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Member Community Users’ Guide How to Use the Resource Libraries Each Practice Group and Member Community has its own Resource Library where members can post and find documents, tools, templates, and resources. Resource Libraries are searchable by keyword, tag, and user, so you’ll always be able to find, review, and comment on what you’re looking for. Use this guide to learn all the tricks to make the most of the Libraries! Finding and Browsing Your Groups’ Library

Browsing all Libraries by Topic/Tag 1. From any page, click on RESOURCES and Search Library in the top navigation ribbon. 2. Enter your search topic or browse by the Libraries and Tags available. Expand the options by clicking on the

1. From the main home page, click on your Group’s icon.

arrow icons.

2. Click on the Resource Library icon or select LIBRARY in the top navigation.

Search by Keyword

3. Browse the documents using the tabs at the top of the page

4. Click on any document to download, rate its quality, or add comments for other users to see.

Locate the Global Search Bar at the top right corner of every page on the Member Community, and enter your search topic to see all documents and eGroup discussions that match your search.

Post a Document to the Libraries 1. From any page, click on RESOURCES and Add Document in the top navigation ribbon. 2. Create a Title and Description for your document, select the appropriate Practice Area Library and click the SAVE button to move forward. 3. Browse your computer for your file and give it an alternate display name. By default, the original file name will be used if no alternate is given. Click UPLOAD. 4. Add the Tags that best describe your document or create your own in the text fields provided. We rely on tagging to make the site searchable, so please be thorough! Click on the CONTINUE button to complete your addition to the Library!

Member Community Users’ Guide


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