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Is It Time to Consider a Change in Time? From the Desk of Superintendent David Britten

We’ve all been tired at some point in our lives due to a lack of sleep. That’s because sleep is one of our basic physical needs. Getting enough sleep is necessary for our bodies and minds to grow and heal. I’ve been reading a considerable amount of research lately that shows on average, teenagers need slightly more than 9 hours of sleep each night for good physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to many physical, mental and social problems, including: • Lower immune system and greater chances of becoming ill • Depression, anxiety and irritability • Obesity and weight gain • Hyperactivity • Poor judgment, risky behavior, lack of self-control, and trouble with relationships • Lower academic performance in school

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Karina Guadalupe Carmona - Grand Rapids Community College, Aquinas College, Grand Valley State University Early Awareness Scholarship Lesly Castellanos Morales - Grand Valley State University Trotter Tri- County Scholarship Fabian Chavez - Grand Valley State University Miguel Chavez - Davenport University Ricardo Chavez - Grand Valley State University Guillermo Chaidez - Grand Valley State University, Early Awareness Scholarship, Trine University, Davenport University, Central Michigan University, Albion College Emariliz Colon Perez - Central Michigan University, Aquinas College 2014 Presidential Leadership Scholarship Award, Grand Valley State University Trotter Tri- County Scholarship, Albion College Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program, Western Michigan University Jomar Colon Perez - Grand Valley State University, Athletic Booster Scholarship Brenda Coronado Lopez - Grand Valley State University Kathia Duran - Grand Valley State University, Northern Michigan University Success Award, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University Emerald Scholarship, Ferris State University, Davenport University Gold Scholarship, Godfrey-Lee Education Association Scholarship


• Decreased athletic performance and higher risk of injury • Car crashes due to drowsy driving Teenagers (and even young adults in their twenties) have different sleep patterns than older adults or younger children. Teenage hormones shift their biological clocks and cause a delay in their sleep patterns. The delay is not the same for all teens just like adult and child sleeping patterns are not all the same. But on average, teens cannot get to sleep until after 11 pm at night and are not very alert until after 9 am in the morning. Despite needing 9-1/4 hours of sleep for good health and learning, the typical high school student only gets around 7 hours on school nights. We like to blame the students and their parents for this, but the fact is early middle and high school starting times are the real culprit. Schedules that require teenagers to wake up early in the morning run counter to their natural sleep cycle. Jeremy Echavarry - Gregorio Y Aurora Chavez Scholarship Amanda Emelander - Spring Arbor University, Davenport University Christian Ferrer Ortiz - Davenport University Nelida Falcon - Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Cornerstone University Partners for Success Award, Central Michigan University, Athletic Booster Scholarship and Peter A. Foote Senior Scholarship Kaelyn Flores - Grand Valley State University Karla Garrido Garcia - Grand Valley State University, University of Indianapolis Lugar Academic Recognition Award, Niagara University Presidents Scholarship, Ferris State University, Davenport University Platinum Scholarship and the Si Se Puede Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship(full-ride), Trine University Scholarship, Aurora University James E. Crimi Presidential Scholarship, Aquinas College St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship, Western Michigan University, Illinois College Edward Beecher Scholarship, Wayne State University, Bluffton University Trustees Scholarship, Ohio University, Spring Arbor University, DePaul University, Milliken University Merit Scholarship, Central Michigan University Residence Life Grant, Western Michigan University Christian Gonzalez - Western Michigan University Luis Jimenez Diaz - Grand Rapids Community College Erick Hernandez Morales - Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids Community College Dora Lopez Rodriguez - Grand Valley State University, David Disselkoen Scholarship, Gregorio Y Aurora Chavez Scholarship

Schools that have switched their high schools to a later starting time (between 8:30 and 9:00 am) found that it results in more sleep per school night, quite often at least another hour of sleep. Sleep plays an important part in how students learn. A lack of sleep causes thinking processes to slow down, making it more difficult to focus and pay attention. I will be organizing a study this coming summer and school year to determine if our schools should be shifted to a later start time. Parents, students and staff will be receiving surveys to gather your input, concerns and recommendations. At the same time, I’ll be setting up a website with summaries and links to key research findings for those of you who want to look into the teenage sleep problem more closely. My goal is to have a recommendation to our Board of Education by March 2015. Enjoy your summer filled with relaxation, time with family and friends and, following along with the theme, enough sleep!

