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August scenario

about Enanaa Enanaa is the symbol of love in ancient Mesopotamia and her name means literally The Queen of Heaven. She is the daughter of the Moon God Nannar and she is considered as the most powerful goddess among the Gods. She is always depicted in pictures as a Queen with many naked men serving her. Enanaa first worshiped in Mesopotamia in Uruk where they built the famous temple that is known as Ziggurat. The Ziggurat is a Sumerian style of building pyramids with many layers where each layer they use for different ritual. They worship Enanaa in a big festival in the spring as in the Sumerian civilization they believed in the cycle of death and resurrection of Enanaa. As the myth says that Enanaa enters the underworld in the autumn so that is why the Sumerian thought that the nature dies and when Enanaa comes to life again from the underworld so life blossoms again in the spring. Enanaa took different pictures in history; in each civilization they have different Name and Shape for her. Ishtar in Babylon, Isis in Egypt, Demeter in Greece, Diana in Rome and Kali in India. She is the origin of all the creatures on earth.

Enanaa‌ Women Rule ‌Men Follow

Dear Enanaa,


ex is a very conservative matter that we treat sensitively in our daily lives and this is due to the way we were raised up, and the education that we received from our society. Simply, we accepted all the wrong ideas about sex and took all the wrong coeds to our brain’s software in a way that once you put the word sex your brain output gives error.

Sex is not a sin it is a blessing from god to keep our human off spring continuous on earth. Yes it is a crime and sin out of marriage but in marriage you must discuss this operation in details with your beloved partner. What happens in our society today that woman cannot talk about this freely even with her husband and the common sense that men will take care of it, which leaves behind thousands of women with oppressed natural desires. Enanaa not everything we are raised on must be right in contrast most of what we raised on are wrong concepts, sex is the basic element that might make marriage hell or heaven. What happens in bed reflects on your life as couples. Start to discuss sex first in bed and anything you need will be true, your man will listen to you intensely. Express your wild demands, oral sex , anal sex , French kiss and on. Many of the oriental men love to use women as a machine for their own pleasure. Be audacious; think wild and no one can stop you. Your husband must know that you are the Goddess of love, you are the Queen of Heaven and you are the princess of your bed. Teach him that “My bed, My rules”

“Enanaa whatever happens you are a Queen at the end of the day”




LOCK & LOAD A deep, undiscovered assignment. How to begin in the missionary position, but she should pull her legs on toward her chest, extending them so that her ankles hook on his shoulders. He then uses his hands to support both of their weight. Being extra flexible will allow

both of you to enjoy the deep penetration and intense intimacy of this variation on your favorite standby. This position is great for a man with a shorter penis; however, if he is well endowed, thrusting can be painful for her, so be sure to communicate so you are both plunging to a pleasing depth.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HER No matter the tenor of your sex session in this position, note that whenever you draw your knees to your chest, it shortens and tightens the vagina, so even shallow thrusts will make you tingle all over! Make sure you engage in ample foreplay before endeavoring to try this hot variation, because your man might not be able to hold out for long – the deep thrusting will drive him wild! Move into this position from something that was heating you up (an extra-long oral session,

for example). If you are craving a connection with your man, this position can bring your lovemaking session to an extremely passionate place. Lock eyes and tell him how much you love him, or grab his hindquarters to pull hi, deeper into you.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM This position is all about deep penetration, and just when your woman thought you couldn’t get any closer you lean forward and WOW! Your balls will rest against her bottom, pleasantly stimulating an often ignored area. Placing pillows beneath her ass will also heighten your pleasure. But aside from all the shoot-themoon sensations of going deep with LOCK & LOAD, you will also love feeling of control in this position. A woman’s vulnerabil-

ity can be a powerful turn-on for a man, so when she succumbs to your dominance, things will heat up even more!


WIDE RELASE For his viewing pleasure The woman lies on her back, and the man kneels and enters her, a firm grip on her ankles and spreading her legs as wide as they can comfortable go. You’ll wasn’t to experiment with the most pleasing width and pace of thrusting, as sensations can vary quite a bit.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HER Your hot bod is on full display! In this position, you’re likely fulfilling one of his longtime fantasies, so revel in the fact that you are the star of the show. Penetration will be deep and the pressure of his pelvic bone on your clitoris adds delicious frictions to the mix.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM The turn-on for you in this position revolves around being able to see yourself inset your erect penis into her wet and willing vagina. The capability of men to become highly aroused from visual stimulation is well documented. Your lover will find immense gratification in knowing you’re appreciating her naked and wide body.


