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EMS PRESS NEWS “The Bi-Weekly Newspaper of Edmunds Middle School”

Issue 9, Vol. 1

EMS Students are ‘One in a Million’

Jamwich Plight By: Alex Contreras Montesano and Sage Sularz

Excerpted from an article by Judy Wolf , EMS Art teacher

to an art installation in Washington, D.C. They are participating in an efWith sleeves rolled up, hands fort to benefit women’s health care wrapping tape around the end of in the Democratic Republic of the sticks, art students at Edmunds Mid- Congo and famine victims in Somadle School were focusing on helping lia. others. Participating in a project in is an internaMs. Wolf’s art class to raise global tional organization that focuses on awareness. different regions of the world. This They were making models of hu- year’s project is to collect 1 million man bones that will make their way man-made (Continued on pg. 4)

Our school district has some of the “best’’ food in the country, right? We beg to differ! We adventured into the cafeteria only to find Jamwiches. The JAMWICH, a “deadly” mix of artificial banana flavoring and corn syrupy peanut butter, yum...... These “interesting’’ sandwiches taste how they feel: either frozen solid or “delightfully” squishy. We looked at the ingredients and felt sick. (See jump page for the ingredients to the ‘’Banana Spread’’) (continued on pg. 8)

The Unicorn Cafe students who run the do The Unicorn Cafe is this to sharpen their a cozy and comfortable math skills and are usarea in the library for ing the money for scholteachers to get some arships to summer coffee or tea on Friday camps. The tip money mornings. Beverages they are saving up will and smiles are served be used for a hibachi by cheerful students dinner There are three who work the Cafe. The stations at the Cafe. At By: Morgan Liska

the first station is the counter, then there is the spinner where the customers go to determine how much they pay with prices all less than one dollar. The last station is for recordkeeping for that day and (Continued on pg. 7) 1

The Jamwich as served at Edmunds Middle School.

Free cones lure EMS students By Milano Baur

Trevor McGrath savors his free Ben & Jerry’s cone after school on Free Cone Day.

On April 9th, 2013 in downtown Burlington was Free Cone Day at the Ben & Jerry's shop. I went down there twice and I have to say it was amazing, I don't know how many of you people went but if you didn’t go then you're missing out. The Free Cone Day has been happening since 1979, this was the 35th annual Free Cone Day. Some of the flavors there were coffee, coffee buzz, buzz, buzz, coffee, strawberry and many other wonderful flavors. If you missed this Free Cone Day then try to be there next year. There are about 47 types of Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors.

One of the happy B&J servers.

Hopeamyboattafloatta Regatta Who will rule the high seas? By Daniel Halladay

A few weeks ago, the 22nd annual Hopeamyboattafloatta Regatta began. The regatta is a contest for all sixth graders. They are challenged to build a boat that can complete a track in the fastest time possible. The boats are powered by an electric fan that is placed near the course. Eventually, the 12 fastest boats from Nia and Synergy, along with the six fastest from both Discovery and Quest will compete to see which boat will take home the prize. Some common materials for boats are: •Blue Foam (Like what Mr. Schoembs uses for the Mag lev car project in his class) •Balsa Wood

•Milk or Juice Cartons •Styrofoam In the past, most boats have completed the course in about 15 seconds. The winners and finalists usually finish in under 10 seconds. One memorable moment in last year’s competition was when, in an early race, a boat drifted to the side of the track. The sides had lots of rubber ducky’s placed on them, and the cardboard sail caught on one. The other boat won the race, but it was called off because the duck had interfered. In the re-race, the boat which had originally gotten caught won and ended up going much further. 6 2

The ocean view in Mr. Chandler’s room where students compete to see whose boat is the most seaworthy. Photo by Moriah Hounsel

