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Great Love Poem Contest Winners 1st A girl so perfect, So divine, Through the rain, Her beauty shines. Lips so red they could start a fire, It’s her affection I desire. When she smiles, inside I grin, for it’s her heart, I need to win. -Simon Mendenhall

Inside: Burlington Schools Close: Reactions to

Students Celebrate Vermont Writes Day 1

Reliving History with a Debate

The first Valentine in Roman times By: Ella Staats

Ah, Valentine’s Day...that day that comes every year on February 14th, where love is in the air and paper cards, chocolates, and hearts are traded with friends and admirers. Everyone knows the basics of Valentine’s Day, but what’s the real dirt on this widely celebrated holiday? I dug a little deeper to find out. One theory about Valentine’s Day is that along time ago, in Rome, a battle was ensuing. Emperor Claudius II was attempting to recruit men for the troops, and he wanted the best fighters. He believed that married men were too attached to their wives and children, and it made them weak and therefore not good soldiers. To keep his men strong, he proclaimed that no more men were allowed to marry.

While all Romans were not happy with this news, they didn’t speak out for fear of being punished. But a bishop, Valentine, knew this new law was unfair. And so he married couples in secret, having them meet at a hidden place where he would wed them. Unfortunately, eventually the word of Valentine’s secret marriages got to the ears of the emperor, who carted him off to jail. While he was in prison, his jailor, Asterius, came to him and told Valentine of his blind daughter, and, knowing of his saintly healing abilities, pleaded for him to give her back her sight. And by some miracle, he did. Claudius II was impressed by this action, but when Valentine still

refused to accept his view on marriages, he got angry and had him executed. Right before his death, he asked to be able to have one last farewell to Asterius’s daughter, with whom he had formed a friendship, and, perhaps, even a romance. He wrote a letter and signed it “From Your

Valentine.” This saying still carries on today. Is this story true? Perhaps, or maybe it is just folklore passed down through the ages. Either way, it is an interesting idea of how this magical holiday, Valentine’s Day, came to be.

Great Love Poem Contest Winners It’s nearing Valentine’s day, and we asked Edmunds students to send in poems- not just any poems, though- Love poems! They could be funny, sad, or serious, but these are the poems that really caught our eye. We could only pick ten out of the many amazing submissions we got, and our top three out of that. So, without further delay– Special thanks to Claire MacQueen for organizing the contest. 1ST PLACE WINNER: “A Girl So Perfect.” 2ND PLACE WINNER: Ella Staats: With the Poem: “Petals.” 3RD PLACE WINNER: Alex Contreras-Montesaro: With the Poem: “A Love Poem”


HONORABLE MENTION: Connor Eaton, Noorto Mohamed, Mohammed Mohammed and Jonas Lobe

Pick up your prizes at Ms. Rathgeb’s Office

Winter Storm Closes Schools Students Celebrate Vermont Writes Day By: Alexandre Silberman


By: Alexandre Siberman, Milano Baur, Avery Follett

This Friday the Northeast was swept by a major snowstorm. The storm dropped over two feet of snow over the northeast and caused 5 states to declare a state of emergency. Over 650,000 citizens lost power. Flights were cancelled across the Northeast and New York’s LaGuardia Airport closed completely. In Burlington International Airport flights were cancelled as well. The storm caused school to be cancelled in Burlington among with many schools across the state. Boston received the 5th greatest snowfall in city history. Many residents are still recovering from the storm. Mail delivery was postponed until Monday by the United States Postal Service in 8 states. Cars were abandoned along interstates during the storm. The Long Island Expressway closed after receiving 30 inches of snow. Most students and teachers enjoyed the day off. We decided to see what people did during the storm and long weekend. (continued on pg. 2)

A tweet by BSD during the storm.


