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SAY 2 TO YOU! Newsletters December 31, 2012


Entrepreneur in Action.

“ We are a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better,more sustainable world.”

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This is the first newsletter of ENACTUS IU in school year 2012 – 2013. As SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is now ENACTUS (Entrepreneur in Action) to reaffirm its long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress, we hope that this newsletter will inform you about internal and external activities to follow the first step being ENACTUS of us. We have been planning this newsletter each two months as an online newspaper to connect with ENACTUS’ Community as well as other Clubs inside and outside of IU. Thank you for your interest in us and follow our latest information on Facebook.



Internal training


External training


UPCOMING Recruitment 2


Special message


Sunrise camping trip Sweet Christmas

EVENT Sweet Christmas – 5Cents Project

Through series of events, ENACTUS IU wants to bring a meaningful Christmas to everyone in Saigon’s winter. From 10/12 to 21/12/2012, we created little key chainswhich made from felt, handmade X'mas cards and brought it to IUers. To make this event more meaningful, we also sent Christmas greeting to Departments and some random classes in IU. Especially, we gave Christmas cards and merry messages to vendors in district 1 on 19/12/2012. We also celebrated a Christmas party on 21/12/2012 with many funny events to end 5CENTS project of us. After these series events, teachers, IU students and these random vendors felt happy and wish for next events. This is the motivation for us to develop next

Sunrise camping trip

This was the internal bonding of ENACTUS IU on 24 and 25/11/2012 in Vung Tau. The main purpose of the trip was helping new and old members of ENACTUS IU be closer and preparing for a new phase with a lot of plans In this trip, we hanged out, played funny game, and shared with others about ourselves. We also saw sunrise together. A lot of beautiful pictures as well as beautiful memories were were taken during this trip. Each ENACTUSer is closed together, and ENACTUS truly becomes our second home.



We were so proud to participate in PROJECT TRAINING FOR SOUTH ENACTUS on 24/11/2012, which was presented by guests like Mrs. Shimita Ramkumar (Managing Director of ENACTUS Viet Nam), Ms. Nguyen Thúy Binh (Country Leader of ENACTUS Viet Nam) and Faculty Advisors of other ENACTUS. Since SIFE changed into ENACTUS, this training helped ENACTUSers understand about ENACTUS’ characteristic deeply. Guests determined the nature of projects and trained us on project implementation skills. Besides, this training session was a chance for ENACTUSers to have networking with other ENACTUSers from different universities. After this training, we have got valuable things like friendship, knowledge, skills, as well as development of our ENACTUS spirit.

BONDING AND SHARING FOR ENACTUS This training took place in 4A Pham Ngoc Thach café in two hours on 13/12/2012 as a friendly meeting; we had a wonderful moment which was created by Human Resource Team of ENACTUS IU. Our guest was Tran Trong Bang – Project Manager of Viet Youth Entrepreneurs (VYE). He had trained us many skills to run a project like analysis, budgeting, teamwork, time management, etc. Especially, this training session helped Project Team analyze and solve the problems of two project ideas running. By his help, we feel more confident about our project and starting these on 18/12/2012.



Recruitment 2 is coming! You know what? ENACTUS Recruitment will start one more time in this school year! This is the second chance for who wants to be an ENACTUSer. We are running two important projects, which one is in Tien Giang, and the second is in district 1. You are more than welcome to join us. Let’s enjoy your Tet’s holiday, because after this, all information about these challenging rounds will be announced on our fan page and website. So, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone by taking this first step: APPLY TO OUR RECRUITMENT FROM NOW!!! Let’s watch this ENACTUS – Launch video to get more power:

A special message from ENACTUS IU

New Year is coming to town. We hope that you will enjoy every happy moment with your families and your friends. Happy New Year!


ENACTUS International University

E-Mail: Official website: Fan page: Hotline: 01212788567 (Ms. Mai Hong Ngoc)


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Official Newsletter 2012  

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