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August 2013

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Longley Park University Applications at Record High Record numbers of students at Longley Park Sixth Form College have applied to study at University next year, bucking the national trend since the increase in tuition fees.

78% of students completing a Level 3 course at the College have applied, with many securing offers on highly competitive courses. This is a 3% increase on last year and the highest number of students applying to university since the College opened in 2004.

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Students like A Level student, Chikumo Fiseko, who has secured a conditional offer to study Business Management

at the University of Sheffield. Chikumo said: “From the moment I stepped into Longley Park Sixth Form College I knew it was where I saw myself for the next two years, I just didn’t expect to gain so much from being a student here. Not only has the support and guidance I have received in and out of lesson been extremely invaluable towards my future, I have been pushed to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of.” Continued on page 2…

Dear Residents, Welcome to another addition of your community magazine 5Alive. I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who has contributed to this issue and encourage community members to volunteer as contributors to the magazine in the future. This can either be a one off contribution or a regular feature. Remember this is your magazine, your space to air your views and opinions. All we ask is that you keep it positive, as there is enough negative news in the press and we want to focus on all the positive news stories in the area. Don’t forget its free to contribute! 5Alive is a not-for-profit, community magazine produced by SOAR, but we do need to cover the costs of production, which is why we are offering competitive advertising rates with introductory offers for new advertisers and discounts for local businesses and new business start ups. Why not contact us to discuss your advertising requirements? SOAR Works Enterprise Centre Knutton Road, Sheffield, S5 9NU Tel: 0114 213 4065 Email: Continued from front page… The College’s Careers and Progression Team work hard to support and guide students to ensure they have access to all the information they need to make the right choice about their future. During a recent Ofsted inspection the College was praised for the progression routes of students and for the guidance they receive. The College has forged important partnerships with the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Derby University, University Campus Barnsley, Leeds Trinity University and Nottingham Trent University. These partnerships ensure students have the best possible chance of progression to Higher Education study.


5Alive — your community magazine

Business Support at the DMC SOAR’s Digital Media Centre will continue to provide business support for starts ups and existing businesses until the end of September, but if you need support with social media, updating or creating a website, publicity or any other aspect of your business then contact Vanessa Kirby on: or 0114 213 4120. The Digital Media Centre is free to access and open to all Sheffield residents.

SOAR Works Enterprise Centre wins national architecture award SOAR Works in Parson Cross has been honoured as a national example of excellence with 4 prestigious architecture awards at the recent RIBA Awards ceremony (Royal Institute of British Architects) We scooped the Regional RIBA Award, National RIBA Award, Sustainability Award, and RIBA Yorkshire Building of the Year Award. We are proud to add these to our Civic Trust Community Regeneration Award and Hot Dip Galvanisers Award! We will now be shortlisted for the coveted RIBA Stirling Prize, for the best building of the year. Announcing the winners, RIBA president Angela Brady said:

“The awards set the standard for great architecture in the UK, so it is wonderful to see national award winners in Yorkshire. “These are projects that represent architectural excellence and exceed the client’s expectations.” SOAR Works Enterprise Centre continues to thrive with new tenants and we have just successfully delivered our first series of free business networking events. If you are working from home and wanting to make the next step into renting an office then why not try SOAR Works?

Our purpose built enterprise centre has start up offices perfect for 1 – 3 people, with reception service, 24 hour access 365 days a year and 50% off meeting rooms for all tenants then what more could you want?! If an office isn’t your next step then perhaps a virtual office is? A business address, post box and access to meeting rooms with 50% off the price. If you are looking for something to suit a bigger workforce we also have light industrial units, artist studios and bigger offices.

Dancing in the ASDA aisles!

If you are interested in meeting rooms, offices or our networking events then just contact us on: 0114 213 4120 You can also keep up-to date with us by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter just look for ‘Soarcommunity’

Something surprising happened at the ASDA Superstore Parson Cross one Saturday in June. ASDA Colleagues and local dancers were joined by dancers from all over Sheffield, and from Doncaster and Huddersfield to perform a FLASHMOB - which stopped shoppers in the aisles for a few minutes to enjoy the spectacle.   The Flashmob was part of the “Dance On!” project, which has been bringing a programme of free dance events and workshops to Parson Cross over the summer. Here is the Youtube link to the ASDA Flashmob on 22 June: The next “Dance On!”, Chaucer Square is on 17th August (11am-12pm) and will once again feature a mix of dance styles, with dance groups from the local area and all across the city. The exciting finale on 28th September (11am-12pm) will feature a specially choreographed new performance piece, ‘My Parson Cross’, by local people, working with professional dance company Wayne Sables Projects. Wet weather contingency plans are in place – so come along whatever the weather! More information on:

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Health & Wellbeing

This page is funded by NHS Sheffield as part of the healthy communities programme

Getting to the Grassroots of Health Services

Patients and carers tell local NHS leaders how they want to be involved in shaping healthcare in Sheffield.