THIGHS WIDE SHUT A tight squeeze is all you need Lying face down on the bed, the woman rests on her elbows, with her legs parted just enough so that when her lover lies on top of her, he can slip inside. This might take some coordinated effort on both her and his part. Once he’s in. she should squeeze her legs together.

For an even tighter grip. She should cross her ankles!) he supports himself with his arms and can either keep them extended for more exaggerated thrusting, or lower down to his elbows for some front-to-back skin contact and rhythmic, rocking action.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HER A thigh wide shut is perfect for deep thrusting, and you’ll generate lots of friction with your legs closed tight. It’s relatively mellow in terms of motion, but the sensations are amazing! (if he’s prone to coming quickly, this is the perfect position to hold off climax until you’re both ready to soar.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM The pure, animalistic lust of rear-entry sex combined with the extra tightness of your lover’s vagina makes this one for the record books. “she gets off on being submissive, so I pin her hands down so she can’t move and her breathing and moaning almost immediately becomes too much to handle.


Single and Sexless – Eve When I was in 10 years old, my mother canceled our cable TV because she was concerned that I was watching MTV. She wanted to completely eliminate the opportunity for me to watch it (and thereby be tempted to copy it). She was a follower of God, and she wanted her children to be followers as well, and the lifestyles portrayed on MTV were NOT her idea of righteous living! Eventually, there came a time when I had to learn to eliminate my own pressures to sin. As a teenager, I remember the most common pressure was to ‘talk with boys’. Emailing, going to movies, calling on the phone… etc. My friends were all doing it, and I had thought I wanted to do it as well. I remember struggling with the idea of wanting to be like my friends and wanting to do what honors God. One day I came across this verse, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband trusts in her completely…she will do him

good and not evil all the days of her life.” Something clicked in me when I read about this virtuous woman. She honored her husband all of her days…including before she even knows his name. I always knew that I wanted to be married and have children just as most women do! I wanted a husband who would love me more than rubies and trust in me completely. I realized that that kind of marriage starts even before we meet. It meant that I didn’t seek out the attentions of boys to boost my self esteem. It meant that while I was single I still conducted myself in a way my future husband would approve of. Saving my virginity for my husband was the single greatest gift I could give him. However, virginity is not just simply abstaining from physical contact, rather it is consistently conducting oneself in a way that honors and values your future spouse. He had no fear that I would ‘talk

with other men’ when I married him, because I never did it before I knew him! He knew my reputation and he trusted me by it. This is not to say that those who have not waited cannot find happiness in marriage. None of us will be perfect when we start our marriage. We will all need the forgiveness of God and the forgiveness of our spouse. But God has great purposes for us while we are married and while we are single, and they all include treating men and women of the opposite gender with purity, self control, and conducting ourselves in a way that shows we love God more than we love flirty text messages.

The small child looked at the stove. Even though his father said not to touch the flame, it was tempting. Too tempting. He reached out his small hand and was burned, but he didn’t understand why. He was just too young. As he grows older, he will learn that the flame can be very useful. But if used improperly, it can do much damage. Damage enough to burn the whole house down. However, the father loved his son enough to try and protect him, to teach him not to touch the flame. The Act of Marriage is the same. God our heavenly father has forbidden The Act outside of marriage. Is this because our father is mean? No! It is an amazing gift he has given us within the context of a marriage relationship between a man and a woman. He loves us enough to put boundaries for us. Chasing after The Act outside of marriage is like putting our hands on the stovetop. But even though we know what is righteous, we as

men are still tempted to put our fingers to the fire. However, we must remember the words of Solomon. He tells us the result of going to a bed that does not belong to us: her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death. So how do single men protect ourselves from this chamber of death? Here are two things we can do: First, we should keep our eyes pure. Jesus says that even if we look at a woman lustfully we commit adultery in our hearts. This means both the women around us and the pictures we see in magazines, online and in movies. Second, we should not put ourselves in a position to have an inappropriate friendship with a woman who is not our family. This is not just for guys who are not married. These things apply just as much for those who are married. Thought and eyes should be devoted only to the wife. Our closest friends should be

other guys, and that’s who our time should be spent with. If we are not careful, we can burn ourselves, and not just ourselves but the fire of the passion could destroy the household. And I am not talking about the building. Whole families can be destroyed by poor choices. Fortunately, God is also merciful and forgiving. He is our God who heals. So even if we have burned ourselves, we can ask for forgiveness, be healed in our hearts from our burn wounds, and start afresh.


