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George Lopez Takes Manhattan Interview with funny lady Janeane Garofalo

Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre: Past, Present and Future



 New Ballets  Commissioned Scores itect

 Mauro Bigonzetti

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Music, dance and theater classes for adults!

Register now for Summer 2010 :WK6W‡OXF\PRVHVVFKRRORUJ‡

restaurant / bar / late night lounge stylish caribbean cuisine w/ trinidadian flair st d Be Vote bean Carib urant in a Rest York w e N

OPEN Tues. Thur. 5:30PM 12:00AM Fri. & Sat. 5:30PM 2:00AM Sunday 3:00PM 11:00PM

238 Flatbush Ave. at Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATION: 718.230.3954


AB:C93¸A16/;03@3<A3;0:3 Adagios ďŹ lled with pathos, andantes replete with a sense of newness and discoveryâ&#x20AC;Śpropulsive and vibrant. B63E/A67<5B=<>=AB

0@==9:G<;CA3C; Saturday, April 24 at 2:00 pm

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Flavorful Fashion > Beri boutiques add style to Brooklyn

If you could describe the perfect Beri girl, what would she be like? Beri girl has multiple personalities. She is a lot of girls; she’s the same girl who wears J Brand jeans and a Mimi Coco tee, a Vivienne Westwood gown, a Sweet William dress. She loves what she is wearing; she is always

What’s your thought process behind buying? Do you tend to favor smaller lines or do you embrace the major ones? We travel and seek out new emerging designers. However, we do carry some major brands such as Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood, J Brand, Hunter, Joe’s Jeans, etc. And finally, what about your stores have we not covered and you’re just dying to tell our readers about? We have an in-house collection called Sweet William, which consists of jewelry and selective pieces of hand-made clothing made from recycled and vintage materials, restored and re-constructed vintage pieces. > Blueberi is located at 143 Front St., Brooklyn. Redberi is located at 319 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn. For more information on the boutiques, visit

Fashion by Beri Stores w[by: Beri Stores]

Brooklyn’s gotten quite the reputation in the past few years for its thriving boutique scene. How do you maintain a unique voice in such a growing community? Growing as the neighborhood changes, staying consistent and providing good customer service.

wearing something that’s unique and one of a kind.


BY JILLIAN KING – As Manhattan gets more and more like a shopping mall (hello, SoHo), Brooklyn steps up to the plate and becomes the boutique mecca that the island-city no longer is. Two of our favorites happen to be the mouthwatering Redberi and Blueberi, with their impressive selection. The owner, Suewayne Brown, gave us the lowdown on her quite beautiful shops.

Singing, Reading, Flashing Multimedia vocalist with the condemning voice in Sineparade, he sings the five songs in the show, but he also tells the audience how different parts of the brain react to situations similar to those Sarchus is going through—hence the title. “Patients who have had multiple brain surgeries will sometimes refer to themselves as Zipperheads or make the statement ’the surgeon should have installed a zipper’ for subsequent operations,” says Pacia. “It also refers to the ability to unzip the head and look inside to see the functions or dysfunctions of the mind and brain.” Likewise, 9/11 forced New Yorkers to reconsider their security, because, while the country as a whole was terrified, it was here where the planes physically hit those towers. “9/11 represented a new beginning for New York City... in the way we perceived ourselves with regard to our vulnerability, etc.,” says Pacia. > Zipperhead runs Saturdays at 8pm until May 15 at 17 Frost in Williamsburg


BY CHRISTINA CROMEYER – Zipperhead is a multimedia show about 9/11, the financial meltdown, adultery and brain cancer with live music, narration and moving images on three wall-size screens. Sounds like a recipe for too many ills, but somehow, it works. The music is the best part of the show, with local band Sineparade providing Pink Floyd-esque sounds (circa Dark Side) to an already dark story. Local filmmaker/painter/overall artist Alex Itin narrates the story of Andrew Sarchus, a Wall Street trader who is caught cheating on September 11, 2001. Being in a hotel room with his secretary instead of in his office that morning was a life-saving mistake. He stays together with his wife, Marla, but it’s a downward spiral of overspending, insider trading, religious fanaticism, and, eventually, cancer. Steven Pacia, MD and singer/keyboardist, wrote the story. His background as both a neurologist and gallerist prodded the question of ways in which art teases the mind. As the