Jade Lowe - Grand Valley State University Karla Martinez - Grand Rapids Community College Lisbeth Mazariegos - Gregorio Y Aurora Chavez Scholarship Kristyn Miller - Aquinas College St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship, Grand Valley State University, Oakland University Geographic Region Award, Grand Rapids Community College Alpha Morales - Grand Rapids Community College Miguel Morales - Grand Valley State University Early Awareness Scholarship, Roosevelt University Trustees Scholarship, Ferris State University, Aquinas College, Eastern Michigan University Emerald Scholarship, Michigan State University Emily Mullennix - Grand Valley State University Award of Excellence Joshua Nunez - University of Advancing Technology Sandra Puinte - Gregorio Y Aurora Chavez Scholarship Isaac Ortega Martinez - Davenport University, Ferris State University Elton Reyes Hernandez - Adrian College, Aquinas College, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, West Michigan Counseling Association Scholarship Treanna Steffes - Grand Valley State University, Central Michigan University, Grand Rapids Community College, Ferris State University, Aquinas College St. Thomas Scholarship Kathya Valdovinos - Ferris State University Karen Vargas-Arellano - Ferris State University, Western Michigan University Jamyre Wardell - Grand Valley State University, Davenport University Gold Scholarship Award, Grand Rapids Community College


The ECC celebrates All Day Every Day attendance! This winter, the All Day Every Day team at the Early Childhood Center was awarded a grant from the Greater Wyoming Community Resource Alliance to promote and reward great attendance! With these funds, an ice cream party was thrown for the students with perfect attendance during the 2nd trimester. The classrooms with best attendance also got a prize!

The class with best attendance for 2nd trimester was Mrs. VanElst's 1st grade class - they won a $150 Amazon gift card to spend on their classroom! Tied for 2nd place was Mrs. Vernon's and Mrs. Compo's1st grade classes, who each won $75 Amazon gift cards. More celebrations are to come before the end of the school year! Thank you students, teachers, and parents for making sure students are at school All Day Every Day!!

La ECC celebra la buena asistencia! “Todo el Día, Todos los Días”

Rain or shine Sleet or snow Off to school We will go! Con lluvia o sol Aguanieve o nieve A la escuela Nos iremos!

Second grade boys practice the "centipede" during Mrs. Swanson's tumbling unit. Los muchachos de segundo grado practican el “ciempiés” durante la unidad de la voltereta con la Sra. Swanson

Este verano el equipo de “Todo el día, todos los días” de la ECC fue premiado de la Alianza de Recursos de Wyoming para promover la buena asistencia! Con estos fondos, tuvieron una fiesta de helado para estudiantes con asistencia perfecta para el segundo trimestre. La clase con la mejor asistencia también fue premiada! La clase con la mejor asistencia para el segundo trimestre fue la clase de la Sra. VanElst del primer grado- ganaron una tarjeta de regalo de Amazon para materiales de la clase! Las dos clases de segundo lugar, las clases de primer grado de la Sra. Vernon y la Sra. Compo ganaron tarjetas de regalo de Amazon de $75. Tendremos mas celebraciones antes del fin de año! Gracias a los estudiantes, maestros y padres por asegurarse que los estudiantes estén en la escuela Todo el Día, Todos los Días!!

Project Greenhouse The League of Michigan, Goodwill, Ameri-Corps volunteers, Target, West Michgan Lumber, GRCC, students from East Lee and second graders from Godfrey-Lee ECC all came together during Earth Week to build a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles. The students are growing plants inside of the greenhouse to later make salsa, which will be sold to families to benefit our partnership with Degage Ministries. The greenhouse has become a sustainable service learning project that benefits both students and our community partners.

Proyecto Invernadero


The League of Michigan, Goodwill, Voluntarios de Ameri-Corps, Target, West Michgan Lumber, GRCC, estudiantes de East Lee y de segundo grado de Godfrey-Lee ECC se juntaron durante la Semana de La Tierra para construir un invernadero hecho de plástico reciclado. Los estudiantes sembraron plantas en el invernadero para luego hacer salsa, la cual será vendida a las familias para beneficiar nuestra asociación con Degage Ministries. El efecto invernadero se ha convertido en un proyecto de aprendizaje sostenible que beneficie tanto a estudiantes como a nuestros socios de la comunidad

Kindergarteners Visualize the Map of the United States The Kindergarten students had been learning about Geography in the month of May. They were able to apply their knowledge in an interactive field trip on a sunny Friday in May. The Kindergarten classes loaded onto buses and headed towards Hagar Park in Georgetown Township. While there, the children were able to run around on a terrain map of the United States. As the children gathered around the marker that represented their location on the map, the teachers started applying the topics discussed in class. Asking questions about state birds and lake locations, the kids grew excited and asked questions in return. “Where is Florida?” one kid shouted. “Where’s Mexico?”, shouted another. After everyone raced to see who would be the first one to get to California, the class was dismissed to go play on the wooden playground. The children played hide and seek in the elaborate structure which was full of tunnels and towers. The class was fortunate to have such warm temperatures which helped create a successful and educationally rich field trip.

