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We need you to help and become sub editors for the 1st sixth form newspaper, not affiliated with the other school’s newspaper because this is run and printed in the back streets of India by children paid 10p Why buy this newspaper? IT’S FREE. (£3). This is a no holds bar newspaper about current affairs, transport, Weather, TV, News, Sports, Real life; this is all in one BIBLE of what you need to pass A-LEVELS. Please note we do not preach in this newspaper. I have no religion and shall not in my lifetime. Except jedism, BECUASE LIGHTSABERS ARE COOL


These are the Laws/Rules in Alde valley sixth form. That you must abide by in order to finish and do Alevels  Do not take subjects that you do not like  Do not ask questions to the teachers who talk for HOURS  Bring either Lunch or go to co-op  Don’t Break your swipe card  Don’t Leave your bag unattended  Never under any circumstances push the vending machine  Always do your work in the lesson, home work will never be done.  Be on the good side of oaten if not, expelled

They are reading the Blank cover of the book?

This doesn’t happen

Really nice computers eh? Only half of them are new and the others are the old middle schools

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