Sineparade plays music in Zipperhead

> Zipperhead blends mediums to wow audiences

The Kid Comes to Life edy early in 2006. Zam says that all three writers loved the book, especially the voice of Dan Savage. “Without the specificity of Dan’s voice and character,” Zam said, “the story just doesn’t matter.” In mid–2007, Amy Schiffman of the Intellectual Property Group introduced the production to Scott Elliott, founding Artistic Director of The New Group and The Kid’s director. “I was immediately taken with it,” Elliott said. He said he was instantly drawn to work with the three writers. According to Elliott and Zam, Savage thought they were crazy when they first contacted him about the production, but Zam said, “He liked what we sent him. He’s been very generous about this project.” Both men say that Dan was nervous when he first saw himself portrayed by the writers, but, as Elliott said, “He fell in love with it.” > For more information on The Kid, visit


BY AMANDA MAGNUS – What happens when a sex advice columnist and his bookstore barista boyfriend decide to have a baby? The Kid, The New Group’s first musical since Avenue Q, goes through the entire adoption process in song with a production based on Dan Savage’s autobiographical book, The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant. Dan and his much younger boyfriend, Terry, decide they want to give up their DINK (double income, no kids) lifestyle for a baby two years after meeting at a club. As Savage puts it in his weekly column, Savage Love, his relationship with Terry is a one-night stand that never ended. The Kid details the process of the couple’s open adoption, in which the birth mother chooses her adoptive parents from a pool of prescreened couples. The creative team of Andy Monroe, Michael Zam and Jack Lechner began the process of turning Savage’s memoir into a musical com-

Christopher Sieber, star of The Kid [by Gaelen Hadlett]

> Dan Savage’s weekly column begins anew as a musical

Little Big Time laugh-makers, the original purpose and spirit of the place is still in tact. At the training center I observe two students—both of whom I can’t quite place a finger on but who I must know from some commercial or television show or film—discussing recent auditions and how they think they did; what’s remarkable about the conversation is that importance isn’t placed on whether they got the part, but whether they were true to what was funny about the character. While UCB has made it to the big time it still acts like a hungry New York newcomer with a passion, before all, for making audiences laugh. It’s a refreshing thought, especially given the extreme success that those who have taken classes at, performed at or formed sketch shows at (Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and Bobby Moynihan to name a few). “It’s been really exciting to see. There’s such a strong sensibility at UCB, not do whatever you want but truthful, sort of more


BY HELEN COOPER – Since relocating to New York City from Chicago in the late 90s, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (and its improv and sketch-team members Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh) have had a successful television show on Comedy Central, opened one of the most popular comedy spots in NYC (the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre at 307 W. 26 Street), and became a veritable training ground for nearly every big player in the comedy game. When it comes to funny business, the UCB is the go-to source for everyone from Saturday Night Live to The Daily Show. In a sleek but welcoming reception area at UCB’s training center, artistic director Anthony King sat down with me talk about the past, present and future of the comedy juggernaut. But what became clear as I settled in, was that although the theatre (and its Los Angeles counterpart) have fostered the careers of many of our time’s most prolific

The Upright Citizen’s Brigade [by Photographer]

> UCB Theatre proves fertile ground for comedy’s major leagues

Amy Poehler: Time at UCB: A founding member of the troupe, Poehler helped build the theatre, starred in the critically acclaimed television show of the same name and performed regularly until her full schedule no longer allowed it. Since UCB: Poehler became a regular player on Saturday Night Live in the 2000s, eventually helming Weekend Update with fellow funny-gal Tina Fey. Later, Poehler teamed up again with Fey on hit films like Mean Girls and Baby Mama, eventually heading up the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. Up Next: She’ll continue on as the adorably optimistic Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation next season as well as continu-

