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Dentists in Encinitas Gain Trust by Suggesting Patients Wait to get Procedures If these two dentists in Encinitas perform a procedure, it’s only because they must.

Drs. Coffey and Henninger, two dentists in Encinitas who practice at Encinitas Dental Art have a bedside manner that may not be readily found, especially in this economic climate. When examining someone’s teeth, they compliment other dentist’s work, and when they can, tell the patients when something is needed but doesn’t need to be addressed right away. Is this rare? “Are you kidding me?” replies Courtney Correia. “I’ve been to other dentists in Encinitas that made me feel like my teeth were going to fall out if I didn’t do something quick. Come to find out, that wasn’t true at all. I understand a dentist’s need to stay busy, but it can be a little much.” “I agree,” offers Kimberly Long. “I certainly can’t tell if my doctors are telling me the truth, so I have to trust them. And sometimes, I just get this terrible feeling that I really didn’t need what they were pressuring me to do. It’s great to have two dentists in Encinitas who put so much focus on honesty and trust.” “If the problem really doesn’t need to be addressed right away, I tell my patient to wait on it,” says Dr. Coffey, one of many dentists in Encinitas. “I couldn’t in good conscience perform a procedure knowing that they could have waited before coming in. Most dental procedures—whoever performs them, don’t usually fit the average family budget. If I have rushed them toward something they didn’t need immediately, I know I have put them in a hardship to be there. I simply can’t operate like that.” “That was part of the appeal when considering coming to work with Dr. Coffey,” offers Dr. Henninger. “Honesty. As two dentists in Encinitas who work together, we have to trust each other implicitly. And I trust Dr. Coffey—he has earned my trust.” Of course should someone come in and ask for a laser whitening in Encinitas, obvioiusly I don’t ask them to wait,” smiles Dr. Coffey. “But if they could use a tooth crown in Encinitas, or dental bridges, or teeth implants in Encinitas—and it doesn’t need to be done immediately, I tell them so. They love to hear that and the trust level goes up.” To find Dr. Coffey and associate Dr. Henninger, two dentists in Encinitas who seek to earn your trust—plus their superb staff, visit Encinitas Dental Art Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, 1445 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, CA 92024. Or call (760) 942-7370 to set up an appointment. You may also visit the website at About Encinitas Dental Art:Located in the heart of Encinitas, California, Encinitas Dental Art is a family-focused practice providing a full range of restorative, cosmetic, and implant dental services. Having always felt at home in Encinitas, Dr. Edward Coffey and Dr. Christopher Henninger decided it would be an excellent place to practice dentistry, to raise their families and to build their dental practice. Whether your interest is in preventing future dental issues, maintaining healthy teeth and gums, or redesigning your smile, Encinitas Dental Art provides state-of-the-art dental solutions that will meet all your needs in a friendly, family-oriented environment.

Dentists in Encinitas Gain Trust by Suggesting Patients Wait to get Procedures