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Michael Cera’s Youthful Glory globalFest 2010 comes to Webster Hall Sam Mendes bridges talent from London and New York


GET A MEAL, NOT A SONG AND DANCE. Still serving free meals at mealtime. " #&&"!%!"&!&"%")'&'&%&+%!"&&% )&"!&!!&+$%&#$"(!*"')&$ %& &  "$'%&+%"'&(!*"'""%$(!"&!!$"'!& "$$%$(&"!%!!"$ &"!"&""!&!!&" "$   '%&" $%    


globalFEST 2010 After Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s election, the 7th installment of the festival holds even more significance. *1IC B179> K+85 , *  9C 259>7 B55=2B1354 2I the world. There is a reinvigorated interest in artists trying to connect with the U.S. market.â&#x20AC;? Conveniently, fans and industry repsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;in town for the simultaneously scheduled Association for Performing Arts Festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;are eager for unadulterated world beats. globalFEST 2010 features the U.S. debuts of Alif Naabaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s jazz tinged Moaga mixes from his native Burkina Faso, a Europop blend of Daft Punk, Taco and Pink, Namgarâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Siberian shaman B?3;N 5CC5>D91<<I 1> 1CD5B> 6?<;6EC9?> ?6  C 21>4 %5> 1D -?B; 1>4 C1E3I CE<DBI (1>C91> lounge jazz from NguyĂŞn LĂŞâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Saiyuki. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also Argentine down tempo club beats from Federico E25<51>4D85?B>5BCD?>5C1>4$135<5>391C 70s style Nuyorican salsa. > January 10; 7pm at Webster Hall, 125 E. 11th St. For more information, visit 999+/2&%/*)561:24+


BY SARAH SHANOK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Legendary landmark Webster Hall continues its long tradition of serving as a multifaceted gathering place for diverging opinions and breeding ground for cultural fusions, hosting globalFEST 2010, showcasing world music talents on the verge of blowing up on the international scene. Begun in 2004, globalFESTT exposed audiences to diverse musical cultures, countering the xenophobic aftermath of 9/11 when many foreign musicians found difficulties breaking into Western markets, or even entering the U.S. And yet demand grows. Originally held at The (E2<93 +851D5B C?<4?ED 3B?G4C B5AE9B54 =?B5 room. At the better suited Webster Hall, festival directors Isabel Soffer (World Music Institute), Bill Bragin (Acidophilus: Live and Active Culture), and Shanta Thake (Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pub at the Public Theater) present twelve established and relatively unknown, E>9AE5 1BD9CDC ?> D8B55 49CD9>3D CD175C 1 <1B75 DG?<5F5<=EC9381<<1C=1<<5B3121B5DF5>E51>4 a standing room only dancehall with bar.

World Music Caravan Palace


Music, Art & Dance at the SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Follow your passion at the 92nd Street Y School of the Arts. 92Y SOA offers classes for all levels in Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry, Photography, Modern Dance, Ballet, Afro-Caribbean, Hip-Hop, Tap, Piano, Voice, Guitar, Chamber Music, Drumming and so much more...


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WWW.92Y.ORG/SOA 212.415.5500 Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street *Mention discount code ES at the Box OfďŹ ce or call 212.415.5500. Some restrictions apply; discount excludes private music lessons. Offer cannot be redeemed online.

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A holiday feast for the entire family. The Met’s seasonal presentation is irresistibly delicious! Perfect for kids 8 and older (and grown-ups who aren’t afraid of the dark).


DEC 14, 17, 19 eve, 21 mat, 24, 28 mat, 30 mat JAN 2 mat





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Michael Cera’s Youthful Glory page epistolary novel, the diary of character

as to why Americans of all ages love a good teen

Nick Twisp. While translating the story to film

sex comedy. From Better Off Dead to Superbad,

necessitated cutting a large chunk of the book,

the genre’s standards are familiar: rebellion,

a substantial storyline remains. Nick falls in love

bonding, misguided puppy love and true romance.

while summering in a trailer park. The girl, much

We as a culture are often scolded for worshipping

too precocious for Nick’s shy bookish ways, must

youthfulness. But, still, these films engage us. We

be won. Given this typical teen movie conundrum,

laugh at Anthony Michael Hall trapped under a

something unexpected happens. The nerd triumphs

glass table in Sixteen Candles. We shudder when

by essentially splitting into two selves. The second

Jason Biggs gets caught atop that pie.

self is the suave Francois Dillinger.