Estudiantes de Kínder Visualizan el Mapa de Los Estados Unidos Los estudiantes de kínder habían estado aprendiendo acerca de la Geografía en el mes de mayo. Pudieron aplicar su conocimiento en un viaje educativo un viernes asoleado en mayo. Las clases de kínder fueron a Hagar Park en Georgetown. Una vez allí, los niños corrieron sobre un mapa del terreno de los Estados Unidos. A medida que los niños se reunieron alrededor del marcador que representa su ubicación en el mapa, los maestros comenzaron la aplicación de los temas tratados en clase. Hacer preguntas sobre las aves del estado y lugares del lago, los niños estaban emocionados e hicieron preguntas a cambio. "¿Dónde está la Florida?" un niño gritó. "¿Dónde está México?", gritó otro. Después de que todos compitieron para ver quién sería el primero en llegar a California, la clase fue despedida para ir a jugar en el parque infantil de madera. Los niños jugaron a las escondidas en la estructura elaborada que estaba llena de túneles y torres. Fueron afortunados de tener un dia con temperaturas agradables que ayudo a crear un viaje exitoso y educacional.

Preschoolers Learn About the Medical Field

Preschoolers in Ms. Lynn and Ms. Kat’s classes studied the medical field. The dramatic play area in the classroom was turned into a doctor’s office with real materials including bandages, stethoscopes, masks, syringes, face shields, scrubs, gowns, etc. During this unit the children had the opportunity to learn about the medical field from an EMT, a labor and delivery nurse and a cancer nurse. The children had great questions for the experts and learned a great deal, particularly what to do in a medical emergency!

Preescolares Aprenden Sobre el Campo Medico


Preescolares en las clases de la Srta. Lynn y la Srta. Kat estudiaron acerca del campo medico. La área de drama fue convertido en oficina de doctor con materiales reales incluyendo vendas, estetoscopios, máscaras, jeringas, protectores faciales, exfoliantes, batas, etc. Durante esta unidad los niños tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender acerca del campo medico de un EMT, una enfermera de parto y una enfermera del cáncer. Los niños hicieron buenas preguntas a los expertos y aprendieron mucho, particularmente que hacer en una emergencia medica!

Beauty and the Beast

On May 1st, Godfrey 5th graders were guests of the Grand Rapids Ballet. One-hundred students, teachers and parents attended the final dress rehearsal of Beauty and the Beast performed by the Junior Ballet Company. Performers ranged in age from 9-19. Fifth grade students at Godfrey had created 130 plaster masks based on the characters of the ballet, which were on display at the Peter Wege Theatre for the entire performance weekend. Junior company artistic director, Attila Mosolygo, visited Godfrey Elementary the week before the field trip. The Grand Rapids Ballet offers free boys classes on Monday evenings for ages 5-8 and 9 and up. Boys classes provide an energetic, creative time while developing coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance. For information on the free boys program, call 616-454-4771.

La Bella y la Bestia El 1 de Mayo, los estudiantes de quinto grado fueron al Ballet de Grand Rapids. Cien estudiantes, maestros, y padres asistieron al Ensayo Final de La Bella y La Bestia presentado por la compañía de Ballet Junior. Los presentadores tenían de 9 a 19 años. Los estudiantes de quinto grado de la Escuela Godfrey habían creado 130 máscaras de yeso sobre los personajes del ballet, que estaban en exhibición en el Teatro Peter para todo el fin de semana. La directora de la Compañía Artística, Attila Mosolygo, visito a Godfrey Primaria una semana antes del viaje. El Ballet de Grand Rapids ofrece clases gratis para niños (varones) los lunes en la tarde para edades 5 a 8 y 9+. Las clases de niños proveen tiempo energético y creativo y desarrollan coordinación, flexibilidad, fuerza y resistencia. Para mas información acerca del programa de niños (varones) llame 616-454-4771

Fourth Grade White Caps Game

May 7 was an exciting day for the fourth grade at Godfrey Elementary. One hundred thirty students, teachers and chaperones braved the possible rain and headed out to see the White Caps play a game specially scheduled for schools. After a quick sack lunch, they headed into the stadium. The tickets purchased were for the lawn area, but the White Caps decided the morning rain had made that area too wet. They offered to let the fourth graders use the patio area, complete with their own concession station and nearby restrooms. It was a great day for everyone, supporting a local sports team and learning about commerce through the concession stands.