Horatio Sanz: Time at UCB: While performing with C h i c a g o ’s Second City, Sanz helped found the UCB troupe. He spent his time honing his comedic skills in the long-running Improv show Asssscat 3000. Since UCB: Like Poehler, Sanz enjoyed a run on SNL, becoming the first Hispanic member of the cast. He starred in a variety of big time films including the unmistakable Boat Trip, as well as a run on television’s In the Motherhood. Up Next: Sanz has completed filming on the upcoming Freak Dance starring fellow UCB-ers Matt Walsh and Casey Wilson. He also regularly performs at the UCB theatre in New York. If You Go: Maude Night—Every Monday UCB’s house sketch teams show audiences sketch-comedy that often gives SNL a run for its money. Harold Night—On Tuesdays UCB’s bread and butter—longform improv—takes center stage. For only $5, audiences can enjoy spontaneous funny from 8–11. Asssscat—UCB’s flagship show, this night features the best that the theatre has to offer including regular guest performances by SNL and Daily Show regulars. > For more information, visit

Amy Poehler [by NBC], Horatio Sanz [by Bob D’Amico and ABC]

From UCB to the Bigtime:

ing on with successful voiceover work when she stars as Gretel in Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil.


smart comedy. But to see that permeate the mainstream has been really fun and exciting. So many people who we’ve seen on stage for so long getting to be seen by so many other people. Like, Thursday nights on NBC every comedy is just packed on the writing side and the acting side. It’s really cool,” King says. With all of the success, the little theatre that could has enjoyed some big changes. King adds, “It’s so much bigger. A lot has changed. Now we have a greater level of class—about 900 students in class at any one time, so that’s really nice. Just the number of performers we have. We’re in the process of opening a new stage downtown, just to meet the demand of audience because we sell out so much.” If the past is any indication, this newest UCB venture will mean more good news for both the performers making us smile and those of us who just love to laugh.

Comedy’s Queen > Janeane Garofalo celebrates 25 years on the scene

You’ve been in the comedy game for a while now; what changes have you seen in that time? I started in 1985, so it’s been a long time. Now, there’s much more diversity of venues and people doing it—different genders, different races. I think that it’s created a whole scene where comedy happens in all kinds of places. There’s

What’s up next for you? I just did six episodes of a BBC series called Ideal, which is just really funny. I also just got back from filming a pilot for John Wells who worked on E.R. and who I worked with on the last season of The West Wing, so I’m really hopeful and excited about that. Are you interested in pursuing more serious work then? Yeah, I mean I really enjoyed working on The West Wing and 24, and I just think that often the one-hour drama is handled better than the halfhour sitcom on television. I’m excited about the projects I have coming up. > See Janeane’s set at Comix, 353 W. 14th Street, May 1 at 8:00 and 10:30 pm. For more information, visit

Janeane Garofalo performing standup [by Gaelen Hadlett]

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming shows at Comix? Well, I’ll be doing sets with Marc Maron, who I’ve performed with lots of times. He’s great. We tend to think and talk along the same lines but he tends to be a lot more eloquent than I. (laughs)

also the difference of the internet, which has blown up a new avenue of creativity. They’re positive changes.


BY HELEN COOPER – Janeane Garofalo is one of the godmothers of modern American comedy, a woman who many working comedians point to as inspirational. Encore spoke with the funny lady about her upcoming set at Comix, the comedy game and future projects.

Life is Only Two Blocks Away Along with music icons such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, comedy icons like Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce and Joan Rivers all got their start at the club. Today, Cafe Wha? presents what their official website calls, “the three greatest house bands in New York City.” You never know which musician will join the performers for a night or which icon will be sipping a cocktail. After being sold by its original owner in 1988, Cafe Wha? is now located at 115 Macdougal Street (between Bleecker and West Third). The original Cafe Wha? (117 Macdougal Street) is now known as the Comedy Cellar—continuing the tradition that these comedy icons began. All of them were just like any other average human being. It proves: life is only two blocks away. This was their starting line. What’s yours? > Life is Only Two Blocks Away is an ongoing series on New York City neighborhoods where artists got their start.


