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We eat together Reimagine Bodies Reimagine Nature Reimagine Access Richard III Public program



WELCOME In the fall of 2017, Director at HamletScenen, Lars Romann Engel, invited several collaboration

stage, while also moving ‘from stage to society’ by trying to reimagine aspects of disability in

partners from the Elsass Foundation and the Enactlab to Kronborg Castle to discuss an overall idea:

society. We therefore initiated a collaboration with the Bevica Foundation to do a sociocultural experiment, called Reimagine 2019.

Does it make sense to reimagine Shakespeare’s Richard III in relation to the experience of living with disability and being excluded?

Reimagine 2019 is comprised of several different activities (workshops, talks, exhibitions, etc.) in Elsinore city from August 21 – 24. The different activities serve as a platform to collectively reimagine disability, inclusion and accessibility.

The character of Richard III is famously known for being disabled, socially frustrated, power-hungry and evil. In most portraits these characteristics go together, casually relating his disability to his evil nature. But who is Richard III and what role does ‘disability’ play in Shakespeare’s portrait? With these questions in mind, we embarked on a global journey, engaging with citizens with disability, researchers, artists, designers, etc. that have worked with related topics of Shakespeare, Richard III, disability, stigma, and cultural representation. We went from Sydney to Mumbai and New Delhi, from New York and Boston to Rio, and from London to Cape Town and Johannesburg. The conclusion of our journey was the idea to reimagine Shakespeare’s Richard III and the portrait of disability on

The ActionLab is a core part of Reimagine 2019. Our aim is to turn discussions about disability, inclusion and accessibility into potential initiatives, plans and actions – ambitious, yet necessary. We are happy that many of the international and Danish people we met and talked to during our journey are joining us in this endeavor and we are looking forward to have some exciting and experimental days together. On behalf of Enactlab, HamletScenen, the Elsass Foundation and the Bevica Foundation, Welcome to the ActionLab Kristian Møller Moltke Martiny Head of Science, Enactlab

TO ACT OR NOT TO ACT Here we are in Elsinore. For hundreds of years Shakespeare’s plays have worked with identity and different ways of being. At Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare’s Hamlet asks: “To be or not be?” Richard III is another Shakespeare-character who feels alienated and outcast because of his experiences and different, crippled body. Both characters are dealing with identity and the borders of being human. At REIMAGINE 2019’s Actionlab we can ask ourselves, what does it take to push the boundaries of what is possible, when it comes to disability, inclusion and accessibility. As I have stated before, The Bevica Foundation does not support the idea of making solutions for only one type of body. On the contrary; we believe in building and supporting solutions for everyone – including people with physical disabilities.

Our collaboration with Enactlab has helped us see that there is a need for a change in how we work with disability. If our goal is to leave nobody behind (SDG Goals), we have to break down borders and silos – and start to collaborate across different fields of research. I am excited to see and find out what the Actionlab can offer and produce in terms of solutions when it comes to universal design, the inclusion of different kinds of people, and attitudes toward disability. Marianne Kofoed CEO of The Bevica Foundation


ACTIONLAB REIMAGINE DISABILITY, INCLUSION AND ACCESSIBILITY The REIMAGINE Actionlab is a space for developing collaborative visions and projects aiming to REIMAGINE Disability, Access and Inclusion. The Actionlab brings together a small group of artists, activists, researchers and citizens from across Denmark and around the world for three days of co-creation – workshops, discussions and dialogues, artistic interventions and more. The Actionlab will culminate in the creation of manifestos, plans and roadmaps for collective action, as well as concrete collaborative projects and prototypes which will evolve and emerge following the Lab. The intention is to develop practical opportunities to realize our collective imaginings in many ways and across many corners of the world in the months following the Lab.

OPEN EXPERIMENTATION By bringing together a wide range of creative and cultural perspectives and experiences, the Actionlab format is designed to tap into our collective wisdom, in order to advance ideas, explore and exchange insights around challenges, and build new pathways and opportunities for working together. It is meant to be a space of openness and experimentation – where knowledge and inspiration can flow freely, and manifest in the form of concrete action and plans. It is a place of action and engagement – so we invite each of you to join us in collectively building a rich, creative space for collaboration, as we REIMAGINE Disability, Access and Inclusion – across disciplines, cultures and geography.