Partido de White Caps- Cuarto Grado

Mayo 7 fue un día emocionante para el cuarto grado de Godfrey Primaria. Ciento-treinta estudiantes, maestros y chaperones desafiado la posible lluvia y fueron para ver el partido de los White Caps (beisbol) programado especialmente para escuelas. Después de almorzar, fueron para el estadio. Los boletos fueron Felicidades a todos los Congratulations to all students comprados en el área de yarda, estudiantes de Godfrey Primaria at Godfrey Elementary that pero decidieron que la grama que participaron este año en participated in their concerts this estaba demasiado mojada. conciertos! Los grados 3,4 y 5 year! Wonderful performances Ofrecieron el área del patio a los hicieron presentaciones were put on by the 3rd, 4th, and estudiantes con su propia maravillosas en Diciembre y 5th grades in December and April. venta de comida y baños Abril. Felicidades a los estudiAlso a big round of applause for cercanos. Fue un gran día para antes que participaron en el the students that participated in todos, apoyando los equipos coro después de la escuela! the Godfrey After School Choir! locales y aprendiendo acerca del Busque anuncios en el otoño Look for announcements in the comercio atreves de la venta de para las audiciones del coro. fall for choir auditions! comida.




Incoming Sixth Grade Students

If you are inerested in joining the band with Mr. Gabrielse or Ms. Downing, please e-mail them at or, or go to Ms. Downing's website for information, under the 6th grade band tab:

Estudiantes Entrando en el sexto grado

Si usted esta interesado en participar en la banda con el Sr. Gabrielse o la Srta Downing, favor de mandarles un correo electrónico o, o puede ir al sitio de la Srta. Downing para más información, bajo la categoría banda del sexto grado:

Ceramic Students Excel in Opera Art Competition

Advanced ceramic students created art pieces based on the themes, story, music and characters of Madama Butterfly. One of the stars of the show, tenor Joe Wolverton, visited class the week before the opening and talked about his life as a professional singer and his international career. Mr. Wolverton sang one of the aria's for Lt. Pinkerton for the students. Thirty pieces of student artwork were on display at the DeVos Hall lobby for the run of the opera. On May 7, 37 Lee High School students got a backstage tour of DeVos Hall and attended the Final Dress Rehearsal of Madama Butterfly. Three Lee students received cash prizes for their artwork entries. First Place and $150 went to Jackie Diaz for her piece, Cherry Blossom Tree. Second place and $100 went to Wanda Moreno for "Concealed". Third place and $50 went to Jennifer Painter for Broken Butterfly. Awards were donated by an anonymous opera patron who hopes to instill a love of opera in young people.

Estudiantes de Ceramica Sobresalieron en la Competencia de Arte Estudiantes de Cerámica Avanzada crearon piezas de arte en temas de, historia, música, y personajes de la Mariposa Madama. Un de las estrellas, el Tenor Joe Wolverton, visito la clase la semana anterior de la apertura y hablo acerca de su vida como cantante profesional y su carrera internacional. El Sr. Wolverton canto una de loas años arias para Lt. Pinkerton, a los estudiantes. 30 piezas del trabajo de arte de los estudiantes fueron expuestos en el Pasillo de DeVos y asistieron al Ensayo Final de la Mariposa Madama. 3 Estudiantes de Lee recibieron premios en efectivo por su trabajo de arte. 1er lugar $150 fue para Jackie Diaz su obra, Cherry Blossom Tree 2do lugar $100 fueron para Wanda Moreno por “Concealed”. 3er lugar $50 para Jennifer Painter por Broken Butterfly. Los premios fueron donados por alguien anónimo de la opera con la esperanza de crear el amor por la opera en los jóvenes.

Funding Secured for Future Trips to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and Lake Michigan's Rosy Mound Lee Middle School has once again been awarded a National Park Trust "Kids to Parks Day Grant", this time taking on the water on Michigan's shoreline. The grant is awarded each year to schools nation-wide in order to encourage students to spend more time outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle. Last year, the 6th grade students spent a morning cleaning up Pinery Park followed by a picnic and games to enjoy the area as part of the grant. This year we felt a bit more ambitious and applied for two trips along Lake Michigan's shoreline: one to the Rosy Mound Natural Area near Grand Haven (7th grade) and another to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, voted as one of "America's most beautiful places." We recently heard that funding will be granted for both trips! We are looking to take a group of 30 6th grade students to Sleeping Bear Dunes for a day trip packed with lighthouse tours, hiking, canoeing, and dune climbs at the end of May; and a 7th grade group of 60 students for a picnic and cleanup of Lake Michigan's shoreline before the end of the school year. We are grateful to help provide these opportunities for students. Any parent chaperons interested in joining us are welcome to contact Vlad Borza at