BY ANDREW HALL – You’re standing in Washington Square Park when suddenly you get the urge to move. You decide to set out on a walk. After strolling down only two blocks, you hear a noise. A unique voice. Laughter. Music. Applause. You wonder where it’s coming from. So you turn your attention to the nearby sign: it reads “Cafe Wha?” With this, you ask yourself “who is in there?” Well, this “who” or “wha” all depends on exactly “when” you took this walk. Cafe Wha? is now well known as a stepping stone for original talent, from upcoming music sensations to the hilarious comedians we all have come to admire. This, however, does not answer the most important question: How did Cafe Wha? become such an important asset to original talent? The bar opened in the 1950s. However, it rose to prominence with the Beat Generation in the 1960s. As time went on, Cafe Wha? became the perfect representation of artistic freedom and rejecting mainstream values.

Large: Cafe Wha?, 1960s; inset: Cafe Wha?, present day

> A look at famous New Yorkers and their native neighborhoods

May 2010 SUNDAY






4 Alwin Nikolais Centennial: At Joyce Theater. Thru April 9.



11 MOMIX: At Joyce Theater. Thru June 6.


17 ABT 70th Aniversary: At the MET. Thru June 10.

23 30

24 31

18 Year Zero opens: At 2nd Stage. Thru June 13.

25 Ecoâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Friendly Fashion opens: At F.I.T. Thru Nov. 26.





1 George Lopez opens: At Radio City Music Hall. Janeane Garofalo opens: At Comix 8. 8 and 10.30 PM.


6 Mark Halvorson/ Kevin Shea opens: At the Kitchen. Thru May 7.



Family Week: At MCC Theatre. Thru May 23.


Forces of Nature Dance Company: At the Harlem Stage. April 9 and 10.

8 Blue Note opens: At the Film Society of Lincoln Center.





Killing Women opens: At The Becket. Thru June 5.



Solitary Man opens: At Angelika Film Center.




28 LES Festival of Arts opens: Thru May 30.

Gilbert Conducts: At the NY Philharmonic.

A Journey to Brazil opens: At Jazz at Lincoln Center Film Center. PHOTO :

M.A.D. [by Meagan Morris]

Old Hollywood Humor The ladies of M.A.D. prove that funny can be fabulous


Every Friday night at 10pm, fans of improv comedy trek to the Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215) to catch what is fast becoming underground comedy’s hottest show. Gentrify Brooklyn, a rotating consortium of improv groups, standup comedians and all around funny people is hosted by two improv teams—Sidecar and M.A.D. The latter, a trio of three of the funniest ladies on the NYC comedy scene (Mackenzie Condon, Abra Tabak and D’Arcy Erokan) got together with Encore to talk jokes and jewels—and get glammed up in the process.

How they met: D’Arcy decided to introduce Mackenzie and me after, on the same day, we both sent her the same picture of a pug photoshopped into an Eames chair—which is pretty telling. (Abra) What makes Abra funny? Abra blows me away on a regular basis with her character choices they are always so specific and wacky, but totally honest (Mackenzie) What makes D’Arcy funny? She’s so genuine that you instantly fall in love with her and that honesty can be really, really funny. (Abra)

Who is your comedy idol? Mackenzie: Roseanne Abra: Amy Poehler D’Arcy: William H. Cosby, Jr. What makes Mackenzie funny? She isn’t afraid to look like a goofball—in fact, the more she looks like a goofball, the better. (D’Arcy) On the characters they play: I think we all sort of look like these sisters with dark hair and really pale skin who spend all of their time in their room being weird. So, we play weird sisters a lot. (Abra) D'Arcy on the other girls: They are so likeable. I have heard more amazing things said about those two girls than I have heard about Obama (and I have heard a lot of amazing things said about Obama). Jr. Are Mackenzie and Abra the Obamas of the comedy world? I didn't say that, but you maybe thought it. OPPOSITE PAGE (Clockwise) – ABRA TABAK, D’ARCY EROKAN, MAKENZIE CONDON. Black Silk Sheath on Abra, M.A.D. VINTAGE COUTURE. Black Asymmetrical own on D’Arcy, ASSAR NEW YORK. TOP LEFT – White Goddess Gown on Mackenzie, M.A.D. VINTAGE COUTURE. Blue Structured Gown on D’Arcy, M.A.D. Vintage Couture.