Patients and carers were given the chance to tell local NHS leaders how they want to be involved in shaping healthcare in Sheffield at an event this month. The “grassroots involvement” event was organised by NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group – the new organisation tasked with planning and buying health services for the people of Sheffield. Dr Ted Turner, an elected member of the commissioning group’s governing body and GP at Shiregreen Medical Centre, gave an overview of what the new organisation is all about. But the main aim of the day was to find ways of making sure people were at the heart of decisions about healthcare. Dr Turner said: “The commissioning group is led by GPs, who listen to their patients every day and can bring that valuable knowledge into the planning and buying of health services for Sheffield communities – but we need to hear everyone’s voice. This event was part of making sure that happens.”


5Alive — your community magazine

Tim Furness, the commissioning group’s Director of business planning and partnerships, said:

“The involvement of patients, public and communities is a key priority for us - we are committed to seeking people’s views to help shape the services we commission. “The day produced lots of ideas – for example making more use of social media, targeting young people and making sure we get out and about in the community and explain who we are and what we do. “Our message to Sheffield people is that we want to make it easy for people to get involved in our work – so please take that step and help us plan for the future.” People interested in finding out more about the work of the clinical commissioning group can visit the website at and click on Get Involved to register your interest. For further information please contact Katy Davison on 0114 305 1088 or email

Health & Wellbeing

This page is funded by NHS Sheffield as part of the healthy communities programme

No problem is too big or small for Norm and Norma. If you’re in need of their expert advice email

Dear Norm and Norma, Q

I am not a nosey neighbour but! I see funny goings on in the house in front of me - plenty of people coming and going and some times at the weekend the noise gets rather loud. Also there is lots of litter around the house and on the street especially after the weekends. I want to call the 999 but would I get into trouble as they may not see it as a emergency? Please help, Ivy Windybottom


I can sympathise fully with you as a home is a little haven and when it gets disrupted this can cause you to feel unsettled. Do not despair there are many things that you can do first if you want to call the police use the number 101 this is the police non emergency number, also contact Sheffield City council on the main number 293 0000 and explain to them the nature of your call. They will put you through to the anti-social team for your area.


I was wanting to claim housing benefit and also apply for some jobs but whenever I ask they tell me to apply on line , thing is I don’t have a computer or lap top. I am saving up for one as I have used them before on courses and at friends, but at this present time I don’t have access to one. So what can I do? Should I just accept it and wait till I purchase mine, I worry that I may not get my benefits or miss out on my dream job! Please help, John Megabyte


We have the solution to your problem - firstly put your savings in a credit union account as this is ideal way to save and keep your money safe. You can contact them on 0114 276 0787 this is the main office number and they will tell you of where your local credit union point is. Also in the meantime you could go to your local library as well as the central one and go on their computers for free if you have a library card, if you haven’t got a card then you will be charged a small fee or you could join and get a card.

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I love gardening and growing my own fruit and veg , I see myself as living the good life! I would also like to make some friends that have similar interests but I live in a flat with no garden and to be honest I don’t think I could manage a big garden by myself. Please find me somewhere I can put to good use my green fingers! Theresa Green


Green fingers - Ooh I should see the doctor about them hahaha. Only kidding well back to your question there are many local allotments that you could get involved in there are groups to attend so you could make friends and share you love of the gardens etc. You could contact SOAR on 0114 213 4065 and they will put you in touch with your local allotment worker.

Good Luck! Norm and Norma X 05

Health & Wellbeing

This page is funded by NHS Sheffield as part of the healthy communities programme

The real price of cheap and illicit tobacco Far from being a victimless crime, the trade in cheap and illicit tobacco has serious consequences for health, crime and community cohesion. Cheap tobacco traders are seen as community “Robin Hood” figures, but it is important to raise awareness of the real dangers of cheap tobacco. Cheap tobacco causes four times as many deaths as illicit drugs because it discourages smokers from quitting and encourages them to smoke more. Cheap and illicit tobacco goes hand in hand with drugs and alcohol, child exploitation, money laundering and even terrorism. It costs the taxpayer around £2.5 billion per year. It makes it easier for children to smoke, cheap pocket money prices and no checks on age. Although most of this cheap tobacco comes from Eastern Europe, the majority is sold within our local communities. Help to protect children from the harms of tobacco and help reduce crime in your community. If you have any information about the sale of cheap and illicit tobacco you can call crime stoppers anonymously 0800 555 111 with information.