Single and Sexless – Adam

Clitoris It’s an anatomical irony that perhaps only God could explain: The most sexually sensitive spot on most women’s bodies—the clitoris — is positioned in such a way that it’s often not directly stimulated during normal intercourse. It sits, snug and secret, concealed by the multiple lips of the labia and a hood of skin, on a mound high above the opening of the vagina. In most women, it can be found at the peak of the inverted V formed by the inner lips of the labia. The late Dr. Alfred Kinsey called the clitoris. “the phallus of the female,” but you could just as easily call the penis the clitoris of the male. Anyway, a baby girl‘s clitoris is formed from the very same embryonic tissue that becomes the head of the penis in a baby boy. Both penis and clitoris are richly endowed with nerve

endings, so they’re exquisitely sensitive to the touch. They even look the same: The clitoris is a shaft, an inch long and a little skinnier than a pencil, with a glans (head) and a foreskin. The comparison really isn’t so obvious, because most of the clitoris is tucked away in the soft tissue ‘forming the wall above the vagina and is covered by a veil of skin called the clitoral hood. In some women, the head of the clitoris protrudes, like a tiny bud; in others, it is completely hidden. Its size can vary, too, but whether it’s large or small has nothing to do with how sensitive it is.

height of arousal the clitoris retreats demurely beneath its veil of skin rather than rearing up for the world to see, like a penis. It may even seem to disappear altogether, so that-an ardent lover, eager to find it just when he wants it most, may search in vain.

Clitoral Erection

During arousal, the clitoris becomes engorged with blood just as the penis does, swelling in diameter and (in some women, at least) also in length. Strangely enough, though, during the

What is the physiological purpose of the clitoris? The penis, its male equivalent, has a couple

of purposes: to provide a channel for the discharge of urine and ejaculate and also to provide sexual pleasure. But the clitoris seems to have only one purpose: to give pleasure. When he speaks to women’s church groups, Jude Cotter, Ph.D., a psychologist and sex therapist in private practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan, likes to tell them: ‘ ‘God wanted you to have an orgasm. How do I know? Because He gave you a clitoris, and the only known purpose of the clitoris is to give sexual pleasure. It has no other function.” Hogwash from Dr. Freud Yet for much of this century, the clitoris was regarded as much less important to a woman’s sexual fulfillment than the vagina, largely because of the misbegotten notions of Sigmund Freud, turn—of-the century founder of

Clitoris psychoanalysis, and his followers. In Freud’s view, the clitoris is a sort of vestigial, inferior penis, considered the centerpiece of sexual delight only by girls who discover it during masturbation and by immature, neurotic or frigid adult women who cannot break this fixation as they get older. What a woman should do as she matured, Freud taught, was learn to transfer the source of her sexual pleasure from the clitoris to the vagina. The only right and proper way for a mature adult woman to experience sexual pleasure was through vaginal orgasm - penetration of the vagina by a penis, without any additional stimulation of the clitoris. This notion came to be known as the clitoral/vaginal transfer theory, and it drove lots of women crazy. Distressed that they still

seemed fixated on the clitoris, legions of women sought the help of marriage counselors and therapists, who valiantly sought to transform their immature “clitoral responses” into grown—up “vaginal responses.” But nothing worked, because the whole business, it turns out, is pure Freudian hogwash — a biological impossibility. A bed of nerve endings just doesn’t jump from one place to another like that. For most women, the centerpiece of sexual delight is the clitoris, and it doesn’t change no matter how old you get. The Search for the “Magic Spot” Still, in recent decades, there has been a continuing debateoften quite heated and usually tinged with one sort of ideological fervor or another—about the precise location of the “magic spot,’ ’ the focus of female sex-

ual arousal. Freud insisted it was the vagina. Dr. Kinsey, Masters and Johnson and others insisted it was the clitoris. (In fact, in an odd turnabout, it’s the clitoris instead of the vagina that tends to get overpromoted today, particularly by feminist writers and therapists.) More recently, other researchers have suggested that in many women, the most sensitive area is the ‘ ‘G-spot” - a dime-sized spot on the roof of the vagina, several inches inside the opening. (See “G—Spot.”) But the latest round of research suggests something even more interesting: that there’s a wonderful diversity of sexual responses among women, and no single theory holds true for everyone. Shere Hite reports that 70 percent of the thousands of women who answered her questionnaires said they required some clitoral stim-

ulation to reach orgasm—meaning, of course, that 30 percent of the women achieved orgasm some other way. Some women, it appears, are more clitorally sensitive, others are more vaginally sensitive, and neither one is right or wrong.