ENACTLAB REIMAGINE 2019 is arranged by the self-governing institution, Enactlab with support from the Bevica Foundation, Elsass Foundation, HamletScenen and Elsinore Municipality. Enactlab is a not-for-profit knowledge centre based in Copenhagen. At Enactlab we work based on the Enact model - a scientifically supported model that places importance on open and interdisciplinary collaborations in the work of developing solutions to complex challenges. We develop knowledge with people - not about people. Read more about Enactlab on our website:

ACTIONLAB WEDNESDAY - AUGUST 21 4:30 PM Opening Session: Introductions + Community Building 6:30 PM REIMAGINE SHAKESPEARE: Keynote Tales

Jenny Sealey, Vitor Pordeus. * Venue: Kronborg Castle

7:30 PM Opening International Dinner and Reception * Venue: Comwell Borupgaard, Resturant Linden

VENUE: The Culture Yard * Unless Otherwise Noted

PROGRAM THURSDAY - AUGUST 22 10:00 AM Introduction + Opening Artistic Intervention Enactlab team

10:30 AM REIMAGINE: Framing the Narrative

Setting the Stage, Conditions + Provocations Present the Framing for the REIMAGINE Manifesto

11:00 AM Introductions: Signs & Selves An Exercise with Jenny Sealey

11:30 AM Coffee break 11:45 AM Mapping Collective Wisdom

Exploring + Exchanging Individual and Collective Experiences, Skills, Challenges + Opportunities

1:00 PM Lunch 2:00 PM Intro to Co-Creation Sessions - Culture + Design Two Tracks: “Arts & Culture” and “Design”

2:30 PM REIMAGINE BUILDING BLOCKS: Co-Creation Session I Track A: Arts & Culture // Language + Narrative Building Track B: Design // Universal and body design

4:00 PM Reflections and Closing Remarks 5:00 PM Dinner 6:00 PM WE EAT TOGETHER: Community Dinner (Optional) * Venue: Toldkammeret

6:30 PM REIMAGINE DISABILITY: Keynote Tales (Optional) Marlene le Roux * Venue: Kronborg Castle

VENUE: The Culture Yard * Unless Otherwise Noted

ACTIONLAB FRIDAY - AUGUST 23 9:30 AM Opening Artistic Intervention Sensorium Ex

10:00 AM REIMAGINE STRUCTURES: Co-Creation Session II

Track A: Arts & Culture // Creative Processes + Arts Spaces Track B: Design // Design Education + Design processes

12:00 AM Lunch 12:45 AM Artistic Intervention 1:00 PM REIMAGINE SYSTEMS: Co-Creation Session III

Track A: Arts & Culture // Arts as a Social Lab Track B: Design // Design Leadership + Design Economy

3:00 PM Break 3:15 PM REIMAGINE: The Creative Process with Richard III Actors Lars Romann Engel and Gerard McDermott

4:00 PM Synthesizing Wisdom + REIMAGINE Manifesto Presentation 5:00 PM Dinner 6:00 PM REIMAGINE Manifesto Keynote

Presentation: Select Action Lab Participants * Venue: Kronborg Castle

6:30 PM Richard III - Theatre Production * Venue: Kronborg Castle

10:30 PM Celebration

* Venue: Kronborg Castle

VENUE: The Culture Yard * Unless Otherwise Noted

PROGRAM SATURDAY - AUGUST 24 10:30 AM ACTIONLAB Closing Session: Roadmaps for Action! 1:30 PM WE WALK TOGETHER (Optional)

A celebratory procession through the streets of Elsinore * Venue: From The Culture Yard to Toldkammeret

3:00 PM REIMAGINE FESTIVAL 2019 (Optional)

Public Sessions (in Danish) * Venue: Toldkammeret See page 25 for details

VENUE: The Culture Yard * Unless Otherwise Noted




REIMAGINE 2019 RETHINKING DISABILITY, INCLUSION AND ACCESSIBILITY At the end of August, Elsinore is hosting a large, international gathering of researchers, activists, artists and citizens to explore new ways of thinking disability. The goal is to create action in the field through different activities: an Actionlab, a Knowledge Festival and a theatre production. REIMAGINE 2019 is arranged by the self-governing institution, Enactlab, with support from the Bevica Foundation, Elsass Foundation, HamletScenen and Elsinore Municipality.

THEATRE The HamletScenen’s own production of Shakespeare’s RICHARD III raises questions of identity, stigma and diverse ways of being in the world. Among other things, the play intends to break with narratives that amplify the feeling of being different, excluded and stigmatized.

KNOWLEDGE FESTIVAL At REIMAGINE Knowledge Festival we invite the public to participate in exciting talks, poetry readings, performances, exhibitions and debates. Together, we will rethink disability, inclusion and accessibility.


21 August 6 pm - 8 pm Communal eating at Toldkammeret Comedian and journalist, Jacob Nossell, will hold a talk about the political climate in Denmark in the year 2019. The key question is, will Jacob be allowed to live in today’s Denmark in a climate of streamlining, technology and optimisation?


22 August 6 pm - 8 pm Communal eating at Toldkammeret

At the communal eating, Signe Hartvig Daugaard will present a team of exciting people from the human library. And just like when you borrow books, you also open yourself up in the process.