Local children lose weight and gain a new Zest For Life! Parents in Sheffield concerned about their child’s weight can now refer themselves for free advice and support, thanks to a pioneering programme from Zest. The Children’s Weight Management Service is designed to help children and young people achieve and maintain a healthy weight through education and exercise. Now in its second year, the 12 week programme helps parents and their 7-15 year old children to focus on a range of key areas in order to target weight issues, which include healthy eating, physical activity and reducing time spent being inactive. The whole family is actively encouraged to attend sessions, as programme leaders at Zest believe tackling children’s weight problems requires a lifestyle change and acknowledge that it can be difficult to break existing bad habits alone.

5Alive — your community magazine

Rachel Bunting, Health Services Manager at Zest, said: “Often the problem is recognising that your child is overweight and knowing where to go for help and support. We’re hopeful that the introduction of self-referrals will see an increase in the number of families receiving help. “The programme aims to get children into healthy habits, for example encouraging children to walk to school instead of being driven and choosing to cook, using fresh ingredients rather than eating processed or ready-made foods.” The next 12 week programme starts in September. Parents looking for further information should contact Zest on 0114 270 2040. Alternatively, please visit the website www.zestcommunity. for more information.

Longley Park Creative Show Success Creative students at Longley Park Sixth Form College were showing off their outstanding creations in a week long exhibition at the College. Hundreds of visitors attended the fantastic VIP preview event to the show where students from 3D design, art and design, English, graphics, media, photography and textiles presented their work in the College plaza. The show also included dance and performing arts performances as well as music performances from students. Students produced their creations from project briefs set out as part of their A Level and BTEC courses. The students got the chance to experiment with a variety of techniques, materials and processes, giving them an array of new skills and allowing them to build up a substantial portfolio of work.

The show had an amazing turn-out throughout the week. Deputy Director for Art and Design, Rob Barker said:

These fantastic courses will allow learners to explore design challenges in architecture, product, fashion, graphics, interior design, photography, textiles and fine art. Longley Park will be the only College in South Yorkshire to be delivering these courses in 2013. To finds out more or if you would like to study one of these fantastic courses on offer, you can contact the College on 0114 262 5757.

“It has been a fantastic show which has allowed our students to showcase their amazing talents! I felt immensely proud of all the creative students across College.” Longley Park Sixth Form College are very proud to be selected to run University of Arts London Awarding Body Level 3 and Level 2 Art courses from September. UAL Awarding Body comprises of six internationally renowned Art Colleges which include Central St Martins and London College of Fashion.

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The Community Guide Sept — Dec 2013 The Learning Zone MONDAYS Slimming World 9.30-11.00am Discover how to lose weight and keep it off as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle £4.95 per weekly session or sign up for 6 or 12 weeks for £4.12 per session. Telephone Christine, group consultant on 0114 240 3225. TUESDAYS YOGA Class 10.30-12pm Exercises for health and wellbeing including breathing techniques for dealing with stress & Deep Relaxation. Qualified and experienced instructor. Beginners Welcome. Everyone can do Yoga!£5.00 per session. Contact Chris Noon, Sheffield Satyananda Yoga School on 0114 2338340 WEDNESDAYS

along to ‘The New Brew’ Social Café. It is a great opportunity to make friends and get involved in exciting local activities. Refreshments are FREE, with a small charge for lunch. Contact Miriam on 0114 213 4065 or 07507 798 054 or email her at miriam.densham@ The Learning Zone Wordsworth Avenue, S5 8NL Tel: 0114 232 6211

PX Community Development Forum MONDAYS Bumps to Baby Group 9.45-11.15am A great opportunity to meet other parents and carers with babies and young children  in your local area. Receive information, advice and support  whilst having fun playing and learning with your baby. FREE

Weight Watchers 10-11am Slimming and lifestyle group. See website for fees and special membership offers. Call in and see Emma, group consultant or go to

School of Theatre Dance By Sharon Berry. 4-9pm. Dancing Classes for Children. Contact Sharon Direct on 0114 246 6126 for more information.