Lopez the Conquerer come you into my deep loving embrace.’” As has been widely reported, O’Brian wanted to be sure that Lopez was fine with moving his show back an hour. “What he was concerned with was that he wasn’t going to do to me what was done to him at NBC. His biggest concern was I’m not getting ’Lenoed’. I welcome Conan. Hey, going to work an hour later it’s a dream come true, and the pay’s the same." The deal marks one of the biggest in late night history, a move that has cemented Lopez’s name in the public consciousness, “It’s crazy. I’m just some kid from San Fernando.” But as huge as his name has gotten, Lopez enjoys coming back to the stage. “I love standup. It’s where I started and it’ll always be my home.” The ability to still do live shows is impressive given Lopez’s roster of jobs. Among the most exciting is the live-action-animated hybrid The Smurfs, an update of the eighties


BY HELEN COOPER – George Lopez will mark his return to what made him a household name—standup comedy—when he performs a set at Radio City Music Hall on May 1. The performer who built a media empire on his standup roots has come a long way since his days of touring the country as, arguably, the nation’s most famous Latino comedian. Lately, he’s in the news daily; his late night talk show Lopez Tonight performs well— consistently above the one million mark—and will soon get an even bigger boost from new lead-in Conan O’Brian as he moves on from his bitter break with NBC to make a new home with Lopez at TBS. He’s also about to star in a slew of animated household names (Marmaduke, The Smurfs, a yet-to-be-titled Speedy Gonzalez film), a smart move that stands to make him even more popular. So, what’s next for the writer-comedianactor-producer? “I’m really excited about Conan coming on board. I told him, ’I wel-

George Lopez [by: HBO]

> Encore exclusive interview with George Lopez

The Smurfs Voicing Grouchy Smurf in this live-action/cartoon hybrid will add his personal flair to the little blue classic.

Standup Lopez has gigs lined up at venues in May and June, including Radio City again on June 25.

Speedy Gonzalez George’s wife Ann serves as producer on this modern twist on the speedy favorite.

George Lopez and guest Mariah Carey on Lopez Tonight [Courtesy of TBS] ; George Lopez [Courtesy of TBS]

What’s Next For Hollywood’s Busiest Man?


cartoon that finds the world’s most beloved blue people making their way in Manhattan. “I’ve been doing voice-work in New York and have seen about ten minutes of the footage. It really does look and act like me.” Lopez is also incredibly giving toward fans, maintaining contact through a rigorous schedule that has him giving interviews, taking a hands-on approach with Lopez Tonight and even Tweeting regularly. The latter has allowed Lopez to keep fans connected with everything from his quest to keep Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars to breaking announcements about Team LoCo. And then there was that twitter feud with Lindsey Lohan. "I’ve met Lindsey; I love her. I’m still waiting to have her on the show. All of the jokes I make are for comedy, for satire and I never want to hurt anyone. Between his Smurf counterpart taking over Manhattan, his standup taking over Radio City and his talk show taking over late night T.V., it looks like Lopez isn’t slowing down anytime soon. An amazing thing has happened: Hollywood’s hardest working man is also its nicest. > George Lopez will perform live at Radio City Music Hall on May 1 and June 25. For more information, visit

SHOPPING May: Month of the Gagetista?

DETAILS: t Talk Time – 7 hours for 3G networks t Display – 3.7-inch AMOLED with 480x800 WVGA resolution t OS – Android 2.1 COMPUTING Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid

5 Gadgets for the Technologically Chic BY DEVINA SHAH – From technically innovative phones to musically inclined gadgets to the mother of all Mac mediums, we’ve got you covered on what to buy this summer to keep up with all of your techie friends. Here are the best of the best in five major tech categories. SMART PHONES HTC Nexus One

A combination of the netbook of 2009 and tablet of 2010, the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is almost too good to be true. The USP of this device is that the screen can detach from the rest of the machine and function independently it has its own battery and 16GB of flash memory. In terms of looks it’s not quite as beautiful as the Apple range but it’s sleek, modern and very shiny.

