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• It’s a brand new year. • That means it’s time to re-invest in your business. • Want to boost your profits? • Listen to the financial experts and pour money into critical improvements (e.g. renovations and equipment). • Where should you start? • What’s the best way to invest in your hospitality establishment? Which improvements have the biggest impact?

• Whether you run a restaurant, a bar, a golf course, a resort, or a hotel, upgrading your patio should top your 2018 to-do list. • Why? • Because your patio draws customers. It drives business. It’s prime real estate. • It’s the only place guests can eat, drink, and gather while taking in the fresh air and scenic beauty. • Give customers a great patio experience, and they’ll keep coming back for more!

• The Villains: • Winds • Rain • Snow • Sun • Bugs • Bad weather cuts into your profits and jeopardizes your investment. • A little snow here and a lot of sun there can damage equipment, erode structures, and drive away customers. • The Good News • With a little help, you can keep the adversaries at bay.

• Why let a little bad weather destroy your investment?

• Why sit by as bugs scare away paying customers? • With outdoor patio curtains from EnclosureGuy, you can protect your patio, your furniture, your equipment, and your guests. • Superior weather protection allows you to keep your patio open around the clock and throughout the year.

• Fast & Easy • Roll your clear vinyl porch curtains up or down at the drop of a hat – or whenever the weather shifts. • Clear Yet Sturdy • Our clear vinyl patio curtains are strong enough to withstand abuse, yet clear enough to provide stunning views. • Customized & Flexible • Custom-built curtains are perfect for any patio, whether it overlooks a beach, a lakefront, or a mountain range. • Smart & Impressive • Install our vinyl patio curtains and you’ll see a return on your investment within one month!

• Why buy now? What’s the hurry? • Every day you delay investing in a patio enclosure, you risk losing out on profits. • A single evening of rough weather can take a chunk out of your monthly revenue. • Smart business leaders think ahead. • Plan in advance and you won’t get caught off guard when the storm strikes.

• Did we mention that all of our vinyl patio curtains are made right here in America? • At EnclosureGuy, we put quality first. • That’s why we manufacture our outdoor patio curtains in Gonzales, Texas, where we can supervise the entire process from start to finish. • What happens when you combine the best workers, the best materials, and the best processes? • You get the best patio enclosures on the market.

• Ready to take the next step? • Ready to invest in your business? • EnclosureGuy is here to help. • Give us a call to chat with our team. • 888-254-6892 • Or fill out our FREE online estimate form to get a quote! •

Since 1983, EnclosureGuy has been in the business of helping businesses. We’ve spent the past few decades manufacturing the highest quality clear vinyl patio curtains from our headquarters in Texas. With us, you get sturdy curtains, superior service, factory-direct pricing, and custom builds. Visit our website to learn more.

It's Time To Invest In Your Business: How Patio Curtains Can Set You Up For Long-Term Success | A new year demands a new investment strate...

It's Time To Invest In Your Business: How Patio Curtains Can Set You Up For Long-Term Success | A new year demands a new investment strate...