Young at Heart 1.30-3.00pm Activity and social group for people women over the age of 50. Call for cost and more info.

Social Café Fortnightly. 13th & 27th Sept, 11th & 25th Oct, 8th & 22nd Nov, 6th & 20th Dec 2013. 10am – 4pm Are you feeling fed up? Need to get out and meet new people? Build your confidence and boost your self-esteem? Then come



Taekwondo 6.30-8.00pm A great way to have fun and keep fit. £6 per session

5Alive — your community magazine

WEDNESDAYS Baby Massage 11.45-12.45pm A four-week course where you can learn developmental baby massage to improve your baby’s circulation as well as giving you time to relax and bond with your baby and meet other parents. Please ring Sarah Fletcher on 07738 502 122 for details of how to book onto the next course. FREE Breast Feeding Support Group 1-2.30pm. A friendly and relaxing group with your local Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker - a great chance to meet other local mums and receive support and advice with breastfeeding. FREE Lunch Club 12-2pm. Come along and have a cooked meal, socialise and take part in an activity Open to all ages. £4 for 2 courses Boxercise 6.30-7.30pm An hour of boxing related exercise including jogging, push ups, crunches, skipping, stretching & punching bag. Bring water and wear appropriate clothing. £3 per session. THURSDAYS PX Batters 10-12pm Badminton, Table Tennis, Darts, Snooker, Curling. Contact us more information. £2 per session.

IT Drop In 1.30-3pm. If you need any help with general IT then this drop in would be ideal for you. No need to book, just turn up! £2 per session pay as you go. FRIDAYS Family Fun Friday Toddler Group 9:45-11:45am. A fun way to meet other families with young children in your area - lots of great activities on offer for you and your child to learn, play and have fun!! FREE Sequence Dancing 1-2pm. Come along to our Sequence Dancing Join in the fun and open up new possibilities Keep healthy and enjoy yourself. FREE SATURDAYS School of Theatre Dance By Sharon Berry 10am- 4pm. Dancing Classes for Children. Contact Sharon Direct for more info, vacancies and prices on 0114 246 6126. Theatre Workshop for young people aged 6 to 12 SUMMER HOLIDAYS Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August & Monday 19th August Friday 23rd August. 10am-3pm. Young people will get the chance to take part in their very own theatre production. At a cost of £10 for the full week. This is a very popular activity and places book up fast so call now to reserve your place, a pack lunch and drinks will be required every day. STARTING SEPTEMBER 2013 IT Service Online Learn how to use the internet to make day to day life easier, such

as shopping, buying and selling, booking appointments on line, completing job searched and applying for jobs Compulsory £10 admin fee Other course fees subject to individual circumstances


Genealogy Family History Detective Compulsory £10 admin fee Other course fees subject to individual circumstances

UK Online (as before) FREE

This is a popular course so book now!


Parson Cross Community Development Forum 56 Margetson Crescent, S5 9NB Tel: 0114 327 9727

Southey Development Forum MONDAYS Employment Skills 3-5pm. FREE TUESDAYS First Aid 9th July & 3rd Sept. 10am-4pm UK Online Computers suitable for beginners or who just want to learn more. 10am-3pm. FREE • Internet Safety • Government Sites • Emails/attachments • Job hunting • Health site • Much more Quick Books Accounts 12.30 to 2.30 FREE WEDNESDAYS SODIT (Depression/confidence group) 10am to 12 noon UK Online (as before) FREE

Email your contributions to:

Employment Skills • Job Search • IT Skills • Application forms/CVs • Job Market and more

Arts & Crafts 10am-12pm Small charge

• ICT.1 Multi Media • ICT.2 Computer Maintenance • ICT.3 & ICT.4 Courses (content subject to demand) • QUICKBOOKS Accounts • FIRST AID Course Other courses available subject to funding. Please phone 0114 285 3093 for further details. Southey Development Forum Southey Library. Tel: 0114 285 3093 or email: janetb@

North City Learning Centre Will be running the following community learning classes from September 2013: Essential internet Skills Shopping and saving money using the internet with practical experience Beginners Computers - to improve confidence and give you a basic understanding Family History - Research your ancestors and record your own family history PC Maintenance - A new short course designed to give you self help skills to manage basic computer problems


Microsoft Office 2010 Combined course covering all of the Microsoft packages Word, Excel, Desk top Publishing & PowerPoint individual courses available at beginner and intermediate level. If you or any member of your family are interested in these courses, please contact: Sheffield North City Learning Centre on 0114 245 5082 Courses are heavily discounted for anyone in receipt of means tested benefits. Sheffield North City Learning Centre (Yewlands School) Creswick Lane, S35 8NN