Google’s rival to the iPhone, the HTC Nexus One is aesthetically pleasing whilst having a faster processor and fantastic sound quality. A recently added multi-touch capability enhances its efficiency and a 5 megapixel integrated camera with recording capability for up to 30 minutes (as well as flash, white balance and color controls, autofocus, infinity focus, 2x zoom) makes it one of the best camera-phones out there. The most impressive features are its voice command, which even allows you to dictate texts, and the integrated Google services.

DETAILS: t Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor for main body, a separate ARM processor and battery for detachable screen. t Weighs – 3.7 lbs in notebook form or 1.6 lbs as a tablet. t Tablet features – Integrated Stereo speakers, a mic, and a 1.3 megapixel webcam APPLE INNOVATIONS The iPad Steve Jobs said he wanted to create a third cat-

egory of device between the smart phone and laptop and the iPad certainly has the sexy looks of the iPhone and the user-friendly characteristics of the Apple Mac. However, it doesn’t tick the efficiency box as Apple hasn’t given the iPad the ability to multi-task like a laptop. Not quite what Mr. Jobs stated, but definitely a step in the right direction. Great for gaming and presentation production—and it’s worth noting that this toy just looks cool.

and lights and is determined by the application running on the computer. Its philosophy may be minimalist but developers have commented that its versatility gives it maximum potential. DETAILS: t Available in three models: two fifty six (16×16), one twenty eight (16×8), and sixty four (8×8) t Platforms – OS X, Windows XP, Linux ACTIVE Sony Walkman NWZ-W250

DETAILS: t Available in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB t Screen – 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology FUN Monome

For the environmentally conscious and musically inspired, the Monome is a device for electronic music performance and new media art. It consists of translucent silicone buttons that are backlit by LEDs placed in hand-crafted cases. It has a USB port and interaction between the keys

For those looking for the perfect exercise music player, Sony has come up with a solution to all of an avid athlete’s complaints. Weighing in at only 43 grams, the new Walkman series is lighter than anything else on the market and comes sans headphones. Using an innovative wraparound technique, Sony has made listening to music while working out more comfortable than ever. Available in four fun colors and clocking in at only $60, this Walkman is worthwhile. DETAILS: t Available in four colors: black, silver, lime green and magenta. t Capacity – 2 GB of maximum capacity, can hold approximately 470 songs. t Battery Life – With only three minutes of charge time, the player will receive enough power for up to 90 minutes of use. Full battery life is approximately 11 hours.

Central Park Boathouse Cafe,

American Museum of Natural History

As the girls leave NYC for a vacation in Sex and the City 2, we look back at their funniest moments in the Big Apple. Text by: Caitlin Roche Illustration by: Katharine Sherman

72 Central Park West

Tensions are high when Big and Carrie meet up at this Central Park mainstay for the first time since their affair. The usually suave Big leans in to kiss Carrie and when she inches away he trips, causing them both to fall into the water.

Bryant Park,

Sushi Samba,

East 42nd Street

Carrie’s expectations of her day as a model for Dolce and Gabbana during New York’s fashion week are shattered when they squeeze her into jeweled underwear. Her undesireable wardrobe Empire State is only upstaged by her fall building on the catwalk.

245 Park Avenue

Empowered Samantha struts into this restaurant only to throw a cocktail in Richard's face, speaking the infamous words to Sex and the City fans, “dirty martini, dirty bastard,” and then waltzes right back out.

Down the Hatch 179 West 4th St.

Desperate to escape the sweltering heat, Samantha plays ‘finders-keepers’ with someone else’s pool pass at the SoHo House. While she, the girls, and Stanford are bathing by the pool, the club soon figures out that she is not British Annabelle Bronstein, which results in them getting the boot.

Eleven Madison Park, 11 Madison Avenue

The scene at this elegant restaurant starts out more heart wrenching than hilarious when Big reveals that he plans to marry the hated stick-figure (Natasha). However, it takes a lighter note when Carrie falls down a flight of stairs on her way out.