Obteniendo Financiación para Viajes Futuros a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore y Lake Michigan’s Rosy Mound Una vez mas la Secundaria Lee ha sido premiada por el Parque Nacional Confianza “Niños a los Parques de Día Donación”, esta vez llevándolos al agua en las orillas de Michigan. La donación se concede cada año a las escuelas de la nación para alentar a los estudiantes que tengan más tiempo al aire libre y un saludable estilo de vida. El año pasado los alumnos del 6to grado limpiaron en la mañana el Pinery Park tuvieron un día de campo y juegos, disfrutaron el área como parte de la donación. Este año fuimos un poco más ambiciosos y solicitamos 2 paseos a las orillas del Lago Michigan; uno al Rosy Mound Natural Area cerca de Grand Haven (7mo Grado) y otro a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore escogido como uno de “Lugares mas Bonitos de America.”


Escuchamos recientemente que nos dieron las donaciones para los paseos! Llevaremos un grupo de 30 estudiantes del 6to grado a Sleeping Bear Dunes todo el dia visitando el Faro, Alpinismo, Canotaje y subirnos a las montañas de arena al final de Mayo; y el grupo de 60 estudiantes del 7mo grado un dia de campo y limpiar las Orillas del Lago Michigan antes del fin del año escolar. Estamos agradecidos de proveer estas oportunidades a los estudiantes. Cualquier padre acompañante interesado en unirse, son bienvenidos comuníquese con Vlad Vorza en

Calling All Colors Lee High School students started a Diversity Club this year. Students in the club attended the “Calling All Colors” Conference organized by the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance. Mrs. Julie Warmels and Ms. Nazlhy Heredia, the staff liaisons for this conference, accompanied a handful of Diversity Club students as they gathered together with other districts within Kent County, shared plans of how they intend to make their high schools better and spotlighted their successes thus far. Students had a great time listening to a keynote speaker and participating in interesting activities. They were challenged to be aware of their snap judgments and examine how they treat other people based on those judgments. The students had a great time and made many new friends.

Llamando a Todos Los Colores

Los Estudiantes de la Preparatoria Lee iniciaron un Club de Diversidad este año. Los estudiantes asistieron a la conferencia “Llamando Todos los Colores” organizada por la Alianza en Diversidad Étnica Lakeshore. La Sra Julie Warmels y la Sta. Nazlhy Heredia, el personal de enlace para esta conferencia, acompañado por un puñado de estudiantes del Club Diversivo que se unieron con otros distritos del Condado Kent, compartieron planes en como ellos intentan mejorar sus preparatorias y resaltar su éxitos hasta el momento. Los estudiantes disfrutaron escuchando a un orador y participaron en actividades interesantes. Fueron desafiados a ser consistentes en sus juicios precipitados y examinar la forma en que tratan a otros basado en la forma de esos juicios. Ellos se divirtieron e hicieron muchos amigos.

Lee Senior Overcomes Obstacles to Become First in Family to Graduate

Nelly Falcon, a recent Lee High School graduate is as smiley and caring as they come. Graduating from high school all while maintaining a smile and caring attitude is a feat on its own, but for Nelly it is only half of the story. Born into a family that provided Nelly with what she describes as "a really rough childhood," she was parentless at a very early age. Her grandparents took her in, however, providing her consistency at home but separating her from her siblings and biological parents in the process. "My family didn't give me a whole lot of anything, but my grandparents have been such a blessing to me." Despite all of this, Nelly has become successful in all she has pursued. Maintaining a 3.3 GPA while earning admission into several colleges and universities, Nelly has already accomplished two feats no one in her family has ever accomplished -- high school graduation and college acceptance. On top of a great academic career at Lee, Nelly stayed highly involved on and off campus. Running track and cross country, serving the school community as a Lee Student Leader, volunteering at United Church Outreach Ministry and Roosevelt Church Youth Group, all while working at Charlotte Russe and Michigan Department of Transportation in the summer months. Nelly credits her own "self-motivation" as being driven by "[a dream] to provide my family with what I was not given. I want to be there for them like my grandparents were for me." Now, 18 years old, Nelly has earned every bit of her high school diploma from Lee High School and is ready for whatever is next. For Nelly it will be continuing to do what she does best: she is heading off to Grand Valley State University to study -- you guessed it -- school social work to "help students and families through the tough stuff," Nelly said.