‘High Trash’ at the Fleming Museum By Alexandre Silberman

The University of Vermont’s Fleming Museum features two new exhibits, “Andy Warhol’s Athletes” of lithographs of sports figures, and “High Trash” of art made from recycled objects. When you enter the gallery space of the museum, located on the campus green, you see a variety of new and unique art exhibitions. The artwork made out of reused and recycled materials. A striking piece from the show was a red cheetah made out of recycled materials. A mobile made from coat hangers was suspended from the gallery ceiling. A large assemblage that looked like a swirling wave was a 3D wall piece that was created out of recycled toys. A spinning gem added to the room’s interesting collection. Works on display ranged from a wall full of plastic bottles, to a rock-shaped sculpture called “Dead Star,” made out of batteries that were found littered in public places. The exhibit provided a view of how you can take something used and give it a new life. The show also had a separate area where visitors could try creating their own art. The room was scattered with little cardboard houses that visitors could rearrange into villages that were part of even bigger shapes and forms. The other gallery space had a show by iconic pop artist Andy Warhol. The exhibits featured portraits of major sports figures created in the late 1970’s. The series of 10 images was commissioned by Richard Weisman, a banker and friend of Warhol's, included Muhammad Ali, Tom Seaver, O.J. Simpson, Pelé and several others. Warhol is most remembered for his images of Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe. The exhibit will be up through May 19th.

TOP: Large wall hanging made from plastic bottles. ABOVE: Ms. Hounsel rearranges a toy village. Photos by Avery Follett RIGHT: Sculpture made from discarded batteries. Courtesy of Fleming Museum


Bone Art raises global awareness Art classes team with to help people in need

Continued from page 1

bones to be displayed at the Washington Mall in June. The Bezos Foundation will donate $1 for every bone it receives, up to $500,000. The installation is meant to be a powerful visual reminder of the magnitude of the conflict in the DRC and Somalia, where there are estimates of 13 million who have lost their lives. The slogan for the project is “Become One in a Million.� As part of the project, Edmunds parent, Charles Meli, a Congolese native, talked to a class of 7th and 8th grades of his most recent trip to his country. He talked about a nation rich in resources and beauty, but torn apart by conflict -- where kids cannot go to school and women cannot go to the field because of terror and war. He is bringing medical supplies and equipment to the DRC for clinics in Goma. Mr. Meli has organized and solicited donation from local hos-

pitals in an effort to provide much needed supplies for women’s clinics. Older medical beds that are being replaced at Fletcher Allen have been donated and shipped to Africa. Meli has collected sterilizers, ultrasounds and outdated medicine from Porter Hospital. A second round of 50 donated beds are being shipped and should have arrived. By now, Edmunds students have seen the bone and mural display in the vaulted hallway on the second floor. In the past week, Ms. Wolf was able to take our bones to UVM where students there were also making an installation for the project. See their work at: It is important that students know they can use art to raise awareness for others. We are proud of the effort of our students have made to reach be-


yond Vermont and to help others. ANOTHER DISPLAY The One in a Million bones posters display that has been in the glass hallway between the two schools, is being relocated to the Burlington Square Mall! The bone posters will be on display from May 6-May 17, with all the information regarding this awareness campaign. The "bones" made by the students and representing a call to action, a story, a voice, and to honor those lost to genocide and mass atrocities in Sudan, South Sudan, Dominican Republic of the Congo, Burma and Somalia are on their way to the National Mall, in Washington DC and will be laid on the Mall from June 810, 2013. A big thanks to Mrs. Wolf for bringing this awareness to our school!

A look at Seahawk’s baseball team 2013 By Alexandre Silberman

With the season just started, the Edmunds Baseball team is off to a good start. The team has plenty of depth, coming into the current season with many experienced players. This year will be a rebuilding year for the team which has only three returning players from last year: Will Currell, Luke Pare, and Sky Rahill. This year’s team contains mostly eighth graders, a few seventh graders, and only one

sixth grader. Unlike other area middle schools, Edmunds only has one team. This year also brings a change in coaching. Coach Riley Lessor will be replacing former Coach Cipriano. Coach Lessor has plenty of coaching experience and is expected to lead the team to a contending season. Former coach, founder of the Edmunds baseball program and EMS French teacher Jean-Paul Farineau is expected to be a part-time assistant coach as well.

