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PROJECT SUMMARY THE EMS CREATIVE EXCHANGE The EMS Creative Exchange was the first project running as part of our new, widened remit. We want to proactively support chamber musicians and strengthen the chamber music sector in Scotland. The project was made up of three sessions in which several different ensembles came together in the fantastic setting of Crear in rural Argyll. Each residential session gave ensembles the opportunity to make use of Crear’s “Space to Create” through concentrated rehearsal time, collaboration and discussions. Musicians had the chance not only to develop within their ensembles, but also to learn from others who they may have otherwise never had the chance to meet and work with. On top of this, EMS representatives were on hand to facilitate a series of ‘Creative Conversations’ to consider and discuss all our roles in how we can all work together to help benefit the future of chamber music in Scotland.





• The Scottish Reed Trio • The Glasgow String Quartet • The Dalriada Trio

• Jemma Brown & Maryam Sherhan • Daniel’s Beard • The McKenzie Sawers Duo

SESSION 2 • High Heels & Horse Hair • Alex South & Oliver Rundell • The Opus Duo

WILLIAM CHANDLER THE GLASGOW STRING QUARTET - SESSION 1 “We had a chance to let our imagination run and develop new ideas for projects.”

MARYAM SHERHAN JEMMA BROWN & MARYAM SHERHAN - SESSION 3 “The rehearsal studio is beautiful and the piano is fantastic. The accommodation and food were even better than I expected.” “It was interesting to hear what other people are doing to promote themselves and manage their careers. I definitely came away feeling inspired and motivated. It was also reassuring to chat with other musicians about the things that we all find challenging.”

TESTIMONIALS What was the most valuable aspect of the project? “Having a dedicated weekend of rehearsals together in one place - a rare luxury - free from everyday distractions and work commitments. I honestly don’t think there was an aspect of the project that wasn’t valuable. Thank you!” OLIVER RUNDELL - SESSION 2 “As we are new to the music club scene, this was very helpful in understanding how they work and generally was very interesting in hearing everyone’s views. We left Crear feeling refreshed as a duo, inspired by the whole experience.” MAY HALYBURTON, OPUS DUO - SESSION 2 “The piano is amazing. The rehearsal space stunning and the accommodation comfortable and inspiring. Crear is the perfect place to focus on working, away from your normal life.” ALICE RICKARDS, HIGH HEELS & HORSE HAIR - SESSION 2

CATHERINE EARNSHAW THE SCOTTISH REED TRIO - SESSION 1 What was the least valuable aspect of the project? “Nothing.”

ANDY SAUNDERS DANIEL’S BEARD - SESSION 3 “Time and space to focus on the group, whether rehearsing, talking through musical ideas, discussing ideas or planning for the future.”

SUE McKENZIE, INGRID SAWERS THE MCKENZIE SAWERS DUO - SESSION 3 “It was good and interesting to chat with the other musicians and feel that they were experiencing similar issues to us.”

EMS Creative Exchange 2013  

A summary of our recent Creative Exchange project at Crear.