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EMS PRESS NEWS “The Bi-Weekly Newspaper of Edmunds Middle School”

Issue 2, Vol. 1

BSD Lunch Program Nationally Recognized By: Alexandre Silberman Although several students we interviewed have some reservations about the school lunch program, Burlington School District is on the right track to improvement. The district’s school lunch program recently received a 69 out of 100 lunch grade, or a D+. The score tied them with the Fresno Unified School District of California. Burlington’s grade ranked them the 18th best program in the country. It’s the district’s first time on the national leader board. Burlington and school districts across the country were graded by the Physical Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), in association with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Schools with high grades are ones that go above and beyond the national guidelines. Schools with vegan and vegetarian options, which serve plant based meals, fresh fruit, and non-dairy beverages daily receive the highest grades. The PCRM also takes into account nutrition education in the cafeteria, and other opportunities in the school. There are two grading categories similar to an educational grading (Continued on pg. 2)

Edmunds Holds Book Fair This Week!

Khan Academy: Survey Reveals Student Appreciation By: Avery Follett

Many teachers in our school are using an online, interactive math website. It's called Khan Academy. It was made by a guy named Sal Khan. He is a math expert so he wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. He created a YouTube channel with videos of him doing different types of math concepts. His main reason for doing this was to teach his niece because she liked his way of teaching. Then people from everywhere started watching his videos and leaving good feedback because of his style of teaching. Today he has his own website which not only includes his videos; it also has interactive practices for about every concept. Teachers around the world are using this tool in their classes. One reason is it allows kids to learn at different paces. One kid could be watching...

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Above: Edmunds Middle School students browse some of many selections at the EMS book fair held the week beforeThanksgiving Break.

Photo: Avery Follett


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Play: EMS Presents Excellent Show

Lunch Grade

By: Alexandre Silberman

rubric. Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention (55 possible points), and Nutrition and Healthy Eating Initiatives (45 possible points). Individually, the survey liked the district’s innovative nutrition education programs, including gardens and an orchard. The district was even chosen as a model school in the USDA “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” national campaign. Another place Burlington scored points was in side dishes. The PCRM liked that lowfat vegetable side dishes and fresh fruit were available five days a week. There is still room for improvement though. Burlington has vegetarian entrees only one to two days a week, and there are no vegan entrees, even though vegan side dishes are available. PCRM said improvement in these areas could result to a better future grade.

This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the Edmunds Drama Club hosted the entertaining production of Don Wright’s original play, The World of Complications. The production was well ready for the performance, as they had been practicing since the first few months of school. Many of the students in the production described the experience quite highly. The audience seemed to think . The performances were held as usual in the EMS Gym. The elaborate costumes were one of many highlights of the show. Most audience members would agree. The performances drew full crowds for all three showings, an excellent turnout. It was surprising to see the jam-packed gym on Thursday’s early showing, usually the least popular one. The play was an entertaining production, filled with great music played by the live orchestra located the the right of the stage. Wright deftly added comical humor to his work. The efforts were much appreciated by the audience. The play wrapped up the Edmunds Drama Department’s Fall Season, which will present their next production in mid Spring.

Khan Academy Student Survey Results (continued from front page)

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Watch a Video online at

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basic multiplication while another is watching an advanced algebra video. We are interviewing math teachers in our school and asking them about how they use it, and how they like it. We took a poll online from people in Picture goes here our school.

92% of students say they had heard of Khan Academy 76% of them had used Khan academy 88% said it was worthwhile 57% of them said they liked Khan’s teaching style 36% of those people use Khan Academy regularly

(Above:) Fresh vegetables just delivered to the EMS cafeteria.

Student Quote “Cool, but I don't understand how we can get recognized if they give us burritos in packages” –Manny Dodson Photo: ©


What's in the Lost ’n Found by: Alex Contreras Montesano

The Hobbit by: Izzy Vansuch

Wow! There’s a lot in the lost and found that you would never dream of finding. We went through all the lost and founds in EMS and came up with this list of some REALLY weird stuff. In the office we found a lot of glasses and keys. (which probably belong to some adults.) However in the gym lost and found we found men's crocs, huh... So about the recipe book, I keep on wondering why would anybody even bring a cookbook to school. Maybe it belongs to cooking class. The picture of an elephant was another odd thing in the lost and found. You would think that someone would recycle the paper, it was not even in color. Now what I REALLY wonder about is the spoon, it might have have fallen out of a lunchbox. We found the beauty pack in the office, (haha). Sage and I went through EVERY SINGLE lost and found in EMS!!!! There were four in total. One next to Mr. Chandler's room, one on the third floor, one in the office, and one in the office. If you ever have a runny nose and no earrings and bad eyesight and soup but no spoon and are missing your keys and feel like eating candy and Kix and REALLY like elephants and want a walkie talkie and want to cook and need some new crocs and need to lookup a word, then just go to the lost and found! A short list of items:

