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The Cultural Injection EMSA Warsaw

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The Cultural Injection is an enterprise established by the EMSA FMO in Warsaw in 2009. The Project encourages students to develop their hobbies and broaden their knowledge in all fields of art and culture.


Content Definition & short story. What is it? Guest Message Sponsors. Who powers it? The beginning. How to set it? Sponsors Web site E-mail box The content. What’s inside? Tickets: Cinemas & Theatres Reviews Writing Section Photography Section The Sample Prizes - Books & CDs Places The Year of F. Chopin Members. Who can run it? Obstacles. What went wrong? GT – general trust Keep me informed! Where are my prizes?! Who are you, people? 2 days to change your mind Rules. What should be kept in mind? Some contacts. Want to know more? Meet our Sponsors!

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EMSA Culturalnia ©2011 European Medical Students’ Association c/o CPME Standing Committee of European Doctors Rue Guimard 15, 1040 Brussels Belgium compilation: Olga Rostkowska 2010-12-19 layout: Ingmar Rinas EMSA Public Relations Officer 2010/2011


Definition & short story.

What is it?

The Cultural Injection (TCI) is a unique enterprise established almost three years ago by one of the EMSA FMOs - EMSA Warsaw. It’s been set by the enthusiasts of classical music, booklovers and amateur photographers and aimed at those who have yet to discover the charms of the high-brow culture. It is so easy to neglect the very precious aesthetic needs we all have in the whirl of everyday rush! And we didn’t want that to happen to our fellow students. With the help of many cultural institutions, such as cinemas, opera or theatres in Warsaw, we managed to gain very first tickets and discounts for the most interesting events taking place in the capital during the academic year. Beware studying – the culture is coming! After the terrific initial success we decided to go further and spread our influence on those who love taking photos, write short forms or know a significant deal about art in all forms and shapes. On our website (see below) we started organizing contests concerning the abovementioned subjects. Our efforts were welcomed with unexpected appreciation and we suddenly realized what an important and highly-desirable EMSA project had just been born… Until now the Project’s website has been visited by more than 33 thousands of guests. We distribute not only tickets but also books, CDs and discounts to cafés to those interested in having a unique and valuable break from the mainstream routine. And the most important – The Cultural Injection is totally free of charges. Based on the help of the Sponsors, it does not require the visitors to sign up or – God forbid! – to donate. The procedure you have to get through to participate in any of the quizzes could not be simpler. However, we always strongly recommend students to subscribe for the newsletter we issue every month. Just to keep everyone up to date :) Photo galleries, discounts on coffee & ice cream, reviews of movies , valuable books to win, descriptions of the cultural events and free tickets to get there – this is just a little part of what The Cultural Injection consists of today. We are enthusiastically trying to ‘turn on’ the emotions of those deeply rooted in the world of school duties. We add some garish and whacky colours to the reality of those who desperately need it. All you have to do is to…

Change your tune! -

Olga Rostkowska The Cultural Injection Coordinator 2009/2010 EMSA Warsaw


Message from the European Integration Director 2010/2011 Unfortunately, culture doesn’t play a major part on medical curriculum yet. That’s why we decided to embrace and promote this project from day one, since it was presented to us. We strongly believe that before a doctor and a medical student there is also a person, and that person should be educated integrally. The more you understand and know the world around you, probably the better doctor you will be. And after hard studying, going to the cinema or theater for free couldn’t sound like a better idea. In this handbook you can find all the information you need to start it on your FMO, given directly by the experts: the active EMSAi of Warsaw that have been running this project for 3 years now. If extra help is needed, me, as European Integration Director, or any of the organizers of this project will be very pleased to do so. Good Cultural Injections!!!

Sofia Ribeiro European Integration Director 2010/2011 European Medical Students’ Association

“Um médico que só de Medicina sabe nem de Medicina sabe.” Prof. Abel Salazar “A doctor that only knows about medicine doesn’t even know about medicine.”