Little Church Around the Corner 1 East 29th St.

Down the Hatch 179 West 4th St.

The girls take Carrie to this downtown dive bar to cheer her up after Berger dumps her via post-it note. Carrie and Samantha take a step outside to escape the heat where Carrie is arrested for, as she puts it, “smoking a doobie”.

Remember when Samantha goes as far as trying to sleep with a priest? Well, this is the church she finds him at and offers her misguided aid with their Public Relations as a means of seduction. Wall Street

Battery Park

 '$1& 3# 7    This Park Slope treasure is a favorite for chicken wings, catfish burgers, beef-on-weck, pulled pork, microbrews, hot sauces, and sports games. Tasty vegetarian dishes are also available. Come enjoy the best burger in town in a fun, friendly atmosphere. (Citysearch)

 $6#11# 3# 7  

Voted top wine bar in New York City two years running by Zagatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night Life Guide, the Stonehome Wine Bar is conveniently located just two blocks from BAM. Stonehome â&#x20AC;&#x153;gives the culinary as much attention as the oenonoligalâ&#x20AC;? (New Yorker) with a seasonal new American menu and a 200 bottle list. 35 wines are offered by the glass. Dinner reservations are recommended (open daily at 5pm).

171 Lafayette Ave. t 718.643.7003 A short walk from BAM, this stylish and relaxed restaurant features Tapas, a raw bar and salads and Entrees from across the Mediterranean. Sangrias, an interesting and affordable wine list, full bar and friendly, professional service have made this a neighborhood favorite. Open seven days.

86 S. Portland Ave t 718.643.0000 This local Fort Greene spot respects the simple things, like getting chicken tortilla soup, salads, tacos and enchiladas just steps from home. It also respects that a fresh lime margarita, offered frozen, on the rocks, salted, or flavored with fresh fruit, could just make your night.

246 Dekalb Ave t 718.789.2778 With a menu that changes with the seasons, iCi was a pioneer in Brooklyn using exclusively fresh, local, and naturally grown ingredients. It has now become a classic destination for anyone looking for a solid modern bistro. Open seven days for dinner. Brunch Sat. and Sun.

56 5th Ave t 718.636.4385 Alchemy is a pub-style restaurant on the north end of 5th Ave. in Park Slope with a small, creative menu, seasonal specials and outstanding selection of beer, wine and cocktails. We provide a warm, welcome atmosphere to enjoy anything from a relaxed pint to a four course meal.

 '$1& 3# 7  

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fantastic,â&#x20AC;? savory cooking at relatively gentle prices explains why this oh-so-popular Park Slope Venetian is always packed. (Zagat)

 2*1-, 1 7   Aqualis Grill is a Mediterranean-inspired seafood restaurant that serves a variety of seafood starters and main courses. In addition, Aqualis offers a Prix-Fixe menu that includes a threecourse meal with wine for only $25 between 5:00 and 7:30 pm. Closed Monday.

  1 /)0 3#    Born from the desire to forge a pleasant and friendly dining establishment with fresh, locally grown produce, Flatbush Farm features an eclectic selection of ales, wines, and spirits. An endeavor of wonderful simplicity: eat heartily, drink merrily. Lo, now is come our joyfullest feast!

 *1 20& 3# 51    World-famous restaurant for over 55 years. Voted No. 1 â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Best Cheesecake in N.Y.â&#x20AC;? Overstuffed deli sandwiches, skyscraper desserts, blintzes, broiled steaks and fish, 10 oz. steakburgers and more. Open daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Pub with a Perfect Formula > A conversation with Alchemy owner Kevin Read elected to sample the “Clamberskull”: a combination of Tanqueray, rosemary, honey, pear puree, and soda. Very refreshing! Later, I had a chance to speak with Kevin Read, Alchemy’s owner.

