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EMS PRESS NEWS The Official Newspaper of Edmunds Middle School

Issue 3, 2014

Blu-Bin:Printing the Future

By Ella Staats and Isidora Bailly-Hall

Picture a small shop on the top block of church street. You glance through the window and see a display of small plastic objects: jack-o-lanterns, figurines, little animals, vases, and even a miniature Vermont. Intrigued, you push open the door and

Blu-Bin printers on Church St. in Burlington offers 3D printing services to the public. Prices are according to size.

walk inside. One wall is hung with spools of colorful plastic; tall 3D printers with mechanical arms line another. Two more printers sit on a cluttered desk, one of them printing little blue boats. Behind the desk sits a man, monitoring the machines. This is Blu-Bin, Burlington’s very own 3D printing shop. On a snowy January afternoon, the EMS Press went on an adventure down Church Street to see this store in person. Blu-Bin is a 3D printing shop

EMS Press staff visited local commercial 3D Printer, Blu-Bin.

where customers can bring in designs and have them printed out in a variety of colors and sizes. Blu-Bin is the first commercial 3D printing business in the USA. At Blu-Bin we met David Newlands, one of the

two Co-Founders (Dan Riley is the other one). He told us about how their company works, and tons of interesting tidbits. David described how Blu-Bin prints objects Continued on Page 4

Burton: the cutting edge I.D.s and boarded the bus for Burton Snowboards. Well, unfortuDo you like winter sports-nately we missed the first bus, so specifically snowboarding? If so, we found a hospitable office what brand of board do you have? where we could warm up and then Chances are, it’s from Burton! The hopped the number 5 bus to BurEMS Press wanted a glimpse of ton, a ten minute ride to the cutthe future of snowboarding, so we ting edge of shredding. grabbed our scarves and student By Izzy Vansuch, Sarah Shephard-Lupo and Kolby Darrah, Ella Staats


How it all began Todd was our tour guide of Burton that day. He brought us to the snowboarding museum that was set up like an old barn to resemble the barn where Jake Burton Carpenter made the first snowboards. The museum has Continued on Page 5

Hour of Code By Isidora Bailly-Hall

Learn to use Scratch, Python, Javascript and so many more programming languages! Run through the computer science education week, the hour of code was a great way to learn about computer coding for every level of experience. On December 9 at 4:20 p.m. 94,497,409 lines of code were written by 3,068,530 students everywhere! The website included options for people who didn’t have computer access too. Here is the EMS Press’ interview with district math specialist, Karyn Vogel who participated in the "Hour of Code" with some elementary schools in the district this week. Though the Hour of Code is now over, you can still access the website and do the coding at According to charts on the Hour of Code web site, in 2020 there will be 1.4 million available computing jobs and only 4,00,000 computer science students! As you can see, there is a future in learning how to code, and a big gap between available jobs and those capable of getting them.

Students at Edmunds Middle School participate in the Hour of Code in December.

Why is the Hour of Code important? When you learn Now the world works via technology. If you want to be an artto code you unist, a doctor, a car designer, a derstand technol- teacher, an astronaut, a scientist, a business owner, a lawyer, etc. ogy better, and you will be doing that work using tools. Our cell phones and become a better digital computers are all created with code. Learning to write computer troubleshooter programs means going from being a mere consumer of technoland savvy user. ogy to a creator of technology. There is a lot of applied math and Even for people who don't get a science in computer programjob as a computer programmer, Where did you facilitate the ming, AND coding involves very understanding the basics of codhour of code? At C.P. Smith Elementary and important concepts like abstrac- ing and how technology works Champlain Elementary, so far. tion, generalization and structural will give them an advantage in design. The big ideas people will whatever they choose to do. What grade level did you teach encounter in coding help in thinking about many other things in this to? Who might benefit from it? Grades 3, 4, and 5. the world, as well. Taking on diffiEveryone, including adults. cult challenges in coding is great When you learn to code you unpractice for taking on difficult derstand technology better, and How might the Hour of Code challenges in language arts, so- become a better troubleshooter help Students in other subcial studies, and more. and savvy user. jects?