Sponsors. Who powers it? There would be no project without the fixed Sponsors. We do not BUY the tickets. We ASK for them. In return we offer our supporters such things as: a) Placing the Sponsor’s logo on the website, in a well-visible place The most important part. It is good to set just one clear spot for the Sponsors. b) Allowing the Sponsors to issue news via the website. If a theatre or a cinema organizes an event, which is being considered important, we offer to place a note about it for a couple of days, weeks, months (depending on the amounts of tickets they would like to share) in the main section of the website. Some Sponsors take advantage of such an option, while the others do not. c) Facebook – add the Sponsor / issue news TCI should have its own Facebook site. It really helps to spread the news and draw the Sponsors to you. You can add new Sponsors as ‘partners’ or issue their news via this site, depending on their requirements. Placing the news from the Sponsor on Facebook (apart from the website) before they ask you always makes a good impression. d) Place the Sponsors on posters of TCI To see the propositions of the 4 posters check the file ‘Posters’. Those versions do not have the Sponsors’ logos. It is obviously going to vary from FMO to FMO. e) In case of releasing a booklet / media note / newsletter on TCP – always mention the Sponsors To see what I mean just roll the document down to the very bottom.

** IMPORTANT! Before you write your 1st letter to your 1st Sponsor… ** Preparing an accurate letter/e-mail including a coherent set of the abovementioned arguments, a description of the project and clear requirements is the most important step in starting cooperation with any type of institution. Therefore, it requires time and concentration. Think about it carefully, do not hurry and try to alter the letter each time you write to a new Sponsor. Adjusting the message to the character of a particular Sponsor is a worthwhile effort!!! Nevertheless, some Sponsors will never answer while the other ones will make you big promises without the cover. Do not EVER feel discouraged by that – it is a natural process of looking for a Sponsor. Keep the letters simple, polite and possibly short. A pinch of sense of humour is usually welcome. Be patient and keep looking until you succeed. For further hints and support contact TCI Warsaw. We have really been through the WORST in that aspect and we still learn new things. :)


The beginning. How to set it? The most important thing is - in your own TCI you can have whatever you want. However, you probably need two things to start, i.e. a SPONSOR and a PLACE to run the project.

a) Sponsors The first Sponsor could be a cinema / a theatre / an opera. It is good to begin with the so called lower-shelf or ‘minor’ institutions, which are quite familiar with the fate of the newlyborn projects. Moreover, they are very often run by young people – for example students, like us. It definitely makes the contact easier. Of course, you might get in contact with the very popular, important and expensive institutions but the chances of receiving anything for free are rather small. You also have an option to BUY the tickets. However, since we are trying to keep TCI as economical as possible – it is good to start with the most classical sponsorship. Still, the choice is up to you, whether to BUY the tickets or ASK FOR the tickets in exchange for an advertisement in the internet. To encourage sponsors use the abovementioned arguments (Chapter 2 – Sponsors). b) Website It is not easy to build a multi-functional, clear and nice-looking website of a project straight ahead. Therefore, we recommend those who want to run The Project to initially use the website of your home EMSA FMO as the location for all the competitions, quizzes, announcements of results and advertisements of events. Meanwhile, you can organize a website dedicated solely to TCI. It is very important to have a spot for the Sponsors. IF YOU HAVE YET TO SEE OUR WEBSITE OF ‘THE CULTURAL INJECTION’, YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO VISIT WWW.KULTURALNIA.EMSA.WAW.PL AND CHECK OUT HOW IT LOOKS LIKE. The whole site is in polish. Still, feel totally free to ask ANY of the web masters or members of our TCI for translations. Just view ‘Chapter 8’ of this booklet - Contacts – and choose the person who seems most suitable for this job.

c) E-mail box The participants of the quizzes and competitions need to have an e-mail address to send in their answers. Members of TCP need to have one common e-mail to communicate with the participants and send the possible newsletter from. All in all, an e-mail box is needed. And a big one, indeed! Our personal favourite is the Google G-mail box. It is exceptionally convenient, with its system of filters and easily-set categories. Needless to say, the password should be well protected but freely available to those in charge of the TCI competitions and the TCI newsletter.


