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The Deep Pause  A five day retreat for busy professionals. Helping you to slow down, breathe and reset.

I know you’re really busy. Taking time out to Press Pause seems like the total opposite of what you need right now. You think you have to keep going. If only you could finish your current project, meet that final deadline, clear all your emails, then you could take a break…

Yet secretly you know there will always be demand after demand on your time. After all your life is about working hard, and playing hard too. In this constant busyness it is easy to loose sight of what you really want, and who you really are. I know, because it happened to me‌ Â

I didn’t expect it to be this way. I was a high flying business woman living and working in Asia. On the second day of a high profile event I was leading I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt like my world collapsed. I was in shock, then immediately denial.

I assumed a week off would make everything OK. That I could carry on at my usual break neck pace. Little did I know this was the beginning of a two-year transformation. My life was about to change beyond recognition‌ ‌and with it so would I.

Press pause‌

It’s not easy to Press Pause, but I learned if we don’t, life will eventually enforce a Pause. That’s why I’ve created this weekend retreat; so you can leave behind your laptop, put aside your to do list and switch off your phone.  

The Pause is like  a  full stop in  your  life.         The breath you’ve been dying to take.     A  punctua3on  point  in  the  crazy,  busy  life  you  lead.     The more resistance you feel, the more likely it’s time.    

The Deep Pause is an intimate retreat. A blend of facilitated group sessions, time to just be and 1-2-1 coaching.   There are no pressures or demands. No phones or laptops. Just nourishing food, good conversation and time in nature.   So you can slow down, stop, breathe, and come back to what is important to you.

The Pause was a chance for me to remember and renew. I am leaving now with a new sense of how to take care of my mind, body and spirit. Vicki, Property Investor

2014 Locations & Dates     22nd  –  26th  June  Waterloo  Farm,  North  Petherwin,  Cornwall     Maximum  8  guests.   Individual  en-­‐suite  rooms.   Vegetarian  food,  hand  prepared,  by  professional  chef  Amy  Levin.      

Costs     Early  bird  price  £429  (for  booking  made  by  April  30th  2014).    Full  price  £499.     Reflexology,  back  massages  and  aromatherapy  massages  available.    Price  per   treatment.       To  book  your  place  today  contact  me  at    

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The Deep Pause - 5 Day Retreat  
The Deep Pause - 5 Day Retreat