Take A $200,000 Ride In Space! By Isidora Bailly-Hall

Soon Virgin Galactic could be the first company to send a commercial craft into space. SpaceshipTwo is planned to be a passenger space-craft; more than 500 people have put down money for a $200,000 ride with only six passengers at a time. SpaceShipTwo now has 3 powered rocket tests and 28 unpowered gliding tests under its belt. SpaceShipTwo is expected to break the sound barrier , just like its predecessor SpaceShipOne. The SpaceShip is designed to give the passengers a good view of Earth’s curving surface with weightlessness and a rollercoaster ride. "Like our hundreds of customers from around the world, my children and I cannot wait to get on board this fantastic vehicle for our own trip to space and am delighted that today's milestone brings that day much closer," said Founder Richard Branson on his blog.

The Future Of Robots By Ella Staats

As we experience advances in technology, more and more ideas that would have seemed ridiculous twenty years ago are now becoming possible. One field of focus is robots. Inventors are constantly creating and perfecting robots for all sorts of different purposes. I looked deeper into this subject, and here are some of the more interesting robots that I came upon. Robots the size of ping pong balls (known as “droplets”) are being created, and their purpose is to make large swarms, which in the future can hopefully be used to clean up oil spills and even assemble space stations and satellites. Another robot is being developed to fly over water and drop


life preservers to people who are drowning, along with many other robots designed to go on rescue missions. More and more robots are being programmed to learn and comprehend language; just one of these is iCub, a humanoid robot about the size of a toddler that can see, hear and speak. While the iCub does not closely resemble a real human, other robots are being created to look almost identical to us. As the technology gets better and better these humanoid robots are getting more realistic and lifelike. Many robots are modeled on animals, such as birds, salamanders, sharks, and even lampreys. Modeling the way animals in the wild move can help robots move across difficult

terrain such as rocks, sand, and mud. The Cheetah-cub, a robot about the size of a housecat with four “quadrants” (kind of like legs), can run 1.42 meters per second. That’s only a little more than 3.15 miles per hour, but it’s still the fastest running robot under 30kg (about 66lbs). As you can see, we’ve still got a long way to go! Robots everywhere are still being created and perfected, and every day takes us one step closer to having robots incorporated into normal life. What do you think the future of robots will be? Will everyone have their own personal robot? Will robots be doing civilian jobs? Will there be a robot rebellion where they will take over the world? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Blu-Bin: 3D at our doorstep Continued from page 1 even if you don’t provide your own 3D (sketchup) design. The way Blu-Bin works is somebody walks in with an idea in mind for what they want printed, and if they are prepared, they have created their own 3D design on a program like Google Sketchup. The workers at BluBin (David and Dan) can take that design and print it. If the client hasn’t created his own 3D design David and/or Dan will post it on a website where 3D designers all over the world can take up the challenge and design it for them. When they are done they send it back to Blu-Bin where it is printed and given back to the customer. Note: it costs more to have them create the 3D design. The prices for Blu-Bin printed objects range from five to fifty dollars depending on size. Not only is Blu-Bin providing great 3D printing opportunities, they also are benefiting our community; they take plastic spoons from Ben & Jerry's and melt them down to create more ob-

jects. If they print a prototype that doesn’t work, they can recycle the object and use the plastic again. Multiple colors that they print actually come from recycled materials! You might be thinking, “Blu-Bin. That’s an interesting name.” David told us the story about how this little printing shop got its title. His cofounder, Dan, had a big blue bin in the back seat of his car. This bin held a bunch of random odds and ends that he would collect from time to time. When he and David were brainstorming names for their shop, Dan remembered the bin in the back of his car, filled with knickknacks like those people might want to print, and voila! the perfect name was born. David told us about their plans for the future, too. They hope to open more stores throughout the U.S. and promote 3D printing so more people know about 3D designs. Blu-Bin provides opportunities for us all, by allowing us to access technology that wouldn’t be available otherwise (the

printers at Blu-Bin cost about $1000 apiece). Stop in and visit them on Church Street, and maybe even bring a five-


dollar bill and a design. Hopefully you will be as impressed as we were. To visit their website go to