The content. What‘s inside? This chapter is a record of how our TCI has been developing. Consider it a suggestion but not a strict plan you are obliged to follow. The order of the sub-projects is intentional. They are pointed out according to the order they appeared on the website.

a) Tickets – Cinemas & Theatres The core and essence of TCI from the very beginning. At first, there were 3-4 Sponsors we got tickets from and passed them to the students who had given a correct answer to our questions. The number of the Sponsors has been developing thereafter. We currently have 13 fixed Sponsors.

b) Reviews Each time a student was being ‘delegated’ to the cinema or the theatre, with TCI ticket in hand, we kindly asked him or her to send in an opinion about a particular event. This is how we got a large number of amateur reviews. They were all placed at our website in three separate sections – FILM, THEATRE and BOOK. After some time, in order to encourage students to write more reviews, we started prizing them with EMSA pens, TCI posters or University key-lashes for every interesting opinion on a movie/performance/opera they had recently seen or a book they had read. Up till today we have received over 120 reviews and placed them in appropriate sections.

c) The Writing Section It has never been easy to convince students to publish their pieces of writing on our www. There are too many people who keep storing their beautiful poems, essays, stories or articles in a dusty box under the bed… We wanted to give them a chance to speak out their thoughts! However, to achieve that, we had to get to an upper level of negotiation. We bought first TCI prizes - books and CDs - which have been listed on our website in sections BOOK and MUSIC. Students who decided to publish a piece of writing (all categories, all topics, all styles) were allowed to pick one prize from the set of around 30 books and 20 CDs. d) The Photography Section This section was invented at the same time as the previous one (The Writing Section). The aim and purpose was also the same, i.e. to encourage people to develop their hobbies and share with the rest of the world the effects of their work. This time the matter was photography. We created mini albums with students’ pictures (at least 12 pics at the beginning; after gaining popularity we increased the limit to 18). The way we reward the very-courageous ones for revealing their photos is exactly the same as in The Writing Section. Those who send in the pictures are allowed to take a book or a CD.


e) The Sample A part of The Photography Section. Once in a month we publish there a small sample/extract from a popular painting and visitors of our www get the opportunity to guess what is the name of the piece of art + the name of the author. We try to keep it challenging so that those who answer the questions about the picture 100% correctly deserve a book / a CD (and the winner is free to choose, of course). However, the level of difficulty and the possible prizes are totally up to you and your budget.

f) Prizes – Books & CDs My personal favourite – the prizes :) This was the first moment when we actually started spending money on TCI. The source was EMSA budget. It is also necessary to up-date the TCI prize market from time to time. However – IT IS WORTH IT! Students got immediately interested in the new sections and everyone was able to find something for him- or herself. The sole process of buying prizes was both a challenge and a lot of fun! When choosing particular items it is good to use the so-called popularity charts which you can find on the bookstore’s website. They are most accurate and cover the opinion of thousands of people. In our TCI we use books/CDs to prize winners of 4 competitions – The Sample, Photos, Writing, The Year of F.Chopin (quiz) Important notice 1: the most convenient way to buy prizes is via internet Important notice 2: it is good for the current Coordinator to distribute the prizes in person. Important notice 3: it is better to buy small amounts of prizes but do it more often. g) Places The fans of TCI know very well where to go in order to have a cup of delicious chocolate or ice-cream for a reasonable price. We decided to extend our cooperation to cafés and restaurants so that students who visit our site would be able to get a special discount. Until today we have managed to get in touch with 2 cafés and a café-bar. They are all being properly advertised on our www in a section called PLACES. You can find there descriptions of the cafés, the TCI special discounts available on particular dishes and a ‘password’ you need to whisper into the waitress ear when asking for the bill :) Important notice 1: the task is a real challenge! Important notice 2: from time to time it is recommended for the members of TCP to check if the ‘discount’ is still valid. Sometimes the owner of the place simply forgets about the agreement you have reached… Apart from the places we established cooperation with, TCP www also provides its visitors with small description of other places like bars, tea-shops or restaurants which appear to be attractive. Important notice: the true SPONSORS should always get the best spot in the PLACES section. h) The Year of F. Chopin - 2010 This section has been established solely for the year 2010. Inside the section, you can find a monthly quiz about F.Chopin (the winner gets a book/CD), some fun-facts or curiosities about the compositor and the dates of current events which students can participate in. Important notice: such seasonal sections definitely add vivid colours to the project.