Aside from the gags, these movies offer the

Francois, the smooth lover and gregarious rebel,

chance to witness young, raw acting talent get

is new territory for Michael Cera, most often

raucous and raunchy. Think of Sean Penn’s role as

trapped behind the last-good-guy type. And Cera,

Jeff Spicoli. From the current era, Michael Cera’s

with wit and surprising sexiness, takes on this

charisma has garnered a large, if youthful, fan

new bad self with verve. His acting skills graduate

base. But in his latest young adult film, Youth

from the teen sex comedy while working within

in Revolt, Cera breaks away from his lovable

the genre. Exuberant and youthful performances

heartthrob role to show his promise as a versatile

like Cera’s in Youth in Revolt are one of the less

film actor. He still plays the nice guy, and he does

gloomy explanations for why adults might be

get the girl, but there’s more to his character than

drawn to light adolescent cultural fare. If only John

endearing self-deprecation.

Belushi had a full career. > Youth in Revolt opens January 8

Youth in Revolt is based on a nearly 500-

photo :

By Laura scottt – There are many suppositions

Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt

> Defending the value of teen culture in film

January 2010 SUNDAY







A Midsumme Dream opens York City Ba Through Jan



globalFEST 2010 opens: At Webster Hall. 7pm.

12 The Bridge Projectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s As You Like It opens: Through March 13.








Romeo and J opens: At Ne York City Ba Through Jan

The Sleeping opens: At Ne City Ballet. February 7.








er Nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s s: At New allet. nuary 12.





Youth in Revolt opens.



uliet ew allet. nuary 23.

16 Romeo and Juliet children's workshop: At New York City Ballet. 12:45pm.









g Beauty ew York Through PHOTO :

Silkstone Bespoke Events

Seconds, Please, Mr. Mendes LAByrinth Theater Company, Stephen Dillane, winner of the 2009 BAFTA award for best actor, Christian Camargo, an accomplished theater actor also known for his role as Rudy Cooper on Showtime’s Dexter, and Juliet Rylance, a regular performer at London’s Globe Theater. As seen last year, the performances will benefit from bringing together those with acting aptitude from two sides of the Atlantic. Conceived in the spirit of international collaboration for international audiences, the Bridge Project runs in repertory at BAM here in New York and at the Old Vic in London’s West End, also touring to the stages of other major theater-loving cities. Last year, the company traveled to Singapore, Madrid, Recklinghausen and Epidaurus. Wherever the 2010 Bridge Project performs this year’s offerings, the combined talent of two great theatrical metropolises will surely thrill its audience. > As You Like It runs January 12 – March 13 The Tempest runs February 14 – March 13

photo :

By laura scott – Fresh off his filmmaking triumph with Revolutionary Road, Sam Mendes is in New York to once again direct some of the best theater talent from the UK and US in the second season of The Bridge Project at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This winter, The Bridge Project takes on two of Shakespeare’s works. Joseph Melillo, BAM’s executive producer, says, “I look forward with great anticipation to the interpretation and juxtaposition of two of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays, As You Like It and The Tempest— each a masterpiece, yet wildly different from the other in tone and content.” And, indeed, The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s latest plays, possibly his last, a complex tale with sorcerers and witches and shipwrecks. Whereas, As You Like It is a pastoral high comedy. But both plays, in undertones, consider the art of theater itself, a common thread Sam Mendes is sure to pull on. Some of this season’s acting talent includes Ron Cephas Jones, a member of New York’s

Sam Mendes [by: Evan Kafka]