Thursday, February 7th is the birthday of Charles Dickens, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. It also is Vermont Writes Day. 49 registered schools across the state participated. In Burlington, Edmunds and Hunt Middle Schools, along with C. P. Smith Elementary participated. The goal of the event was to get students and teachers to take seven minutes out of their school day to write. The Young Writers Project which runs the event, has a dedicated blog where students can post on Vermont Writes Day only. This year over 1,200 posts were made on the blog, which can be found at YWP director Geoffrey Gevalt decided to open up the blog to posts an additional day this year to give an opportunity to schools that couldn’t participate on the 7th and (continued on pg. 4)

Reactions to Winter Snowstorm Continued from pg. 1

Vermont Writes Day Continued from pg. 1

“ I took down wall paper, went cross country skiing” - Ms. D “Stayed home, text & skyped with friends”- Mustafa “Went bowling with friends till 1am in the morning” -Ms. Hounsell “Played PS3 that I got” - Rowan F.

“Shoveled the driveway more than 4 times, walked the dog & cleaned the house. Read a book” —Ms. Bombard “Slept” - Ms. Rathgeb “Stayed inside the house”- Kenny

Let it Snow! (Photo: Isaac Jenemann)

A snowman made over the long weekend.


students who didn’t have the chance and opportunity to post and share their work. This is the second year the event has taken place. You can hear an interview with Mr. Gevalt which was recorded prior the the event on Vermont Public Radio here: There were three different prompts or writing options students had to choose from. They could write about an experience with Vermont farming, robots, climate change, a moment they will never forget, and freestyle (can all be found online). Some of these student responses will be selected for publication later on this year, and will be featured on Vermont Public Radio. At Edmunds a display will be put up with all the student writing.

Great Love Poem Contest: Award Winners A girl so perfect, So divine, Through the rain, Her beauty shines. Lips so red they could start a fire, It’s her affection I desire. When she smiles, inside I grin, for it’s her heart, I need to win.


2nd Petals Crimson petals. Scattered across the cold ground. Fluttering in the winter wind. Tumbling across the barren plains. Caught in the palm of a girl with golden hair, who is standing, waiting, for someone who will never come. --Ella Staats

A love poem I walked the lines that run to your heart, to me they are more than veins, they are pathways, out of the dark.

3rd 3rd

You think about me, I think about you. It's quite simple you see, I was meant for you. I walked the lines that run to your heart; To me the red that flows along, is not blood, but tomato soup. You remember the old days? Where we used to sit, sipping grape juice and sweltering in the heat. I walked the lines that run to your heart, I have walked them again and again, and then we come to this moment. It's old and worn and coarse. I used to walk long paths to your heart. Until you came to me. Again. -Alex Contreras-Montesano

Great Love Poem Contest: Honorable Mentions Honorable Mentions: Connor Eaton Noorto Mohammed Jonas Lobe Mohammed Mohammed Love Me I flip my hair, I gloss my lips, What more do you want? I’m attractive, popular, and beautiful, but why won’t you love me Flowers on my doorsteps, Chocolates delivered, Love notes falling from my locker, Who’s the secret admirer? The air was knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk. That’s what happened when I first met you.

The stars will shine in radiant beauty but nothing can compare to your kindness the love is in the air for lovers here and let Cupid’s arrow find you, my Highness A fair maiden you are with eyes that shine bright in beauty you come on a good summer’s night with Aphrodite’s kiss upon your face falling deeply into slumbers embrace Elegance seeps from your smooth white skin from your toes to you hair all I do love her mind as smart as a cheetah is fast she is gentle and pure like the kind dove in life and in death she I do adore from her humane looks my love it will pour etched in beauty my love it will grow a flame of my heart, I’m clear that i know a comely lady with eyes that dazzle eyes that glitter and do fade the stars sparkle and gleam like the rich sapphire eyes that luster all the way to mars

-Noorto Mohamed Venus has blessed you with her love and grace in my heart you do have a place you descended upon me from above because i know it’s you that I love to My Valentine, for you I do love -Connor Eaton

EMS Reporter Claire MacQueen organized the contest and constructed the display on the first floor.