The members. Who can run it? The answer: ‘Everybody who is enthusiastic enough!’ is probably pretty obvious. However, when gathering a TCI team you should keep in mind a few things. First of all: the more people you have, the better. And this is particularly important when talking about web-masters. In our FMO it is definitely the biggest problem. We are constantly in search of people capable of up-dating our www. One person is too little! Even at the very beginning, when the site was rather underdeveloped, we needed at least two people to run it ‘technically’. This EMSA project is very specific, since its heart and soul lie within the internet. For this reason, before you start the advertising campaign of TCI, make sure you have enough hands to nurture it. Just to help you imagine things - TCI in Warsaw, on its current stage of development, should be up-dated every 3 days (with all the news we receive from the Sponsors, the competitions we make and the reviews we place in the internet). And although we are using many tricky internet applications, our 2 webmasters (despite all the effort, heart and true passion they put into their work) are never able to keep the pace of the news waiting in line to appear on the site. Therefore, start with looking for an appropriate technical help. I would also suggest for the TCI Coordinator to learn some basics of HTML. Our work became a great deal easier with the introduction of some tricky applications which help people not knowing HTML to add news. For example, all reviews and ticket-competitions (the most dynamic part of the www) are being handled automatically via one special application. If you want to know more about the applications we use ask Patryk Kiljan (see below). It is also recommended to set only one (trustworthy and polite!) person in contact with a particular institution. Shifting people responsible for a cinema/theatre brings about confusion and discourages your Sponsor. You should also make sure that the person you put in charge of a particular institution is aware of the tasks he or she has to deal with.

Easy access to the internet and good communication within the members and web-masters is crucial in all cases.


Obstacles. What went wrong? In this chapter of the booklet I would like to present some problems you might encounter when running the project. I hope you can avoid them, even without these suggestions. Anyway, let’s get through this quickly…

a) GT – general trust TCI cannot be handled without good communication and cooperation between the members. Free access to the internet - and some basic skills to use it - is one thing. The other part is TRUST you need to have in those who are working with you. NEVER LET A PERSON YOU TOTALLY DON’T KNOW TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE TICKETS. It is too tempting for some people... The case is even more delicate with the books & CDs you’re going pass to students. The Coordinator should supervise it himself. Important notice 1: such a situation has never occurred in our FMO. Still, the matter should be kept in mind. Important notice 2: In order to be a little bit more secure, we decided to establish an internet file (g-mail documents) in which we keep record of the flow of the prizes we pass (books, CDs, tickets). The chart includes: - the Winner’s name - the Winner’s e-mail address - the date of the event / the date of the draw - the name of the prize - the name of the person responsible for the competition (the person who picked the Winner) The document should be accessible for all TCI members. It also helps to avoid prizing the same people all the time.

b) Keep me informed! There is nothing less professional than confusion within the team which affects communication with an external institution. Whatever happens inside the FMO it should NOT be visible to the theatre or the cinema you cooperate with. Due to some minor internal informational ‘clogs’ we have once nearly lost one or two of our cooperators... It is therefore particularly important to make clear who is in charge of what and not to mislead anybody about one’s tasks.


c) Where are my prizes?! When a person wins a prize he or she usually wants to receive it (not so obvious, really…). In order to let it run smoothly you should either schedule hours when Winners can appear in your FMO headquarters or you can leave the prizes/tickets in a well-supervised place, with the name of the Winner on a ticket or a prize. We leave the prizes at the office of one of the guards who work in a building where our headquarter is. The prize has a name of the person it belongs to and the Winner just picks it whenever he’s around.

d) Who are you people…? Although the Sponsors are using our website to advertise their events and their logo occupies the best spot there, it is us who constantly have concerns about the cooperation. It is always going to be your business to keep the Sponsors interested in your project. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to write an e-mail or two just in order to remind the Sponsor about your existence. Before the beginning of each month, people in charge of theatres/cinemas/opera send an e-mail in which they remind about the tickets we are about to receive within a few days. It does not cost you much effort and definitely improves the contact. There is even more confusion with cafes and restaurants you get in touch with. It is 100% normal that when there is a new waitress in the café she never knows about the cooperation with EMSA. The only thing you can see is just this very strange face she makes when you say: ‘I’m from EMSA!’ In order to avoid that, every once in a while a special TCI delegate should have a cup of coffee or ice-cream with the abovementioned discount. Just to keep the cooperation alive.

e) 2 days to change your mind We always inform a person about the ticket he or she wins at least two days before the event. You would be surprised how many participants of the contest do not confirm their aptitude to go to the concert or movie they have just won the ticket for. Some of them just tell you they have other plans. Others never respond to your mail. All in all, you have to be well prepared for such a situation and in case of not getting the final confirmation (always ask for that!) you have the right to pass the ticket to someone else. The procedure is the same with another person. However, you need to work fast in order not to lose the ticket.