> Another bridge of theatrical talent from London and New York

 '$1& 3# 7    This Park Slope treasure is a favorite for */0*2,5 >05.: *(;-0:/ )<9.,9: ),,-65>,*2 pulled pork, microbrews, hot sauces, and sports games. Tasty vegetarian dishes are also available. Come enjoy the best burger in town in a fun, friendly atmosphere. (Citysearch)

 $6#11# 3# 7  

Voted top wine bar in New York City two years running by Zagatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Night Life Guide, the Stonehome Wine Bar is conveniently located just two blocks from BAM. Stonehome â&#x20AC;&#x153;gives the culinary as much attention as the oenonoligalâ&#x20AC;? (New Yorker) with a seasonal new American menu and a 200 bottle list. 35 wines are offered by the glass. Dinner reservations are recommended (open daily at 5pm).

 $6#11# 3# 7  

 :/69; >(32 -964  ;/0: :;@30:/ (5+ 9,3(?,+ 9,:;(<9(5; -,(;<9,: #(7(: ( 9(> )(9 (5+ :(3(+: (5+ 5;9,,: -964 (*96:: ;/, ,+0;,99(5,(5 "(5 .90(: (5 05;,9,:;05. (5+ (--69+()3, >05, 30:; -<33 )(9 (5+ -90,5+3@ 796-,::065(3 :,9=0*, /(=, 4(+, ;/0: ( 5,0./)69/66+ -(=690;, 7,5 :,=,5 +(@:

  -/1*," 3# 7   #/0: 36*(3 69; 9,,5, :76; 9,:7,*;: ;/, :0473, ;/05.: 302, .,;;05. */0*2,5 ;69;033( :6<7 :(3(+: ;(*6: (5+ ,5*/03(+(: 1<:; :;,7: -964 /64, ; (3:6 9,:7,*;: ;/(; ( -9,:/ 304, 4(9.(90;( 6--,9,+ -96A,5 65 ;/, 96*2: :(3;,+ 69 -3(=69,+ >0;/ -9,:/ -9<0; *6<3+ 1<:; 4(2, @6<9 50./;

#)* 3# 7   00 /(: ;/, 67,5(33+(@ ,=,9@4(5 (77,(3 6(3;/(A(9 ;/, :;9,(4305,+ :;@3, 6- 6<3,@ New York (.(A05, #/, 4,5< */(5.,: >0;/ ;/, :,(:65: <:05. ,?*3<:0=,3@ -9,:/ 5(;<9(33@ .96>5 05.9,+0,5;: 6- ;/, /0./,:; 8<(30;@ -964 ;/, 36*(3 -(94: (5+ 4(92,;:

1& 3# 7   

3*/,4@ 0: ( 7<):;@3, 9,:;(<9(5; 65 ;/, 569;/ ,5+ 6- ;/ =, 05 (92 "367, >0;/ ( :4(33 *9, (;0=, 4,5< :,(:65(3 :7,*0(3: (5+ 6<;:;(5+05. :,3,*;065 6- ),,9 >05, (5+ *6*2;(03: %, 796=0+, ( >(94 >,3*64, (;46:7/,9, ;6 ,516@ (5@;/05. -964 ( 9,3(?,+ 705; ;6 ( -6<9 *6<9:, 4,(3

 '$1& 3# 7  

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fantastic,â&#x20AC;? savory cooking at relatively gentle 790*,: ,?73(05: >/@ ;/0: 6/:6767<3(9 (92 Slope Venetian is always packed. (Zagat)

 2*1-, 1 7   8<(30: 9033 0: ( ,+0;,99(5,(505:709,+ :,( -66+ 9,:;(<9(5; ;/(; :,9=,: ( =(90,;@ 6- :,(-66+ :;(9;,9: (5+ 4(05 *6<9:,: 5 (++0;065 8<(30: 6--,9: ( 90?0?, 4,5< ;/(; 05*3<+,: ( ;/9,, *6<9:, 4,(3 >0;/ >05, -69 653@   ),;>,,5 

