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A big step for Emma

Imagine eat my own fresh strawberries for breakfast!

My needs: * Knowledge * Time * Soil * Growing products * Help

Problems? Since this is a new thing for me it will take time, and I will probably kill some of my plants, because I miss the knowledge about having a garden. But, I will not give up! There is a saying in the teacher world that goes like this: Learning-bydoing. As long as I keep practising gardening eventially I will learn how to do it. Another problem will be the time. How am I going to split the time between my work and my garden? For that question i don't have an answer because I still haven't find it out yet. The economy can be a problem as well. Since I miss the knowledge about gardening I also miss the knowledge hos much it really costs to start and have a garden with all the plants and the growing products.

Big step for Emma  

about gardening for the first time

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