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Hello! My name’s Ana María, and I’m going to introduce me: I’ sixteen years old , and I was born in Sevilla the 3/11/1995. I live in Sevilla with my parents and my twin sister, her name is Rocío. We live in a flat next to my high school, my sister is going to Amsterdam too and it’s preferable that the two persons who we are going to do the exchange with us are of the same sex, because they will have to sleep in the same bedroom. I like meet new people, travelling, drawing, going out with my friends and boyfriend, watch how I meet your mother on the internet. I like rollerblading and cycling, shooping, go to the beach, I love animals and I like listening music specially Bruno Mars, and I like to go to the April’s Fair in Sevilla, and ride a horse, and wear Flamenco dresses, Carnavals. I don’t like reading books, and I haven’t got any allergy. I’m studing English since I was eight and I look forward to do the exchange and meet new people. You can follow me in twitter : @anamdelatorre Or e-mail me : Ana María de la Torre Sierra.

Hi, How are you? My name is Celia. I’m from Seville and I’m 16 years old; my birthday is the 21st of April. I live with my parents and my little sister, who is 14 years old, and I don’t have any pets. My house isn’t very big, but I think it’s very comfortable. I like going out with my friends, watching TV, reading…, and I also love travelling and meeting new people. On the other hand, I don’t like very much sports and I don’t like eating vegetables, rice and pulses. You should know too that I can’t ride a bicycle. I hope we’ll get on very well.Write soon! See you, Celia

Hello, My name is Elena and i'm 16. I'm studying 1st of bachillerato I live in an apartment with my mother and my sister. My mum works in the morning and my 24-year-old sister is studying in the college. I really love fashion, shopping, go out with friends, cinema and all kinds of music and i play the guitar. I also love cooking and i do ballet I'm not allergic to anything. My favourite foods are the international food, salmon and i really love fruits, vegetables and coffe, so i would not mind living with a vegetarian family. I hate fatty foods, corn and pulse. On weekends i go out with my friends, go to the cinema, i run, shopping or go out with my family, i'm always on the street. We always travel on holidays to different countries, we love travelling and i've visited many countries; we also go to the beach. I love animals, i have a little rabbit and i would not mind living with animals I'm a very active person, funny, outgoing and loving. I want to study journalism and become a fashion editor, i love fashion world, designers and catwalks. I love all kind of sports and i love healthy life. I also love partying. I'm very sociable, i love talk to people, having fun but i also love relax. I always carry with me my cell phone and ipod, i can't live without them.

Here is a photo of me in Italy :)

Hi people¡ I´m Gonzalo and I write this letter to tell you a little about me. I send you a photo too, I took it the 1st of February in a school trip. So, the first you have to know is that I love music, nothing especially, I listen all kind of music, rock, pop, rap… So if you like Justin Bieber there is no problem¡¡ I also love football, I´m a Sevilla FC supporter, and Netherland is a very loved country here, because of the UEFA CUP FINAL than we won in Eindhoven on 2006. Other thing I love is watch films, my favourites films are Harry Potter and The Lord of the rings. Ok, let´s talk about the important things. I think I am funny, my friends always says that, so maybe it´s true. I´m not shy at all, I very friendly, so I´m sure that I´m going to have many friends there¡ I don´t wear strange clothes, you know, I´m not EMO or Rapper… I like to wear Quicksilver, GAP, Adidas or Nike clothes. If you choose me, you can have something sure, I will be very polite with your parents, I´m clean and I will put all my clothes in the right place xD. In food, there´s no problem, I´m not vegetarian and I´m not allergic to anything. So, That’s all, I hope you to see you soon and show me that wonderfull city¡¡ PD: I forgot¡¡ I speak English perfectly, I have family in United States and I´ve lived with them , so there is no problem about English with me¡ I don´t like to say it, but I have the best marks xD See ya¡¡

Hello, my name is Jose Carlos Zurbarán and in this letter i´m going to talk about me. I have not fear of animals and I don´t care if I am with a boy or Girl. I'm not allergic to anything. My hobbies are for example Use a Longboard, ride a horse, play the violin and play with the computer games. I like all types of music. I have wanted to go to Amsterdam and I am in facebook, you can find-me with my name "Jose Carlos Zurbarán de la Puente" a greeting, bye =D

Juan José Hevilla Carmona 1º Bachiller : All about myself: Hellow! I’m Juan José Hevilla, I’m very friendly and extroverted ,I not got problem with any person. I have not even a problem with the food, I like the deport and meet new people with my friends (Many party). I’m studying 1ª bachiller , I’m seventeen years old, I live with my parents and with my big brother , I’m not allergic to anything, I like in the weekend go party and discotheque with my friends , I love the electric music. I dont mind to receive a girl. I like the animal I not got problema with animals in the house. I want to be teacher in the future . I consider myself to be a calm, polite , nice, considered person and a quite lazy.