Parkwood Academy Functional Maths Tuesday 24th Sept 9.30 – 11.30am. Ongoing - work up to Level 1 and Level 2. FREE Functional English Thursday 26th Sept 9.45 – 11.45am. Ongoing - work up to Level 1 and Level 2. FREE Pottery Workshop Wednesday 25th Sept £65 for 8 sessions. 6 – 8.30pm Make a variety of items. Suitable for beginners Tea Dance Friday - Once a month 1.45-2.45pm. £2 per session. Keep healthy and have fun. Helping In Schools Monday 7th October 9.30am – 1.30pm. 14 weeks. Enrolment session Monday 16th Sept, 9.30 – 10.30am. For anyone interested in working in school. FREE


ESOL Entry 2/3 Wednesday 26th Sept £65 for 20 sessions 9.30 – 11.30am Develop your English. Including; speaking, writing, reading and listening. ENGAGE Monday 2nd September 5 weeks. 9.30am– 2.30pm For anyone interested in working in schools. FREE Learn to speak French, German or Spanish Tuesday 10th September 6 weeks. 3.30 – 4.30pm Learn to speak a new language. FREE Please contact Sue Powell on 0114 231 0221 for more information.

Food Hygiene Level 2 1 day course starting in September. £50 per person at The Learning Zone. Contact Danny Webb on 0114 213 4065 Health Chats An informal way of spreading important health information for volunteers/workers in the community. Running throughout the year at various locations. FREE - contact Lisa Harman on 0114 213 4065 Level 1 in Customer Service Various start dates and locations - FREE. Workshops for volunteers (in receipt of benefits) or people in employment. Contact Diane Herbert on 0114 213 4065


Level 2 in Customer Service Aimed at individuals who wish to secure employment within a customer service role - FREE at SOAR Works Enterprise Centre Contact Diane Herbert on 0114 213 4065

BTEC Award in Work Skills Various start dates and locations. Course lasts for 6 sessions - FREE. Help with career progression, application forms, interview techniques. Contact Penny on 0114 213 4065

Social Media Explained Level 1 5 week course starting 20th September at the Learning Zone. Looking at social media (Twitter and Facebook). £47.50 or £10 if in receipt of benefits. Contact Vanessa on 0114 213 4120

Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work Various dates starting in September. 1 day course £50, 3 day course £150 per person at the The learning Zone. Contact Danny Webb on 0114 213 4065

Principles of Health and Safety in the work place level 1 1 day course running throughout the year at SOAR Works Enterprise Centre. £40. Contact Danny Webb on 0114 213 4065

Parkwood Academy Longley Avenue West, S5 8UL Tel: 0114 231 0221

QA Level 2 Award in Paediatric Emergency First Aid Various dates starting in September at The Learning Zone. 1 day course £50, 2 days £80 per person. Contact Danny Webb on 0114 213 4065

5Alive — your community magazine

Fire Safety Training 1 day course running throughout the year at the Learning Zone. £30. Contact Danny Webb on 0114 213 4065 SOAR, SOAR Works Enterprise Centre, 14 Knutton Road, S5 9NU Tel: 0114 213 4065

Lighting theof spine-tingling City surprises This summer, thereup are plenty waiting for you at your local library. Discover Creepy House, the Summer Reading Challenge for 2013! Centre this September You are invited to join our gang of explorers as they work


their way through three thrilling floors of fun. Help discover

Sheffield art organisation in the Park is and keep the secrets of the house byArt reading library books, track of the action on a special fold-out poster. running Light Night on Saturday 7th September yours up – City it’s free! – when you -join in at your local 2013Pick in Sheffield centre, 4pm 9.30pm. library. There are stickers (including stinky ones) to collect along the way, and all kinds of crazy characters to discover. Sheffield Light Night will be a city-wide take-over, It’s a scream!

summer reading challenge 2013

opening up spaces so people can explore the city in a way they haven’t before.

Imagine entering buildings and spaces you didn’t know existed, finding performers, art is my first time I've done this “Thisactivities installations and every corner challenge. I used toaround hate books but now and experiencing Sheffield in aencouraged completely I love them. It has me to read, thank you! different way. The city centre will be animated, ” 9, our Solihull lit up and celebrated Shayan, through city’s artists and performers for one night only to invite you to see Sheffield in a different light. I think this is is a great thing to do Art in the Park“(Sheffield) an art organisation during the summer holidays. which works with the local Sheffield community to Reading the books keeps your deliver creative workshops For more brain and ” information please visit, Maeling, 10, Wiltshire or look us up on Facebook or Twitter.

dare you enter?