The Hobbit, was written by J.R.R. Tolkien, and was published on September 21st 1937. In 1937 the President of the United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt .Tolkien also wrote the trilogy of ‘The Lord of the Rings.” They produced this trilogy of movies in 2001 - 2003. December 21st is Activity Day, you can choose between a movie, ice skating or bowling. The movie we are going to see is “The Hobbit” If you want to read the book so you will be prepared for the movie, then go in the library, there is a display with the trilogy of “ Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” Be sure to check it out!! The Hobbit follows the quest of • a beauty pack home-loving hobbit, Bilbo Baggins ,to win • a dictionary a share of the treasure guarded by the • lip gloss • a recipe book dragon, Smaug. Bilbo's journey takes him • a spoon • a pair of men's crocs from light-hearted, rural surroundings into • candy • a small pack of tissues more sinister territory. Most chapters in• keys troduce a specific creature, or type of • a Tupperware filled with Kixs creature, of Tolkien's Wilderland. By ac• four pairs of glasses • a picture of a elephant cepting the disreputable, romantic, fey • two pairs of sunglasses • a walkie-talkie and adventurous side of his nature and • A LOT of earrings applying his wits and common sense, Bilbo gains a new level of maturity, competence and wisdom. The story reaches By: Breann Totten, Cara Davis, Ava Svensson its climax in the Battle of Five Armies, We interviewed Larry Kupferman from 4.) In what cases would we where many of the characters and creathe Red Cross. We found out that EMS was a need this shelter? tures from earlier chapters re-emerge to Red Cross shelter. So we asked him several “Basically, big storms that engage in conflict. questions. make it so the electricity goes out. In Vermont, we are 1.) What makes EMS a Red Cross shelter? lucky that we don’t have “Okay, well it’s not an easy answer. All the 7..) Does this shelter have the proper earthquakes.” schools in Burlington are. What makes any shelsupplies? (food, water, blankets, etc.) ter a shelter is a review or visit from a Red “Red Cross would bring cots and blanCross shelter to make sure that it is handicap kets. The school has food and water.” accessible, that there is enough food, water, 5.) Are other Burlington etc. Also, whether the site has a generator. “ schools Red Cross shel8.) Where would the supplies be stored ters, too? where they won’t be damaged? 2.) How many people can we fit into this spe- “All the schools are shelters.” “The Red Cross supplies are in safe cific shelter? house or closet.” “For every 40 square feet, we can fit one per6.) If there was a baby beson.” ing born in EMS when it was being used as a shel3.) How long can you stay in this shelter ter, is there the right while still having the proper supplies? equipment? “Not that long. 3-5 days.” “No. The Red Cross supplies cots and blankets.” Source:

Red Cross Interview


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ANNOUNCEMENTS School wide Break 11/21—25 Bookfair In EMS Library-11/16

After school Beading Members EMS after-school is looking for beading and jewelry making club members. For more information contact Writers/ Journalists EMS Press is looking for members. Visit... Or contact


Math Pop Quiz A Comic by Maddi Evans EMS Book Fair Held This Week By Maddi Evans

I interviewed Ms. Moriah Hounsell, the assistant librarian. Here are a few questions I asked her. 1. Q: Do you have any recommendations for books at the book fair? A: “‘Dark life’, ‘Inside out and back again’ and ‘Fever Crumb.’” 2. Q:Why is Scholastic the book sponsor ? A: “We are the host and beneficiaries.” 3. Q: How do you feel about taxing the students? A: “I don’t like it, but it helps raise money for the library.” 4.Q: What other things should be sold at book fairs in your opinion? A: “More things under a dollar.” 5.Q: How long have you been in this position? A: “I started this year, I’m only working for this year.”

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EMS PRESS NEWS 2012-13 Issue 2  

The second issue of the 2012-13 year

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