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Where staffing firms turn to find their staff.

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Why choose Encompass?

Encompass SmartFit™ Encompass SmartView™ Encompass SmartScreen™ Encompass SmartBase™

Recruiting and training solutions built just for the staffing industry.

If your staffing firm’s biggest recruiting challenge is finding industry talent, Encompass can help. We specialize in the recruitment, training and development of staffing professionals. Our mission is to form a long lasting relationship with your staffing firm, to understand the vision of your business, and to find the staffing talent that fits perfectly within your company. We provide a full-circle solution to talent acquisition by working closely with your firm during the pre-hire, hire and post-hire stages of employment.

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SmartView™ is like a DVR for interviews.

Encompass SmartView™

Reduce the time and cost of new hires. Screen for personality fit. Share interviews with colleagues. Encompass makes interviews easy.

The traditional method of screening and interviewing candidates is time consuming and costly. Encompass SmartView™ makes interviewing easy, fast and effective. Candidates use our system to answer a series of predetermined interview questions. You log in at your convenience and watch their recorded sessions. Compare and contrast answers to specific questions, share interviews with colleagues, and determine which candidates have the right personality for your organization. When you’re ready, select the candidates you want to meet in person.

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Screening in minutes instead of months.

Encompass SmartView™ • Automated web-based interviews • Customized, predetermined questions • Ensured interview consistency and compliance • Compare and contrast question responses • Review interviews at your convenience • Share interviews with colleagues

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A recruiting and marketing solution in one package.

Encompass SmartFit™

Before we interview candidates we interview your company. Our recruiters become an extension of your corporate culture, values and vision.

To understand a company’s culture you have to experience it. Our recruiters can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but they can spend time with your staff, interviewing key managers and understanding everyday operations. We call this strategy SmartFit™ but, truthfully, it’s a no-brainer approach to better recruiting, better placements and better long-term hires. By understanding what makes your company tick and your people smile, we can go beyond candidate skills and experience, and ensure a business culture and personality match with every hire.

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SmartScreen™ is like looking in a crystal ball.

Encompass SmartScreen™

Psychometrics assessments improve candidate screening, increase employee retention and enable successful promotions.

Predicting employee performance may seem impossible, but with Encompass SmartScreen™ profile assessments you can look into the future. The science of psychometrics compares a person’s preferred behaviors with the traits needed for a particular position and environment. Coupled with our SmartFit™ recruiting solution, it’s the ultimate in pre-employment forecasting and screening. Our SmartScreen™ assessments can also be used to evaluate current employee contentment and predict needs for departmental changes and promotions.

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We make great employees even better.

Encompass SmartBase™

Pre and post-hire training solutions that get new employees up to speed, increase retention, and make your team better at what they do.

Our SmartBase™ testing and training solutions are designed to fit your staffing firm’s pre-employment and post-hire needs. Customized tests can be developed to screen specific skills sets of potential hires, or to evaluate the proficiency of your current team. Pre-employment training programs guarantee new hires hit the ground running, and post-hire training ensures that even your veteran staff are engaged in skill enhancement and development.

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Recruiting solutions for the staffing industry

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