Burton: staying the coolest Continued from page1

historical snowboarding equipment from the early days. There were drawers that you could pull out that had old jackets and name tags. One fact that we learned was that snowboarding wasn't allowed at ski resorts until the 1980s! Did you know that the first snowboards were called “Snurfers” and had ropes attached to the front to help with steering? There were also a lot of old photographs lining the walls that showed the creator of Burton and Craig Kelly. Craig Kelly was a very good snowboarder and spent most of his life riding for Burton. Unfortunately, he died in an avalanche accident in January of 2003. Hi-Tech Equipment Burton, being up-todate on all the latest technology, of course has a variety of large 3D printers, which they use for all kind of things. They make prototypes for helmets and boot bindings, boot soles and other things out of hardened plastic. They are currently working 2 years ahead for the 2016

line. burton) where the Testing Equipwinners compete for ment In the workhaving their design space for conappear on Burton structing snowsnowboards. Shaun boards, there was White, Olympic medanother space alist, has a say in where employees some of the final deand machines test signs. They are truly the strength of the “Olympic boarderboards. There was approved.” a machine where Hometown you put the board What’s awesome in and bend it at about Burton Snowevery angle possiboards is that they ble to make sure started here in Verthat it is strong mont, but they are enough for riding recognized around down the slopes. the world. As BurlingNo one would want tonians, we are a part a board to break of a really cool histoA design from this year’s Burton compewhen you are doing tition. http://www.blankyouvery ry. a cool trick! Fun Burton Tidbits Next to the maWhen you walk into chine was a walk-in freezer where you could 30,000 boards. He used Burton there is a nice test the board in the cold an intricate procedure of warm fireplace with a TV to make sure it will func- gluing and testing boards. and comfy leather chairs tion properly in realistic Every board is made indi- welcoming you. There are dogs running around, and conditions. On the freezer vidually by humans, not treats on the counter that was a picture of Christo- by machines! you can give to them. pher Walken. Walk in, Everyone is very laid You be the designer Walken. Get it? Burton has the newest, back, welcoming, and most shred-worthy nice. No one is dressed Manufacturing Walking through the graphics that any snowfancy; it’s all about comBurton maze we finished boarder could want for fort! The walls are lined our tour at the area where the slopes. Burton holds with snowboards. The they construct boards. annual snowboard design boards from thirty years We were met by a man contests (http:// ago are way different who had made 20,000www.blankyou than the ones from today!


EMS Press partners with Malayaka House By Isidora Bailly-Hall

There are over 2.2 million orphaned children in Uganda, a country of 36.35 million (2012), which constitutes an eighteenth of the population. Uganda is a country in East Africa which is bordered by The Congo, Sudan and Kenya. Covering 77,180 square miles, Uganda is roughly two times the size of Pennsylvania. Uganda is one of 13 countries that the equator passes through, which explains the warm climate. The Ugandan currency is the Ugandan

New Shilling. The capital is Kampala. The President is Yoweri Museveni and the Prime Minister’s name is Amama Mbabazi. The EMS Press has created a partnership with the Malayaka House in Uganda. The Malayaka house is a childrens’ home in Uganda that rescues “the most vulnerable orphaned and abandoned Ugandan children” (to quote their website). The people who raise them are known as “the aunties” and they take care of the kids in almost every way shape or form.

The children are given the best education the house can provide. The Malayaka house was started by Vermonter Robert Fleming in 2005, when he was entrusted with the care of the baby girl “Malayaka” for whom the home is named. The Malayaka house has a volunteer program with countries across the globe where people come to help out and learn about the Malayaka House. The Malayaka house has about 40 kids living there right now. The EMS Press has created a pen-pal pro-

92 church street burlington, vt 05401





gram with the Malayaka House. The plan is to write letters to them (with illustrations), scan our letters, and email them to the Malayaka House where they would print and deliver them. Then they would follow the same procedures in sending back letters because mail takes a really long time and they don’t have enough computers for everyone to email. We think the letters are more personal this way. To learn more about the Malayaka House and the children, go online to