The Rebels Welcome the Class of 2018 to Lee High School

Los del 12vo Grado Vencen Obstáculos al Ser los Primeros en la Familia en Graduarse

As the current Lee freshmen, the class of 2018, successfully finished their first year of Conozca a Nelly Falcón. Esta recién graduada de la Preparatoria Lee es cariñosa y simpática donde sea. high school on June 10th, Lee High School is eager to change gears and welcome its Graduándose de la Preparatoria y todavía mantiene una sonrisa y una actitud cariñosa es una hazaña para ella newest group of students to the 9-12 section of campus. All freshmen-to-be are required to misma, pero para Nelly es la mitad de la historia, attend a three-day Freshman Camp in which upper-class Lee Student Leaders will work with the Administrator of Student Development, Jake Manning and an excellent team of staff and Nacida en una familia que le proveyó a Nelly lo que ella describe como “una infancia muy difícil” ella guest speakers to orient and help ease the transition into Lee High School. Freshman Camp is estuvo sin padres desde muy jovencita. Sus abuelos la tomaron, no obstante, le proveyeron casa la completely free of charge and will be a fun-filled three days of team building, orientation activities, separaron de sus hermanos y padres biológicos en el proceso. “mi familia no me dieron mucho, pero and leadership and character development. Not to mention, all three days will provide a free lunch and mis abuelos han sido una bendición para mi”. several prizes will be given away! A pesar de todo esto, Nelly a tenido éxito en todo lo que se ha propuesto. Manteniendo un 3.3 Get ready Lee High School class of 2018, and mark your calendars for Wednesday-Friday, August GPA mientras fue admitida en varios colegios y universidades, Nelly a cumplido dos hazañas 20th-22nd from 9am-1pm in the Lee OAC. Freshman Camp is back and ready for a fresh batch of freshmen! que nadie en su familia a logrado graduarse de la preparatoria y ser aceptada en el colegio.

Los Rebeldes le dieron la Bienvenida a la clase del 2018 a la Escuela Preparatoria Lee

Los del 1er año de Preparatoria, la clase del 2018, exitosamente finalizaron su 1er año de preparatoria el 10 de junio, La Preparatoria Lee esta ansiosa de dar la bienvenida a los nuevos alumnos del 9-12. A todo los alumnos del 1er año (9no grado) se les requiere que asistan al Campamento Freshman de 3 días en la que los alumnos de clases mas altas Estudiantes Lideres trabajaran con el Administrador del Desarrollo Estudiantil, Jake Manning y excelente personal y un orador invitado para orientar y ayudar a facilitar la transición a la Preparatoria Lee. El Campamento Freshman es completamente gratis y serán 3 días llenos de diversión en el edificio, actividades de orientación, liderazgo y desarrollo de personalidad. Sin mencionar, que en los 3 días se les dará almuerzo y darán muchos premios! Alístense clase del 2018 de la Preparatoria Lee, marquen su calendario, Miércoles – Viernes, del 20 al 22 de agosto de 9 am – 1pm en el OAC de Lee. El Campamento Freshman esta listo para los Freshman!


Encima de su gran carrera académica en Lee, Nelly se involucro dentro y fuera de Lee. En las Carreras y Atletismo, sirvió a la comunidad en la escuela como Estudiante Líder, fue voluntaria en la Iglesia Unida Ministros de Alcance y Un grupo de jóvenes de la Iglesia Roosevelt, todo mientras trabajaba en Charlotte Russe y el Departamento de Transporte Michigan en los meses del verano. Nelly le da crédito a “su motivación” al ser impulsado por “[un sueño] y proveerle a mi familia con lo que no me dieron. Quiero estar ahí para ellos como mis abuelos estuvieron para mi”. Ahora, con 18 años, Nelly se ha ganado cada pedazo de su diploma de la Preparatoria Lee y esta lista para lo que sigue. Para Nelly será continuar haciendo lo que sabe hacer mejor: ella va a la Universidad Grand Valley a estudiar – adivínelo – trabajadora social de escuela para “ayudar a estudiantes y familias con las cosas difíciles” dijo Nelly.


Congratulations Class of 2014

The graduates of East Lee celebrated their accomplishments with a number of great events. The prom, An Evening in Paris, was held on April 19. Jessica Gerbracht was crowned prom queen and Ethan Conley was king. Senior awards were given out at a picnic held at East Lee on May 16. Special kudos go to our “top three” students, Sandra Puente, Auribel Lopez, and Alexus Woroniecki. A trip to Michigan Adventure on May 29 was the finale of a wonderful year. Commencement was held on May 22nd at Resurrection Life Church. The East Lee family extends their best wishes to each of our graduates!

