is  sure  to  be  the  perfect  fit  for  your  schools   field  tests.  Ques6ons?    

Just give  us  a  call  at  1-­‐866-­‐926-­‐1669  or  email  us   at  

and we  will  be  happy  to  help  you  find  a  product   that  best  fits  your  need.