(5+  74 36:,+ 65+(@

  1 /)0 3#    Born from the desire to forge ( 73,(:(5; (5+ -90,5+3@ +0505. ,:;()30:/4,5; >0;/ -9,:/ 36*(33@ .96>5 796+<*, 3(;)<:/ (94 -,(;<9,: (5 ,*3,*;0* :,3,*;065 6- (3,: >05,: (5+ :7090;: 5 ,5+,(=69 6- >65+,9-<3 :04730*0;@ ,(; /,(9;03@ +9052 4,9903@ 6 56> 0: *64, 6<9 16@-<33,:; -,(:;

 *1 20& 3# 51    %693+-(46<: 9,:;(<9(5; -69 6=,9  @,(9: $6;,+ 6 B#/, ,:; /,,:,*(2, 05  & C =,9:;<--,+ +,30 :(5+ >0*/,: :2@:*9(7,9 +,::,9;: )305;A,: )9603,+ :;,(2: (5+ -0:/ 6A :;,(2)<9.,9: (5+ 469, 7,5 +(03@ )9,(2-(:; 3<5*/ (5+ +055,9


Highly Stylized Parties Get a Sustainable Makeover “The production side will be the focus of the 5F5>D 1>4 D85 31D5B9>7 G9<< 25 1> 144?> D? D85 B5CD1EB1>D 9>CD514 ?6 :ECD 259>7 1 31D5B9>7 3?= pany, which we were,” Towill explains. Recent events exemplifying this new direction included a Moroccan themed wedding party and 50’s Rat Pack inspired birthday set in Chinese laundry/ *@51;51CI '665B9>716B5C81@@B?138D?89785>4 catering is changing what it means to throw a party when the entire event is produced in an 5>F9B?>=5>D1<<I 6B95>4<I =1>>5B31B56E<<I 38? sen locale, decorations, purchasing organic and Farmer’s Market ingredients, recycling, donating

Facilitating this evolution was the takeover of 17 Orchard Street on the corner of Canal Street. +857B?E>46<??BG9<<251=1B;5D9>C@9B54B5CD1E rant to open this spring, which will have “British elements in its design” plus “a little shop in the front” selling mostly prepared foods. With all aspects of Silkstone operating under one roof,

leftovers to City Harvest and organic waste to LES’s Ecology Centers. Towill and Winser thrive on the challenges that are brought about when creating a sustainable event from start to finish. From a food standpoint, K!>CD514?6D89>;9>79>D85B51<=C?6DE>1CG?B4 fish and marlin you think in terms of seasons and


BY LISA LEEKING – Longtime friends Ben Towill and Phil Winser are proving that when brilliant minds come together anything is possible, even in this economy. Only one year after launching Silkstone Events, a catering company with a green initiative, the duo has brought on a young creative team and is relaunching as Silkstone Bespoke Events next month. Employing the strengths of Towill’s cheffing background with Winser’s production design skill set, the newly refocused 1>4 5H@1>454 5F5>DC 3?=@1>I 9C 3B51D9>7 K61> D1CI3?=5DBE5N89785>43?>35@DE1<@1BD95CD81D serve Farmer’s Market inspired seasonal cuisine.

Silkstone Bespoke Events

> 2HKJRSNMD!DRONJe Events takes catering to the next level

realize your limitations, which makes your life a bit easier,â&#x20AC;? Towill explains. Because organic food is always more expensive they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use prime 3EDC ?6 =51D  K>4   ?6 ?EB 6??4 9C @B?2 ably vegetarian,â&#x20AC;? adding that â&#x20AC;&#x153;balsamic roasted 255DC 1>4 3E=9>B?1CD54 31BB?DC =1;5 45<939?EC canapĂŠs.â&#x20AC;? The excitement of implementing the design aspect with impeccable food comes when, â&#x20AC;&#x153;People actually talk about the food and why theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at the event instead of talking about their house in the Hamptons!â&#x20AC;? Although bigger and more challenging opportunities are on the horizon, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re maintaining their integrity and C5>C5 ?6 8E=?B 1>4 G9<< 1<G1IC G5<3?=5 AE19>D dinner parties! > Check out the newly designed website at

$6#11# 3# 7   Scopello, named after a small village in Sicily, is a place you can immerse yourself in a spectacular natural setting, ancient history and delicious >/63,:64, -66+: <9 4,5< -,(;<9,: ;/, -9,:/ est produce, fish and meats, homemade pastas and bread, with ingredients imported from Italy...