23 August 6 pm - 8 pm Communal eating at Toldkammeret The acclaimed poet and author, Caspar Eric, will tell about his life and read aloud from his works. He will then answer questions and enter into dialogue with the attendees.


KADK X KRISTIAN SVERDRUP REIMAGINE BODIES invites us to rethink our relationship to the body - and the spatial and social relations that it is a part of. The exhibition displays works from Kristian Sverdrup’s “Kunsteren som værk” (The artist as the piece) and Masters students from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation’s “Different Bodies”. Common to all the displayed works is that they raise the question about normality and accessibility - without thinking about the body as being isolated from the relations they are a part of. REIMAGINE BODIES is a part of REIMAGINE 2019: A large, international action assembly in Elsinore where citizens, researchers, activists and cultural personalities meet to find new ways in which to think about disability, accessibility and inclusion.

Kristian Sverdrup is a graduate of The School of Sculpture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2005) and during the past decade he has worked as a visual artist in Denmark. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic paralysis) at an early age and, as a result of this, has worked for a long time with the cross field between science, art and the body. Since 2014, Sverdrup has been a test person in several leading research projects that involve cerebral palsy. His artistic talents have, so far, been shown across media such as video, graphics, sculpture and paintings.


Leaving no one behind All too often, the human is perceived as an average figure or a standard size. With the Different Bodies project, the beautiful is staged with diversity. The installation displays our different perceptions of beauty - and why, equally, beauty originates from diversity through a collection of mouth-blown glass objects, for example, which show different forms, expressions and aesthetics. The installation was displayed earlier in the year during the Milan Design Week with tremendous acclaim from among the public and the press.


REIMAGINE NATURE NATURE, HEALTH & DESIGN REIMAGINE NATURE is an installation of a 360-degree film, made by the research group “Nature, Health & Design” at the University of Copenhagen. Using VRgoogles, the film shows different settings in the University of Copenhagen’s therapy garden Nacadia. Nature is an important resource for human health. As a group, people with disabilities face many health challenges, and therefor nature is a particularly important health resource for them. Unfortunately, many people with mobility disabilities are involuntary “indoorpeople”.

With this installation, we want to illuminate what nature experiences mean for all. In addition to the VR-film, the installation conveys different experiences of mobility loss (between the branches of two trees) and invites visitors to share what nature means to them.

“When you come really close, you see all kinds of life in the forest. It sparks your curiosity to see what is happening, what is growing and living. That’s a life-giving experience.”


With ”Tilgængelighedsgulvet” (The Access Floor) we wish to give attention to the question of accessibility in the Municipality of Elsinore. The Floor marks the beginning of the democratic process, leading to a new strategy of accessibility and a new political plan for 2020-2025 in Elsinore. Access and inclusion are essential parts of what it means to be human. Often access is reduced to merely providing physical accessibility for people with disabilities – e.g. ramps and elevators. However, there is more to accessibility. Access to community, employment, society, institutions, politics and public spaces is essential to living a good life – with or without disability. Reimagine Access wants to generate attention about accessibility and problematize the common conception of accessibility.


The website sehvordugå invites the public to submit their observations, critiques, ideas and suggestions. The submitted thoughts will be gathered and passed on to inform the democratic process. The hashtag #sehvordugår invites the public to share their experiences of accessibility – in words and pictures.


RICHARD III REIMAGINE RICHARD How do you consider yourself, when you see yourself as different? How do others consider one’s difference? And is it possible to change the image created by oneself or by others? The title character of HamletScenen’s production of Richard III finds himself trapped and different, an outsider. Thus, he uses power and evilness to break out of the story told about him. A strategy that ultimately leads to his downfall.

RICHARD III is an open-air theatre at HamletScenen at Kronborg Castle. Running from August 1 - 23 Tickets can be purchased at Author: William Shakespeare Director: Lars Romann Engel Scenography: Catia Hauberg Engel Music: Mike Sheridan Dramaturge: Nila Parly Producer: HamletScenen



6:00 PM

WE EAT TOGETHER: The Canary in the Mine: Bio- and Necropolitics


6:30 PM


Kronborg Castle

8:00 PM


Kronborg Castle


WE EAT TOGETHER: The Human Library


6:30 PM


Kronborg Castle

8:00 PM


Kronborg Castle


WE EAT TOGETHER: Poetry evening


6:30 PM


Kronborg Castle

8:00 PM


Kronborg Castle


WE GO TOGETHER: Parade In Elsinroe


3:00 PM

REIMAGINE DISABILITY: Disability and Media: Representation or Shitstorm?


4:00 PM

REIMAGINE DISABILITY: Dialogue on disability with Susanne Olsen and Jacob Nossell


4:15 PM

REIMAGINE DISABILITY: Disability politics is dead - Long live Disability politics!



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ActionLab 2019 - Programme  

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ActionLab 2019 - Programme  

The official programme for the ActionLab under Reimagine 2019

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