Rules. What should be kept in mind ? In this chapter, I present the internal rules of TCI which can be found on our website. All participants of the contests are obliged to get accustomed with them and follow them. Of course, a particular group of students will always find the rules too difficult or boring, or illegible etc. to understand. We suggest to establish a ‘BLACK LIST’ of the students who fail to keep up with the rules. Or at least - to make a threat of getting one… :)

Our rules 1. Each student of the Medical University of Warsaw, who can prove it with a valid ID card, can participate in all contest established by TCI. 2. To participate in a contest a student has to give a correct answer to a question. A student can participate only in one contest at a time. Students participating in more than one contest at a time will be disqualified from all. The exceptions are the ‘monthly’ contests: the Sample, The Year of The F. Chopin, The Writing Section, The Photo Section. You can e.g. send in your photos (The Photo Section) and participate in one cinema/theatre contest at a time. 3. All answers should be sent to All e-mails should contain the student’s name, the year, the faculty and the telephone number. Without the abovementioned data all e-mails will be cancelled. 4. Winners are always being chosen and informed via e-mail 2 days before a particular event. 5. It is required to confirm as soon as possible the willingness to participate in an event via mail or SMS (a person doing the draw should enclose his or her tel. within the e-mail to the Winner). Other people are waiting for your ticket! 6. The tickets can be collected from a place X // at the cash of the theatre or the cinema // in a place stated within the e-mail. 7. The Winner is obliged to share his experiences with others by writing a short review of an event he participated in and sending it back to the person who informed him or her about the ticket. Not sending a review results in being placed on a ‘TCI BLACK LIST’ (forever! :) 8. The coordinators of TCI are allowed to change the rules. However, they are obliged to inform the visitors of the website about the changes made. Teatr Polski ul. Kazimierza Karasia 2 Warszawa Teatr Współczesny


Some contacts. Want to know more? Ania Sawicka Coordinator of TCI 2010/2011 tel. +48 502 926 517 E- mail:

Kasia Dźwiarek Vice-coordinator of TCI 2010/2011 tel: 506 726 661 E-mail:

Olga Rostkowska Cinemas & Theatres tel: +48 505 412 967 E-mail: Gosia Bieńkowska Cinemas & Theatres tel. +48 784 015 095 E- mail:

Paweł Teterycz The main webmaster of TCI 2010/2011 E-mail:


Patryk Kiljan Webmaster tel: +48 504 73 53 77 E-mail:

Dagny Krankowska The Year of F. Chopin E-mail:

Magda Stusińska Newsletter & Theatres E-mail:

Asia Borowska Web-master E-mail:

Maciej Gryziak Cinemas E-mail:


Meet our Sponsors! Kino Kultura ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 21/23 Warszawa

Kino Luna ul. Marszałkowska 28 Warszawa

Kino Muranów ul. gen. Władysława Andersa 1 Warszawa

Kino Atlantic ul. Chmielna 33 Warszawa

Filharmonia Narodowa ul. Jasna 5 Warszawa

Och Teatr ul. Grójecka 65 Warszawa


Teatr Polski ul. Kazimierza Karasia 2 Warszawa

Teatr Współczesny ul. Mokotowska 13 Warszawa

Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera ul. Jana Zamoyskiego 20 Warszawa

Teatr Ochoty ul. Mikołaja Reja 9 Warszawa

Teatr Narodowy Plac Teatralny 3 Warszawa

Opera Narodowa Plac Teatralny 1 Warszawa

Publisher W.A.B. ul. Usypiskowa 5 Warszawa


European Medical Students‘ Association

European Medical Students’ Association c/o CPME Standing Committee of European Doctors Rue Guimard 15, 1040 Brussels Belgium


Cultural Injection  

Handbook explaining briefly the project aimed at spreadign high-brow culture (theatre, opera, filharmony etc.) among medical students.

Cultural Injection  

Handbook explaining briefly the project aimed at spreadign high-brow culture (theatre, opera, filharmony etc.) among medical students.