$6#11# 3#    The wunderbar authentic Viennese dishes at chef Thomas Ferleschâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s charming Fort Greene Austrian bistro are worth traveling for; it recalls a homely corner 6- 63+ <967, (5+ ;/, 36*(;065 (5+ 7,9:65 able service are both perfect for a BAM night.

Who Says Romeo and Juliet isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t for Children? AE5CD9?>C12?EDD85<965?61@B?65CC9?>1<41>35B  Then, students are led by City Ballet teaching artists through activities that involve props or costume pieces to encourage an understanding through their own movement. In â&#x20AC;&#x153;Love, Fate, Chance, and Dance!â&#x20AC;? the children will have the opportunity to create their own ballet and perform it for their audience of family and friends that have accompanied them. The workshop will 25 <54 2I 6?B=5B &5G .?B; 9DI 1<<5D *?<?9CD "5>>965B+9>C<5I-9<<91=C So, perhaps, the little ones will not be focused on the epic love and tragic ending of the dancers on stage, but they will be able to feel like they were a special part of an afternoon at the ballet. Tickets can be purchased at the David H. Koch Theater Box Office or online at Both children and adults will need a ticket to attend. > For more information, contact the NYCB (7'%6-21)3%460)16%6  24&: )0%-/-1+)(7'%6-211:'&%//)6'20


BY MERY R L CATES A â&#x20AC;&#x201C; With a winter season packed G9D8 6E<<<5>7D8 3<1CC93C &5G .?B; 9DI 1<<5D has programs for enthusiasts, newcomers and children alike. Alongside classics like The Sleeping Beautyy and A Midsummer Nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dream, Peter Martinsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Romeo + Juliet, seems to carry the most â&#x20AC;&#x153;adultâ&#x20AC;? reputation. Maybe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the subject matter and story itself, but Romeo + Juliett doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exactly scream â&#x20AC;&#x153;perfect for children.â&#x20AC;? However, City Ballet has a different, more enlightening approach for kids. Romeo + Juliet, running January 13â&#x20AC;&#x201C;23, has an accompanying Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Workshop on January 16 at 12:45pm. Entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Love, Fate, Chance, and Dance!â&#x20AC;? the I?E>71E495>35=5=25BCG9<<2513AE19>D54G9D8 the themes, characters and steps from the ballet. By introducing them to the story in this fun and accessible way, they can go into the performance informed and familiar with what they are seeing onstage. Each workshop features an interview with 1 &. =5=25B G8? 5H@<19>C 1>4 1>CG5BC

Romeo and Juliet&5G.?B;9DI1<<5D/2I(1E<#?<>9;0


 '( &(&(+$& 

%#+ ,'  ( )# 

Macintosh Sales, Service, iPods, Accessories, Data Recovery, Rentals, Pro Systems for Video, Audio & the Graphic Arts.

Macintosh Support for the Arts


9 6@ . 9 . 5 F 9 9 B A 2 60 9 µA52 ;2D . 2;A¶ : 2 C 62 5 0 . 2 9 / . ?2:.?8    

Photo by Tristan Cook




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'453+/)26#35'540(''5*07'/-+7'#55*'7'3:*'#350(%*#.$'3.64+%/4+9%0/%'354 4+9'/4'.$-'4(30.5*'*#.$'364+% 0%+'5:;4(#.+-:5*#5*#7''.'3)'&#.0/) 50&#:;4.045'9%+5+/)1'3(03.'3413'4'/55*'%0.1-'5'%:%-'+/-+%'!6--:#--


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Encore - January 2010  

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