Who Knew About the Cashew? Isabelle Vansuch and Maddi Evans

As mentioned in the new song from YouTube star, Tobuscus, it is true that cashews come from a fruit. There is an irritant in the cashew shell oil that causes an itchy rash. If the raw cashews are not roasted, we are at risk of consuming the shell oil. This is probably the protection for the seed. Did you know that like most nuts, the cashew is the tree seed? Cashews are good for your heart, and they have nutrients in them that we need. They are also low in calories. Cashews grow in a fruit that looks like a stretched out apple. It is called the cashew apple. The cashew apple can be orange, red,

or yellow. The cashew is attached to the bottom of it. Originally native to northern Brazil, the tree is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew apples and nuts. The oil that comes from cashews, not the shell, is used in salad dressings and cooking. The cashew apple is pressed to make a juice. They are also preserved to make nut oil to cracked heels and funsyrup, chutney, alcohol, and dried gus. I bet you did not know this cashew apple. People also grind much about cashews!!! the seeds into a poultice for treating snakebites, and you can apply

211 College St., Burlington, VT (802) 862-7616      

Everything made from scratch. Fresh cups of coffee Warm scones and muffins A great vegetarian menu Food comes from local farmers Fresh vegetables 7

Ad by Isabelle Vansuch

Cartoons by Olive O., Champlain Elementary School


Si-Fi Book Reviews

Ender’s Game By Isidora Bailly-Hall Enders Game by Orson

Scott Card is a SciFi Novel Focusing on Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, a six year old boy in battle school training to be the next commander in the war against the Buggers. Ender is a third, which at the beginning seems to be the bane of his existence. Later, you learn why he was even allowed to be born. In a society that shuns third children, Ender finds it hard to fit in. Even at home, Ender is plagued by his brother, Peter, too vicious to be chosen. His only comfort is in his sister, Valentine, who was too nice to be “the commander”. Ender, on the other hand, is the perfect mix and at the age of six, he is swept away to battle school. From the beginning, Ender

Mila 2.0 By Isabelle Vansuch

is singled out and therefore hated again by his peers. In the Salamander Army, Bonzo loathes him, a fact that comes back to haunt Ender later on I loved this book, especially the feeling the author gives us of child war machines. Another part that really stuck out to me was the alien genocide that earth was so intent on carrying out. It made me think about what we will become.

Send Your own Book reviews to All books are welcome! 9

MILA 2.0 is a Sci-Fi book about a girl named Mila who has lived a normal life - until one day. Mila, her friend, and another friend — a new, mysterious boy — are riding in Mila’s friends pick-up truck. Mila is forced to sit in the bed of the pickup truck so her friend won’t worry about Mila stealing the boy. Mila gets thrown off of the truck bed and gets wounded. She bleeds, but not normal blood. Her arm is slashed open, but there is not muscle or bone. Is Mila a human? Has her whole life been a lie? I really liked this book. The beginning was a bit hard to get into because there wasn’t a lot of action. But when the truth is revealed, the story gets very interesting. Mila and her mother have to run and hide for their lives. I can not spoil the ending of this book, all I will tell you is that it is very sad. You get attached to characters in the book, because it is 470 pages long, and then something happens to them. I really hope that they do not come out with a movie because, knowing movies based on books do not always turn out that good, it will skip scenes, change scenes, and change characters. If you like action and Sci-Fi, then you would really like this book.

Is There Life Abbot & Costello laughing through on Other generations Planets? By Kolby Darrah

Is there life on planets other than ours? It has been reported that there might be another planet like ours. If this is true, would we have two earths? If so, there might be war between the planets. By having two earths there will be another place to rule. There might be some cons about finding this planet. If we enter, we might interrupt their world. They probably have an army that will either shoot the ship down or command the crew to land and exit the ship. Are these people in the age of knights and castles, or do they already have floating cars? Are these people normal? Another con is the people/army of that planet might decide to take over our planet! If these people do have floating cars, I want to learn how to make them and bring the blueprints back to planet earth. I am most excited about bringing one of everything that they made home with me so we can be as powerful as they are. After we are as powerful as they are, we will take over their planet. We are never alone!

