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Encinitas Dentists: Coming Together to Answer Your Top Questions! PART 1 This article, part one of two, strives to address some of the questions most frequently asked of dental professionals. Encinitas Dentists: Overview As a community of medical professionals, Encinitas dentists are frequently asked questions pertaining to oral health, hygiene and aesthetics. Since we believe that a fundamental aspect of maintaining an exceptional standard of lifelong oral health is being informed and educated, in this article, we strive to answer some of your FAQ’s regarding your teeth, your gums and their optimal health: Question 1: I’m very self-conscious about bad breath. How can I prevent it? Bad breath is caused by a number of factors. Garlic, onion and anchovies can all make your breath stink, but since these are not in any way detrimental to your oral health, Encinitas dentists will just tell you to keep brushing and avoid kissing anyone for a day or two! The kind of bad breath you really need to be concerned about is brought on by the odorous byproduct of bacterial activity in your mouth. So, the best way you can prevent developing chronic bad breath is by maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene. This means: ●

Brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time: Also include your tongue in your brushing routine. According to Encinitas dentists, the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria and yet, most people don’t do anything to keep it clean. Brush your tongue with toothpaste as you do your teeth to prevent odor-producing bacteria from colonizing your tongue.

Floss every day to prevent the accumulation of plaque, bacteria and food particles between your teeth.

Drink plenty of water to irrigate your mouth and prevent bacteria from establishing a foothold on and around your teeth. Also, cut down on sugar-rich foods and drink.

Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash: According to Encinitas dentists, this is not compulsory as far as maintaining oral health is concerned, but if you are particularly self-conscious about your breath, you may want to carry some around with you.

While all of these points are essential for our oral health and hygiene, it is as important to keep regular appointments with Encinitas dentists. After all, if you are worried about bad breath, it is possible that your sub-conscious is trying to tell you something! Or maybe it’s because you’ve noticed that those closest to you shrink away from you when you speak. Either way, it is fundamental that you seek out regular professional oral and periodontal care from Encinitas Dentists to prevent bacterial infection from causing you serious problems that go beyond the social sphere in their ramifications. Question 2: I really love coffee, but I’m concerned about tooth discoloration. Is there a way I can prevent stains from accumulating? According to Encinitas dentists, coffee and tea are one of the top tooth staining offenders. But there are things you can do that will allow you to enjoy your cup of Joe without the fear of discolored teeth: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially after a cup of coffee or tea; this will wash away residual coffee/tea and prevent your teeth from taking a ‘caffeine bath’. ● Drink milk with your coffee: black coffee is far more staining of the tooth enamel. ● If the damage has already been done, Encinitas dentists offer teeth bleaching treatments that will erase years’ worth of discoloration to give you a beautiful, youthful and pearly white smile! ●

Encinitas Dentists: Coming Together to Answer Your Top Questions! PART 1