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The perfect set of six pack abs is a common goal that many gym enthusiasts work towards. When you visit a gym, you will traditionally see a vast group of people trudging along on the treadmill or lying on the sit-up boards performing crunches and other 'six-pack abs exercises'. But are these types of workouts really the answer for maximum fat loss? According to recent research, the answer is no. The best way to achieve a flatter belly in the least amount of time is through variable intensity training - a form of exercise that stresses a variety of short, intense movements rather than a sustained workout at a slower pace. Six Pack Abs Exercises: High Intensity Interval Training Research confirms that cardio is not the best direction to take when pursuing six-pack abs. But before you get too excited about being able to ditch these dreaded exercises, keep in mind that the six pack abs exercises we are about to describe are much tougher than traditional cardio, although they take less time to perform. Six pack abs exercises like crunches and sit-ups can be great as part of an overall workout strategy, but they are not effective in attacking belly fat on their own. High intensity interval training, much like the name suggests, is a collection of short and intense exercises that work the entire body. They help to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly. Workouts usually last 5-10 minutes in entirety, but should be performed up to 5 times a day for maximum results. Interval training usually combines resistance training (using weights or your own body mass for resistance) with interval training (doing several exercises successively with only a small break in between exercises). These exercises could include push-ups, lunges, bodyweight and bar squats, mountain climbers, dumbbell presses, leg curls, floor and stability ball planks and dumbbell curls. This type of circuit training works every part of the body and increases the metabolic rate to maximize fat loss. Once you are adequately conditioned through interval training, a great way to target your midsection for great looking six-pack abs is to add short sprints to your workout routine. These could include wind sprints, hill sprints, swimming sprints and jump rope. Unlike traditional cardio where you run, walk or swim for up to an hour at a time with low intensity, these exercises require you to give maximum exertion for brief stints of time. These exercises may be difficult at first, but once you begin to see the results they just might become the favorite part of your workout. If you truly want to achieve six-pack abs, ask yourself this: How many people do you know with

great abs, and of those you do know, how many of them achieved this great-looking midsection with cardio and crunches alone? Very few, if any, right? That's because most cardio and other abs routines are not effective at burning fat, especially stubborn belly fat. High intensity interval training will give you the look you want in the shortest amount of time and will leave you feeling full of energy and self-confidence.

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==== ==== Unique 6-Pack Abs Secret ==== ====

The Best Six-Pack Abs Exercises