The team has plenty of pitching, an ability which should help the team play well. This year’s team has a fresh start off last year’s successful season. The Seahawks have a difficult schedule with their season opener at rival Hunt. Be sure to check out a game at The Seahawks home field, Calahan Park, just a short walk from Edmunds.

Volunteer at Kids Day!

EMS Olympics By Daniel Halliday

After February Break, EMS celebrated the Olympics. During P.E., fitness scores and team sports results either help or hurt your country. Every student in the school was put on one of eight countries that they were on a team with for seven weeks. All siblings are placed on the same country. The students do the same things as usual, but Olympic Jeopardy was added, as well as pressure and suspense. Ireland was the big winner this year with Greece and Norway following close behind.


Burlington's annual Kids Day is on May 11, 2013 at Battery Park from 10am to 3pm. The celebration starts with a parade at 9:30 heading down Main St. that ends at Battery Park. There is no admission charge. There will be a free breakfast snack in front of Edmunds and free lunches at Battery Park. Come on down for lots free activities, music, entertainment and good fun! Volunteers are needed to help out with the free activities offered for young kids at the event. You can sign up for 3-hour shifts for either 9:30-12:30 or 12:00-3:00. If interested please email Ms.Terry at


Wellness Day is a fun activity day By: Ella Staats

As all of you know, Thursday, March 28 was a half day, and Wellness Day! Wellness Day is where students stay with their homeroom group all day, while they rotate through various activities meant to encourage healthy habits and good exercise. Some of the activities included yoga, Jazzercise, hip-

hop, and even a scavenger hunt along Church Street! I thought the day was quite a success, but I decided to ask around to see what others thought. From an anonymous 7th grader: Q: What did you think of Wellness Day? A: It was okay, but I think we should be able to choose what

we wanted to do. (As opposed to being assigned activities). From an anonymous 6th grader: Q: What was your favorite thing about Wellness Day? A: The activities. Q: What would you like to change? A: I’d like to see some activities like drawing.

Better school lunches By Avery Follett

Recently the Edmunds Middle School has had some new lunch improvements. These improvements were all part of a big school lunch makeover that has been going on in different schools. Instead of plastic utensils, students are using silverware. This is going to help the school because it will save a lot of trash that is made every year by throwing out utensils. Now the school just needs to wash them like they do with the trays. The pizza is now coming from Pastabilities instead of from Big Daddys. More fresh fruit is also available from Reinhart Foods. All apples are grown locally at Champlain Orchards. Edmunds Middle School is now offering supper which is offered after school from 3:00 to 3:20. You may have noticed that there are now mini pancakes, french toast, and waffles for snack. These have been changed because people want warm food for snack and these items meet the requirements for snack items. Every student is

supposed to take two items if they choose to have snack. Each supper or snack advisor carries a ‘clicker’ that is used to count how many people take the two items required for a meal. Here are some numbers: about 300 people eat snack every morning in EMS; lunch 310-380. Between breakfast, lunch, snack and supper, EMS and EES together serve 10001300 meals a day. Also, there have been about 12-20 different types of soups served for school lunch this year. Vegetarian soups have been offered almost every day for people who don’t eat meat. The soups with noodles are the most popular. Chicken noodle is the most favorite and Chili soups are also very popular. All fruits are fresh other than peaches and pineapples which are supplied from the government. “I think it's great that we’re reducing waste.” ---Kortnee Bush “I like that we are feeding more kids! Agree that lunch should be


Explore ancient Egypt at summer Humanities Camp Mrs. Lavigne and Mrs. Renca are directors of a great summer camp the week of July 8th-12th. It’s FREE and sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council. This year campers will learn about Ancient Egypt, go on fieldtrips, picnics, and participated in activities like arts and crafts, cooking, and computers. Every camper will get 5 FREE books on the topic of Ancient Egypt! The Humanities Camp starts at 9:00 am and goes until 2:00 pm Monday through Friday for one week. Make sure to stop by the library to pick up a brochure/application. Make sure your parents know about it!