Great Love Poem Contest Roses are red (or pink or yellow or green for that matter) A girl like you, I never had before, violets are blue (even though the color violet is purple) I love you today, tomorrow it will be more. Love is forever (hence the fact that my father is a divorce lawyer.) My love for you is amazing, we are the strongest tree that my love for you When the days fade to night and the stars in the sky Orion's belt, twinkling long and the sweet sound of your off beat lovesong

Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

why write a poem If in a song I can say the feeling I have for you day to day

You have seen my ups, cared when I’m low.

so here goes nothing just cover your ears I've never been in chorus my song should bring fears If you need to buy earplugs I'll just wait a bit for my lovely voice will send your brain in a fit.

You have opened my heart and held it so dear, You are my angel and I will always keep you near.

“You are my angel,” I just want you to know. You entered my life, right before I thought it was done And when we leave, we will leave together in love My love for you, has become my reason to be I just hope one day you'll find, your angel in me.

- Mohamed Mubarak

-Jonas Lobe

Students Have Historical Debate By: Daniel Halliday

would be impersonating. None of On February 12th, all the 7th the character names were real, and 8th graders went to the First but some of them were based on Congregational Church for the actual people. The next thing that Second Continental Congress. In happened was the historical bullecase you don’t know, the real Sec- tins. These were things that actuond Continental Congress hapally happened that would affect pened over 200 years ago —237 different people in different ways. years to be exact. This was what Each character started out with started the American Revolution. a certain number of POWs, or Everyone in 7th and 8th grade power points. The Loyalists, peodecided whether or not to sepaple who were on the king and Britrate from England. From before ain’s side, started out with 100 Christmas Vacation, every-body POWs. The Patriots, rebels who was assigned a character they wanted their own country, also

started with that amount. The moderates, or neutralists, had between 5 and 40 POWs at the beginning of the game. At the end of the historical bulletins, some characters had gained, some had lost, but hardly any had the same amount they started with. The next thing that happened was the debate itself. Students were given time before the debate to prepare and write a script. The loyalists and patriots were trying to persuade the neu(continued on pg. 8)

The Second Continental Congress (continued from page 7)

neutralists to come to their side. At the end of each proposal, there was a vote. Only the neutralists were able to choose who to vote for. The patriots and loyalists had to vote for their side. In each proposal, if you wanted the loyalists you would REJECT or DECLINE, if you preferred the patriots you would ACCEPT or APPROVE. The students who voted for the winning side would gain 10 POWS. After each debate, the moderates, patriots, and loyalists would go to separate places to discuss PACTs, also known as pressure actions. Each faction had a list of choices. They would cost POWs. The Social Studies teachers announced what happened and everybody recorded the outcome. After the PACTs, some teams had a POW quiz. This was a small quiz that would not really affect your grade would allow you to gain POWs. There was one exception: if you were able to answer all 10 question correctly, you would gain 15 POWs. There were two

debates before the Second Continental Congress: the Stamp Act Congress and the First Continental Congress. For the final debate, each team walked downtown. When they reached the First Congregational Church, they entered and took a seat . There had been one colonist from each faction on every team previously chosen by the three Social Studies teachers. These 9 colonists were the first ones to speak. When they had made their points heard, the podium

was opened up to anybody who wanted to say something. For the next hour, kids from all three teams made their way to the podium and explained why they should be voted for. When the last person finished, the votes were cast. Each student was given to slips of paper; one that said Yea (Yes), and one that said Nay (No). Then they went to the ballot boxes and cast their votes. At the end of the day, the results were announced.

Avery Follett Alexandre Silberman Carl Crawford Izzy Vansuch Morgan Liska Ella Staats Claire MacQueen Maddi Evans Daniel Halliday Isaac Jeneman Milano Baur Sage Sularz Alex ContrerasMontesano Advisor: Deena Murphy Website–


Second Continental Congress Results







Youtube– emspressmagazine




In real life, the patriots won and war was declared. The British were defeated and America had independence

EMS PRESS News Issue 7 (Valentine's Day Special)  

The 7th issue of the Edmunds Middle School newspaper.

EMS PRESS News Issue 7 (Valentine's Day Special)  

The 7th issue of the Edmunds Middle School newspaper.