By Kolby Darrah

Lou Costello is famous for his skit, “Who’s On First?” which featured Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Lou Costello has also been in a number of films like “Africa Screams,” “Keep 'Em Flying,” and “Abbott and Costello Meet the Monsters.” The movies were designed to be funny and they succeeded. After talking with some people, I have found many who enjoyed their shows. I have seen many of their shows and I think they are great! Costello unfortunately died 1959, 3 days before his 53rd birthday. He has a statue in memory of his most loved episode, “Who’s On First?” “One Night in the Tropics” was Lou Costello and Bud Abbott's first movie and from there they made more movies together and grew more popular! The people who inspired me to write this were my Mimi and Pipi. Mimi and Pipi is French for Grandma and Grandpa. I grew up watching these shows with my Mimi and Pipi and will watch them over and over!

Bud Abbott

Lou Costello



Winner of the Future Writing Contest

A Collection of Tales By Alexandra Contreras-Montesano

333 stood tall, gulps of dirty wind wove and stung on his unprotected hands. He grimaced slightly. If only he had remembered to put on his gloves. He trudged forward. Around him lay thousands of pieces of debris, what they used to call the “Great Plains.” 333 had a real name, but it was long forgotten in the number that they gave him. A label. He had researched for many years what had happened before this. On ripped pages of books, he read of nature, and happiness, cultures and trust. The place that they lived in now used to be called “America.” But then the giant nuclear war broke out. Bombs fell like fat droplets of rain. His great-grandfather's, greatgrandfather had run, and he had survived, along with about a thousand other people. Fifty of those people became the higher government. They stole a serum and injected it into their veins, so that now they watch the generations rise and fall, controlling them tightly. 333 had been branded with something that they used to call a QR code. It enabled the higher government to keep track of his progress in the sanctuary, allowed them to find a perfect mate for him. He was a curious, too curious for the government. If they ever found out what he was doing, he would be “purified,” a fancy way of saying he would be brainwashed. He bent down in the rubble, and pulled out a book,

one that had almost no rips at all! He was amazed. Tucking the bright red leatherbound book under his jacket he headed back to the Sanctuary. Once he got back to his small compartment he pulled out the book, tracing the spidery lettering on the front that read, “A Collection Of Tales.” His eyes wide, he opened it up and stared at the drawing inside. It had a beautiful garden. One with roses, white roses! He breathed in, mystified by this book. Reading the first four words he said them aloud, “Once upon a time.” He gasped slightly. He had spoken aloud! He glanced at the sound system built in. A static voice filled the small room. “Human 333, please stay put while we come to question you.” But 333 was already sliding out through the door before they locked it.


What will the future be like? Interviews and Photos by Simran Padgett

Above: Taylor C. Right: Sira and Fatuma Above: Isaac and Ms. Hoffman What

will we eat in the future? A: Ms. WyndorfI hope we will restore the farming mind and that we will go back to how we ate long ago. Less artificial and more nutritional. A: Taylor- I hope for healthier foods. How

do you think we will travel from

place to place future? your homework.

better science. A: Sira- Flying cars A: Ava- Yes, and we will A: Anonymous 200 have mutated dogs. years A: Munida- Flying cars A. Mrs. Bombard- Hover Cars How long will peoWill we ever enWhat

ple live in the future?

counter aliens in our lifetime and why?

A: Anonymous- Forever because scientists will find the way. A: Elijah- Forever A: Ethan- 60-70 years A: Ben Wood-Lewis- 200 years A: Rachel- 100 years because there will be


do you think A: Lulu- We will live a aliens will look like in really long time, like 200 A: Rachel- Yes, but we years. won’t know they are althe future? A: Rachel- They will disguise themselves. Or they are dinosaurs. A: Anonymous- Creepy Will

our lives be easier in the future?: A: MunidaYes, there will be flying cars and robots to do

Left: Ben W.L, Rachel H., Right: Lulu G., at homework help.


What will our daily lives be like in the future? 

A: Mrs. Bombard- There will be a lot more technology and not enough face time and physical interactions.

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Picture by Cade G., Champlain Elementary School


More Artwork

Drawing by Anaelle Dahourou


Diary of a Pill Bug by Olive O./ Champlain Elementary School

Right: Earth Meets Zurk by Ella Staats


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