Hi people, I’m Olga and I write this letter to tell you about the things I like. I send you a photo too. The first you have to know is that I love music, I listen all types of music but especially pop. I also love dancing, I danced for four years in one of the best dance academies in Seville its name is Sevilla Dancer Centre. Other thing I love is watch films, my favourites films are a

walk to recorder and cincerella man. I have medium curly blonde hair, my eyes are green, and I’m tall. I think that I’m very funny and happy, my friends always said that, so it must be true. Sometimes I have hot a strong temper. I’m sure we’ll get along well, because I’m very sociable. Another important thing is the clothes. During the week I like wear trousers, sweatshirt, normal shoes, but on the weekend I love to wear a dress, skirt, and high-heeled shoes because I love fashion and going out with my friend. In food, there’s no problem, I´m not vegetarian and I´m not allergic to anything. I have always wanted to travel to your city because I want to know it and I’m sure it will be great to meet you. See you soon!

Hello ยก my name is oscar ,I live in a flat near my school . I didn' like study however I like sports specially football and basketball and going to the party's with my friends the weekends.

I don't like vegetables and like animals. I don't have any allergy.

I don't speak english very well but I'll try to understand you you can follow me in twitter @oscarmartinmarc or e-mail OSCAR MARTIN MARCELO ( I am the one with a brown jacket and a black backpack.

Hi guys! What’s up for Amsterdam? I have to write a letter to the Dutch exchange students, so… I’ll start!.My name is Raúl Cepello Cobos, but you can call me Ráu. I live in Sevilla, capital of AndalucÍa, which is a Spanish autonomous community.Sevilla isn’t very big… but we have a lot of culture! The catedral of Sevilla… the ‘’Gold Tower’’… the Alcázar of Sevilla… the Santa Cruz neighborhood… There are many places in Sevilla with culture and…. There are many many many places to party…this is interesting , really? LoL.Later we will talk of the party in sevilla… My hobbies? I have many hobbies… but my favourite is the music. I love music and all genres; Dance-music, house, vocal-house, reggaeton(It’s latin-music with dance), r&b, pop, alternative rock… I want to study for musical production and journalism in the university. My favourite food is the pasta and the burger, but I like the food my mother, the cooked and the artesanal food. I want to go Netherlands for to know others countries and people.I want to visit Netherlands… and the very important, I want to party in Netherlands!LoL. When you come to Sevilla, I personally introduce you to many people and will know very well Sevilla city and of course, don’t forget the party at night in Seville. =D By now, you will know that I have another hobby, go out and organize parties en Sevilla. Well this is my letter, if you want to know more about me, come Sevilla.LoL. By the way! In summer will go near Netherlands, at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. It’s a festival of dance.

THIS IS ME Hi, I'm Raul, I'm 17 years old and I live in Seville. At first I'm going to talk about things that I like such as listening pop music and funky music. I like dancing too. I really like animals, although I only have a squirrel. My passion is clothing. I really like to dress well. I care my face and my body to be handsome every day. I’m a bit delicate eater. I don’t like vegetables and pork, but I like fish, salads and chicken. I am a healthy boy because I don't usually eat sweets. Now I’m going to talk about which things I like to do in my free time. I usually go to the cinema to see horror films or I hang out whit my friends. I love photography. As well as that, I love going with my friends at the park, or downtown, and take pictures. Moreover, I love sports. I do sports every day. I do gymnastics, in particular tumbling (Acrobat gymnastics). Another thing I like is go for a walk in the park by bike listening music. Also I like rollerblading. I don’t like reading, because I think it's boring.

I love traveling, but I haven’t travelled outside of Spain yet so this is my first trip I'm going so far. I like to draw. I love writing. When I have time I invent stories. I love parties, discos and meet new people. I’m a little shy, despite of that I’m a friendly person.

In summer, I love going to the beach and sunbathe. I like to do snorkeling, I also like to go with my friends to the swimming pool, and have a good day.

During my trip in Amsterdam, I hope to improve my English, learn about your culture and make new friends. Hasta pronto!!!

Hi! I’m Rocío, and I’m going to introduce me. I’m sixteen years old, I was born in Seville on the date: 3/11/95 and I have lived in Seville since I was born. I like meet new people, travelling, I’m an open minded person I like speak a lot and I’m an extroverted person. I’m very nervous to go to Amsterdam and I really wanted to go there, and when you go here I promise you that I’ll do to you Gazpacho. I live with my parents and my twin sister in a flat. I like go to the disco, going out with my friends, listen Flamenco or Pop music, spend time using my computer. I like rollerblading and cycling. I don’t like read books, and I haven’t got any pet. I love the April’s Fair and wear my flamenco dresses, my favorite food is Gazpacho, and I don’t mind to eat some different food, I haven’t got any allergy, and I’m not afraid of any kind of animals. Is preferable that the two persons who are coming to my house have to be of the same sex, because the’ll have to sleep in the same bedroom. You can follow me in twitter: @rodelatorre95 Or e-mail me:


Exchange students 2012 Sevilla -Amsterdam


Exchange students 2012 Sevilla -Amsterdam