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Hi! I’m Rocío, and I’m going to introduce me. I’m sixteen years old, I was born in Seville on the date: 3/11/95 and I have lived in Seville since I was born. I like meet new people, travelling, I’m an open minded person I like speak a lot and I’m an extroverted person. I’m very nervous to go to Amsterdam and I really wanted to go there, and when you go here I promise you that I’ll do to you Gazpacho. I live with my parents and my twin sister in a flat. I like go to the disco, going out with my friends, listen Flamenco or Pop music, spend time using my computer. I like rollerblading and cycling. I don’t like read books, and I haven’t got any pet. I love the April’s Fair and wear my flamenco dresses, my favorite food is Gazpacho, and I don’t mind to eat some different food, I haven’t got any allergy, and I’m not afraid of any kind of animals. Is preferable that the two persons who are coming to my house have to be of the same sex, because the’ll have to sleep in the same bedroom. You can follow me in twitter: @rodelatorre95

Or e-mail me: RocĂ­o de la Torre Sierra.


Exchange of students 2012