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Edmunds Political Poll Results Surprising Yet Expected By: Alexandre Silberman EMS Water Edmunds students were surveyed to Fountains: determine their overall political preferences. They were questioned in two Locate the polls, a Vermont governor poll, and a presidential poll. The results were both Best surprising and expected. In the presidential poll, Barack Obama won the majority of the vote by far. Mitt Romney won just over a 7th (14%) of the vote, and received the same number of votes as undecided students. Other third party candidates took 1/12 (8%) of the votes. These results were not surprising as they followed Vermont’s reputation for being a “blue”- or largely democratic state. In Vermont, several counties, including the Northeast Kingdom, are almost entirely Republican, but these counties have populations of less than a sixth of Chittenden County - the largest county by population in the state - which is where Burlington is located. The second largest county in Vermont, Rutland County, has only half the population of Chittenden County. That is where most of the vote is decided. The results for the Vermont governor election (continued on pg. 2)

Homeroom Spolight: Ms. Ballou By: Alexandra Contreras-Montesano This is the official homeroom page. This week Ms. Ballou’s will be in the spotlight! Ms.Ballou: Ms. Ballou is a teacher at EMS. She teaches the 6th grade team Nia. She likes to hang out with her friends, and does an exercise class with Mrs. Botte. The name Ballou means ‘’bold’’. Claire MacQueen: Likes to read and write! She hopes to join the newspaper! Her middle name is Suzanne which means ‘’lilly’’ it is one of the 1000 most popular names for girls in the world! Mason Beck: Likes to play soccer and likes to ski. And enjoys eating candy! (doesn’t everybody?) Beck means ‘’the brook’’! Hmmm... I wonder, I’m pretty sure it’s a fast moving one. Balkisa Abdikadir: Likes to hang out with friends and just relax! I found out that Balkisa (the name and herself I’m sure) are SUPER popular. (continued on next page see “homeroom”) Hibo Jafar:Likes to play in homeroom, and relax. She says that the best thing in homeroom is when they are conversing together, because nobody turns her idea’s down. Elina : Likes to bake and hang out with friends, she also likes to eat dried fruit. The name Elina means a suns ray, a shining light. And that is just what she is! Randy: Randy likes to play sports and sleep. Some of the sports he likes to play are; basketball and football. His name means ‘’Wolf Shield’’ Jason: Jason likes to eat and sleep, and enjoys getting in trouble. His name is popular in the USA. It means ‘’healer.’’ Elah: Elah likes to read and likes her fuzzy hat. Her name Elah means fear. That does not really describe Elah at all.

By: Yosef Borsykowsky Today, 6th graders are in crisis. They are new to this school. They now know the teachers, the kids, the hallways, maybe even the bathroom. You might be asking yourself, what do they not know about our school? The water fountains! One of the most important skills is to be able to tell what the best water fountains are and which ones just look flashy. Now there are two types of good water fountains. There are cold water fountains and quantity water fountains. Quantity water fountains shoot long thick rays of water that will solve your thirst quickly. Cold water fountains can cool you down. The best water fountains should have both these aspects plus a huge refrigerator to hold a lot of water cool so the water doesn’t turn into lukewarm gross water. The only water fountain that comes close to this standard is the water fountain by the cafeteria. Many readers will be saying, “There is no water fountain by the cafeteria!” False! The water fountain is a little bit past the cafeteria, hidden behind a corner, so most kids never (continued on pg. 2)

World of Complications: EMS To Perform Original Play This November the Edmunds Drama department will be performing “The World of Complications” an original play written by director Don Wright from the Very Merry Theater. It took Wright one month on and off to write the play. He started to direct the plays at EMS when his children were here. He was inspired by his love of great books and he thought it would be fun to share his passion with kids. Wright has been directing Edmunds plays for 15 or 20 years, he told us. His work is based loosely on Shakespeare’s King Lear, and is partially a Cinderella story. It usually takes Wright eight weeks to get a cast performance ready. He even co-wrote the music with Ashley O’Brien. Edmunds student Caleb Hoh, who plays “Kurt Jester” said that he enjoys the play. When describing what one should expect who attends the show. Hoh said: “Prepare to be surprised!”

The reason I love doing Don Wright plays is because you get to interact and be with kids from different grades and kids from different teams. Everyone accepts you and you can express yourself how you want. –Sarah Von Doepp

EMS Political Poll Results (continued from front page)

(continued from front page) were surprising. Randy Brock won, by far, most of the votes over current governor, Peter Shumlin. Shumlin received the same amount of votes as undecided. This poll was interesting to see, because most questioned students probably did not know which candidate represented each party. The Republican candidate, Randy Brock, won the majority of the school. This is quite unexpected. In the state of Vermont, Brock won 27% of the vote compared to Shumlin’s 60%. 11% of voters were undecided.

Water Fountains (continued from front page)

...see it. The only time it gets real use is at dances when sweaty kids walk out of the dance to cool themselves off with this cool water fountain. It shoots great big streams of water with a coldness that no other school water fountain can compete with. Plus it has a huge refrigerator.

Intergalatic Nemisis: Edmunds Chorus Sees Flynn Show By: Izzy Vansuch and Morgan Liska

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