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How they met: D’Arcy decided to introduce Mackenzie and me after, on the same day, we both sent her the same picture of a pug photoshopped into an Eames chair—which is pretty telling. (Abra) What makes Abra funny? Abra blows me away on a regular basis with her character choices they are always so specific and wacky, but totally honest (Mackenzie) What makes D’Arcy funny? She’s so genuine that you instantly fall in love with her and that honesty can be really, really funny. (Abra)

Who is your comedy idol? Mackenzie: Roseanne Abra: Amy Poehler D’Arcy: William H. Cosby, Jr. What makes Mackenzie funny? She isn’t afraid to look like a goofball—in fact, the more she looks like a goofball, the better. (D’Arcy) On the characters they play: I think we all sort of look like these sisters with dark hair and really pale skin who spend all of their time in their room being weird. So, we play weird sisters a lot. (Abra) D'Arcy on the other girls: They are so likeable. I have heard more amazing things said about those two girls than I have heard about Obama (and I have heard a lot of amazing things said about Obama). Jr. Are Mackenzie and Abra the Obamas of the comedy world? I didn't say that, but you maybe thought it. OPPOSITE PAGE (Clockwise) – ABRA TABAK, D’ARCY EROKAN, MAKENZIE CONDON. Black Silk Sheath on Abra, M.A.D. VINTAGE COUTURE. Black Asymmetrical own on D’Arcy, ASSAR NEW YORK. TOP LEFT – White Goddess Gown on Mackenzie, M.A.D. VINTAGE COUTURE. Blue Structured Gown on D’Arcy, M.A.D. Vintage Couture.

Encore - May 2010  

Encore Magazine

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