Felicidades a la Generacion de 2014

Los graduantes de East Lee celebraron sus Logros con un numero de eventos. Prom, Una noche en Paris se celebro el 19 de Abril. Jessica Gerbracht fue coronada la Reina y Ethan Conley el Rey. El 16 de Mayo se entregaron premios en East Lee. Felicitaciones especiales a tres estudiantes que sobresalieron, Sandra Puente, Auribel Lopez, y Alexus Woroniecki. Un viaje a Michigan Adventure el 29 de Mayo fue el el final de un ano maravilloso. Ceremonia de Graduacion fue el 22 de Mayo en la iglesia Resurrection Life. La familia de East Lee extiende sus mejores deseos a cada uno de los graduantes!

BBall 3 on 3

East Lee students played a 3-on-3 Tournament, at Marquette Park, after school the week of May 5. This student lead event was organized by tournament captains Lariah Sutton and Damon Parr with help from East Lee teacher Mrs. Sarah Schofield. To participate in this event, students had to be academically eligible after the first marking period of the third trimester. The tournament champions, “The Supreme Team”, included Alexus Rincones, Dominique Morrow, and Da’via Mayfield.

Baloncesto es Vida Estudiantes de East Lee jugaron un torneo de 3 a 3, en el Parke Marquette después de clases la semana del 5 de Mayo. Este evento fue organizado por los capitanes Lariah Sutton y Damon Parr con la ayuda de la maestra Sra. Sarah Schofield. Para participar en este evento los estudiantes tienen que ser académicamente eligibles. Los Campeones de Torneo, “The Supreme Team”, incluyo Alexus Rincones, Dominique Morrow, y Da’via Mayfield.


Adult ESL

Many great things happened in our ESL program as the year came to a close. In April, Ms. Madrigal, a representative from the Hispanic Center, came to the class and spoke passionately about the value of community involvement and services that the community has to offer our students. In May, we visited the library to explore resources that will help in employment opportunities. And our end of the year ceremony was celebrated with the awarding of certificates of completion. We also started an evening class, which has grown beyond expectations. This class is civics driven, with attention given to learning about the path to citizenship. The night class includes the development and further confidence of verbal instructions for employment purposes. Interactive instruction with computer based programming, one on one tutoring and class instruction and discussion on the history of the United States, current and future issues provided. All students are given materials that help prepare for the citizenship tests. We look forward to an exciting start to the next school year! Many opportunities will be offered to help people in our community. Both our morning and night classes are grant funded and offered to the public free of charge.

Adultos ESL (Ingles Segunda Idioma) Al cerrar el ano muchas cosas buenas ocurrieron en nuestro programa de ESL. En Abril la representante del Centro Hispano Srita. Madrigal vino al salón hablo apasionadamente del valor de estar involucrado en la comunidad y los servicios que la comunidad ofrece a nuestros estudiantes. En Mayo visitamos la biblioteca para explorar los recursos que ayudara con oportunidades de empleo. Nuestra ceremonia de fin de ano se celebro dando certificados al terminar la clase. Tambien empesamos una clase de noche, en cual a crecido mas de lo que se esperaba. Esta clase es civics driven con la atención dirigida hacerse ciudadano. La clase de noche incluye el desarrollo de confianza de instrucciones verbales para propósitos de empleo. Instrucción interactiva de progrmacion de computadora, tutoria de uno con uno y instrucción y discusión en la historia de los Estados Unidos, eventos presente y del futuro. Todos los estudiantes se les da material para prepararse para el examen de ciudadania. Esperamos el ano escolar con gusto! Muchas oportunidades se ofrecerán a la gente de nuestra comunidad. Nuestras dos clases son financiados con un beca y se ofrece al publico gratuitamente

Permit No. 567

Grand Rapids, MI

Non-Profit Org.


Open Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year has begun! Resident students in grades KD-12 can enroll throughout the summer at the Administration Office located at 1324 Burton Street SW on Mondays through Thursdays. For your convenience, the Administration Office will have evening hours and translators available for open enrollment on July 29-31 and August 12-14. Hours will be from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during those days. Parents/guardians should bring the following documents for enrollment: -Original Birth Certificate -Two proofs of residency for in-district students -Vaccine Records -Physical and Vision Screening (for KD students only) -Transcript (for students in grades 10-12 only) There may be a few spots still available for Schools of Choice in grades KD-6. Please contact the Administration Office of Godfrey-Lee at 616- 241-4722 to enroll.

