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Beverly oaks surgery Encino Throughout Southern California and especially in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles people are inundated with advertisements about plastic surgery. Some ads depict a plastic surgeon as the "Top" or "Best Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles". Others promote "safe Liposuction" or the newest laser that can give you phenomenal esthetic results with a few zaps during your lunch hour. With all this information how should a man or a woman go about finding the right plastic surgeon? In pursue of the best plastic surgeon should they travel to Beverly Hills or should they search the internet? Should they choose a plastic surgeon based on their credentials and degrees? After all, what do these degrees and credentials really mean? Being a plastic surgeon who has practiced for many years in Southern California and knows many other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, I myself was frustrated when I went about finding the right plastic surgeon for myself! This is how I went about researching the best plastic surgeon for me. First, I went to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons web site which only lists Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. The other option would be to contact the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This Board is the ONLY recognized board for training and certifying Plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgery of ALL body parts. The Board of Cosmetic surgery is not recognized Board by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Its members can purchase a certificate practically after attending few limited classed without having had a broad surgical training in plastic surgery. The Board of Facial Plastic Surgery offers a certificate to ENT or Otolaryngologist whose training is limited to only that of head and neck. Once I found the list of all Board Certified plastic surgeons throughout Southern California, including Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, I research them via the California Medical Board to find if they have had complaints or malpractices. Has their medical license ever been

restricted or held; and have their privileges to perform surgery at any hospital has been taken away. If a large group of doctors at a prominent hospital no longer allow a certain doctor to practice there, do you want him to practice on you! Beverly oaks surgery Encino Having narrowed my list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Southern California, I wouldn't just choose one from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, or Encino. After all, I am not interested in how beautiful their office looks or if their zip code say 90210. I am not interested in being on the extreme makeover or the swan TV shows. I just want the best plastic surgeon for me. In fact, I am willing to travel a bit to find the most qualified, experienced, and compassionate plastic surgeon who can understand my needs. Next, I reviewed before and after plastic surgery pictures on their internet web site photo gallery, or at their office. Although it is good to see many before and after pictures on their web sites, some plastic surgeons don't show all their pictures on their web site, because of privacy restraints. In fact, I greatly limit the type and extent of facial pictures that I show on my web site in order to preserve my patient's privacy. Meet the doctor, and not just his "aesthetic consultant" who speaks with a fancy accent! Does the cosmetic surgeon spend time with you and go over your questions or concerns. Does the plastic surgeon understand what you want, rather than what he wants? Is he or she able to demonstrate to you before and after pictures of other cases similar to you? Is the plastic surgeon honest with you in describing limitations, shortfalls, or even complications that he might have had on similar cases? Also, look at the support staff. Are they friendly? Are they the type of people who are going to be available to you after surgery? Finally, don't forget that your plastic surgeon, no matter how great, can't perform your surgery in a virtual world. The credentials, skills, and experience of the anesthesiologist who is going to keep you alive during

surgery is no less important than the skills of your plastic surgeon. Most patients are not aware that some centers don't even use an anesthesiologist, or don't have the basic monitoring equipments. Fancy office furniture doesn't mean that you will be also having your surgery performed at an accredited and certified Surgery Center. I personally, would not have my surgery in a surgery facility that is not accredited or Medicare; and doesn't have a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Beverly oaks surgery Encino  

Throughout Southern California and especially in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles people are inundated with advertisements about plastic surger...