� This summer, there are plenty of spine-tingling surprises waiting for IyouNat V your Ilocal T library. A 2013! TDiscover I O Creepy N House, the Summer Reading Challenge for READING AGENCY You are THE invited to join our gang of explorers as they work AND LIBRARIES their way through three thrilling floors of fun. Help discover the secrets ofPRESENT the house by reading library books, and keep track of the action on a special fold-out poster. Pick yours up – it’s free! – when you join in at your local library. There are stickers (including stinky ones) to collect along the way, and all kinds of crazy characters to discover. It’s a scream! summer reading challenge 2013

This summer, there are plenty of spine-tingling surprises waiting for you at your local library. Discover Creepy House, the Summer Reading Challenge for 2013! FEELING You are invited to join our FED gangUP?of explorers as they work Get out the house, their way through three thrilling floors of fun. Help discover meet new people, the secrets of the house by reading library books, and keep build confidence and track of the action on a special fold-out poster. boost self esteem. Discover a new you Pick yours up – it’s atfree! – when you join in at your local the New Brew! library. There are stickers (including stinky ones) to collect along the way, and all kinds of crazy characters to discover. It’s a scream!

“This is my first time I've done this challenge. I used to hate books but now I love them. It has encouraged me to read, thank you!”

“This is my first time I've done this challenge. I used to hate books but now I love them. It has encouraged me to read, thank you!”

Shayan, 9, Solihull

Shayan, 9, Solihull

Free refreshments and lunch (donations are welcome)

“I think this is a great thing to do during the summer holidays. Reading the books keeps your brain warm.”

Contact Miriam on

213 4065/07507 great thing to 798 do 054 “I think this is a0114 or email miriam.densham

during the summer holidays. Reading the books keeps your brain warm.”

Maeling, 10, Wiltshire dare you enter? Email your contributions to:

Fortnightly Fridays 10am — 4pm The Learning Zone, 320 Wordsworth Avenue, Sheffield, S5 8NL

Maeling, 10, Wiltshire

This summer, there are plenty of spine-tingling surprises


PX Scratch Cards: Silver Linings

This quote inspired PX Scratch Cards. These are images placed around the community that are magnetic. Metal filings sit on the top, creating a grey scratch card look. Metal is used because that’s the industry the houses on the Parson Cross Estate where made to support. That’s why I have used a traditional material from the area. What if the ‘escape’ was right where you are? Art is a new perspective, a glimpse of something, and the glimpses of what I see as charming in Parson cross are what I am sharing in these works.

“There’s a saying round here - if I win the lottery, the only thing you’ll see is my bum disappearing round the corner. Its about getting off this estate see.”

The images used for PX Scratch Cards are taken from images I’ve made during my residency on Yorkshire Artspace’s Starter Studio Programme, at SOAR Works. The cards will be placed around and about for people to reveal. Underneath the metal on each one is the fantastical escape route to Parson Cross!

Co-Write Your PX Story Workshop from the book PX Story by artist Ania Bas. Developed in partnership with Yorkshire Artspace and Parson Cross Library. This event is part of Off The Shelf Festival of Writing & Reading

19th October 11am–12.30pm FREE just drop in! This co-writing morning is for anyone interested in writing fiction connected to a real place. Join this daring, word stretching session inspired by original texts

PX Story is a work of fiction inspired by Parson Cross. The publication was launched in March 2013! If you would like a FREE hard copy of the book please contact Rachael Dodd on or text 077 3150 9854 with your name and full address. Be quick as books are going fast!

Email your contributions to:

Olivia Punnett, artist in residence on the Yorkshire Artspace Starter Studio Programme at SOAR Works

Are you interested in Art? This could be painting, sculpture, drawing, photography or theatre. Paul Allender, a local artist, is looking for people who want to have a go at doing any of the above or any other creative activity. This might be chatting about things that you are interested in or going to museums and art galleries and theatres or something else! Call me for an informal chat on 0114 285 2277 or 07979 357 475 or email: paulallender


5Alive August 2013  

5Alive community magazine, produced by SOAR for North Sheffield. August 2013 Issue.

5Alive August 2013  

5Alive community magazine, produced by SOAR for North Sheffield. August 2013 Issue.