Finding the “Love Button” Even though devotees of Freud have dwindled, many women

Clitoris still feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about touching their clitoris during lovemaking, says Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., assistant clinical professor of medical psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. And many men feel they’re somehow inadequate if their partner feels the need to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse. “There is a myth that it is somehow wrong to touch yourself while making love with someone else. An unspoken rule dictates that you only touch me and I only touch you, but we never touch ourselves,” Dr. Barbach says. But it’s worth overcoming these preconceptions, because there are lots of women who simply can’t reach peak arousal unless their clitoris is sufficiently stimulated. Take some time to

help your partner locate your “love button” precisely — preferably in a gentle, playful way. If it doesn’t embarrass you, turn on a light to allow for a better look. Dr. Barbach even suggests that—if you can get over your modesty about it—a great way to show your partner precisely where you like to be touched is to allow him to watch you masturbate. That way, he can tell exactly where your clitoris is and in the future know how to pleasure you more precisely. Probably the best way to stimulate the clitoris is go straight to the point and do it by hand (his or hers), or with a roving tongue. But there are also many ways to do it during intercourse as well. Dr. Barbach suggests trying the position that most closely resembles the position the woman uses when she is masturbating alone.

churn round and round. This stimulates the clitoris but allows him to last, since it doesn’t cause an excess of ecstasy by rubbing too hard against the head of the penis. (For more, see “Sexual Positions. ”)

Or a couple can try something described in old marriage manuals as “riding high” - any position in which the man rides up on the woman, so that his pubic bone rocks away against her clitoral region. Although this may not be sufficient in itself to trigger orgasm, it can get her partway there. Or he can penetrate her as deeply as possible and then, rather than thrusting in and out, rock from side to side or gently

Dear wife, in this section you will find a complete scenario that will give you the hottest night ever with the best products of Enanaa. Break the routine and fly high with your wild imagination


and discover the artistic aspect of Sex it is part of theatre where husband and wife play the leading roles. Since it is a performing art then anxiety and fear can easily forbid you from this blessing.

First Scene

Note: Try to provide a romantic and free environment in the house without children

ously says: Wife: Patient ……….. ( husband name) Please go to room 69.

The scene starts with the husband out of the room watching TV and dose not expecting anything. The wife must be inside the bedroom preparing with the (Nurse custom). It is recommended for the wife to use flavor stick for her lips to give better kissing. Prepare the room to be like clinic’s room by putting two chairs in front of each others. Keep it simple The wife opens the door and seri-

Naturally, the husband will stand thinking that he must approach the bedroom but here is the trick tell him that he must go for the other room first for essential procedures like measuring the temperature , blood pressure and weight. Choose any room for these regular clinics procedures.

Now, let us get started … 3,2,1 and Action



Second Scene : Essential inspection

Wife: have a seat please (sit on his legs and start kissing his lips and tell him that you are measuring the temperature). Ask him to stand up to measure his weight, put his testicles (balls) between your hands and weighs them. Simply tell him thanks the weight is fine. Finally for the blood pressure, do pumping position by sitting on his lap and move in a sexual way.


(All checked move to main room) Note: If your husband tries to touch you tell him strictly. Please, this is a descent place, I think you misunderstand me. (He is not supposed to touch you at all)

Third Scene: Final destination

Now, take him to the main room, sit on your chair, you are the Doctor now. And simply say. Wife: what is the problem, you have no problem at all ‌ your health is so good. All the tests have positive results. You may leave thanks‌ I am sorry I have a busy scheduale today and many patients are waiting. (Enjoy the plant of lust that you

seeded in your husband try to be serious in the last part. After this long foreplay he will never take no as answer. Now, you have two options either to complete the scenario with any way that you love or just simply have your husband natural reaction.) For more pleasure ask your husband to play the role of the Dork who dose not have any idea about sex and continuo the game.

Note: We will be more than pleased to receive an email about your experience. We look forward to see the extent to which our products will improve your romantic life. Also, composing your own Scenario will be extremely great you can be one of our authors for this section.



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