Can you describe your professional experience leading up to Alchemy? I was working as a bartender at Lucky Strike for about seven years before I opened this place. How did you decide to take the plunge and open your own place? The north end of park slope here was really


What led you to the restaurant industry? I was fifteen and got a summer job working at a family-style, Friendly’s type place, and I’ve been doing every job conceivable since then. Every restaurant job conceivable, except cooking, never real cooking, though I have been a prep cook.


BY LINDSEY E. ROSE – Stepping into Alchemy out of a rainstorm, I found that this cozy, warmly lit gastropub offers a perfect antidote to miserable weather. Decorated with a collection of curious odds and ends – driftwood, a giant hourglass, an ancient camera – the small space offers a bar, a few booths in the front, and three long communal tables (for adventurous souls who don’t mind meeting new dining companions). On the night I visited, the crowd was a pleasant mix of bohemian twenty-somethings and a few young families with children. Upon sitting down, you are immediately served a warm bowl of fried, salted chickpeas, perfect for munching as you peruse the menu. Alchemy offers an eclectic menu; standout items include the zucchini carpaccio salad and the gorgonzola and walnut ravioli. Drink options are extensive, with lots of beer and wine choices, plus a full list of unique martinis, cocktails, and warm drinks. I

just underserved for this type of place, just somewhere to go and grab really good comfort food….so I decided to go ahead and open one myself.

menu are definitely still from that era, and other items are basically from consulting with my wife and also with cooks here. It’s just sort of a team effort.

What was your vision for the restaurant? It was a hardware store when we moved in, so we really had to redo the whole place. I was really just trying to create a really comfortable vibe with a pub-style atmosphere. And I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from customers about that. They say that we have all the pieces of the puzzle. People love the food – you know, a restaurant can’t succeed without excellent food – but a lot of the feedback I get is just about the vibe. People just feel really comfortable; it’s a warm, inviting, comfortable atmosphere. We have a lot of regulars who come here several times a week, it’s like their second living room.

What’s your favorite item on the menu? My favorite item would probably be the steak. We marinade it in our marinade, which is oil, garlic, mustard, and thyme, until it’s tender and delicious. We serve it with a little herbed butter and with mashed potatoes and kale.

How did you come up with the menu? When we first opened, I went through several chefs, some who just did not work out for one reason or another. Some of the items on the

I understand you have brunch, as well? Our brunch is great. I think our standout items would be the huevos rancheros, I think we’ve got one of the best huevos rancheros in Brooklyn, if not in the entire city. We’ve got a good corned beef hash, eggs with hollandaise sauce. We also get a lot of really nice compliments on our pancakes. > To read the interview in its entirey, visit Alchemy is located at 56 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. For more information, call 718.636.4385

TERESA’S Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Open 7 Days a Week We Deliver

80 Montague Street | Brooklyn Heights, NY 718.797.3996

OCEAN VIEW DINER 515 Atlantic Avenue t718.243.9172 Come in and grab a bite at Ocean View Diner in Brooklyn! Newly renovated and under new ownership, Ocean View has a wide variety of dishes sure to satisfy everyone. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner around the clock, seven days a week. Free Delivery.

$50$1'2p6 143 Montague St. t718.624.7167 Armandoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s has been a fixture on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights since 1936, once frequented by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and the Brooklyn Dodgers. After a brief hiatus, Armandoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is back with a whole new look, still serving classic Italian fare in a cozy, neighborhood atmosphere. Full bar.

$6#11# 3# 7   Scopello, named after a small village in Sicily, is a place you can immerse yourself in a spectacular natural setting, ancient history and delicious wholesome foods. Our menu features the freshest produce, fish and meats, homemade pastas and bread, with ingredients imported from Italy...

$6#11# 3#    The wunderbar authentic Viennese dishes at chef Thomas Ferleschâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s charming Fort Greene Austrian bistro are worth traveling for; it recalls a homely corner of old Europe, and the location and personable service are both perfect for a BAM night. (212) 929 3645

119 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Open weekdays 9-8, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-6

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AT BAM JUNE 10-20 Tickets start at $20

“ The popularity that the Ailey company now enjoys is phenomenal.” THE NEW YORK TIMES 718-636-4100 BAM Howard Gilman Opera House Peter Jay Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn



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