Inscripciones Abiertas ¡Matriculación para el año escolar de 2014 - 2015 ha comenzado! Estudiantes residentes en grados Kinder al 12 pueden matricularse en el verano en la Oficina Administrativa localizado en 1324 Burton SW los Lunes a Jueves. Para su conveniencia, la Oficina Administrativa tendrá días de matriculación abierta con interpretes el 29 a 31 de Julio y el 12 a 14 de Agosto. Las horas serán de 11 a.m. a 7 p.m. durante esos días. Los padres/guardianes deberían de traer los siguientes documentos para matricularse: -Certificado de Nacimiento Original -Dos pruebas de domicilio para estudiantes dentro del distrito -Récord de Vacunas -Física y exámenes de la vista (para estudiantes KD solamente) -Transcripción (para los estudiantes de los grados 10 a 12 solamente) Puede que tengamos algunos lugares abiertos para Schools of Choice (escuelas de elección) para grados KD al 6. Por favor, comuníquese con con La Oficina Administrativa de Godfrey Lee 616-241-4722 para inscribirse.

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools 1324 Burton Street SW Wyoming, MI 49509


Please remember to pick up any remaining medication(s) for your child by June 14. It is an unsafe practice to send medication home with your child. Therefore, it is requested that a parent/guardian pick up any remaining medication. Unclaimed medication, including inhalers and epi-pens, left after June 14, will be discarded. Medication, along with medication consent forms, must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Please contact your child’s school or the school nurse with questions.


Por favor, recuerde tomar cualquier medicamento restante/s de su hijo/a antes del 14 de junio. No es seguro enviar los medicamentos a casa con su hijo. Por lo tanto, se solicita que el padre/tutor recoja cualquier medicamento restante. Medicamentos a reclamar, incluye los inhaladores y jeringuillas, dejados después del 14 de junio serán desechados. Medicamentos, junto con las formas de consentimiento medicinal, tendrán que ser renovados al inicio de cada año escolar. Favor de comunicarse con la escuela de su hijo/a o la enfermera de la escuela con preguntas.

Calling all…

PRESCHOOLERS! Enrollments have begun for next year’s Preschool program. Most families can enroll their child in preschool at age 3 or 4 through the Headstart or GSRP programs. Please come to the Administration Office to enroll.

Llamando a los preescolares! Las inscripciones han comenzado para el programa Preescolar del próximo año. La mayoría de las familias pueden inscribir a sus hijos en edad preescolar a los 3 o 4 años a través de los programas Preescolar o GSRP. Por favor venga a la Oficina de la Administración para la inscripción.

East Lee Campus Summer Programs Programa de Verano de East Lee Summer School for High School Students Escuela de Verano para el High School Dates: June 23rd - July 8th - Monday - Thursday Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm Location: East Lee Campus Cost: Students not enrolled in Godfrey-Lee Public Schools $125 Godfrey-Lee Students Free of Charge Any questions, call Mrs. Haan at 616-241-2661 Project Based Learning Math and Science Summer Program Programa de Matematicas y Ciencia Dates: 8/18-8/22 Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm Location: East Lee Campus Adult Summer School Program Programa de Verano para Adultos July 1 – July 18 from, 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 5pm Please call Maria Haan at 616-241-2661 with any questions.

Godfrey-Lee BOARD OF EDUCATION Dennis Groendyke, President Tim Fisher, Vice President Tammy Schafer, Secretary David Townsend, Treasurer Robert Baker, Trustee Rebecca Kibbe, Trustee Eric Mockerman, Trustee

Godfrey-Lee A D M I N I S T R AT I O N

David Britten, Superintendent Roxanne Claxton, Assistant Superintendent Carol Lautenbach, Director of Teaching, Learning and Accountability Kathryn Curry, Principal Lee Middle/High Scott Bergman, Operations & Transportation Supervisor John Cain, Athletic Director Jane Dykhouse, Director of Student Services Jim Jensen, Principal East Lee Campus Jake Manning, Student Advocate Mark Provost, Business Office Manager Rendel Todd, Assistant Principal Lee Middle/High Daniel Townsend, Director of Media and Technology Jason Surian, Principal of the Early Childhood Center and Godfrey Elementary DEAN OF STUDENTS Brett Lambert, Lee Middle/High School Michael Chatfield/Early Childhood Center


The Godfrey-Lee Public Schools newsletter is produced and delivered on a quarterly basis. To be placed on or off the mailing list, or for article submissions, please contact Emily Truax at 616-241-4722 ext 5320.

GLPS Summer 2014 Newsletter  
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