Unicorn cafe: sweet treats and math Continued from page 1

to determine how much they have made. The day that I went there the Chamber Choir was performing and the whole library near the cafe was packed. The teachers who go there say that they love seeing all the kids interacting with the teachers while learning at the same time. Almost all the students agreed that the spinner was their favorite station to work at, but each week they alternate so each student has a turn at the different stations. Lots of different people came to the Cafe when I was there, including bigwigs like Mrs. Johnson-Aten and Mr. Tobrocke. But there were also teachers like Mr. Castine (6th grade Discovery teacher) and Ms. Murphy (ParaEducator). Mr. Tobroke told us that his favorite thing about the Unicorn Cafe is seeing all the students interacting with teachers, having fun and learning at the same time.

ABOVE: Zena Hall tallies the day’s take. RIGHT: Ben Wood-Lewis and Marie Harper are the cashiers at the Unicorn CafÊ that magically appears every Friday in the EMS library. Photo by Morgan Liska


The case against the Jamwich Continued from page 1 wiches? The answer is yes. They have 11 Banana Spread grams of protein, and corn syrup sugar have whole grain water bread (but mostly pectin white bread). Doug Banana Puree Davis, Director of citric acid Food Services for the artificial flavoring Burlington School potassium sorbate District, came to talk preservatives calcium citrate with the EMS Press titanium dioxide where he argued his yellow coloring case. A reasonable amount of Jamwiches We collected comare bought by stuments from students dents. We don’t have and teachers who handmade PBJ sandcommented: wiches mostly be“Scary”- Teacher; cause of the cost of “Gross”- Student; manpower and the “Ewww”- Student; need for a portable “Bad”- Student; sandwich with protein “Creepy”- Teacher content. People are Are there good things payed by the hour to about these sandwork in the lunchroom

and making sandwiches takes a long time. But these Jamwiches are not well loved by some students. A 6th grader is writing to Michelle Obama about the school food. In his letter he says; ‘“What is more important, money, or good food for children?” There is a petition to eliminate the peanut butter banana sandwiches that has 170 signatures (we need 400). We have some teachers’ signatures too. (If you would like to sign the petition come to Mrs. Botte room or Ms. Ballou’s room at 2:40, a.k.a. S.S.S.)

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ADVICE COLUMN Send your questions to our panel of “experts” at the EMS Press. We may not have the answers but you’ll get a laugh when we try.

Edmunds Middle School art will be on display at the Burlington Square Mall. Underwater Scenes by 6th graders, Cloth Drawings and Castle Drawings by the 7th and 8th grades

Undercover student teacher tells all A-What is your real name? What do we really know B- Alexandra Banfield. A- What is your FBI name? about these so called B- I can’t give you that ‘’student teachers’’? How do know that they’re not info. FBI agents that want to A- Is it Mrs. Scarlett? take over our school? B- Maybe, maybe not. Here is an interview with A- Where do you go to a student teacher, Ms. school? Banf B- UVM. A-Hi Mrs. B how are you? A- What is your Bachelor's B- I am doing just swimdegree? B- It’s in middle level edumingly A-Do you work for the FBI? cation with a concentration B- Yes, but it is very confi- in math and social studies. dential. A- Where do you want to be a teacher? A- What is your plan? to B- Where ever I can get a take over the school? B- Still confidential, job, but the plan is for me By: Alex Contreras-Montesano


to go teach in Thailand. A- Where you get a job shouldn't be a problem since you're in the FBI. B- Maybe I would want to teach in Oregon. A- Do you like Mrs. Botte? B- Yes I think she is an excellent teacher. A- on a scale from 1-10 how you rate Mrs. Botte? B- A ten As you can see, we do have some FBI agents in our school, the best we can do is not get on their nerves. I hope that they left their special gadgets at home.

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